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Our 2nd Annual Pharma Packaging & Labeling Conference brings together very senior industry experts from the leading pharma companies, from multinationals to innovative biotechs, to really drill down strategy options for both packaging and labeling that will be affordable to implement, ensure regulatory compliance and help to drive profitability.

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Pharma packaging & Labeling USA Conference

  1. 1. Post Con fe ViBpharma Visit led rence Site – Pharm by Catalent your prin a solutions for ted co challeng mponent es 2nd Annual Free for . Pharma nufac Pharma Packaging & Biotec turers hs and labeling usa Tuesday May 18 & Wednesday May 19 2010, Philadelphia, usa Critical developments in pharma packaging and labeling being assessed by pharma leaders at the forefront of research hEaR FRoM inDusTRy WoRlD KEy BEnEFiTs FoR aTTEnDinG: lEaDERs inCluDinG: • Hear 18 unique end user case studies from ■ Ron Guido the front line of pharma packaging and Vice President Global Brand Protection Johnson & Johnson labeling ■ James hagan • Discover the latest cost effective strategies for Vice President sustainability and Environment GlaxosMiThKlinE achieving your company’s sustainability goals ■ Gerald Miller • Uncover critical developments in serialization Packaging Engineer – Global Product Protection Eli lilly anD CoMPany and the implications for your company ■ William Bosley • Defining how electronic labeling will benefit labeling specialist, Proprietary affairs labeling WaTson PhaRMaCEuTiCals inC you and reduce the labeling costs for your ■ arminda o. Montero company Distribution Qa Program Manager strategic Quality initiatives aBBoTT laBoRaToRiEs • Analyze essential strategies that will help ■ Charles listigovers you reduce waste & drive efficiency through senior Director Global Manufacturing Technology your packaging and labeling sanoFi PasTEuR activities ■ Daniel l. norwood, Ph.D. Distinguished Research Fellow BoEhRinGER inGElhEiM PhaRMaCEuTiCals, inC. ■ Tonja hampton Catale Director Worldwide Product labeling nt MERCK & Co if you would be d cou elig drinks ld join them hted recep for a end of tion at the day on e nETWoRK WiTh inDusTRy WoRlD lEaDERs inCluDinG: ■ GlaxosmithKline ■ Packaging science ■ Gs1 healthcare us ■ Genzyme Corporation ■ Johnson & Johnson Resources ■ Watson ■ sanofi Pasteur ■ Merck & Co inc ■ Boehringer ingelheim Pharmaceuticals inc ■ abbott laboratories ■ Eli lilly and Company Pharmaceuticals, inc. ■ alpharma inc Lead Sponsor: Silver Sponsor: Register online now at:
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Program Day One Tuesday 18 May 2010 08:30 Registration and refreshments 11:30 sustainability Panel: strategies to meet your organizations sustainability goals – uncovering 08:55 Chairman’s opening remarks: benchmarking opportunities Victor Dixon, Vice President and General Manager, Printed ● Assessing the three top materials to endorse in your packaging Components, CaTalEnT strategy that will encourage sustainability efforts ● Evaluating the best labeling strategy that will guarantee Critical insights on compliance with current FDa sustainability improvements regulation and international requirements to help you ● Identifying the most successful examples of sustainable sources develop your strategy in the next 12 – 18 months used in Pharma ● Deciding on realistic achievable sustainability goals and putting a 09:00 Keynote Presentation: strategy in place to meet those Ensuring you are compliant in a world of constantly ● Overcoming challenges in current technology; identifying when changing regulations – reviewing the regulatory investment is required ● Determining which has the biggest environmental impact – landscape and what you can expect in the coming process changes, reduction of material, or simplification of year packaging? ● Analyzing the requirements of the Physician Labeling Rule and Mathew Thomas, Team leader – Packaging Development, Eli how they are being met lilly & CoMPany ● Understanding the California Law and how the principles behind it will be implemented in the rest of the US ● Determining the vision for electronic labeling and why it will be a 12:30 Lunch and networking successful policy in the long term 09:30 Keynote Presentation: Beyond Compliance: a business perspective on serialization to safeguard your supply chain ● Assessing the technology investment required and optimizing spend on technology upgrade ● Preparing your business for a successful implementation ● Ensuring the supply chain is ready for serialization Packaging and Converting Intelligence delivers essential expert Ron Guido, Vice President Global Brand Protection, Johnson & verdicts on all sectors within the packaging industry, including Johnson food, beverage, cosmetic and personal care packaging sectors. Within each section there is detailed focus on folding cartons and cardboard, printing and labelling, flexible packaging, brand 10:00 Preparing for serialization and visibility within the protection, sustainability and many other key industry issues. us pharmaceutical supply chain Gain insights on the benefits of a fully implemented supply chain ● using GS1 Visibility Standards Apply for your FREE subscription today ● Utilize simulated supply chain processes to: visit, - test exception processes to minimize implementation surprises - decrease the need for trading partner pilots Europe’s Packing Magazine - generate GS1 standardized data to test your systems - test new