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Affiliations Presentacion Mondo



Presentation for potential affiliates

Presentation for potential affiliates



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Affiliations Presentacion Mondo Affiliations Presentacion Mondo Presentation Transcript

  • Becoming an affiliate
  • What is MondoExplorer?
    • MondoExplorer is a platform of travel information, which supports itself on 3 major pillars:
    •  1 ) A common proprietary back office system for all MondoExplorer sites, built on the premise
    • that any affiliate can use it directly from a web browser.
    •  2 ) Unique original content is developed by chosen affiliates who are connoisseurs:
    • “ mondoexplorers” are seasoned travel experts, local experts, who write TRUE travel advice
    • and experiences: 2.0 technology taken to the next level.
    •  3) All sites share image, structure, and content quality guidelines, so that clients get
    • the best of both worlds: access to local know-how in a recognizable, trusted way.
  • What is MondoExplorer? (cont. 2)
    • Network  MondoExplorer is a network of online travel guides for cities around the globe where each guide is operated by a local expert, or City Operator, who has access to inside information about a particular destination and is passionate about sharing their knowledge to curious travelers. Each City Operator creates and manages a city guide that offers comprehensive information about the particular city, including a hand-picked selection of its best hotels, restaurants, nightlife spots, events and all other specific venues, activities, or businesses that it offers. The fact that all of these city guides are under the same online network, MondoExplorer, means that every page and every piece of content that is added to the site by the City Operators boosts the entire network's visibility, helping the network as a whole to generate more traffic.  
    • Community  MondoExplorer is an online community of travel writers, city experts and connoisseurs who enjoy sharing their passion for travel by becoming City Operators and creating their own unique city guides. It is a closed community of investors and operators and is invitation only. MondoExplorers put special emphasis on selecting the appropriate people to contribute to the city guides in order to ensure that the information provided to customers and travelers is reliable and maintains MondoExplorer's high professional standards.  
  • What is MondoExplorer? (cont. 3)
    • Technology MondoExplorer has developed a new kind of content manager systems (CMS) that allow City Operators to manage all of their website content and features online so that they can exercise efficiency and creativity when creating their city guide. As a result of the CMS, it is very easy for City Operators to add and modify any and all content added to their city's website. For example, City Operators can easily and quickly upload photos, hotel and restaurant entries, or descriptions of their favorite spots. It is completely SEO-friendly and reliable, and, because of this, City Operators enjoy FULL CONTROL over their city's website.  
    • Web Marketing support  MondoExplorer is always working to improve the websites and generate more traffic using SEO and SEM techniques.
  • Business Model
    • Affiliates to MondoExplorer are local partners in charge of developing the business of generating revenue while also offering true travel advice about their favorite cities.
    • MondoExplorer's City Operators enjoy several ways to generate revenue and profits: 
    • Selling advertising One-time inclusion fee Premium Inclusion Banners, buttons, flash banners Campaigns Micro sites
    • Travel commissions Hotel bookings Car Rentals Tours Restaurant bookings (only available in some areas)  
    • Affiliate Marketing Banners Provided by Commission Junction Banners Provided by Google  
    • Mondo Community Benefits: All City Operators are eligible to sell advertising for every city in the network and to introduce a new City Operator to MondoExplorer. In both cases the City Operators will get a 25% commission.
    • Transferring your rights of use: You can transfer the right to operate your city to a third party for the remaining time period specified in your affiliate agreement at any time and at the price of your convenience. MondoExplorer will charge you a one-time fee of 5% of the total price and proceed to transfer all of the rights to the new affiliate. 
  • What is the Deal?
    • We are offering introductory prices to speed up the growth of our network, and we are completely committed to adding cities to the network and rapidly expanding our structure. Now is a good opportunity to buy at very low prices in the MondoExplorer neighborhood -- The Online World.- You get your own city to do as many businesses as you want. You set up advertising prices, promotions, engage in local partnerships and collect all the money.- You increase your own network. Having a travel guide will open new doors for you and your business.- Your favorite city is available now, but someone can take it at anytime. Then, you will have to acquire it from that person at a higher price.
    • Example based on a city in south America:
      • One Time Fee: $4,000.00 (includes one city)Varies from city to city.
      • Monthly Fees: $99 (hosting and basic system maintenance)
      • Optional- Another language:$250 (translation is not included)
      • Optional- Editor (Proof reader) one time fee: $350. For the entire site.
      • Set-up of a new city $500.00 (for existing affiliates)
      • Transfer of rights fee (5%)
  • What is included? Who Could Apply?
    • What is Included?
      • License of use for our proprietary Content Manager System for the generation of one city in the English language for three years that can be renewed automatically for the same period of time.
      • Basic SEO configuration and linking.
      • The rights to develop the city website commercially.
    • Who could apply?
