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Last year’s public sector roundtable was a resounding success! Come join this breakout session to network with other public sector customers and partners and hear their stories regarding their current deployments and future plans. Whether you are On-Premise or On-Demand, this is the place to be if you are working in the public sector.

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  • SAP’s product strategy consists of 5 orchestrated pillars - Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, Applications, and In Memory database, all powered by HANA, and with one consistent GTM approach to meet the needs of customers in all the industries we serve.In this presentation, I’d like to focus on one of these pillars – the Cloud pillar - and give you an overview of our Cloud Strategy.
  • The challenges, market conditions, and drivers we’ve highlighted directly shape SAP’s value and innovations for the public sector industry and support their transformational journey. As a result of those drivers, we find public sector organizations are beginning to move away from point solutions and monolithic IT investments and are increasingly focused on mapping and meeting both IT and business needs to support their transformation. To do this, public sector organizations need innovative solutions that:Support transparency and accountability to citizens. Leverage an enterprise platform to streamline core processes across all lines of business. They need more than best-of-breed type offerings for the public sector; they need a platform to make these processes seamless end to end – not only for one line of business but across all of them. So what forms do SAP’s innovations take, and what are we doing in the area of solutions, technology, and delivery to help organizations grow and transform themselves?  Reduce operational costs; increase efficiencySupport multiple tax and revenue and receivable types in one comprehensive, flexible systemCreate a standardized solution, connecting the entire tax and revenue management lifecycleImprove transparency and compliance
  • Non standardized way of processing50% $ 8M
  • Public Sector User Group

    1. 1. Public Sector User Group© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. #AribaLIVESpeakers• David LeonardSenior Director, On-PremiseBusiness• Marlyn ZelkowitzGlobal Director for Cloud, SAPPublic Services• Rebecca HughesDirector, SAP Public Services• Sanjeev JunejaDirector, Public Sector Sales andAlliances© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.2• Bob SievertDirector, eProcurementBureau, CoVA• Laurie HuntAssociate Director ofeProcurement, UW• Heriberto RodriguezTechnology Manager, UW• Kasey BickleyProgram Manager, SoFL
    3. 3. #AribaLIVEAgenda• Introductions• Public Sector @ Ariba and SAP• Commonwealth of Virginia• University of Washington• State of Florida© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.3
    4. 4. #AribaLIVESAP Cloud SolutionsChoose from a leading portfolio of cloud-based solutionsdesigned to work the way people do:collaborative, mobile and insightful.Built with one consistent architecture, social andscalable – leveraging the full power of SAP HANAThe SAP product strategy embracesthe CloudGo toMarketCloudDatabase and TechnologyAnalyticsApplications11LinesofBusiness24 IndustriesPowered by SAP HANAMobile
    5. 5. #AribaLIVE• Public Sector Financials• Tax & Revenue Management• Social Contribution Collection• Public Sector Budget Planning• Investigative Case Management• Procurement for Public Sector• Enterprise Asset Management• Global HR & Payroll• Benefit Decision Making• Grantor Management• Incident / Emergency Management• Constituent Services• Planning & Consolidation for Public Sector• Tax & Revenue Collections• Fraud Management Analytics• SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics• City Performance Management• Spend Performance Management• HR Executive Dashboard• Case Workload Analytics• Citizen Service Analytics• Crime & Threat Control• Palantir Intelligence Analysis• Mobile Payment Approvals• BusinessObjects Mobile BI• BusinessObjects Mobile