concepts and data to discover additional benefits ● Reducing implementation costs – helps to resolve majority of issues prior to implementation with trading partners ● Provides confidence that an organization’s implementation is Converting Today, Europe’s leading magazine for buyers and “trading partner ready” specifiers of converting machinery, materials and services, ● Provides confidence that a company’s trading partners are ready provides in-depth features and all the latest industry news from ● Take the lead in helping to develop a U.S. Pharmaceutical Supply around the world. Published monthly, Converting Today keeps Chain Reference Model to support industry-wide implementation thousands of key industry people up-to-date on developments in Bob Celeste, Director, Gs1 hEalThCaRE us technology and trends, as well as the latest business news. 10:30 Morning refreshments and networking Apply for your FREE subscription today Developing strategies for sustainability in packaging visit, and labeling that can cut costs and enhance your company’s green credentials 11:00 Defining sustainability and how you can measure it effectively to guarantee a winning strategy you can adopt when addressing the issue ● Determining if renewable sources such as paper are the only Established for over 20 years, Packaging Today provides Europe’s materials deemed sustainable packaging professionals with an unrivalled mix of news, in- ● Understanding how plastics and other materials can be made depth features, opinion and analysis on key factors affecting environmentally friendly as renewable sources if treated correctly their industry. With a pan-European circulation of 15,000 every ● Evaluating the impact of electronic labeling on your sustainability month, the magazine provides up-to-date information on the latest stance business news, as well as developments in machinery, packaging ● Assessing feasibility of switching from pvc to other polymers materials and packs. ● Evaluating the manufacturing process and the systematic approach that drives sustainability efforts before the end result is even achieved Apply for your FREE subscription today ● How can pack standardization reduce the environmental footprint visit, of packaging? James hagan, Vice President sustainability and Environment, GlaxosMiThKlinE
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Program Day One Tuesday 18 May 2010 Stream A: Stream B: innovations in packaging design, manufacture and innovations in labeling – maximizing patient safety, processing that increase efficiency reduce costs and ensuring regulatory compliance and limiting costs minimize counterfeit risk 2:00 Determining which anti-counterfeiting technologies 2:00 Examining Electronic labeling and industry/ to use in protecting your product Consumer impact ● Defining the problem ● History and current position of electronic labeling initiatives ● Additional information to consider ● Reducing costs throughout with paperless package inserts – SKU, ● Special considerations for the Pharmaceutical Industry inventory, and life cycle management ● Possible Solutions ● Update labeling in-market and possibly avoid recalls Gerald Miller, Packaging Engineer – Global Product Protection, Eli lilly ● Reduce time to market requirements and eliminate distribution lag anD CoMPany time ● Enhance ability to ensure labeling in market is always up-to-date 2:30 The Regulatory Environment for Extractables and ● Current opposition to paperless labeling leachables – implications for packaging technology ● Impact of paperless labeling and special considerations ● Understanding the current regulatory environment for extractables William Bosley, labeling specialist, Proprietary affairs labeling, and leachables (US and EU) WaTson PhaRMaCEuTiCals inC ● Best practices for assessing extractables and leachables – case studies 2:30 Electronic Drug listing/structured Product ● Packaging and container closure system component selection labeling – Compliance Considerations ● Current industry initiatives and their implications for the future ● eDRL/SPL Historical Situation, Perceived Need Daniel l. norwood, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Fellow, BoEhRinGER ● Listing requirements new to SPL inGElhEiM PhaRMaCEuTiCals, inC. ● Project Scope of Implementation ● Alternatives for Achieving Compliance 3:00 assessing and selecting anti tamper packaging ● Cost Considerations options ● What’s next in Electronic Initiatives? ● Defining the problem Carol Garcia, Manager – Global labeling & Packaging, alPhaRMa inC ● Types of solutions available and possible FDA requirements ● Use of Physical/Chemical Identifiers (testing to ensure safety of use) 3:00 Minimizing packaging costs and reducing your ● Impact of implementing tamper evidence within manufacturing company’s Co2 footprint through the adoption of ● Evaluating relative cost of tamper evident options electronic labeling while ensuring the label content amy l s Vangeloff, Global Manufacturing Product Protection Team is better than ever and easier for the pharmacists to leader, Eli lilly anD CoMPany assimilate and notice any new changes ● Removing the various labels that currently go into each packet will 3:30 Afternoon refreshments and networking open the door for packets to be reduced in size saving resources and will afford a company to transport more at a time 4:00 assessing how cost effective it is to remove certain ● Content label can be updated at a fraction of the time it would materials from packaging while not compromising on normally take