Paperless Procurement with DocuSign: Streamline Your Processes for Better Results


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Imagine a low-cost, 100% digital procurement process that is easy to manage and easier to use. Join DocuSign to learn how your procurement team can realize cost savings, improve service, and speed up execution using DocuSign.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to spend more time on mission-critical activities – mitigating risks in the supply chain, understanding customer requirements, sourcing the right solutions, and maintaining full visibility on the approval status of documents – and less time chasing signatures.

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  • Alyssa to intro Anu and set agenda
  • Welcome to this Procurement Webinar from DocuSign, where we like to “keep business digital”Thank you for taking time out of your busy day. We hope you will find it interesting and useful. My name is Anu Gardiner and I am the Senior Director of Procurement at DocuSignHelping me today with the product demo will be Michael GilbroughFinally, a shout out to Amy O’Connor, Brianna Dinsmore, Ayo Akintilo in doing all the heavy lifting
  • A little bit more on the theme of keeping business digitalIf we chart the increase in productivity in the last half century, it started with mainframe computers in 1960sFollowed by Mini computers …Then Client/server paradigmAnd in 2000 cloud computing was the disruptive forceSocial networking in 2010s continued to influence business models, not to mention speeding up political change around the worldToday we continue to see the power of mobile – any time, any place, any device. This is something that the millennials take for granted Our view of the future is a fully digital enterprisethat can scale with the massively growing transaction volume
  • Let’s talk a bit more about the DocuSign solution. When most people think of eSignature, they think of the orange square in the middle. It’s actually a lot more. We think of eSignature as eSignature Transaction Management. Three key parts of the signing process: 1) Document preparation, 2) execution, and 3) management. See Why Customers Choose DS for more detail on each one. In addition to the DocuSign product capabilities, the DocuSign platform really sets DS apart. DocuSign is highly available – delivering on average 99.99% availability over the past five yearsSecure ConfigurableInternationalExtensible
  • What is exciting to me about DocuSign is our vision of …. aligned with Ombud prediction of wet signatures being antiquated by 2020DS is the leader in Users – 48 Million individualsand enterprises DS has the largest market share DS is also #1 according to Forrester, Gartner and Ombud among others
  • Here is a sampling of DS customers by verticalMost people have their first exposure to DS not as an enterprise application but as a consumer application while buying or selling a home – this was certainly true for me when I sold a house last year and found the experience to be vastly improved from the wet signature transaction of buying the same home 8 years prior--Together, we are creating a growing community across all industries that is driving best practices to keeping business digital. Over 65,000 customers ranging from individual professionals to world’s largest companiesAcross industries HP, enterprise-wide, John Hinshaw quoted in WSJ – DocuSign one of top three new solutions HP using to drive efficiencies in businessSalesforce – standardizing on DocuSign – first, sales agreements, then HR10 of top 15 wealth management companies11 of the top 15 insurance companies
  • Opportunities for electronic signatures exist in other functions across the enterpriseIdentifying the first use case depends on your needs and executive sponsorship within your organization----DocuSign enables organizations to “Keep Business Digital.”Organizations will often start in a single department around a single use case, and then expand from there… E.g., sales agreementsThen compensation agreementsThen offer letters
  • Here is a snapshot of the workflows that DS has enabled for our customersOur focus in this Webinar is Procurement, in the bottom-right
  • Customers tell us they select DocuSign for five key reasons: Easiest to use productMost powerful platformLeading securityRichest partner ecosystemWorld class customer programs. All of which has led DocuSign to become the global standard.  These are also the key areas we continue to invest. Let me touch on each one…Easiest to use product: • Intuitive UI for senders and signers• Richest functionality• Most complete mobile solution: DocuSign for Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8, and optimized browsers Powerful platform: Highly available: 99.99% availability over past 5 yearsSecureHighly extensible: over 50% of transactions thru APIHighly configurableGlobal Leading security: only ISO 27001 eSignature provider, approved by the IRS, FDA, HIPPA, etc. That’s how we approach everything we do• With DocuSign’s industry leading security assurance program, you and your organization can be confident that data remains confidential• We offer multiple authentication methods to ensure signers are who they say they are• Earlier this year we launched our Trust Center to provide greater transparency into our system performance and statusRichest partner ecosystem: salesforce, netsuite, google, box, good• DocuSign has more than 5,000 developers using our platform – this high # is indicative of the strength of the developer resources available, such as industry-leading REST & SOAP APIs• Our ISV & Alliances Partners allow you to expand our core platform and use DocuSign with the key business systems you already have in place• We also have a number of consulting Partners, such as System Integrators (SI) that deep expertise in vertical industry or horizontal business process World class customer programs: only 24x7, DS Value Realization Program - Advisory Councils, etc.• DocuSign offers customers dedicated account managers• We also follow the sun with 24 x 7 phone and chat support• Our commitment to customers is highlighted by the imminent launch of DocuSign University, which will help customers more effectively leverage our solution across their organizations  Together, we’re building solutions that are second to none. All of which has resulted in DocuSign becoming the global standard.• 70% SaaS market share• #1 with all the leading analysts: Gartner, Forrester, Ombud, others• Top positions across industries: 10 of top 15 insurance companies, 11 of the top wealth management firmsTogether, with customer input, we’re building solutions that are second to none.
