Enterprise Search con Liferay 6.1


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Presentazione di Marcello Torriani e Filippo Frignocca al Liferay Symposium italiano 2012

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Enterprise Search con Liferay 6.1

  1. 1. Advanced Search & IndexingIn Liferay 6.1External sources integrationFilippo Frignocca | Marcello TorrianiAriadne November 16th, 2012
  2. 2. Intro & Agenda Search in intranet portals Business requirements: clustering, advanced indexing configuration, external sources integration Ariadne experience Liferay 6.1 indexing and searching solutions Our solution: Liferay 6.1, Solr 4.0, ManifoldCF
  3. 3. Search in intranet portal Large amount of structered and unstructured content Content can be anywhere: DB, filesystem, repository… Users have to find information quickly and efficiently
  4. 4. Business requirementsIndexing & Searching in an enterprise environment means: Seamless integration in SERP External sources indexing Clustered environment Scalability Advanced indexing features needs
  5. 5. Our past work in Ariadne On Liferay 5.x Deep customization: a new Web CMS Integration of a Content Repository ElasticSearch Integration of external contents: Google Search Appliance
  6. 6. Liferay 6.1 and search Opensearch Faceted search Document & Media search: Liferay 6.1 supports searching both local and remote repositories. The search capabilities, however, are limited to the facilities that is provided by the protocol
  7. 7. Solr 4 Schema aware Search functions Plug handlers and function Cache Replication Statistics
  8. 8. SolrCloud High scale, fault tolerant, distributed indexing and search Collections (indexes) may span through different SolrCores Zookeeper manage cluster configuration and coordination
  9. 9. ManifoldCF Crawler framework for connecting source content repositories (Sharepoint, Documentum, web sites, shares,...) to indexers (Solr, Elasticsearch, …) Resilient, incremental Integrated with document security Connectors: ● Authority connectors: map user name to access to a repository ● Repository connectors: fetch documents from a repository ● Output connectors: push documents to (an indexer)
  10. 10. ManifoldCF input connectors
  11. 11. External sources UNIFIED INDEX crawling (ManifoldCF) (Solr)Portal Assets and external CMIS-compliant repositories
  12. 12. Liferay 6.1 & Solr 4  Liferay integrates Solr 1.4  Upgrade to 4.0: ● Index Schema Definition ● Solr plugin fix to handle void snippet results ● Solr plugin configuration to connect to external Index Engine/Cluster
  13. 13. Schema Definition for SolR 4.0 – Liferay 6.1 integrationprimary key: uid
  14. 14. Fix to handle results withmatches in all metadata,not only Content or Title
  15. 15. External Index Configuration
  16. 16. ManifoldCF output connector
  17. 17. ManifoldCF repository connector
  18. 18. ManifoldCF job scheduler
  19. 19. ManifoldCF job monitor
  20. 20. ManifoldCF output configuration
  21. 21. Custom pluginTo show external source search results in the Liferay Faceted Search Portlet we need to: Define one (or more) Asset Model Class Configure a custom Indexer Class Implement proper Hook to override the result page jsps Properly configure the Faceted Search Portlet
  22. 22. Indexed and Model classes
  23. 23. Faceted Search jsp Hook
  24. 24. Faceted Search Configuration
  25. 25. Faceted Search Results
  26. 26. Work in progress Indexing and searching protected resources Optimize External Asset Management Tags and Categories consistence check Optimize Index schema mapping Entry detail link management for external results
  27. 27. Thank you!www.ariadne.itinfo@ariadne.it@ariadnesrl Marcello Torriani torriani@ariadne.it Filippo Frignocca frignocca@ariadne.it
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