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If you’re involved in small hydro, you need to be at Small Hydro. Why?

Over 14 case studies from leading IPPs, utilities and developers – find out how to overcome the challenges they faced and get first-hand experience of how to meet obstacles in your own operations
12 countries represented - whether your small hydro interest is multi-national or community focussed, uncover new opportunities and learn about new techniques from experts around the world
A special focus on licensing, regulations and permitting – with so many complex processes affecting the licensing of your project, make sure you are up to date with changing regulation and expectations
Funding Masterclass – Make sure you’re positioned to benefit from upcoming opportunities and avoid funding pitfalls at this dedicated session
An overview of some of the newest and most exciting technologies in the industry. Find out what will save and what will make you money in plant efficiency
Gain a new perspective on your challenges through input and feedback from government bodies and leading international organisations

Make the most of over 12 hours of networking, including roundtables, drinks and dinner to meet with your peers and share ideas on a one-to-one level

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Small Hydro Conference

  1. 1. Organised by: 2nd Annual Book early save to 15-16 april 2010, Montreal, Quebec, Canada to $5 up 00 Successful financing and licensing strategies to deliver cost-effective and sustainable projects 3 great reasons to attend: • real life case studies - discover how your peers have been tackling the same challenges you face and learn from the solutions they’ve put in place • regulatory focus - get insight into the regulatory processes that affect you and how you can fast-track approval for your projects • recession bounce back - gain access to the processes and procedures in top financial institutions to uncover key strategies you need to get funding Distinguished speakers include: More networking than anywhere else Prof. tong Jiangdong, former dg of In-SHP, Make the most of 2 days of networking with your HangzHou CHIna peers at Small Hydro 2010. Drinks receptions: a relaxing and informal way to meet your gaurav agrawal, executive director, colleagues and competitors and increase your industry network CHIrCHInd Hydro Power lIMIted NEW Roundtables: discussion groups which bring you don gagnon, Projects Manager, Central Hydro together with industry professionals who share your Plant group, oPg interests. Make new contacts and ask the questions you didn’t have time for in the conference room Muhammad Moeen, geotechnical engineer, Pakistan Public Private Partnership Panel Discussions: Put your questions to the experts and get the debate going to get fresh insight into industry feeling on key Bernhard Pelikan, President, eSHa topics Brian yanity, electrical engineer, wHPaCIFIC, NEW The Small Hydro Networking Dinner: the first ever InC. networking dinner will help you ensure you get the maximum out of your experience at the conference and form new Horst Mieneske, Chief of Party, relationships to help you develop your business in 2010. winrock International dr. Michael detering, Head of Hydro asset Management, rwe Silver Sponsors: rafael Pardo, President, grupo Helm dave youlan, Coo, Free Flow Power In association with: Official website: register online now at:
  2. 2. Programme Day One Thursday 15 April 2010 08:00 registration and refreshments 10:45 Morning refreshments and networking 08:50 Chairman’s opening remarks International Perspectives Morning Plenary 11:15 Small hydro case study: measuring the importance of underground structures in 09:00 Small hydro in Quebec: supporting a thriving, small hydropower projects and considering low-impact energy source ● Pinpointing the key factors which have led to the environmental and socio-economic constraints success of hydropower in Quebec to ensure cost-effectiveness ● Identifying the role small hydro plays in the energy mix ● Assessing the rationale for using an underground in the province powerhouse cavern ● Local support and government initiatives for small ● Adapting mega hydro thinking to small hydro for hydro developments strong results ● Mapping the vision for small hydro in Quebec over the ● Safeguarding against geological eventualities and next 5 years heavy rain nathalie normandeau, Minister of natural resources ● Overcoming the challenges of building plant structures and wildlife, QueBeC (tbc) underground ● Measuring the cost implications of building an 09:15 Hydro in Canada: an overview of growth, underground plant in relation to proven returns regulations, obstacles and initiatives in this gaurav agrawal, executive director, CHIrCHInd Hydro Power lIMIted thriving sector ● How has small hydro developed in Canada over the last 20 years? 