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Today’s customers are better informed, and more in control of the buying process than ever. This makes your job as a sales professional increasingly complex. How do you orchestrate your team? How do you find and focus on the right leads? How do you win customer loyalty?

This session will answer these questions and introduce you to a new channel for qualified, active leads, as well as tools and techniques to sell more efficiently and engage customers like never before.

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  • There has been a fundamental shift in the way business-to-business commerce happens – with60% of orders from leading companies being electronic; the vast majority of buyers research vendors online; and $40 billion in marketing spend has moved from traditional media to online media. For sellers, these trends mean that that business as usual is no longer an option. Think about your daily lives and how you now get on the Internet from your laptop, or tablet or phone to research items to buy or price shop and compare items when you go shopping. There are more devices connected to the Internet than there are people on Earth, and all these people are taking these consumer skills and paradigms into the workplace. Sales and marketers need to add these new tools to their toolkits while managing increasingly demanding customers and prospects.
  • And among sales and marketing professionals, their jobs are becoming increasingly more complex. This new generation of informed buyers are demanding more from suppliers in terms of information, response time, pricing and overall service levels. The traditional ways to do business are eroding. We spoke with 20 sales and marketing executives and heard a similar story – in one example, a $10M company providing facilities and maintenance services that has always relied on phone-based outreach, cold calling and follow up with face to face meetings. They tried to keep up with the trends and move to more email-based marketing, an eCommerce-driven sales approach, and online marketing – and they can’t figure out how to measure ROI.  Meanwhile in the sales organization, they are getting increasingly frustrated at the impersonal nature of eCommerce. Many prospects and customers are making buying decisions without a traditional face-to-face meeting or sometimes even without a phone call! Lori Wizdo of Forrester Research posted on her blog, “…today’s buyers might be anywhere from two-thirds to 90% of the way through their purchasing journey before they reach out to the vendor. For many product categories, buyers now put off talking with salespeople until they are ready for price quotes.” We talked to a small graphic design and printing shop, and they expressed frustration that “Someone in purchasing a few years ago decided printing is just a commodity and they shifted decision-making to a procurement group.” They feel threatened that decision-making is being driven by price rather than quality and creative vision. And even the sales and marketing professional who are excited about all the opportunity this Internet Channel enables, feel overwhelmed by all the online vehicles and venues and can’t figure out how to cover all their bases – or how to make sure that today’s tech-savvy buyers are getting the instant response and service they now expect.
  • [Talk track:] Your customers today are empowered and they're  changing the rules. They're better informed, always connected and able to switch products, services and vendors more easily than ever before.-----------------------------------------------Incorporate facts below into your talk track as desired:In the US and numerous other countries around the world, there are more smartphones than there are people: of American adults own a smartphone - customers spend at least half of total buying time researching products online.On average, 57% of EU5 adults own a smartphone (see link for breakdown) - than 50% of Australians own a smartphone - million smartphones expected to be sold in China in 2013 -
  • [Talk track]And the convergence of these forces has empowered customers and put them in control of the conversation.Customers are Digitally Connected, Socially Networked, and Better informed than ever before. [Reference the statistic above and bring to life with an anecdote of your own]From a CRM perspective the pendulum of control has swung. We no longer talk about Customer Relationship Management but increasingly about the ‘Customer-Managed Relationship’. That’s why at SAP we believe it is simply time to ‘engage customers like never before’.
  • [Talk track]The challenge though, is that in a world of BIG DATA Companies are at risk of just becoming part of the noise that surrounds their daily lives..Think about it, in the minute or so that it take you to read this slide -YouTube users will have uploaded 48 HOURS of new rich media contentGoogle has already processed over 2M new search queries ANDInstagram users will have shared some 3,600 pictures of their largely boring lives
  • [Talk track:] As a result, customers no longer come to you or your sales reps as the first point of information and advisor on how to address their business challenges. They’re self-educating through online information, company websites, 3rd-party blogs and communities – and connecting with their peers through business social networks to exchange ideas on how to address business challenges and receive recommendations on the best solutions and services.
