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Best Practices in Vendor Management, Strategic Sourcing, Procure to Pay and Discount Management


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Supplier Relationship Management Initiatives are playing a critical role to drive Sustainable savings, operational efficiency and optimizing cash in many organizations especially in today's highly …

Supplier Relationship Management Initiatives are playing a critical role to drive Sustainable savings, operational efficiency and optimizing cash in many organizations especially in today's highly volatile commodity markets and risk-prone global supply chains. Yet many organizations do not realize the ROI and value that can result out of a best in class Supplier Relationship implementation that addresses all aspects of Spend categories including complex services. This session would focus on best practices that can be employed across the entire Procurement life-cycle including Invoice and Payment processes that help achieve quantifiable ROI and value.

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  • Taking this paradigm of a networked economy, from a B2B perspective, there’s lots of room to grow in the Networked Economy.Companies have spent billions of dollars in personnel, reengineering, and systems over the past two decades to improve their internal process and information flows within their four walls. These “Islands of Efficiency” are disconnected from the outside world and fall down where it matters most – when buying, selling, or exchanging cash with other businesses. For example:80% of POs, Invoices, and other transactions still take place offline…Additionally, Marketing Sherpa has reported a decrease of 50% in B2B marketing impact over the previous year as people utilize more consumer driven sources of information such as Google and blogs and not the marketing/sales materials produced by your companyAlso, Aberdeen Research reports that 5 – 9% of revenue is leaked due to contract compliance issues and other inefficienciesLots of paper…lots of people…and lots of inefficiency.All this inefficiency costs business $650 billions per year in missed sales opportunities, higher operating and supply chain costs, and slower cash flow cycles.
  • Faster quarterly closes…More with fewer people….Standardization of processes across divisions…
  • The Seller Collaboration Console is a new way for sellers to experience Ariba. In order to consumerize business commerce, we need to bring all aspects of the buyer/seller collaboration under one umbrella. So now instead of separate Ariba profiles and logins, you can access all your Ariba customer relationships through the Seller Collaboration Console. This includes:Leads, through Ariba DiscoveryProposals, through Ariba SourcingContracts, through Ariba Contract ManagerOrders & Invoices, through Ariba Network.All untilizing a shared profile and document repository
  • Discuss of Source-to-Settle ProcessSolutions that fit along continuumEnable collaborative commerce via Ariba Network
  • Sourcing extends beyond just automating RFQ’s and quotes. eSourcing has been in existence for more than 15 years and companies like Tata Motors, British Airways, have executed thousands of sourcing projects addressing billions of dollars in spend driving more than $200M in negotiated savings to the bottom line with reduction in transaction costs by 40%.However companies looking to tackle “Complex categories” beyond the “low hanging fruits” need to incorporate a Category management approach using collaborative tools paired with ready access to a networked community, decision support tools, knowledge management/ best practices and real-time market intelligence to drive optimal decisions pivoted against Price, Performance and Risk. In addition many organizations likeAs such an effective Sourcing solution offers: Achieve Sustainable Savings – Results and Enablement (Tata Motors, BA, Emerson) Seamless access to global suppliers to help drive savings (Winn-Dixie, Tupperware and OSU Medical center) Total Information Visibility (HP, BP) Performance Measurement (Sonoco, Pentair) Improved Collaboration and Risk Mitigation (BP, GD)