because there will be no label printing time to adhere the safety of the drugs to which can take up to 12 months normally ● Reviewing how removing unit curtains can substantially reduce ● Labels can be more thorough and include additional information it is packaging costs currently unfeasible to place on a label ● How likely is it that the stock will be damaged by removing certain ● Reduction in size of cold chain product packaging will save energy, packaging material? expense and the environment ● Evaluating how removing materials from packaging can help you Theresa Brunone, assistant Director Global Regulatory operations, achieve sustainability goals GlaxosMiThKlinE ● Determining how reducing packaging while cutting costs can be achieved without employing overtly expensive technologies 3:30 Afternoon refreshments and networking 4:00 Evaluating the best options in advertising and 4:30 innovative packaging techniques that ensure promotional labelling packages are both child resistant and elderly person ● Evaluating cost effective promotional options friendly ● Developing a successful strategy to maximise ROI ● Achieving a balance between child resistance and elderly friendly ● Assessing popular options and evaluating their effectiveness packaging ● Analyzing new strategies – the pros and cons ● Analyzing the cost of purchasing new technology that will streamline Tammara lewis, Director advertising Promotion and labeling, the process GEnzyME CoRPoRaTion ● Defining the vision for how packaging is going to develop in this arena ● Evaluating the best recent examples of innovative packaging options 4:30 understanding data mining – finding the most that meet both of these goals at once up to date side effects and reflecting those on a label when it is updated ensuring your product is fully compliant ● Generating new streams for data mining ● Successfully capturing the latest trial data ● Re-labeling a drug accurately and ensuring changes are highlighted for the patient ● Verifying testing outcomes to establish any changes to the side effects are accurate and detailed in full 5:00 Chairman’s summation and close of day 1 5:10 Drinks reception hosted by Catalent
  4. 4. Program Day Two Wednesday 18 May 2010 08:30 Registration and refreshments 2:30 analyzing affordable anti-counterfeit technology options that pharma can take advantage of 08:55 Chairman’s opening remarks ● Identifying the drivers of counterfeiting in the US and strategies to combat the main sources ● Evaluating available anti-counterfeiting strategies and assessing 09:00 speaker hosted Roundtables which one is the most suitable to adopt Interactive roundtable sessions offer a unique opportunity to ● Understanding how anti-counterfeit technology will impact the come together with your peers to share best practice and develop pharmaceutical industry solutions to critical challenges facing the industry as a whole. Hosted ● Assessing serialization and track and trace technologies you can by industry experts and each focused on a single issue, roundtables implement are an exciting, interactive way to build your personal network and ● Determining the best preventative and authentication learn from the experience and expertise of others. technologies Delegates can attend up to 3 round tables and may select from: 3:00 PanEl sEssion: evaluating strategies for the RounDTaBlE 1: assessing anti-counterfeit successful implementation of E-Pedigree Mapping the vision for E-pedigree in the US over the next 2-3 technology options and tamper-evident techniques – ● years reliability and affordability ● Identifying the role E-pedigree will play in combating counterfeit David howard, Director of Global Product Protection, Johnson & medication in the US Johnson ● Assessing the cost of E-pedigree implementation on a large to medium scale Pharma company RounDTaBlE 2: Establishing operational advantages ● Establishing the main challenges involved in the implementation of endorsing electronic labeling and what is of E-pedigree & strategies to overcome these necessary for it to work smoothly Michael Ventura, serialization Business lead, GlaxosmithKline Charles listigovers, senior Director, Global Manufacturing RounDTaBlE 3: Keeping abreast with regulatory / Technology, sanoFi PasTEuR legislation changes that need to be implemented on existing labeling and developing efficient methods 3:30 Afternoon refreshments and networking to help you achieve them Tonja hampton, Director Worldwide Product labeling, MERCK & Co Evaluating cold chain strategies for packaging and 11:00 Morning refreshments and networking labeling that ensure the integrity of the cold chain from manufacturer to end user 11:30 RounDTaBlE 4: Defining technology options that will 4:00 Cold Chain packaging – addressing Real-World help you gain sustainability credentials while saving Distribution Challenges and Regulatory Expectations you costs overall ● Design Considerations – understanding product requirements, ambient temperature profiles, shipping process ● Qualification Guidance – from design qualification to operational Cost effective strategies to guard against qualification to performance qualification counterfeit medicines, to protect your brand and ● Post-Qualification Performance – meeting product requirements safeguard the patient and regulatory expectations ● What’s Next? – controlled-room temperature products (product 12:30 Determining the best anti-counterfeit supply chain stability, packaging, transportation) options you can implement to ensure medicine arminda