Explorer• Manager Insight Mobile• Mobile Accountability (Citizen Insight)• Mobile Workflow for Business Suite• Mobile Device Management• Mobile Cart Approval• Mobile Citizen Service Request (CitizenConnect)• Mobile App for Situational Awareness• Mobile Disbursement• Mobile EAM Work Order• BusinessObjects BI OnDemand• SuccessFactors Employee Central• SuccessFactors BizX• Sourcing OnDemand• StreamWork• Predictive Analytics *• Fraud Detection & Prevention *• Operational Reporting *• Research *• Client Segmentation *• Traffic Management Analytics *• Situational Awareness *AnalyticsMobileCloudDatabase &TechnologyApplicationsSAP‘s 5 Market Categories forPublic SectorAligning the portfolio to business priorities* Powered by SAP HANAImprove fiscal stability, accountability,and growthAchieve solid policy, program, andoperational performanceProvide responsive citizen-centricservices
    6. 6. #AribaLIVESolution Asset ArchitectureIndustry Value Map Public SectorImproving People’s Lives. Transforming Government.Sustainable GovernmentFundingTax & RevenueManagementSocial ContributionCollectionFraud, Waste and AbuseDelivering on Citizen NeedsSocial Benefit DecisionMakingBenefit Payment ServicesMulti-Channel CitizenServiceGrants Management forGrantorBest Run CitiesCity PerformanceManagementSustainability ReportingEnergy & EnvironmentalResource ManagementReal Time SituationalAwarenessTreasury & Financial RiskMitigationBudget &FinanceEnterprise Risk &Compliance MgtPublic Sector BudgetPlanningPublic Sector FinancialsSafer WorldInvestigationManagementEmergency & DisasterManagementCyber ResilienceReal Estate LifecycleManagementPeople & TalentCore HR & Payroll Talent ManagementTime and AttendanceManagementWorkforce Planning andAnalyticsTechnologyInnovationSolutionsAnalyticsConsumer (Citizen)ExperienceData ManagementApplication Developmentand IntegrationEnterprise MobilityBest Run ITApplication LifecycleManagementIT InfrastructureManagementIT Portfolio & ProjectManagementIT Service ManagementProcurementSupplier Discovery& Lifecycle ManagementStrategic Sourcing &ContractingProcurement & OrderCollaborationCollaborative Invoice to PayRegulated andComplex ProcurementSAP HANA PlatformIT Strategy & Governance
    7. 7. #AribaLIVEYour current investment is the foundation, whether Aribaor SAP and whether in the Cloud or On Premise…OnPremise SolutionsCloud SolutionsAn SAP CompanySpendAnalyticsSourcingContractManagementOperationalProcurementInvoiceManagementSupplier ManagementSpendAnalyticsSourcingContractManagementOperationalProcurementInvoiceManagementSupplier ManagementSuppliersBuyers
    8. 8. Commonwealth of VirginiaeProcurement Program – eVA© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.Bob SievertDirector, eProcurement Bureau
    9. 9. #AribaLIVEeVA User Base• Government220+ State Agencies/Colleges/Universities664 Local Government organizations (including 135 Public Schools)13,700+ state and local government users450,000+ orders per year$4-5B per year• Businesses (Suppliers)Single data repository for business specific information57,800+ Suppliers registered to pursue business opportunitiesIntegrated with Virginia’s Disadvantaged Business (SWaM) Certification SystemIntegrated with Virginia’s Business One Stop… on-line service for start-up businesses© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.10
    10. 10. #AribaLIVEeVA Functionality• Requisitioning, Pcards, eCatalogs, Approvals, Orders & Electronic OrderDelivery• eSourcing & Reverse Auctions• Public Posting & eMail/eFax Supplier Notifications• Supplier Enablement: registration, personalized portal, catalogs/punchouts• Supplier Network: electronic orders, advanced ship notices, invoices• Reporting, Spend Analytics & Spend Management• eInvoicing• Integration-Interface with 69 ERPs… Peoplesoft, Oracle, Banner, Munis, etc.• Mobile Apps… for Approvers & Suppliers• Supplier Master Data distribution• Transparency Reporting• Data Retention© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.11
    11. 11. #AribaLIVEAriba’s Current Role in Virginia• All Requisitioning• Category/Services Procurement• PCard usage• CIF catalogs & Punchout (site & level 2)• ERP integration (Req & Order)• Approvals• Orders through ASN• Order status• Electronic Invoicing© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.12