11:45 the development of small dams for social ● A utility’s perspective on the benefits and improvement through public-private opportunities of small hydro partnerships ● Assessing the impact of recent regulations on the ● Working with the government to pinpoint areas of need growth of the industry ● Getting round local climatic and social challenges to ● Utilising governmental and utility support for small put in place effective strategies for development hydro ● Overcoming the logistical issues of planning 12 small ● Exploring the potential for developing long-term hydro projects across 4 provinces relationships and increased involvement from leading ● Pairing hydropower generation with local utilities irrigation needs don gagnon, Projects Manager, Central Hydro Plant Muhammad Moeen, geotechnical engineer, group, oPg PaKIStan PuBlIC PrIVate PartnerSHIP 09:45 Small hydropower development (SHP) in a 12:15 demonstrating the ‘bankability’ of green power and competitive era refurbishment and small hydro projects - ● New environmental issues facing SHP development getting local and international buy-in for a ● Adopting appropriate, orderly and competitive unique project development strategies to grow small hydro capacity ● Mapping the local challenges caused by post-Soviet ● New achievements in SHP adoption and development infrastructure in China ● Exploring the concept of project finance and ● Case studies on SHP successes in China independent energy production in a government-led Prof. tong Jiangdong, former dg of In-SHP, organisation HangzHou CHIna ● Collaborating with international partners to achieve funding objectives 10:15 Case study: a community driven small ● Examining the objectives of the Rural Energy hydro project - an example of social and Programme and how this has been achieved environmental integration ● Exploring how experiences in sourcing funding for this ● The community based IPP business model project can be applied elsewhere ● Working with local authorities, regulators and Horst Mieneske, Chief of Party, waterways users to ensure licensing for a plant in a wInroCK InternatIonal Historic Regional Park ● Designing a plant to meet the needs of local 12:45 Lunch and networking community and tourism while maximising energy generation. ● Entrepreneurial spirit: securing funding for a community-led small hydro project Reviewing the challenges thrown up by the project and REGISTER ONLINE NOW! ● how they were overcome Francois Vitez, energy Production director, BPr
  3. 3. Programme Day One Thursday 15 April 2010 Stream A: Small hydro financing Stream B: Technology 14:15 early funding: pinpointing the support, 14:15 utilising effective collaboration between investment and incentives available to small developers and civil & mechanical engineers hydro projects globally to implement new technologies for low head ● Mapping governmental incentives and identifying the systems drivers for these initiatives ● Identifying the key challenges faced in implementing ● Key criteria for accessing government funding – how to low head systems best position yourself to benefit from tax breaks and ● Where has low head been most successful? grants Pinpointing critical elements for success ● Exploring the role of venture capital and private equity ● Measuring the impact of low heads and very low in the development of small hydro heads on the rest of the project – ensuring thorough ● Assessing the opportunity for acquiring private backing preparation during design for your project ● Charting the development of low head technologies ● Getting the bank perspective – identifying optimal over the last 5 years and predicting how this is likely to conditions for bank investment evolve by 2010 rob Mcleese, President, aCCeSS CaPItal CorP wayne Krause, Ceo, Hydro green energy 14:45 alternative financing strategies for small hydro power projects in europe 14:45 the application of turgo Impulse turbines in ● Financial characteristics of small hydro power projects small hydro projects ● Timing, structuring and attracting financing ● Turbine selection options for medium to high head ● Alternative equity strategies projects ● Successful portfolio management to ensure ongoing ● Comparison of Turgo, Francis and Pelton units financial support ● Features of a Turgo machine gideon overwater, Managing Partner, ● Where do Turgo units have an advantage over other InternatIonal Hydro turbines? ● Using modular designs to reduce costs 15:15 getting a bank’s perspectives on financing Bruce Sellars, Hydro Sales Manager, gilkes small hydro deals in the current climate – key factors to ensure success 15:15 using new technologies to overcome climatic ● Reviewing the state of global markets in general to and regional challenges when implementing understand the impact of recent fluctuations on your small-scale hydro projects region ● Identifying technologies robust enough to cope with ● Establishing financial institutions’ attitudes to small sub-zero temperatures hydro in the current climate ● Analysing the results of hydrokinetic pilot projects ● Describing ideal investment opportunities and recently deployed in the watershed comparing them to current market trends ● Finding the right balance between expenditure on ● Promoting your project as a complete package and technology and cost management across the pilots ensuring you provide all relevant information upfront Brian yanity, electrical engineer, wHPacific, Inc. ● Securing ongoing relationships with financial Brian Hirsch, Ph.d, Senior Project leader – alaska, institutions to promote consistency and secure funding natIonal renewaBle energy laBoratory Parker weil, Managing director, Co-Head of americas energy & Power, Boa MerrIll lynCH 15:45 Afternoon refreshments & networking 16:15–17:00 Roundtable Discussions This year we asked over 40 industry experts how we can make Small Hydro 2010 even better than last year. The answer was simple: more interactivity. As well as new panel discussions throughout the conference, we're introducing discussion roundtables to ensure you get open, honest feedback from your peers. So how does it work? These closed discussion forums are your chance to share opinions, ask questions and debate issues away from the public forum of the conference room. Each table is led by an expert who will get the discussion started and brings together up to 15 attendees with a shared interest. With no set agenda, it's a great way for you to address your own priorities and find out how your peers are tackling the challenges you face. 17:00 End of conference day one