  • The first step in the Invoice Management process is Receipt & Capture [click]While there may be many different spend categories identified in the collaborative procurement use case (Example: indirect, direct, MRO, services), AP is ultimately responsible for processing all invoices. Some of these may be electronic, but most organizations still have a very high percent of paper invoices. Paper invoices cost more to process than electronic invoices, and are manually intensive and result in very inefficient processes. [click]It’s important to establish a benchmark with your prospect to determine the scope of the opportunity identified in the discovery process. Regarding paper invoices; recent benchmarks from the Hackett Group show that on average, 25% of invoices are electronic, which means that 75% of invoices are still paper! Best-in-class organizations are over 60% automated, and laggards only have about 7% of their invoices automated. [click]Cost per invoice can be complicated and controversial to measure across regions, industry verticals. I find a better measure for cost and efficiency is the number of invoices processed per full time equivalent (FTE) AP staff. On average, an AP staff FTE processes about 11K invoices annually. Best-in-class AP staff will process about 33K invoices annually, and laggards about 7K. [click]These benchmarks help you measure the opportunity. Then you can begin to map out what our solution for invoice receipt & capture might look like.Our primary objective is to help companies join the Networked Enterprise, and as you’ll see electronic invoices are THE document for strategic advantage when it comes process, discount, working capital, and compliance savings. But not all suppliers will participate right away, so we help companies looking for a scanning/OCR solution with Ariba Invoice Conversion Services. ICS is a fully outsourced, scalable service that streamlines paper invoice handling. Our “smart invoicing” solution allows customers to migrate paper invoice suppliers to electronic automatically by assigning network accounts to all suppliers, and notifying suppliers when they’ve hit a prescribed threshold where they should consider moving to e-Invoicing with Ariba.Ariba Invoice Automation allows buyers to reach a much higher percent of electronic invoices by enabling all suppliers regardless of their volume, location, or technical sophistication. Our “smart invoicing” approach drives greater efficiency because most errors and exceptions, especially for PO-invoices, are captured at the moment the supplier submits the invoice. So the buyer’s AP department only receives valid invoices. Additionally, the supplier portal included in this solution, provides suppliers real-time visibility into their invoice and payment status, thus eliminating costly inbound inquiry calls asking when the check is going to be in the mail.By helping companies get to 80% or more electronic, we can help reduce 50-60% of related AP staff cost. In fact, Caterpillar has achieved 90% electronic invoices globally with 98% in NAMER. This efficiency led to a 75% reduction in their AP headcount. 75%!! In many cases, AP staff is reassigned to higher value-add roles like working capital impact, discount capture, contract compliance, etc.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Best Practices in Vendor Management,Strategic Sourcing, Procure to Pay andDiscount Management to Help DriveSupplier Relationship Management ROIDan Gercak, Director, Commerce ServicesJarod Schrock, Director, Supplier Enablement Services© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    • 2. #AribaLIVEAgenda• Overview of Vendor Management• Vendor Management in Ariba• Vendor Management by Application Area• Open Discussion© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.2
    • 3. #AribaLIVEA Few Starting Points…• For this presentation, “Supplier” equals “Vendor”.• While most of the topics here are generic acrossAriba, there are some topics which are morepertinent to Ariba OnDemand vs OnPremise.• Ask any question when you want.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.3
    • 4. #AribaLIVEAgenda• Overview of Vendor Management• Vendor Management in Ariba• Vendor Management by Application Area• Open Discussion© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.4
    • 5. #AribaLIVE12-month decline in B2B marketing impact: 50%(Source: Marketing Sherpa)Revenue leaked due to compliance issues: 5%(Source: Aberdeen Research)THE CORPORATE EPIDEMICTransactions completed manually: 80%(Source: Celent Communications)Cost of ineffective business collaboration:$650 BILLION(Source: Basex Research)Inefficient Processes Between CompaniesHinder ResultsWanted: Better Business Commerce5
    • 6. #AribaLIVEThe Opportunity Lies in BetterCollaboration… Over the past two decades, large global businessessuccessfully streamlined and optimized their business processes within the four walls of thebusiness with ERP systems… Master Chart of Accounts Unified item master Centralized/Standardized HR & Payroll …enabling faster closing of books …enabling internal process streamlining …enabling lower inventory requirements© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.6Your Company’s ERP…but no company is an island on to itself…you are part of an extended supplychain. With your house in order, you must now look to your supply chain andyour relationships with your trading partners for the next wave of savings.-- Key ERP Efficiency Gains --
