ASID WI Student Leadership Training 2013
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ASID WI Student Leadership Training 2013



ASID WI incoming Student Chapter Board Members met in Madison for leadership training. Organized & written by Ariel Steuer, Allied ASID, Director at Large. Facilitated by Ariel Steuer, Leslie Dohr, ...

ASID WI incoming Student Chapter Board Members met in Madison for leadership training. Organized & written by Ariel Steuer, Allied ASID, Director at Large. Facilitated by Ariel Steuer, Leslie Dohr, ASID, incoming President, & Amy Sell, ASID, past Director at Large.



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ASID WI Student Leadership Training 2013 ASID WI Student Leadership Training 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • ASID WISCONSIN Student Leadership Training Student Leadership Training August 16, 2013
  • Welcome! Introductions + Ice Breaker
  • President Leslie Dohr,ASID WHO’S WHO? Leslie oversees the Wisconsin Chapter & all of it’s activities. She ensures that we function in-line with ASID National and that we focus on executing the strategic plan. All of the Directors report to Leslie, as well as the Chapter as a whole.
  • President Elect Lissa Rolenc, ASID WHO’S WHO? Lissa assists Leslie, our President, in all that she does. She embraces this year as a training session and is groomed to take on the presidency position next year. She takes this time to gain perspective on the chapter & plan new ideas for her upcoming term.
  • WHO’S WHO? Programs Director Deb Schramm, Allied ASID Deb ensures our chapter has well thought out programs that our members want to attend. She oversees the planning committees & coordinates these events. She works to enhance our successful events & to bring fresh, new events that benefit us all.
  • WHO’S WHO? Membership Director Teresa Olson, ASID Teresa oversees the membership at large and is in tune with the benefits that are exclusive to ASID members. She also works with emerging professionals, helps coordinate graduation packets to new grads, and ensures our many volunteers are recognized.
  • WHO’S WHO? Communications Director Erin Jende, Industry Partner of ASID Erin coordinates how our chapter communicates with the membership. She will be dedicating time to updating our website’s content & continuing the launch of a public relations initiative. She is also responsible for coordinating the email blasts you receive.
  • WHO’S WHO? Financial Director Karen Johnson, ASID Karen keeps our operating budget & accounts in check. She is also responsible for maintaining the accounts payable to the chapter. Her budget balancing keeps our chapter running smoothly and gives us the stability to add new events as we see fit.
  • WHO’S WHO? Director At Large (DAL) Ariel Steuer, Allied ASID Ariel monitors student leadership, legislative affairs, sustainability advocacy, and all functions that surround those activities. Her role is vital to the success of students & student chapters. She, along with the SRB, is the board member to connect with if your chapter has specific needs.
  • WHO’S WHO? Student Representative to the Board (SRB) Alex Weber, Student ASID Alex is a voting board member who oversees each of the 7 Wisconsin student chapters. Alex reports your activities to the board at each meeting. She will be in constant communication with your chapter presidents and is your first point of contact.
  • WHO’S WHO? Student Affairs Chairs Gricelda Covarrubias & Margaret Martinez Gricelda & Margaret ensure that the professional chapter provides interaction & events of value for all ASID student members. They will coordinate with the DAL, SRB, student chapter presidents and faculty advisors to promote student involvement, implement mentorship programs and make sure students have a direct link to professionals.
  • WHO’S WHO? Past Director At Large Amy Sell, ASID As past Director At Large, as well as past Student Affairs Chair, Amy brings a valuable breadth of experience. Her education & passion lies in organizational leadership. Her dedication continues to be a great asset to our leadership training team.
  • INFO + RESOURCES - Benefits of Membership -National Student Advisory Council (SAC) -Chapter Kick-Off Kits (includes leadership resources!) -Student Chapter Resources (Manuals & How-To Guides) -Career Center, Job Bank -Awards, Scholarships, Competitions -Member-only publications
  • INFO + RESOURCES Social Media ASID National LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter Facebook: Emerging Professionals group ASID WI (search ‘ASID Wisconsin’) ASID WI Student Chapters (for student chapter board members) STRUT Wisconsin on Facebook + LinkedIn
  • ACTIVITY/BREAKOUT Back to Back Drawing
  • ROLES + RESPONSIBILITIES Student Chapter President -Attends the ASID Leadership Training Program -Leads student chapter & empowers members -Runs chapter meetings & events -Represents student members & communicates directly with the SRB, SAC & ASID National -Delegates responsibilities to Board Members & Committee Chairs -Oversees Strategic Planning -Promotes Real World Design Week shadowing program to members