  4. 4. Programme Day Two Friday 16 April 2010 08:30 registration and refreshments Case study: leveraging internal competencies to 08:55 Chairman’s opening remarks create a portfolio of small hydro plants 11:15 Case study: leveraging internal competencies to Small Hydro Case Studies create a portfolio of small hydro plants 09:00 Small hydro case study: developing the first ● Site selection and identifying the most promising projects public-private partnership in independent ● Mapping local regulations and obtaining the relevant hydroelectricity production in Quebec permits and licenses ● Hydromega: company structure and drivers for new ● Negotiating with EPC contractors and creating watertight collaborations contracts ● Exploring the circumstances for the collaboration and ● Power purchase agreements – getting the best deal for how initial discussions came about your portfolio ● Laying the foundations for co-operation and negotiating ● Pinpointing future opportunities in the region responsibilities for the project rafael Pardo, President, gruPo HelM Sharing profits and outcomes of the deal regulations ● ● Investigating opportunities for more deals of this kind in the market 11:45 regulatory change in europe: an overview of Jacques Boily, Project Manager, HydroMega recent developments and assessing how they are impacting small hydro in the region 09:30 utilities panel: another perspective on power ● A history of small hydro in Europe trades – position yourself for a successful and ● Explaining how centralised, national and local regulators long-term collaboration interact to set licensing demands ● What do utilities want? Mapping their drivers and ● Examining the impact of each of these on individual small objectives in putting together a deal hydro projects ● How do typical power purchase deals match up to ● Critical strategies to overcome discrepancies in utilities’ overall objectives? requirements and drive plant development forward ● What elements of a power purchase deal are non- Bernhard Pelikan, President, eSHa negotiable and which parts can be discussed further? ● Changes to power purchase agreements over the past 5 12:15 Smoothing the way: examining the strategies years employed by the uS army engineering corps to ● Exploring the potential for developing long-term minimise the demands of the licensing process relationships and increased involvement from leading ● Explaining the role of the USAEC in US waterways, dams utilities and hydro dr. Michael detering, Head of Hydro ● Uncovering the rationale for USAEC’s call for tenders to asset Management, rwe develop their sites across the US don gagnon, Projects Manager, ● Challenges identified by the USAEC in the licensing process Central Hydro Plant group, oPg ● Supporting developers in overcoming licensing challenges – strategies put in place to ensure smoother regulatory Senior representative from BC Hydro (tbc) process ● Assessing successes and roadblocks of the scheme to date 10:15 Morning refreshments and networking and ongoing revisions to streamline applications Kamau Sadiki, national Hydropower Business Program South american Small Hydro Manager operations, uS arMy CorPS oF engIneerS 10:45 Small hydro case study: developing in latin 12:45 regulations overview: discussing the objectives america – identifying the opportunities and of key global regulators and establishing key mitigating the risks strategies for licensing applications ● Pinpointing the key factors which make Latin America a Canada – Paul norris, President, ontarIo waterPower good location for small hydro development aSSoCIatIon ● Mapping the projects currently underway in the region uS – Kamau Sadiki, national Hydropower Business and identifying sites under local and international Program Manager operations, uS arMy CorPS oF development engIneerS ● Reviewing how much of the Latin American market europe – Bernhard Pelikan, President, eSHa potential is currently under development and where the future opportunities lie ● Local government reactions to local and foreign 13:15 Lunch and networking development and incentives for small hydro ● Highlighting specific local challenges and how they can be overcome Joel Jeangrand, President, PeMBerton Power CorP