    12. 12. © 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.EmailPushe-MallVendorRegistrationData WarehouseReceivingAuctionsPublicPostingQuick QuoteComplex PurchasingAnalytic ReportingAgencyERP SystemsInterfaceMessage BrokerVendorsAriba Buyer 9r1
    13. 13. #AribaLIVEeVA Metrics• Buyer Participation• Supplier Participation• Catalog Marketplace• Procurements© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.14245 Agencies-Colleges-Universities595 Local Government Entities13,700 Named Buyer Users57,858 Self-Registered Suppliers16,039 Certified as SWaM72,887 Named Supplier Users983 Catalogs 120 Punchouts 5.1 Million ItemsFiscal Year 2012SolicitationsSolicitation Notifications OrdersFax Email Count Dollars15,000 276,128 49,050,475 474,102 $5.5 billion
    14. 14. University of WashingtonLaurie Hunt, Associate Director of eProcurementHeriberto Rodriguez, Technology Manager© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    15. 15. #AribaLIVEUniversity of WashingtonThe UW is a multi-campus university in Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell, as well as a world-classacademic medical center. We have 16 colleges and schools and offer 1,800 undergraduatecourses each quarter. We confer more than 12,000 bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral andprofessional degrees annually.As the state’s flagship university, the UW serves more students than any other institution inthe Northwest - more than 92,000 annually.The UW ranks among the top schools in the country in providing U.S. Peace Corpsvolunteers. More than 2,000 undergraduate students participate in study abroad programseach year.As a major research university, the UW receives more federal research funding than anyother American public university.
    16. 16. #AribaLIVEHistory• Apr 2003, UW went live in Ariba Buyer 7.1a, with 2 external suppliers andinternal UW Stores• Oct 2003, major migration to Buyer 8.1• Jul 2006, migration to Buyer 8.2• Oct 2008, first customer to migrate to Buyer 9r1 in partnership with Ariba• Sep 2009, implemented Ariba Invoicing• Dec 2011, implemented Non-PO Invoice• In processAriba Buyer expansionSourcingContract Management/Contract Compliance© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.17
    17. 17. #AribaLIVEUniversity of WashingtonAriba modules implemented• Procurement (Catalog and Non-Catalog Requisitioning)• Invoicing (PO and Non-PO based)• eForms (Internal Sales Document, PCard Request, EmployeeReimbursement, Payments to Individuals)• T&E (Expense Reports)Ariba modules to be implemented• Sourcing (On Demand)• Contract Management (On Demand)• Contract Compliance18 © 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    18. 18. #AribaLIVEChallenge• Multiple procurement systems, and no mandate touse Ariba• Main purchasing system is a Cobol-based systemwith limited UI and functionality• Lack of controls• No integration of home grown catalog managementsystem with Ariba applications• Others???© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.19
    19. 19. #AribaLIVEComponents of Procurement Costs as a Percentage of SpendingUniversity ofWashingtonCampus UnitsPurchasing TechnologyCentral ProcurementHackett Peer GroupUniversity of Michigan• UW employees in campus units spend more time on procurementthan peer institutions with more modern, more centralizedprocurement systems..32% 2.99%.15%.31% .45%.16%20Gartner Procurement StudyComparison to U of Michigan: University of Michigan has larger spend ($2Bvs. $1B) yet fewer non-central FTE involved in procurement function3.5%> 1%© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    20. 20. #AribaLIVETransitioning Small DollarTransactions• Orders <10K© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.21Month/Year Legacy orders Non-CatalogOrdersUtilizationOctober 2012 368 42 10%November 2012 251 51 17%December 2012 235 119 34%January 2013 261 157 38%February 2013 262 163 38%March 2013 211 114 35%NOTE: August 2013 – Central Office will start rejecting orders.