  • ROLES + RESPONSIBILITIES Student Chapter President Elect -Attends the ASID Leadership Training Program -Supports and works closely with President in all areas -Prepares for and becomes president the following year -Focuses on chapter internal and external communications -Assumes responsibilities of President in his/her absence -Participates in Strategic Planning -Promotes Real World Design Week shadowing program to members
  • ROLES + RESPONSIBILITIES Student Chapter Secretary -Keeps records of all meetings and events -Works with ASID National to ensure that all chapter members have paid membership dues. -Coordinates logistics of meetings & events -Participates in Strategic Planning -Submits newly elected officer names to ASID National each term -Promotes Real World Design Week shadowing program to members
  • ROLES + RESPONSIBILITIES Student Chapter Treasurer -Receives & deposits all chapter funds into student chapter bank account -Prepares chapter budget & makes financial reports to members -Maintains accurate accounts of chapter events -Works with Faculty Advisor on allocation of chapter rebate funds, if any are earned -Coordinate efforts for fundraising -Participates in Strategic Planning
  • ROLES + RESPONSIBILITIES Student Chapter Committee Chairs -Appointed by board or elected by student members -Committees may include but are not limited to: programs/events, competitions/scholarships, promotions/PR, community service, fundraising, new student rep, historian, et. al. -Committees may be added or eliminated as the student chapter board sees necessary -Committee Chairs may recruit members to aid their committee efforts
  • TECHNIQUES Delegating -Ask for help -Assemble committees & assign committee chairs to do large tasks -Break things up into manageable timelines -Set goals, checkpoints, and follow up -Focus on results instead of methods (what, not how) -Create clear, mutual understanding of expectations -The greatest skill is doing the work -Recognize your volunteers! Sources: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey;
  • TECHNIQUES Time Management -Organize & execute around priorities -Notes, Checklists -Calendars -Prioritize, Set Goals, Daily Planning -Categorize activities according to Urgency & Importance Source: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  • TECHNIQUES “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” 1. Be Proactive 2. Begin With the End in Mind 3. Put First Things First 4. Think Win-Win 5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood 6. Synergize 7. Sharpen the Saw Source: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  • CHAPTER MEETINGS Robert’s Rules of Order -Agenda -Chairperson -Motions -Amendments
  • CHAPTER MEETINGS We Have to Stop Meeting Like This -Start on time -End on time -Be prepared -Stick to the agenda -Stay focused -One speaker at a time -Nothing personal
  • CHAPTER MEETINGS Tips To Encourage Attendance -What makes you motivated to attend? -Keep it light, make it exciting, set the tone, welcoming -Respect everyone’s time -Provide food -Giveaways, activities, competitions -Raffle for event/membership discounts based on attendance
  • Silent Puzzle (shh!) ACTIVITY/BREAKOUT
  • mmm! Put one question on to the ‘Parking Lot’ LUNCH
  • LEADERSHIP Qualities -Work well with others to accomplish goals together -Encourage different viewpoints -Committed to dignity, equality & respect -Use your unique talents/strengths to contribute to the leadership of the group -Bring out the best in others, mediate conflict, empower members -Strategic, strong communicator, trusted/integrity -Not afraid of making mistakes -Recognizes the strengths in others Source:
  • LEADERSHIP Techniques -Mastery follows consistency, not results/motivation -Throw out the “either-or” mentality -Leadership training doesn’t only happen on “special occasions” -Instill a “culture of mentorship” amongst members -Lead by example -Fill buckets, don’t empty them Source:, Gallup Strengths
  • SEMESTER SCHEDULE Plan for the Year -Develop a strategic plan/goals for the year -Determine most important roles that need to be filled -Plan a calendar around the school year -Celebrate the end of the semester or find ways for ASID to support students -Remember the new students starting in Spring
  • SEMESTER SCHEDULE Setting Chapter Goals -Decide the type of Chapter you want to be -Create a Mission Statement & revisit each year -What is most valuable to your Chapter members? -Identify resources within & beyond your Chapter
  • Your Chapter Elevator Speech ACTIVITY/BREAKOUT
  • BEST PRACTICES Discuss + Share What has worked for your chapter? What hasn’t? Fundraising, Recruitment, Events, Community Service, Team Building
  • CLOSING REMARKS Final Thoughts + Questions -Your impact is as big as your willingness to serve -We are all leaders, regardless of title. We are all creators, regardless of craft. -You’ll learn more from the process of pursuing excellence than from the products of achieving it. -You can’t succeed if you don’t get started! Source:
  • Thank you! :)