  • Changing gears now and focusing on Procurement.So what are the use cases in Procurement that electronic Signature can facilitate?First group of use cases involves any document that needs one or more signatures. Examples include contracts (MSA, PSA, Software License Agreement), Statement of Work Documents, Order letters, NDAs. DS workflow allows the user to specify multiple signatories in custom configurations - as we will see in the demoAnother use case that is suited for smaller enterprises is the Purchase Order approval process. At DocuSign, currently we do not have a procure-to-pay system in place so we use DocuSign to route POs for approval (otherwise known as eating our own dog food) . The requestor creates a Purchase Requisition, adds details about the purchase – business problem being solved, items, price and cost savings negotiated. The requestor also has the ability to attach relevant documents (like MSA, SOW, price sheet showing discounts etc.) to the purchase requisition. Then the requestor routes the requisition to specified approvers. In order to make this easy for the requestors, we have Purchase Order templates that requestors can use and are prompted for input. All the approvers in the workflow have the ability to sign and also to add their comments. Once the requisition is fully approved, the requestor has a purchase order for the vendor. Bottomline: this is not what you would call a robust procure-to-pay system but it is a huge improvement over email approvals that most small organizations use today. Yet another use case is RFP sign off. In large enterprises, RFP sign off can be cumbersome and time-consuming. There are many stakeholders and a long list of complex requirements. RFP signoff by relevant stakeholders is a best practice to ensure that the requirements are complete and internal discussion points are highlighted BEFORE the RFP hits the street. The workflow is quite simple: Sourcing manager will route the RFP document to relevant stakeholders – in parallel or in series as appropriate. The sourcing manager has the ability to high-light certain sections for review by certain individuals by requesting their initials on that section. Hopefully that gives you a flavor for the opportunity.
  • Let us look now to the key benefits of eSignature in Procurement#1 is Speed of execution – this is among the top 3 priorities of every Procurement leaderAcccuracy – no missed signatures because the “Sign-here” flag got lost in transitCost Savings - this is also among the top 3 priorities of every Procurement leaderThe net result of all these benefits is improved customer experience
  • Here are some of the common challenges we’ve heard from organizations considering eSignature. Do any of these resonate with you? Are there other challenges that are on your mind? We would love to hear your thoughts during the Q&A.
  • Here are some customers using DS in ProcurementHP is a big champion of eSignature in Procurement. As are Salesforce and LinkedIn.
  • Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield is a mutual insurance company that provides health coverage to more than two millionmembers in Iowa and South Dakota. Wellmark chose DocuSign to cut excessive operating costs and streamline contract execution.The adoption of DocuSign is a key factor in eliminating unnecessary administrative expenses in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Furthermore, use of DocuSign boosts theLean and Green initiative within Wellmark to implement efficient business practices and reduce waste.CHALLENGEWellmark BCBS has seen great success maintaining low per-member-per-month administrative costs. However, contract execution involved excessive expenses, and Wellmark needed a solution to cut those unnecessary costs.Wellmark tracked contracts via spreadsheets in a paper-intensive, cumbersome, manual process. Every corporate contract required two copies to be printed and brought to the Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer for signature. After signing, he made a third copy to keep in house. Two copies were shipped to the second party using UPS for tracking purposes. Wellmark also maintained a spreadsheet to record the recipient and date the contract was sent. The second party would return one copy and retain one copy for their records.Because the second party was responsible for return costs, only the signature page out of a 12-page document was likely faxed back. This left Wellmark to confirm it was from the most recent version, not the signature page from an outdated contract. Uponreturn, Wellmark manually tracked changes to contracts with a redundant copy.The cost to send out contracts via this manual process averaged $5.80 per contract, according to Julie Dunham, Procurement Services at Wellmark. She calculated that cost as follows:•Each contract averaged 36 total pages (3 copies of 12-page contracts, on average)• Printing costs averaged $0.05 per page, $1.80 per contract (toner and paper)• UPS shipping and tracking costs averaged $4.00 per contractWellmark needed a solution to reduce this paper waste, eliminate hefty shipping costs and track contracts throughout the process.SOLUTIONKenny Chasten, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer of Wellmark, identified DocuSign as the best method to ensure contracts valued from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars were executed easily for both parties, turned around in a timely manner and tracked automatically.RESULTSWellmark implemented DocuSign in January 2012 to streamline the business processes involved with corporate contracts such as building maintenance and staff augmentation vendors.Due to its success and ease of use, in June 2012, Wellmark evolved DocuSign for use in contracts with agents who sell their health insurance plans, cutting contract cycle time in half.One of the great benefits of DocuSign is the time savings provided to Wellmark employees who no longer need to manually track contract location via spreadsheets. DocuSign provides a visual workflow that automates the process and provides instant visualization of who is next to sign.By using DocuSign for those contracts, Wellmark also knew the recipient had the appropriate, most current version of the contract.As a result, Wellmark sent 6,136 envelopes for signature via DocuSign in 2012 – Wellmark’s inaugural year with DocuSign. Based on the previously mentioned calculations, this means Wellmark saved $35,588.80 in printing and shipping costs alone.That cost, time and paper savings encouraged Wellmark to expand DocuSign for use in signing contracts with trusted hospitals and flexible benefit accounts. BCBS has identified certain hospitals as Blue Distinction Centers. These are recognized as having proven expertise in delivering specialty care such as spinal surgery. By using the Blue Distinction Center online portal and DocuSign, Wellmark eliminates the need to print and scan agreements.“DocuSign has made Wellmark a more efficient organization, and I would choose it again,” said Ms. Dunham. “Not only has it made my workload easier, every time I train another department on how to use DocuSign, their workload is reduced.”SUMMARY•Cut contract cycle time in half•Eliminated spreadsheets from the contract tracking process•Saved more than 200,000 sheets of paper and over $35,000 with adoption in two departments in the first year•Reduced non-health-related expenses, achieving sustainable compliance with federal medical loss ratio regulations
  • Powerful native apps-Recent data from comscore indicates 80% of time spent on Apple and Android phones are spent in apps! Users prefer apps. -Added support for use cases including document tagging and sending, setting signer sequence, in-person signing, and offline productivity -Continued investment & enhancements to ALL of the native DS Ink Apps across the major mobile platforms (iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones & tablets, Windows 8 tablets)Offline Productivity-As one of the most requested features from our customers – DS Ink enables you to continue working even when a cellular signal or Wi-Fi/wireless network is not available-Offline support for In-Person Signing, Document Tagging, and Data SynchronizationMobile Device Management-Many companies are implementing a Mobile Device Management policy. This is a result of folks bringing their own device into the workplace (prefer iPhone over BB), and IT organizations realizing the cost savings of not having to buy phones for everyone. Good Technology is the -leader in the MDM space, and we have built a new mobile app, DocuSign for Good that integrates with their solution-This means for any customers of Good, we already meet their mobile security standards, and rolling out the DS mobile app can be managed from a central adminOptimized Mobile Experience-Streamlined transaction workflow and improved tagging experience across DS Ink Native Apps-Improved Mobile Web signer experience-Optimized embedded signing user interface for integrations into 3rd party appsApplication Integration-New integration with Egnyte enables users to access documents for signature directly from DS Ink for iOS.
  • DocuSign supports all mobile and tablet platforms. Our lineup includes smartphone Apps for iOS and Android, tablet Apps for iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Mobile Web access.DocuSign has been building mobile apps since the introduction of the App Store and continues to invest aggressively to support mobile customers. In 2012, we redesigned DocuSign Ink for iOS from the ground up with providing the best customer experience as the primary driver. It won Apple’s App Store Best of 2012 and is rated 4.5 stars. Also in 2012, we introduced our Android and Windows 8 Apps. We will continue to aggressively invest in our mobile solutions in 2013 and beyond.DocuSign’s Apps take full advantage of the native features of each platform. For example:Use the camera to quickly take a picture of a document that can then be sent or signed. Open a document directly from mail or any other app that supports “Open-In” on iOS.Create a home-screen widget that displays your document queue on Android.Always available access to DocuSign cloud documents, or other sources such as, Box, DropBox, Evernote, and Google Drive.Tailored UI optimized for the smartphone screen size, as well as larger tablet form factor.When users access from their mobile device’s browser, they will see a completely optimized experience that works across multiple operating systems. With mobile web access, users have the full power of tagging, workflows, and templates available at their fingertips. Approvers can authorize documents on-the-go without having to download an app.