    • 7. #AribaLIVENetwork-Centric Approach ConquersLegacy Challenges© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.7Poor UserExperienceDisconnectedProcessesStaticCompanyProfilesMissed BusinessOpportunities• Cumbersomeregistration withseparate Termsof Use• Lack ofconsolidateddashboard toview Buyeractivity• Duplicate, non-synchronizedprofiles acrossmultiple applications,updated individually• Requires rekeying ofredundantinformation foreach event• Multipleproduct-specific loginswith singleroles• Difficultnavigationbetweenseparatesolutions• Inability to cross-market to otherdecision makers• Marketing isolatedto specificenvironment(no broadmarketingcapabilities)
    • 8. #AribaLIVE• Single Loginwith Linkedaccounts withmultiple roles• Single Clicknavigationbetween SellerSolutions• Consolidated andsynchronizedprofiles acrossSeller Solutions• Simplified ProfileManagement withability to link childprofiles to parent• Increasedawareness to realdecision makers intheir market• Key step towarddeveloping auniversal businesscommercedirectory• Simplified single-page registrationwith consolidatedTerms of Use• View SellerSourcing eventsin a singlecollaborationdashboardSeamless UserExperienceComprehensiveTrading PartnerDiscoverySingle CompanyProfilesUnified Solutionin the CloudWhat if You Could Have…© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.8
    • 9. #AribaLIVE© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.9Typical Supplier Management Processesand ComponentsSupplierPortalsVendor MasterManagementRiskManagementDiversity/Green/CorporateResponsibilityRegistration &On-boardingProcessPerformanceManagementSupplierManagementSupplierDiscoveryThe Critical Components• Highly usable Web-Based Portal for suppliers to registerand manage information collaboratively with customers• Supplier Information Management that unifies platform,process and supplier profiles across the company andkeeps it current, complete and correct.• Supplier Performance Management capabilitiesincluding process workflow and approvals, surveys andscorecards, flexible role based dashboards andcustomizable reports• Supplier Risk Management and Mitigation through arobust technology platform that seamlessly integrates in-context supplier info such as parentage, financials,diversity and sustainability• A Unified Supplier Record merging data and processflows to third party systems and data sourcesSupplier Management Processes
    • 10. #AribaLIVEAgenda• Overview of Vendor Management• Vendor Management in Ariba• Vendor Management by Application Area• Open Discussion© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.10
    • 11. #AribaLIVESeller CollaborationConsole is a keyelement of Ariba’svision to enhance theseller experience withgreater exposure,convenience,and controlWhat is Seller Collaboration Console?A New Way for Sellers to Experience Ariba• Centralized Administration• Single User ID for All AribaCommerce Cloud Seller Solutions• Common terms of use• Common Ariba Cloud Profile© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.11Profile/DocRepositorySellerSalesOrderMgmtFinanceOrders &InvoicesLeadsProposalsContractsSellerCollaborationConsole
    • 12. #AribaLIVESELLER VALUE• Easy access and navigationacross all solutions forall customers• Accurate information througha centrally managedAriba Cloud Profile• Greater efficiency throughsimplified registration anduser management• Increased exposure to realdecision makers in their marketThese Capabilities Deliver More Value toBoth Buyers and Sellers© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.12BUYER VALUE• Streamlined and unified on-boarding process across AribaCommerce Cloud solutions• Increased completeness,accuracy and timeliness ofseller profiles• Integration of sellerlifecycle (from identify, to bid,to transact)• Increased pool of qualifiedsuppliers with rich profileinformation
    • 13. #AribaLIVEAriba Offers Collaborative CommerceSolutions to Help Companies Buy, Selland Manage Cash Better© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.13BUYMANAGECASH SELLSales &MarketingFinanceSellersITAccountsReceivableBuyersSourcing &ProcurementFinanceITAccountsPayableImprove spend control andperformance with reducedcosts, lower risk, improvedandenhanced compliance.The discipline of usingcollaborative solutions tomake your money work foryou and your tradingpartnersAccelerate sales throughefficient processesfostering strongerrelationships with new andexisting customers.CollaborativeFinanceWorking CapitalManagementElectronic InvoicingPayment AutomationMatching & ComplianceScanning & WorkflowDiscount ProfessionalP-Card SettlementReceivables FinanceSupply Chain FinancingCollaborativeProcurementPO AutomationSupplier EnablementSupplier PortalConnectivity Services