  • Ariba Discovery is the premier service for matching business buyers and sellers globally, and is part of Ariba Network.For those of you who don’t know, the way Discovery works is this:Ariba Discovery takes what a buyer needs as an input and then automatically finds and matches that need with sellers on Ariba Network that fit the specific criteria on the Ariba Network. Ariba Network has over a million sellers across 20,000 product and service categories in 190 countries, and currently supports over $350B in transactions (or spend volume) across Ariba products. So to tap into this network, a buyer specifies their requirements in Ariba Discovery, which takes about 5 minutes, and Ariba Discovery takes care of matching the buyer up with the right seller. Sellers then respond to the requirements, and the buyer can then use Ariba Discovery to read more about the seller in rich seller profiles.Ariba Discovery is not another search engine or directory. It’s more like that it is Google. It's a matching service that takes the burden of finding and qualifying sellers off the shoulders of a buyer by matching sellers based on specific requirements, and then sending responses from those sellers directly to the buyer’s inbox.[>]
  • Highlight diverse and green requirements in postings or during previewSee available qualifications on supplier profile pages
  • [Talk track]The problem that many companies have today is that their CRM systems are no more than ‘systems of record’ designed to measure and track sales performance rather than adapt to the needs of a more ‘customer-driven’ sales model.Think about it, most legacy CRM applications (Cloud and onPremise), are built on a sales funnel model of Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action that was instituted in the 19th Century (1898, by St Elmo Loius).You have to ask yourself is your system of record, built on 19th century sales and marketing practices, actually relevant anymore when dealing with a 21st century buyer paradigm.
  • [Talk track:] How do you re-tool your approach to win like never before?The first step is to align your selling process to the buying journey. Sales organizations are adapting to deal with the empowered buyer. They need to engage early to influence the buying decision, differentiate to grab market share, and create compelling events to close faster and beat “no-decision”53% of B2B buyers cite the sales experience as the largest contributor to ongoing loyalty: end goal today is not only to grow revenue but also to deliver a great buying experience that keeps customers coming back AND turns them into your vocal advocates who help you do the selling. Nothing builds more credibility to accelerate a deal and win than glowing references and passionate advocates.“The best companies don't win through the quality of the products they sell, but through the quality of the insight they deliver as part of the sale itself.”Source: CEB – The Challenger Sale
  • [Talk track]
  • [Talk track]
  • [Talk track:] Step 1 of winning with today’s empowered customers is aligning your selling process to the buying journey so that your selling motion is focused on helping buyers move through each stage. Step 2 is making every interaction at every stage meaningful:Target the customers where you deliver the most valueDiscover what they care about mostGuide them through the buying journeyWin together by going the extra mileUnderstanding who your customers are, what they care about, bringing them new ways to address their business challenges and guiding them through the buying journey is not easy. But if you follow these four tenets of customer engagement, you will win like never before. Let’s walk through each of these tenets now to discover what they are.
  • [Talk track:] Target customers where you deliver the most value: Be disciplined about the customers you target and where your sellers spend their time. Focus on the customer types where you’ve had the most success with the least amount of effort. Walk away from customer types where you’ve taken many shots but scored very few goals.So, how do you do this? (next slide)
  • [Talk track:] Focus on customers who align to your value prop:Identify accounts whose profile, needs and behavior fall in your sweet spotAvoid unprofitable or high service-drain accounts
  • [Talk track:] And Mold the Right Selling BehaviorSet objectives and compensation to focus on the right accounts, perform the right activities and exhibit the right selling behavior.Enable sellers to identify the right opportunities to drive home based on commission multipliers and performance to objectives.Train your Team to Fill the GapsProvide tailored training based on sales rep’s industry, product or service focus, growth objectives and moreLeverage online Sales Universities to facilitate self-paced trainings and Playbooks to reinforce your sales methodology and recommend content and activities at each stage of the sales.