    21. 21. #AribaLIVE22ARIBA Buyer ExtensionSupplier EnablementAriba Data StagingPayment to IndividualsSourcingContract ManagementContract ComplianceWinter2013Spring2013Summer2013Fall2013Winter2014Spring2014Summer2014Procure to Pay Roadmap© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    22. 22. #AribaLIVEHybrid IntegrationAriba SourcingAriba Contract ManagementSingleSignOn- Users- Roles, Groups (ASTRA)- Budget, OrgCode, Account CodesUW WebAuthenticationSuppliersSourcingEventsRequisitionsT&EInvoicingContractComplianceeFormsWeb Svcs.ChannelFileChannelFinancialAccountingAccountsPayableAribaMessagingFrameworkEmployeeReimbursementsPaymentRequestsInternal SalesDocumentsAriba DataTransferToolCSVFilesDBConnectorAriba Integration ToolkitUW Buyer (OnPremise) UW Other SystemsInterface tablesRolesGroupsBudgetsOrgCodesUsersUW WebAuthentication
    23. 23. State of FloridaKasey Bickley, MyFloridaMarketplace Program Manager© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    24. 24. #AribaLIVEIntroduction to the State of Florida• The State of Florida is the 4th largest state in the US withover 19.3 million people in 67 counties.• The state has an annual budget of $70 billion+ and approx.117,000 state employees in fiscal year 2012/2013.• The Department of Management Services is theadministrative arm of the State of Florida and supportshuman resource management, state procurement, realestate and leasing, supplier diversity, state groupinsurance, the Florida Retirement System,telecommunications and more.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.25
    25. 25. #AribaLIVEMFMP Program OverviewSystems OverviewAriba BuyerVendorInformationPortal(Registration,Fee Reporting/Billing, & VendorPerformanceTrackingMarketViewAribaAnalysisAribaSourcingFLAIRAribaNetworkVendor BidSystemMyFloridaMarketPlaceSystem: MFMP is a statewideeProcurement solution enablingelectronic buying and selling MFMP utilizes both industry-leading Ariba software, as well ascustom applications to meet publicsector requirements and to providea best in class procure to paysolution for State of Floridapurchasing and finance &administration professionals MFMP is fully integrated withFLAIR, the State of Florida’sfinancial accounting system andtransmits data to other Statesystems such as MarketView andVBS
    26. 26. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace Overview• The MFMP program began with a contract between DMS and Accenture signed inOctober 2002. The contract was competitively rebid in 2012 and a contract withAccenture was signed in 2013 for an additional 4 years of program operations.• Current program scope includes operational support of the MFMPprogram, including full application support, customer service desk support, andbilling and collection of the 1% transaction fee.• The new MFMP contract includes 31 Service Level Expectations (SLEs) covering:System availability and response timeBusiness processing and operationsCustomer service and satisfactionReporting• The program is funded by collection of a 1% transaction fee from vendors whoreceive payments from the state. The fee also supports the DMS, Division ofState Purchasing and Office of Supplier Diversity.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.27
    27. 27. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace Overview• Overall MFMP customer satisfaction (measuredthrough an annual survey) has improved since firstmeasured in 2006 (at 80.5% satisfaction), with a 2012overall satisfaction rating of 94%.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.28
    28. 28. #AribaLIVEMFMP Key Statistics© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.29CustomerDemographics32 state agencies18,000 agencyusers>90,000 registeredvendorsPurchaseProcessingIssued ~154,000purchase orders inFY 2012Reduced averagerequisition topurchase ordercycle time by 40%*Invoice ProcessingProcessed~327,000 invoicesin FY 2012Reduced invoice tocheck cycle time by45%**measured from FY2004-FY2012
    29. 29. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace Overview• MFMP is an on-premise Ariba installation• In 2003, MFMP originally went live with AribaBuyer 7.1• The first major Buyer upgrade occurred in 2007 toAriba 8.2.2• The last major upgrade was in 2010 to Ariba 9r1© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.30
    30. 30. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace OverviewTo date, we have implemented 283 customizations to Ariba Buyer:© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.31
    31. 31. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace Utilization• Utilization of the MyFloridaMarketPlace application has grown over time• Initial rollout to pilot agencies began in July 2003• By May 2005, final agencies began using MFMP and SPURS (legacypurchasing system) was shut down for purchase order processing, thoughFLAIR remains fully open for invoice processing today© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.32