    • 14. #AribaLIVECollaborative Business CommerceAddresses These Challenges for Sellers© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.14Source Select Procure Receipts PayIdentify ContractBUYER: DISCOVER-TO-PAYBid Sell Fulfill Invoice CollectMarket ContractSELLER: MARKET-TO-CASHOnlinenegotiatingE-Marketingand exposureBusinessopportunitiesBettercomplianceAutomatedcollaborationGreatervisibilityEarly paymentopportunities
    • 15. #AribaLIVEAriba Solution Portfolio – Enabling Closed-LoopIntegrated Source-to-Settle Process ExcellenceUsing Ariba Network© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.15Ariba Collaborative Commerce via Ariba NetworkProcurement ContentSpend VisibilitySourcingContract Mgmt.SIPMP-2-PServices ProcurementInvoice ProPayment ProDiscount ProDiscoveryCloudInfrastructureNetworkCentric2-Sided BusinessModelEngagedCommunityOpenIntegration
    • 16. #AribaLIVE5) Be InvoicedInvoice ProProcessInvoice4) Buy itProcure to OrderRequest Approve ReceiveAnother View of the Solution Portfolio© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.16Withclose to1 MillionsuppliersAribaNetworkThis needs tobe procuredSourcingContractsPurchase OrdersOrder ConfirmationShipping NoticeseInvoicesInvoice StatusPayment StatusEarly PaymentsCatalogs2) Sign the DealContractManagementContract1) Find a Deal (Sourcing)Spend Visibility Ariba Discovery Ariba Sourcing Supplier Information& Performance MgtAnalyze Discover PlanTender/NegotiateTrackPerformance3) Broadcast itProcurementContentBroadcastCatalogProcure to Pay6) PayDiscountPayment MgtManageCash
    • 17. #AribaLIVEAgenda• Overview of Vendor Management• Vendor Management in Ariba• Vendor Management by Application Area• Open Discussion© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.17
    • 18. #AribaLIVEOverall Points to Consider• Ariba is not meant to "remove" communication between Buyers and Suppliers; it ismeant to remove "noise" between Buyers and Suppliers• The processes associated with the following applications represent a “closed loop”and are meant to be repetitive• Rationalization of the supplier identification in Ariba needs to occur initially, and bemanaged throughout• “Delegation of Authority” rules will need to be defined as these various tools arerolled outWho can create a Supplier record?Who can approve?What processes will each supplier be included in?© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.18
    • 19. #AribaLIVECreate a summary of yourneedPublish on Ariba Discovery Relevant suppliers will benotifiedReview & Select newsuppliersInvite them to yourSOURCING projectDiscoveryPost & Search to the ENTIRE network© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.1912k lightbulbs forweek 56Ariba SourcingCheck it out!http://discovery.ariba.comAriba DiscoveryHOTPoke the Market
    • 20. #AribaLIVEYouOnline Weighted TriangulationCommodity InferenceArtificialIntelligence*Inference EngineSource Data HintsSupplier NameSupplier AddressExpense DescriptionGL AccountMaterial GroupPart DescriptionGL Cost Centerother hintsSuppliers AnalysisDatabase 180 million Suppliers Matching & Parentage Enrichment:Industry (SIC), Credit Rating,Revenue, DiversityItem DescriptionAnalysisDatabase Text Reading Learned ModelsYour CompanyProcesses &Mappings Database Custom Mapping Custom Rules (if, then) Manual Approval“a judicious mix of algorithms for different types of classification issues (e.g. supplier classification, others for differentcategories of goods) with a lot of experience will generally produce better results.” - Forrester, April 2008Spend VisibilityHOT$3 TrillionsClassified sofar…
    • 21. #AribaLIVESourcing: Beyond RFPs and AuctionsConnecting with a Networked Community of Sellers© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.21• Networked Communityof Suppliers• Proactive Ariba sellerrecommendations based onintelligent matching• Project Mgt Workspace todrive process complianceand savings• Sourcing Optimization,Analysis and Reporting• Global, Multi-Lingual andMulti-Currency Capabilities• Bundled Support Services,EDM and Best PracticeCenter support• Savings Pipeline and Tracking
    • 22. #AribaLIVEContracts© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.22Solution ElementsMonitoring - OverviewAuthoring/NegotiationsInternal/External ReviewPublish ResultsDevelop AgreementClause LibraryRepository
    • 23. #AribaLIVESIPMSupplier Performance and Information Management© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.23Supplier “A”1. Plan2. Periodic Tracking3. ReportingProgram GoalsDelivery On Time (ERP)Product QualitySupplier Collaboration1Quality ScorecardERPDATASURVEYS2Reporting/Trends3 SPM is the process of measuring, analyzing,and managing supplier performance toimprove quality, reduce costs, mitigate supplyrisk and drive continuous improvement in thesupply base. Enabled by common, consistent measurementsthat focus resources, identify performanceglitches, and determine the total cost ofownership of supply relationships, products, andentire supply chains.