  • If there is one thing you remember from this Webinar, I’d like it to be “80-20”
  • If your organization is considering an eSignature solution, here is a list of criteria that you may want to evaluate I will highlight a couple:Availability – if critical enterprise functions are built on a cloud platform, you should demand five 9s availability from your vendorDaily reminders to approvers – combine this with a Native app on mobile devices and you have a powerful, user friendly solution
  • Paperless Procurement with DocuSign: Streamline Your Processes for Better Results

    1. 1. Keep Business Digital Driving Procurement Efficiency with DocuSign Anu Gardiner, Senior Director of Procurement, DocuSign Dan Reid, Senior Director of Product Management, DocuSign March 2014 DocuSign Confidential
    2. 2. Anu Gardiner intro  Run Procurement at DocuSign  Maximize value in supplier relationships – direct and indirect procurement  Large companies, startups, management consulting, academia, engineering  Glass ¾ full  Mom to two boys 2
    3. 3. Dan Reid intro  Masters in Mechanical Engineering from University of Vermont  Formerly "Senior Product Manager, Contract Management" at Ariba  Currently "Director of Product Management, Partners, API, and Marketplace" at DocuSign  Manages technology aspects of DocuSign's Cloud Partner Program including both building connectors to industry-leading solutions and assisting our 100's of partners to integrate with DocuSign's platform 3
    4. 4. Topics For Discussion  Market Trends & DocuSign Business Model  DocuSign for Procurement  DocuSign-Ariba Integration 4
    5. 5. Market Trends & DocuSign Business Model DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 5
    6. 6. The Next Major Step in Productivity Fully Digital Enterprise Next Step Today Mobile 2010s Social Networking 1960s Mainframe Computing 1970s Mini Computing 1980s Client/Server Computing DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 2000 Cloud Computing 6
    7. 7. The MASSIVE Worldwide Paper Problem Annual Volumes  Pages Faxed  Overnight Envelopes  Projected Documents (Global Insurance Customer) Davidson Consulting, IDC, others DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 7
    8. 8. Speed & Functionality Inevitable Generation DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 8
    9. 9. DocuSign eSignature Transaction Management Solution Templates Platform Integrations Product Anyone, Anything, Anywhere, Anytime ERP CRM LOB Platform DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 9
    10. 10. About DocuSign Vision Leader in Users Empower organizations to “keep business digital.” 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Leader Among Analysts Leader in Market Share #1 #1 #1 eSignature Wave eSignature Takes Off eSignature Solutions DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 10
    11. 11. Customers Joining Us on Value Journey Financial Services Insurance High Tech Communications/ Media Healthcare Real Estate & Property Mgmt Gov’t & Non Profits Everywhere
    12. 12. The Opportunity Consumers/ Customers Sales & Marketing DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL Employees/ Candidates Human Resources Suppliers Finance & Procurement Partners Line of Business 12
    13. 13. The Value Journey Continues  Sales Order Processing  Account Provisioning  Sales Compensation Agreements  Referral Agreements  Reseller Agreements  Field Sales Agreements  New Customer Sign Ups  Terms and Conditions      Event Registration  Customer Communication Approvals  Mass Mailing / Email Approvals  Customer Communication Approvals  Brand Compliance / Audits  Event and Vendor Approvals             New Hire Paperwork Candidate NDA On/Off-boarding Checklist Employee Policy Distribution & Signature Contractor Agreements Non-disclosure PTO Management Payroll Forms          Invoice Processing Expense Reporting Capitalization Management Audit Sign Off Policy Management Inventory Signoff Asset Transfer / Retirement Hiring Freeze Exemption M&A Documentation       Asset Tracking Change Requests Requirements Sign Off Access Management Incident Reporting Production Change Authorization  Maintenance Authorization  Order Fulfillment          Front Desk Sign-in Work Orders Lease Agreements Move In / Move Out Requests Parking Permits Equipment Rentals Lien Releases Site Passes and Onsite Waivers         Account Changes Service / Work Orders Term Changes Self Service Requests Compliance Field Service Cancellation Requests Internal Cancellation Processing            Change Management Release Management Code Review Reporting Requirements Acceptance Release Scope Commitments  Project Charter Templates NDAs Contract Management Internal Compliance IP Licensing Patent Applications Board Minutes Trade Name Assignment Trademark Assignment Finance Agreements Purchase Orders Statements of Work Master Service Agreement RFP Sign Off Supplier Compliance Competitive Procurement Summaries  Sole-Source Justifications  Procurement Card Applications