  • [Talk track:] Discover what they care about most: gaining deep insight about who your customers are, what they care about, what makes them each tick – and what they need to do to succeed – gives you the understanding you need to make each interaction relevant, meaningful and impactful. This is how you will earn credibility and gain the trust you need to set you apart from the competition.97% of sales interactions are considered unproductive by customers (source: Forbes – see below). It’s time to:Identify where prospects are in their journey: Use contact and lead-specific campaign responses to uncover pain points & detect buying signalsLearn relevant best practices to bring them new ideas on how to resolve their business challenges: Enrich customer profiles with contact, customer and industry intelligence at every stageFormulate unique sales engagements, tailoring each interaction to your customer’s business and what they care about most: Use social collaboration with internal experts to learn unique ways to deliver business valueStat Source:
  • [Talk track:] Use contact-specific campaign responses to uncover pain points & detect buying signalsIntegrate with Marketo to get the right leads demonstrating the right buying behavior at the right time.
  • [Talk track:] Get the Inside Scoop and Engage EarlyMake every interaction impactful -- with customer profiles enriched with account, social and industry intelligenceFind connections in your business network and within your company who can open doors to key contacts early in the buying process
  • [Talk track:] Guide them through the buying journey: with relevant insight, best practices and new ways to address business problems, you are uniquely equipped to PROACTIVELY guide your customers through their buying journey. Be bold at each stage, sharing your knowledge and continuing to discover and check their course in the process. Leverage your understanding of who they are and what they care about to engage with them like never before through their interaction channel of preference, be it on the phone, online, socially or in-person. By knowing what your customers care about, bringing them new ways to address their challenges and engaging with them on their terms, you’ll build the confidence and certainty they need to accelerate their movement through each buying stage.Get to the decision maker early: Use social selling to find shortcuts to key decision-makers and influencersSell as a team and stay one step ahead: Keep everyone informed about activity at the customer, competitors, products, and the marketTap into guided selling: Perform the right activities and leverage the right content at every stage to lead your customers to the right solutionBe effective every time, everywhere: deliver a great buying experience through customer collaboration rooms and complete, easy-to-use mobile apps that prepare you for every call and every close
  • [Talk track:] Reinforce your sales methodologyReceive recommended activities and best content for each buying stagePropose the right solutions & identify cross-sell/upsell
  • [Talk track:] Keep everyone informed about activity with the customer, competitors, products and the marketAccelerate sales cycles through real-time sales team collaboration
  • [Talk track:] Never again say “I’ll get back to you.”Get complete mobile apps that give you everything you need on the roadAnswer customer questions on the spotPresent solutions and capture signaturesBe prepared for every call and every close
  • [Talk track:] Build a culture of continuous improvement to help your reps go the extra mile and streamline the final steps of the close, delivering a buying experience that sets you apart from the competition. And make it easier for your reps to do their jobs, and spend more time demonstrating value to customers -- while still giving you the visibility you need to run and forecast the business.
  • [Talk track:] Keep Tabs on Your Business & Learn What Great Looks LikeGet the visibility you need to run your territory betterIdentify sales best practices through pre-configured dashboards and analyticsMake forecasting bullet-proof through deeper buying process insight
  • [Talk track:] Guide your Sellers to Greatness.Coach teams in real-time to move deals forward faster: Use performance analytics & social coaching to drive continuous sales improvementScalably share sales best practices to groom B reps into A PlayersTrack performance to objectives & take notes to make each coaching session impactful
  • [Talk track:] Make It a Love-Love RelationshipBreathe a sigh of relief: finally, a clean, easy user experience you’ll love to useWork the way you want: personalize the application in seconds based on what’s important to youMake updates and track customer information in seconds, not minutes or hoursAnd Leverage the Ones You Use EverydayOut-of-the-box integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes ensures you have all of your customer information within your frequently-used apps
  • [Talk track:]
  • [Talk track:] SAP delivers everything you need to equip your sales organization to Target, Discover, Guide and Win with your customers today. We provide the right capabilities for each unique selling motion within your organization, powering your sellers with new tools that help them know your customers, sell like the best and engage to win. And we deliver it as one modern, integrated solution built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It’s fully-mobile, easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy and hassle-free to maintain.