    • 24. #AribaLIVEUpstream Points to Consider• Spend VisibilityDevelopment of a standard “language is important across Ariba, but is critical hereThis will allow for a more consistent identification of spend opportunities• Supplier Profile Questionnaires (SPQ)SPQs should balance how a Supplier would respond with the Buyers requirementsDo not try to get all info at once – may only use the supplier in a Sourcing event• SourcingEvent templates should balance how a Supplier would respond with theBuyers requirementsCommunication during the event is key, including the Award and the"Dear John" memosFlow of the events (RFI to RFP/Q to Auction) should continue to become more focused,do not repeat questions already asked© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.24
    • 25. #AribaLIVEProcurement ContentThe simplest of all types of integrations© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.25NO CHANGESYour Systems(Create PO)Your processes(Sending PO)XMLSearch in the Catalogs and Return Results to ERP
    • 26. #AribaLIVEOrderingSuppliersBuyersOptimization: OrderingP2OMATCHeInvoice creationand conversionPurchase & changeordersPurchase OrderChange OrderGoods ReceiptsOrder AcknowledgementAdvanced ShipmentNoticesQuick Secure delivery and no more fax• No more “lost orders” (about 2% of all orders are lost)• Online and on-time status, cancellations and responses• 2 days gain in lead times on average© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.26
    • 27. #AribaLIVEInvoicingSuppliers BuyersOptimization: InvoicingMATCHeInvoice creationand conversionPurchase & changeordersMake sure the whole process stays “electronic”• Invoices are created from a Purchase Order• They are automatically matched• No invoices without PO• 100% paperless and can be legally archived• Remittance Advice is the single most important benefitfor the supplier of your p2p initiativeRemittance AdviceInvoiceSupport credit anddebit adjustmentsInvoice Status© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.27
    • 28. #AribaLIVEInvoice Business Rule FiltersSuppliersAS2EDIHTMLPapercXMLEmailCSVRULESYourAriba 98%+Auto PostSupplier Name/ IDBill To / ShipToVAT / GST ID’sInvoiceNumberNon-POContactPONumberRemit AccessCurrencyPrice VarianceUnit OfMeasurePO LineReferenceReceiptConsumptionVarianceTotal AmountSub TotalAmountContractComplianceTax CodeComplianceLine & HeaderTaxInvoiceExceptionExceptionExceptionExceptionGoal : TOUCHLESS processing• Faster Cycle Times• Lower Risk© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.28
    • 29. #AribaLIVEDiscount & Payment ManagementTiming & Discounts© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.29Exceptions& ApprovalsPayment &ReconcileTiming &DiscountsReceipt &CaptureToo Little Returnon CashToo FewEarly Pay TermsToo Little Savingson Early Pay36%1% .25%% APR EarnedBIC LAGAVG20%3-5%1%% Suppliers w/Discount termsBIC LAGAVG€ Million saved per€1 BillionBIC LAGAVG€3€0.5€0.25Timing &DiscountsToo Many MissedDiscounts50%10%% potentialdiscounts capturedBIC LAGAVG95+%• Payment status and cash flow portal gives suppliers visibility intothe opportunity to accelerate payment, and the Capability to do soon demand.• Automatic & Ad-Hoc Dynamic Discounts offer flexibility andincrease adoption• Collaborate with suppliers to earn 16%-24% APR and earn €2-3Million per €1 Billion targeted spend.
