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  • 1. Raquel Carneiro People & Management Officer Arezzo&Co’s Investor Day People & Management
  • 2. 2 Permeates and guides our business, guidelines, goals and challenges   Strategy Competencies Culture People & Management Practices Expressed in our Principles, Values and in our Code of Ethics Culture Arezzo&Co’s Way to Be
  • 3. 3  Strong dissemination and monitoring of collective goals Individual goals aligned to the business strategy  High opt-in to the Partners Program Practice of Meritocracy People & Management Practices Culture Strengthen results-oriented culture
  • 4. 4 Training and Development Main activities: Attraction  Apprentices  Interns  Trainees  Stylists Development  Management Training  Security Training  Leadership Training  Developing Talents Program - Retail and Corporate  People Cycle  360º assessment for the directors  Coaching  Stylist Training  Shoemaker's School – Shape Project Training and Development Promoting people’s development
  • 5. LEADERSHIP The right way With the team Achieving goals Leadership strengthening Training and Development Promoting people’s development 5
  • 6. Strengthening the Retail culture Continuous training for staff from mono-brand stores  Fashion and Trends  Sales Technique  Sales Convention  Operation Manual of new stores  Product Training  Developing Talents Program  Managerial development  Intense Integration of New Franchisees  Living Retail Strong retail training Managerial development  Training and Development Seek excellence in retail 6
  • 7. Continuous reinforcement of the principles 1 What cannot be transparent should not be done. 2 Always be true, so that at some point you are not untrue to your job. Always be authentic. 3 Negotiate you goals and responsibilities clearly, and consider that compliance is a prerequisite of for its continuity. 4 Do not only discover problems. Blaming others never solves anything. Take a chance, propose solutions. When in doubt, act! 5 Formalize everything, even if informally. 6 Always be flexible. Be continuously willing and prepared to change. 7 The achieved goals are, at least, the basis for the next goal. 8 United we stand! Divergences are constructive, conflicts are destructive. 9 Humility with positioning: the raw material of our success. 10 Enjoy it. Like it. Get involved. And always be happy!!!! Principles  Disclosure in internal channels: Mural, Portal, E-mail, Ethics Channel  Meeting with the principles: Road show in all units  Constant improvement of Organization Climate Arezzo&Co’s Principles Develop a governance management model 7