  5. 5. Programme Day Two Friday 16 April 2010 Programme Day Two Cost Management Silver Sponsors: 14:30 Innovative technologies = more cost effective + BPr is a renewable energy expert with over 40 business offices in Canada, France, United States, South Africa less maintenance + better performance and Jamaica. We specialise mainly in Hydro, Wind, Solar ● An numerous successfully completed small hydro facility and Geothermal. With our experience and creativity we examples develop innovative approaches, saving time and money ● Latest in intake design and sediment exclusion technologies for our clients with whom we develop long term partnerships. ● Latest in stream gauging and hydrological assessment ● Soil restraint versus anchor blocks - buried penstocks for small hydro ● Keys to successful development of small hydro - lessons learnt Sam Mottram, HydroPower Specialist, KnIgHt PIeSold ConSultIng 15:00 Panel discussion: prioritising your projects for exhibitors: cost reduction – where can significant savings be made and where must high expenditure be channelled? ● Taking an objective view of your project and identifying key Natural Resources areas of expenditure Canada ● Highlighting the key areas where cost cutting initiatives have worked in previous projects ● Identifying key investments which will result in long-term savings Media Partners: ● Reviewing failures in cost-saving and pinpointing areas which International water Power & dam Construction should not be touched Launched in 1949, International Water Power Jacques Boily, Project Manager, HydroMega & Dam Construction has established itself Joel Jeangrand, President, PeMBerton Power CorP as the leading monthly international publication serving the needs of those involved in dam construction and the hydroelectricity industries. Sam Mottram, HydroPower Specialist, Independently published it offers a highly respected, unrivalled, KnIgHt PIeSold ConSultIng in-depth, quality editorial to its readers. A top quality, unbiased, information service, with a circulation of over 4000, International 15.30 Networking break Water Power & Dam Construction offers its readers and advertisers an unrivalled penetration into the marketplace. 16:00 Competing interests for waterways – how can they Modern Power Systems provides in- be married together? depth independent coverage of power ● Clarifying the key stakeholders in global waterways and plant and transmission and distribution mapping out their key objectives technology. Widely read throughout the world of electricity generation, it ● Identifying the technologies which can enable waterways to specialises in presenting key engineering and commercial developments be effectively used by different parties in an authoritative but accessible style. From advanced power plant and ● Examining the extent to which waterways stakeholders relate transmission design to repair and maintenance case studies, Modern to the objectives of small hydro developers Power Systems is unrivalled as a platform for exploring cutting edge developments in the power industry ● Demonstrating the circumstances under which small hydro has been embraced by communities and waterways users Alternative Energy eTrack globaldata’s Alternative Energy eTrack ● Key actions you can take to improve buy-in for your project is the new, interactive desktop tool Paul norris, President, ontario waterpower association designed for executives & analysts active in or supplying services to the alternate and renewable energy industries. The database covers 16:30 exploring the role of hydrokinetics – how can renewables, carbon emissions & trading, hydrogen & fuel cells, coal flow-based technologies compliment small hydro to gas, gas to Liquids, Biomass to liquids and Nuclear industries. projects to maximise revenue from your site? Subscribers receive access to news & deals, company profiles, opinions ● Explaining the facts and usage of hydrokinetic technology and research reports fully integrated with innovative desktop tools for to date easy search, browse, and data access ● Revealing the successes and extent of hydrokinetic use globally official website: ● Detailing the benefits of hydrokinetic technologies for water technology provides the latest small hydro developers in news, views and project information ● Assessing the regulatory and licensing implications of from the water industry internationally, hydrokinetic projects covering industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and water • As stand alone developments supply and transmission.Water Technology reaches leading engineers • In conjunction with small hydro plants and technologists in the water utilities sector and uses its global network • Summarising lessons learned from current case studies of journalists to cover the pressing issues busy professionals need to know about to keep on top of this demanding industry. dave youlan, Coo, Free Flow Power 17:00 End of conference
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For further information contact our CD Rom Operations department on +44 (o) 207 753 4201. I cannot attend the conference but would like to receive $499 $499 $699 the interactive CD ROM† are you registered? You will always receive an acknowledgement of † = VAT where applicable All total fees are subject to a 2.5% service charge. your booking. If you do not receive anything, Prices displayed are in US dollars. please call us on +44 (0) 20 7753 4268 to make sure we have received your booking. all total FeeS are SuBJeCt to a 2.5% SerVICe CHarge total Discount code if applicable _________________________________ Discounts are at the discretion of Arena International and are not cumulative Arena International Conference Delegate terms and conditions Agreement (in whole or part) without our prior consent. 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