    32. 32. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace UtilizationIn October 2012, the State of Florida launched the ProcurementTransformation Initiative, which brings state agencies together to:• Standardize and streamline the state’s procurement process• Increase utilization of the state’s Web-based procurementsystem, MyFloridaMarketPlace• Achieve greater administrative efficiencies• Provide greater spend visibility• Expand the offerings and use of state term contracts© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.33
    33. 33. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace Utilization• As part of the Procurement TransformationInitiative, the Governor strongly supports the fullutilization of the MyFloridaMarketPlace.• To track the progress of agencyadoption, MyFloridaMarketPlace publishes a monthlyMFMP Utilization Scorecard.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.34
    34. 34. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace Utilization© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.35
    35. 35. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace Utilization• For the PO & Contract, Invoicing, Catalog and ReceivingUtilization Metrics, we are using a three-phased approachto focus on the 15 agencies with the largest gaps inutilization. The remaining agencies will receive supportthrough ongoing operational activities such as trainingsessions and materials.• The agencies in each phase were chosen based on severalcriteria including their current level of utilization, agencysize, and whether they are organized in a centralized ordecentralized manner.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.36
    36. 36. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace UtilizationPhase 1 - FullUtilization Target:7/1/13• Dept. of Corrections• Dept. of Children &Families• Agency for HealthcareAdministration• Division of AdministrativeHearings• Dept. of CitrusPhase 2 - FullUtilization Target:10/31/13• Dept. of Law Enforcement• Dept. of EconomicOpportunity• Dept. of Health• Dept. of Military Affairs• Florida LotteryPhase 3 - FullUtilization Target:12/31/13• Dept. of Transportation• Dept. of Education• Dept. of State• Dept. of Revenue• Dept. of Financial Services© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.37Ongoing Support Agencies (remaining agencies)Full Utilization Target: 7/1/13
    37. 37. #AribaLIVEMyFloridaMarketPlace Utilization© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.38
    38. 38. #AribaLIVESourcing Quick Project - eQuote• eQuote was originally a custom application that wasintegrated with Ariba Buyer; however, there wasnever wide adoption of this tool.• With the upgrade to Ariba 9r1, the State of Floridadecided to utilize Quick Projects in Sourcing ratherthan our custom application as an informal quotingtool for purchases under $35,000.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.39
    39. 39. #AribaLIVESourcing Quick Project - eQuoteThe MFMP team has established the following target timeline for full eQuote utilization:© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.40Begin eQuote Rollout01/01/201325% UtilizationAchieved10/31/201350% Utilization Achieved(Full Utilization)*3/31/2014* The goal for full utilization of eQuote has been reduced to 50% as of 2/1/2013, however,all agencies should be at 80% eQuote utilization by 12/31/2014.
    40. 40. #AribaLIVEeInvoicing Initiative• MFMP currently has approximately 50 vendorselectronically invoicing (eInvoicing) with over 30,000invoices in FY2012/2013.• We are putting a special focus on increasing thenumber of vendors that are eInvoicing with a multi-wave approach. We are currently beginning Wave 2of this initiative.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.41
    41. 41. #AribaLIVEeInvoicing Initiative• In Wave 1, we targeted 12 vendors and implemented 5.• In Wave 2, we are targeting 39 vendors.• MFMP is moving forward with a systemenhancement to customize the Service Start Date andService End Date fields for invoices received throughthe Ariba Network.• This will allow the State to target service vendors with ahigh number of invoices such as FedEx.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.42
    42. 42. #AribaLIVELooking ahead• Focus on MFMP Contracts• Sourcing Rollout• Commodity Code Conversion• Update to the legacy Vendor Bid System© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.43
    43. 43. Questions?© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.44
    44. 44. #AribaLIVEPlease Complete Session SurveyGo to Surveys© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.45Select SessionClickChoose oneRate SessionThank you for joining us