4. Staying productive with meetings, Macadamian - Varduhi Vardanyan


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4. Staying productive with meetings, Macadamian - Varduhi Vardanyan

  1. 1. Confidential 10/7/2013 1 AGILE TOUR YEREVAN 05, October, 2013 STAYING PRODUCTIVE WITH MEETINGS Varduhi Vardanyan Senior QA Engineer - PSM
  2. 2. 2 Agenda  Meetings Common Problems  Agile Measure of Success  Effective Meeting Rules  Daily Scrum ( Rules/Best practices)  Sprint Planning Meeting( Rules/Best practices)  Sprint Review( Rules/Best practices)  Sprint Retrospective( Rules/Best practices/ Formats)  Summary
  3. 3. Meetings Common Problems 3 How many times have you found yourself in such a situation? How many of us enjoy team meetings? Maybe we just chilling hours without any outcome? How many of us leave meetings feeling more motivated and enthusiastic?
  4. 4. Meetings Common Problems Do we need to care? 4
  5. 5. Agile Measure of Success 5 Goal Process Relationship
  6. 6.  Average hourly salary of team member  Average number of members per team  Typical meetings duration  Meetings you attend each week 6 Cost of meetings 10$ 5 people 1 hour 5/week $50/hr $250/week $125.000/year
  7. 7. Effective Meeting Rules 7 Space Punctuality Being prepared Agenda Goal Desired Outcome Time-boxed No handouts at the beginning No phones and email reading Listen to understand Cut out Waffle Breaks
  8. 8. Daily Scrum is… 8 … a 15 minutes time-boxed event to synchronize activities and create a plan for next 24 hour …every morning meeting to communicate problems and promote team focus
  9. 9. Daily Scrum Rules 9 • What has been accomplished since the last meeting? • What will be done before the next meeting? • What obstacles are on the way?
  10. 10. Daily Scrum Rules 10 Time-boxed Location and time remains unchanged Everyone stands No discussions No reporting No absent members
  11. 11. 11 Daily Scrum Best Practices Better conducted in first half of the day Encourage people to report what their impediments are There is no particular order of people to be followed No electronics of any kind Pigs only Keep to the point Cut out Waffle Rules on wall
  12. 12. Planning meeting is… 12 …time boxed to 8 hours and consists of two segments that are time boxed to 4 hour each - first part is for selecting the product backlog and the second one is for preparing the sprint backlog
  13. 13. Planning Meeting Rules 13 Attendees Prepared product backlog Answering questions. Task list
  14. 14. Planning Meeting Best Practices 14 Come up with a clear goal Begin a sprint planning session once your product backlog is enough organized and detailed. Realize that you must commit to sprint backlog Do not confuse your Sprint Backlog with your Product Backlog Make sure to indicate in your Sprint backlog whether someone is currently working on the item and the status of that item
  15. 15. Sprint Review is… 15 …time-boxed event to demonstrate a potentially shippable product increment …two-to-four hour event for the team to show the stakeholders the work they have accomplished over the sprint
  16. 16. Sprint Review Rules 16 Be prepared Focus on the acceptance criteria Scrum Master is a silent observer Never say “no” outright to a new feature or enhancement request
  17. 17. Sprint Review Best practices 17 Be honest Treat all feedback as welcome feedback Make it informal Discuss sprint process/ share ideas
  18. 18. Sprint Retrospective is…. 18 …a meeting in which the scrum master, the product owner, and the development team discuss how the print went and how to improve next sprint.
  19. 19. Sprint Retrospective Rules 19 Focus on understanding, learning and looking aheadRespect other people’s perspectives Open and Honest Communication Executable Action Items Make a decision
  20. 20. Sprint Retrospective Best practices 20 Define a goal Vary with formats Avoid blaming Create Working Agreement Learn from mistakes
  21. 21. Sprint Retrospective Formats 21
  22. 22. Sprint Retrospective Formats - Starfish 22
  23. 23. Sprint Retrospective Formats – Emotional line 23
  24. 24. Sprint Retrospective Formats – Giving flowers/starts 24
  25. 25. Summary  Why we need to care about effectiveness of meetings  Effective Meeting Rules  Daily Scrum ( Rules/Best practices)  Sprint Planning Meeting( Rules/Best practices)  Sprint Review( Rules/Best practices)  Sprint Retrospective( Rules/Best practices)  Formats for effective retrospectives 25
  26. 26. 26
  27. 27. 27