  • Sell Faster & Win More with SAP Cloud for Sales & Ariba

    1. 1. #AribaLIVE Sell faster and win more with SAP Cloud for Sales and Ariba Austin Whitehead, Directory, Product Marketing, Ariba Seller Solutions Johann Wrede, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Customer LOB © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved. @ariba
    2. 2. Technology Timeline Manual Communications Mail Services Electronic Communications Facsimile Manual Communications Telephone Enhanced Telecommunications EDI VANS World Wide Web E-mail, Corporate Portals Technology to the Consumer Mobile, Web Apps, Social iPhone/Android, Facebook 2 © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved. eBay, Amazon, Google
    3. 3. The Landscape Is Changing 3 © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved.
    4. 4. Customers Demand. We Only Have Time To React. © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved.4 “Our customers require everything to be online – we can’t get offline orders anymore.” Director of eCommerce Sales “Clients have been spoiled with today’s technology and now demand responses in minutes.” CMO “If you don’t satisfy your customer they won’t come back.” Head of Global Sales “All the different channels and different places make it difficult to make sure you are covering all the bases.” VP Sales
    6. 6. Digitally Connected 79% of customers spend at least 50% of total shopping time researching products online. EMPOWERED CUSTOMERS ARE Socially Networked 53% of customers abandoned an in-store purchase due to negative online sentiment. Better Informed 59% of customers are willing to try a new brand to get better customer service.
    7. 7. EVERY MINUTE OF EVERYDAY of YouTube uploads 48 hrs new mobile web users 217 Wordpress blog posts 347 new websites 571 Foursquare check-ins 2,083 Flickr photos 3,125 Instagram photos 3,600 Email messages 204,167,667 Google queries 2,000,000 Facebook shares 684,478 Consumers spend $272,070 Twitter tweets 100,000 Apple app download 47,000 Facebook likes 34,722 SOURCE: DOMO, INC. 61,141 hours of music uploaded
    8. 8. Which has resulted in a fundamentally different path to making a buying decision.
    9. 9. This Shift Impacts Your Marketing and Sales Processes © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved.9
    10. 10. GO WHERE THE CUSTOMERS ARE © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved.10
    11. 11. 50 PERCENT OF THE GLOBAL 2000 OVER 3,000 BUYERS Faster, Easier, and Better Lead Generation MORE THAN A MILLION SELLERS So Where Are the Leads? 11 Ariba Discovery™: The premier service for matching business buyers and sellers globally! © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved.
    12. 12. Premier Service for Matching Business Buyers and Sellers Globally BENEFITS FOR BUYERS • Achieve incremental savings of 15% • Reduce costs up to 75% for seller identification and qualification • Save up to 90% of time for seller identification and qualification • Make better, more informed seller selection decisions by comparing multiple quotes and sellers, including their D&B information, ratings, and reviews • Easy collaboration with sellers BENEFITS FOR SELLERS • Access business leads and showcase your profile to buyers for free • Maintain high visibility in front of real decision- makers, with budget and ready to buy • Access a cost-effective lead source versus traditional labor- and cost-intensive methods • Grow your busines, comprising 15-50+% of revenue for many sellers • Easy collaboration with buyers
    13. 13. Diverse Seller Community with Access to Million Euros in Postings 13 © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved. Number of Suppliers 2013 Total EMEA Posting Value (Million Euro)
    14. 14. ENGAGE CUSTOMERS ON THEIR TERMS © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved.14
    16. 16. AWARENESS CUSTOMER BRAND ADVOCATE BUYER’S JOURNEY SELLING MOTION TO WIN TODAY YOU MUST ALIGN YOUR SELLING MOTION TO YOUR BUYER’S JOURNEY Shape Vision Influence Compare Assess Risk Differentiate & Value Purchase Support Set Criteria Build Confidence Loyal or a Detractor Close GuideDiscoverTarget Win Commit to Change