    • 30. #AribaLIVEDownstream Points to Consider• Flight PlanThe approach and plan for Supplier management has to be defined, agreed to andexecuted against.This can be by spend area, category, geography, and / or some combinationA compliance strategy must defined as well to drive conversations and potentialconflicts with suppliers.• Models / TemplatesStandard business and technical processes should be the going in position.This includes PO and Invoice specs and transaction models such as Requisition toInvoice and Payment, Requisition to Pcard charge, Invoicing Against Contracts• Catalogs / ContractsWhere possible, catalogs should be made available and promoted.This assumes that an agreement (contract) has been established with the Supplier.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.30
    • 31. #AribaLIVEDownstream Points to Consider• Invoicing / PaymentsInvoice / invoice exception rules should balance Buyer accounting policies (tolerances)with efficiency to payment.Payment terms need to be rationalized and managed throughout• ReportingUsing Spend Visibility, key metrics such as spend per supplier, commodity spend, andcatalog / contract compliance reporting needs to be performed on a regular basis© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.31
    • 32. #AribaLIVEWe’ve Been Building this for over a DecadeAriba Network Growth 1999 - 2011© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.32
    • 33. #AribaLIVE© 2010 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.33Accelerate Time to Value with Ariba33TECHNOLOGY• Broadest and most widely used strategicsourcing solution with SaaS architectureresulting in faster time to value, lowerTCO, and more-frequent innovation• Seamless integration of Technology witha broad portfolio of sourcingtransformation services and global supplymarket expertise• Integrated Supplier Discovery• Security: WebTrust and SaaS 70 TypeII Certified, PCI Compliant• Performance: SLA guaranteed uptimeof 99.5 percentCOMMUNITY• Improve collaboration with the world’s largest trading community – the Ariba Networkfor efficient and effective supplier discovery, qualification, risk assessment andcompetitive negotiations• Share best practices, ideas, and innovation within Ariba’s open community – AribaExchangeCAPABILITIES• Supplement in-context category and supply market expertise, best practices, andbenchmarking to maximize savings and organizational performance – all with flexibledelivery options from full-service consulting to web-based delivery• Leverage Ariba enablement services including deployment, training, and adoption• Enable shift of internal resource to focus on more strategic objectives
    • 34. #AribaLIVEProcurementInvoiceCatalogSupplier Collaboration OptionsStandardized Approach© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.34POChange OrderCancel OrderOrder ConfirmationAdv. Shipment Not.Spot BuysCatalog UploadCatalog ChangeBuyer ApprovalInvoicesInvoice StatusRemittance Adv.•Need Help? Call us oremail us•Here’s the tool tomanage everything•Here is yourcomprehensive pricingOne single solutionFor several of his clients
    • 35. #AribaLIVEProven Results - Buyers and Suppliers sign upand stay on the Ariba Network© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.35350Ksuppliers currentlyparticipate99%retention rate of supplierstransacting on the Network100%of suppliers with 3 or morecustomers renew theirannual membership99%retention rate of buyerstransacting on the NetworkNo other provider has more suppliers, more reach, more experience or more peoplefocused on supplier enablement
    • 36. #AribaLIVEProven Value Delivered© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.36
    • 37. #AribaLIVEAgenda• Overview of Vendor Management• Vendor Management in Ariba• Vendor Management by Application Area• Open Discussion© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.37
    • 38. #AribaLIVEOpen Discussion• Jarod Schrock –• Dan Gercak –© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.38
    • 39. Questions?© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.