    14. 14. Why Customers Choose DocuSign Easiest to Use Product Most Powerful Platform Leading LEADING Security SECURITY Richest Partner RICHEST PARTNER Ecosystem ECOSYSTEM WORLD Class World CLASS CUSTOMER Customer Programs PROGRAMS GLOBAL STANDARD DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 14
    15. 15. DocuSign for Procurement DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 15
    16. 16. Procurement Use Cases  Contracts & agreements – NDA – Statement of Work – Master Service Agreement  Purchase order  Supplier compliance  RFP sign off DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 16
    17. 17. Key Benefits  Speed: Accelerate procure-to-pay  Accuracy: Reduce errors  Security: Transactions & storage  Savings: Eliminate mailing & faxing costs  Go green: Eliminate paper Improved customer experience DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 17
    18. 18. Customer Aspirations (Procurement specific) We need to accelerate our procure-topay process. We need to transact via mobile. We need to streamline our operations. We need to improve our suppliers’ and clients’ experience. We want to go paperless. 18
    19. 19. Customers using DocuSign in Procurement Other Customers “We selected DocuSign to increase the speed, accuracy, and security of our contracting processes. Our customers and partners will find using DocuSign is an easier way to do business with HP.”  Salesforce - John Hinshaw, EVP of global technology and business processes at HP  McKesson  GE Capital  McAfee  Nationwide  Cisco Capital DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 19
    20. 20. Case Study: Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield  Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is a mutual insurance company  Streamline corporate contracts such as building maintenance and staff augmentation vendors  Eliminate the need to manually track contract location via spreadsheets  DocuSign Corporate Edition “ DocuSign has transformed the way we conduct business, created numerous process efficiencies, and recognized significant administrative cost savings. ”  Cut contract cycle time in half  Eliminated spreadsheets from the contract tracking process  Saved more than 200,000 sheets of paper and over $35,000 in two departments in the first year  Reduced non-health-related expenses, achieving sustainable compliance with federal medical loss ratio regulations DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 20
    21. 21. World-Class Customer Programs Trust Center Customer Support Up-to-date security and system performance information 24x7 Support + Community Support Strategic Value Assessments Customer Success Architect Quantified financial value delivered by DocuSign Drive Use Case Adoption and Enterprise Deployment DocuSign University Instructor led-training, eLearning Modules, and Certifications DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 21
    22. 22. The Mobile Leader iOS Android Win 8 Good  Powerful native apps  Mobile device management  Optimized mobile experience  Application integration  Offline productivity (coming) DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 22
    23. 23. The Mobile Leader Best-In-Class Client Experience for Every Platform iOS Apple’s App Store Best of 2012 Featured at CES 2012 Android Top Productivity App Windows 8 Featured in TechCrunch, WSJ, LifeHacker, USA Today, ZDNet DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL Mobile Web “This makes life in the business world a whole lot easier and faster. Truly a great app.” 23
    24. 24. DocuSign Complete Mobile Solutions Native Mobile Apps Mobile Web Access Integrations & API  Native experience tailored specifically for each device OS  Available on any internet enabled mobile device  Integrate DocuSign mobile solutions quickly into your back office systems  Drive adoption within your organization with frequent users and executives  Optimized mobile web experience gives you the full power of sending, signing, and transaction management  Embed DocuSign directly in your existing mobile apps  Support for features such as offline signing, mobile tagging, and Mobile Device Management (MDM)  Leverage existing out-of-the-box mobile integrations or quickly build new ones  No install required making it easy for any signer to engage with DocuSign on a mobile device DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 24
    25. 25. Take away 80% Average reduction in turnaround time $20 Average savings per document Source: Ombud eSignature report, June 2013 25
    26. 26. DocuSign-Ariba Integration DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 26
    28. 28. Appendix
    30. 30. DocuSign As Global Standard 110K Customers 40M+ Users +75K New/Day 70% Share Leader Across Industries      11 of top 15 Insurance Carriers 10 of top 15 Technology Companies 10 of Top 15 Wealth Management Firms 600+ credit unions Official standard for Insurance Agents Association  Official & Exclusive standard for National Association of Realtors DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL 189 Countries 48 Languages 30