    18. 18. TURN INSIGHT INTO ACTION TO CREATE EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCES • Drive operational excellence • Empower employees & partners • Deliver on your promises EXECUTION INSIGHT • Understand customers • Identify opportunities • Predict their needs & behavior EXPERIENCE Interact with customers 1:1 in the moment when it matters across channels & touch points
    19. 19. AND ENGAGE TO WIN LIKE NEVER BEFORE WIN together by going the extra mile GUIDE them through the buying journey DISCOVER what they care about most TARGET customers where you deliver the most value
    20. 20. TARGET customers where you can deliver the most value
    21. 21. FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS WHO ALIGN TO YOUR VALUE PROP • Identify accounts whose profile, needs and behavior fall in your sweet spot • Avoid unprofitable or high service-drain accounts
    22. 22. Incent sellers to do the right thing • Set objectives and compensation to reward the right selling behavior Train your Team to Fill the Gaps • Shore-up skills deficits with training and enablement tailored for each rep AND MOLD THE RIGHT SELLING BEHAVIOR
    23. 23. DISCOVER what your customers care about most
    24. 24. IDENTIFY WHERE PROSPECTS ARE IN THEIR JOURNEY • Uncover pain points & detect buying signals • Integrate with Marketo - right leads, right buying behavior, right time
    25. 25. GET THE INSIDE SCOOP AND ENGAGE EARLY • Make every interaction impactful with enriched customer profiles • Find connections who can open doors early
    26. 26. GUIDE your customers through their buying journey
    27. 27. REPLICATE SUCCESS & ENGAGE EFFECTIVELY AT EVERY STAGE • Reinforce your sales methodology • Receive recommended activities and best content for each buying stage • Propose the right solutions & identify cross-sell/upsell
    28. 28. SELL AS A TEAM AND STAY ONE STEP AHEAD • Keep everyone informed and in lock-step • Accelerate sales cycles through real-time sales team collaboration
    29. 29. NEVER AGAIN SAY “I’LL GET BACK TO YOU.” • Get everything you need on the road with complete mobile apps • Be prepared for every call and every close
    30. 30. WIN together by helping your reps go the extra mile
    31. 31. KEEP TABS ON YOUR BUSINESS & LEARN WHAT GREAT LOOKS LIKE • Get the visibility you need to run your territory better • Identify sales best practices and make forecasting bullet-proof
    32. 32. GUIDE YOUR SELLERS TO GREATNESS • Coach teams in real-time to move deals forward faster • Scalably share sales best practices to groom B reps into A Players
    33. 33. Make it a love-love relationship • Finally, a clean, easy user experience you’ll love to use, personalized to your preference SIMPLIFY SALES TOOLS And leverage the ones you use everyday • Feature-rich integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes boosts your sales productivity
    34. 34. Real-Time Analytics • Dashboards & forecasting • Configurable custom reports • Account 360 • Mash-ups with SAP BW & Business Objects SELL LIKE THE BEST AND ENGAGE TO WIN WITH SAP CLOUD FOR SALES Opportunity Management & Insight • Easy Lead, Opportunity & Activity Tracking • Competitor Insight • Guided Selling Groupware Integration • Full-Featured with 2-way Sync • Support for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes Account Management & Intelligence • Fast Account & Contact Updates • 360 Customer Intelligence Integration • Pre-built integration to SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP JAM, InsideView, Xactly and more • Mashups with most other apps Productivity & Personalization • Flags • Tags • Shelf Collaboration & Social • Feeds, Followers and @mentions • Internal, Customers, Partners • Deal Sites • Social Selling • Quick Creates • User-Defined Fields • Workflow Mobile • Complete mobile apps, no extra cost • Support for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry & Android
    36. 36. Questions © 2014 Ariba – an SAP company. All rights reserved.36