The Chop Lounge Partnership Deck


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The Chop Lounge Partnership Deck

  1. 1. The Chop Lounge Partnership DeckOfficial Chopped Not Slopped Lounge During SXSW March 14-17th, 2012
  2. 2. You are invited to join us at the Chop Lounge in Austin, Texas, March 14-18th, 2012. Reserve your company/product space; marketing opportunities available, packages are limited. Market your brand to music industry professionals, stakeholders, partners, and prominent media outlets. The Chop Stars have single handedly lead the way for Chopped & Screwed music for the last decade, with an incredible catalogue of music.The greatest benefit of the Chop Lounge is the ability to increase company exposure through anon mainstream culture reaching over one (1) Million consumers each week!
  3. 3. ABOUT USThe Chop Stars consist of 9 members, OG Ron C, DJ Candle Stick, DJ Mr. Rogers, DJ Mankind, DJ Michael Watts, DJ Lil Steve,DJ Chose, DJ Holly Grove, DJ Rucker, and over 3000 loyal registered members; each driving forces,making sure that the unique and innovate Chopped & Screwed sound remains a staple in Hip Hop culture Chopped NotSlopped, of course.The Chop Stars have been the guiding light through the tunnel of Chopped & Screwed music since 2009, reaching 50,000site views Daily, promoting the skills and technique required to be an official and respected Chopped Not Slopped DJ.Chopped Not Slopped creator OG Ron C, felt the brand needed to be revamped exuding consistency and a strong presence.To kick off the New Year of 2012, The Chop Stars made a commitment to release 31 of the most requested and anticipatedmix tapes in the industry. OG Ron C and Michael “5000” Watts also reunited after 15yrs to form record label Chopped NotSlopped Ent.The chemistry between the two, especially in the late 90’s, lead them to a very success label partnership with The SwishaHouse, responsible for the careers of Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, and more. Chopped Not SloppedEnt. is expected to have the same affect, only focused on creating authenticity for Chopped & Screwed music, “if it don’tsay Chop Stars, then you got slopped up”, say’s OG Ron C.Making that proclamation and taking a stance, has already proved successful with current 2012 Chopped Not SloppedDownloads nearly reaching a million downloads weekly!ABOUT FOUNDER OG RON COG Ron C has been smashing the DJ industry for 25 yrs. OG Ron C began his DJ career in the 9th grade dj’ing parties on the North side of Houston(5th Ward).As a senior in high school he worked on Houston’s radio station Magic 102FM street team. Once enrolling into college Ron realized he felt fulfilled whenDj’ing, prompting is premature departure. Upon his arrival back home, he began working at Houston’s urban radio station 97.9 The Box, where he metMichael “5000” Watts; they later became the co-founders of The SwishaHouse. The label flourished in the south during the mid 90’s and early 2000’s withsigned artists, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall releasing records selling over 100k, independently. Recently announcing his reuniting with Michael“5000” Watts to form new record label Chopped Not Slopped Ent., is opening a deepening path for the sound, heading the only official Chopped & ScrewedDJ Coalition, The Chop Stars. His Gizzle Management Company, houses: DJ Chose, Candi Redd, Sean P, Brook Gang, Riff Raff-SODMG, and he is also the officialDJ for Slim Thug. In the pipeline is a release of his 63rd F-Actions mixtape series. For more information about OG Ron C log onto
  4. 4. National Recording Artists Love and are influenced by the Innovative sounds of Chopped &Screwed Music. “Chop Care” – Drake’s Chopped Not Slopped version of “Take Care”, The top release to date with over 1 million downloads. “LiveLovePurple” – A$AP Rocky Chopped Not Slopped Version of “LiveLoveA$AP”. Industry New Comer, heavily influenced by the Houston music scene.
  5. 5. Event Amenities • Day Lounge with celebrity and music professionals • Four-day event • Quality photos with your company and celebrity guest • Gift bag with sponsors & celebrity products • DJ/Entertainment • Visual displays with logo • Social Media Campaigns -Over 250,000 Social network followers (Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reverbnation) • Footage of your display
  6. 6. Partnership LevelsThe Gizzle - $10,000 Title Sponsorship Bed Friends - $1500 Day Sponsor 10 VIPs per day 5 VIPs Table in Celebrity Lounge Table In Celebrity Lounge Brand Exclusivity Brand Exclusivity Complimentary Food Complimentary Food Complimentary Cocktails Complimentary Cocktails Gift Bags 5,000 items Included in Gift Bags Logo on all promo material Logo on Distributed Promo Material Logo Step & Repeat Logo on Step & Repeat Logo on T-Shirts Quality Photos of Brand with Celebrity Guest Quality Photos of brand with Celebrity Guest Press Release Inclusion as Day Sponsor 20,000 items of promo material usage at events Press Release Inclusion as Title Sponsor *Celebrity VIP Lounge access fee for non package holders Candy Paint - $5,000 Week Sponsor $50.00* 5 VIPs Per Day Table In celebrity Lounge Brand Exclusivity Complimentary Food Complimentary Cocktails 20,000 Items Included in Gift Bags Logo On Distributed Promo Material Quality Photos of brand with Celebrity Guest Logo on Step & Repeat Press Release Inclusion as Week Sponsor
  7. 7. Gift Bag Partnership Levels Option 1* Cost: $750.00 (Maximum 20,000 items of product in gift bags) Quality Photos of brand with Celebrity Guest Option 2* Cost: $650.00 (Maximum 15,000 items of product in gift bags) Quality Photos of brand with celebrity Guest Option 3* Cost: $500.00 (Maximum 10,000 items of product in gift bags) Quality Photos of brand with Celebrity Guest Option 4* Cost: $350.00 (Maximum 5,000 items of product in gift bags) WITHOUT Quality Photos Option 5* Cost: $200.00 (Maximum 1,000 items of product in gift bags) WITHOUT Quality Photos Option 6* Cost: $150 (Maximum 500 items of product in gift bags) WITHOUT Quality Photos *Additional Packages Available Upon Request*
  8. 8. Join us for a rare opportunity to celebrate the unique sounds of Chopped up Not Sloppedup music as the The Chop Stars travel to Austin, Texas during Music Week at South bySouthwest (SXSW), March 14-17th, 2012.Contact us directly for all details about participating and being apart of The Chop Lounge• or• 2450 Louisana St., suite 400 Houston, TX 77006 -office• 214-405-6230 cell• The Chop Lounge – 301 District W. 6th St., Austin, TX 78701• Club Mansion – 8110 Spring Dale Dr., Austin, TX 78724