    • In order to be accepted into our community as a City Operator (CO) you will have to comply with some requirements:
      • You agree to comply with the MondoExplorer Editorial Guidelines.
      • You agree to have your website live, with the minimum amount of acceptable content in no more than 30 days
      • You agree to maintain your website by updating it on a daily or weekly basis.
      • You are in the travel industry or related in any way (agency, tour operators, advertising agency, offline guide, travel magazine, other).
      • You or your collaborators have excellent writing skills.
      • You have some experience in the internet business.
  • Benefits of Becoming a City Operator
    • We are offering introductory prices for City Operators to join our community in order to increase the growth of the network, and we are completely committed to adding cities to MondoExplorer and rapidly expanding our structure. In real estate terms, now is a good opportunity to buy at very low prices in the MondoExplorer neighborhood, which is, of course, the online world.
    • You get your own city to do as many businesses as you want.
    • You set up advertising prices, promotions, engage in local partnerships and collect the profits.
    • You increase your own network.
    • Having a travel guide will open new doors for you and your business.
  • City Operator Responsibilities
    • We look for City Operators who exhibit self-starting, entrepreneurial spirits since the business gets as big as each person's potential.The business operators have two important roles to manage: content and commercial development.
    • Content for the website:
    • Some city operators take pride in writing the exclusive, upscale information themselves and constantly include new original content that makes the guide special for travelers. In some cases, City Operators get creative by offering talented university students the opportunity to write about their favorite cities in return for course credit and a by-line on the city's website. We even know of a professor who includes it as a writing assignment for a class and chooses the best work, who then gets recommended to our site.
    • Once the site is populated with all important information, there is not much more you do with it aside from updates or creating new forms of revenue by adding tourism related tabs.
  • City Operators Responsibilities (cont)
    • We look for City Operators who exhibit self-starting, entrepreneurial spirits since the business gets as big as each person's potential.The business operators have two important roles to manage: content and commercial development.
    • Commercial Development:
    • City Operators are responsible for the negotiation of as many tourism products as possible, such as tours, restaurants, hotels, hunting trips, medical trips, ect. 
    • Hotels:  In the case that the hotels are not under contract directly with the City Operator, a commission assigned by international hotel operator (from1.5% to 5%) will be received for each reservation.Preferred spaces can be sold to venues for a small fee, this allows the business to have a more detail space, with more description, videos and pictures. Also, they can click "reserve" and be forwarded to their own reservation site or a form that goes directly to them.  
    • The same thing can be done with other venues, like attractions ,  restaurants, bars and nightlife, sports venues, theater , etc.
    • An important form of revenue is B2B negotiation with tour operators, and it is usual to negotiate commissions starting at 10% and up. In some cases, they just want to get the publicity with a banner on the site, which they pay a fixed price for.
    • Micro-sites:  The back office offers a good platform to sell micro-sites within www. mondoexplorer.com , For example, we are already under contract for a golf-related micro-site in Argentina. Another one is up for temporary apartments in New York, and other could include, medical trips, religious trips, school trips, graduation trips, etc. We encourage the City Operators to be as creative as possible and use the MondoExplorer backbone or back office as a solid but inexpensive way to generate business. 
  • Affiliations being negotiated
    • Mondo Explorer started with the second step of the business plan on November 2010, introducing the business opportunity two more than 200 entrepreneurs around the world (until November 20th. )
    • Some cities have been already acquired. Some by City Operators and some from investors looking for a flip and make some profit (real state style)
    • Even if your location is in the list bellow, there is a possibility for business.
    • Locations in process of license:
      • Albania - Abu Dhabi - Adelaide Area, Jaipur -  Agra, India - Andorra - Angola - Antigua Guatemala - Argentina - Armenia - Aruba  - Asia Pacific - Bahamas - Bangkok - Bangladesh - Barbados  - Barcelona - Beijing - Belgium -Bengaluru, India - Brasil - Brisbane , Australia - Buenos Aires - Cairo - Cambodia - Catalunya - Chengdu - Tibet - Chile - China  - China Medical -Cordoba - Costa Rica - Bahamas - Dominica  - Ecuador  - French Polynesia - Galapagos - Golf Argentina -Hiderabad - Hong Kong - Hotram Beach Vietnam - India - Indonesia - Istambul - Italy - Jaipur - Jamaica - Kerala - Las Vegas - Macau China - Madrid - Malaga -Malaysia - Mar del Plata -Melbourne  - Merida MX - Morocco  - Mumbai - Naples - Nepal  - Netherland - New Delhi - Norway  - Orlando - Palma - Perth Area - Peru - Phuket, Thailand - Portugal - Puerto Limon -Puerto Madryn, Costa Rica -  Puerto Madryn - Puerto Plata -Puerto Rico - Punta Cana  - Qatar - Reunion - Romania -Romania Golf - Russia -San Francisco  - Santa Fe  - Santorini- Santo Domingo - Sao Paulo - Sevilla -Shanghai  -Shin xi Xian -Sichuan, Chengdu -Stockholm  - Sydney - Tarifa Kite Surf - Tenerife - Thailand  - Tobago - Toleda, Ohio  - Transilvania - Tunisia - Turkey - Ubatuba Brazil - United Kingdom- United Arab Emirates - Uruguay- Ushuahia - Venezuela- Victoria, Vienna - Vietnam med. Tourism - Vigo