o. Montero, Distribution Qa Program Manager strategic package traceability Quality initiatives, aBBoTT laBoRaToRiEs ● A deep dive into how RFID tagging can help guard against counterfeit medication 4:30 Distribution of Products at liquid nitrogen ● Evaluating the advantages of using Data Matrix codes on Temperatures – Challenges and solutions packages ● What shipping and storage containers are available? ● Fighting drug diversion by maximizing supply chain visibility ● What are the current distribution logistics? Who is able and ● Determining the most common failures that allow counterfeit willing to transport these products? medication to enter the supply chain and how you can best ● What is required by hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and other addressed them patient administration sites to receive and store these products? 1:00 Defining anti-counterfeiting strategies and ● What unique risks and costs do very low temperature products technologies present? ● Evaluation of the global supply chain Dr Edward J. smith Ph.D., Principle Consultant, PaCKaGinG ● Assessment of strategic elements sCiEnCE REsouRCEs ● Explore technologies for a successful program ● Serialization – comparing RFID and 2D bar codes 5:00 Defining the labeling challenges surrounding cold James Pierantozzi, Consultant – Pharmaceutical Packaging, chain products and how to overcome those recently retired from WyETh ● Developing a label that will endure temperature extremes intact ● Generating a label that will ensure the product is globally 1:30 Lunch and networking recognized as very cold chain and thus demand priority when being dealt with during shipping and transportation ● Minimizing the size of labeling inserts for very cold chain products ● Effective tracking and tracing of very cold chain products 5:30 Chairman’s summation 5:40 Close of conference
  5. 5. POST-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP lead sponsor: The post-conference Catalent site visit CaTalEnT PhaRMa soluTions Solutions is – Pharma solutions for your printed the only global, full service pharmaceutical printed component supplier with an integrated component challenges network of packaging operations. Catalent has multiple facilities in the US, Puerto Rico and Europe dedicated to the pharmaceutical healthcare Thursday May 20, 2010 industry. With unique printing capabilities, Catalent can satisfy Led by: Victor Dixon, Vice President and General customer demand for folding cartons, blister cards, inserts/outserts, Manager, Printed Components, Catalent pharmaceutical labels, clinical trial case reports, and pharmaceutical patient information materials printing. These extensive capabilities about the workshop: enable manufacturers to simplify their supply chains by using a single source for all components, maintain consistent quality across their This on-site interactive workshop at Catalent’s printed component site products, and leverage economies of scale offered by multiple sites and in New Jersey, just across the river from Philadelphia, will demonstrate capabilities. the solutions and technologies necessary to ensure that your cartons, Catalent is a true turnkey provider with an integrated network for labels and inserts/outserts are of the highest quality and are pharmaceutical printed components and packaging services, and is well produced in the most efficient manner. You will also be given a live positioned to serve you, wherever you do business. demonstration of their e-magineering services and capabilities and other technology solutions silver sponsor: PRisyM iD works with many of the world’s Workshop agenda: largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies, providing validated life sciences labelling management 09:30 Bus Transfer to Catalent’s facilities solutions for over 20 years. Specialising in FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance, PRISYM ID's Medica product is the world's only GMP based, purpose 10:00 Welcome to delegates by Victor Dixon designed labelling management software for FDA regulated environments. 10:15 Guided tour of Catalent’s printed component Compliant Labeling Solutions site 11:00 Presentation of core technologies and Media Partners: PaCKaGinG GaTEWay PaCKaGinG solutions executives from around the world use Packaging Gateway to keep abreast of the latest industry developments 12:00 Question and answer session and to make informed purchasing decisions throughout the entire supply chain. 12:30 Lunch reception PaCKaGinG & ConVERTinG inTElliGEnCE Packaging and Converting Intelligence delivers 13:45 End of site visit and bus transfer back to the essential expert verdicts on all sectors within the hotel packaging industry, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care packaging sectors. Within each section there is detailed focus on folding cartons and cardboard, printing and labelling, flexible packaging, brand protection, sustainability and many other key industry issues. It has a controlled and audited readership of 11,000 industry professionals, chosen for their high levels of purchasing and decision making power. PhaRMaCEuTiCal TEChnoloGy is used daily as a means of creating partnerships and as a point of reference by professionals within the pharmaceutical industry. This comprehensive resource supplies the latest news releases, detailed information on industry projects, white papers, event information and a thorough breakdown of products and services. WoRlD PhaRMaCEuTiCal FRonTiERs The pharmaceutical industry is changing fast. There World Pharmaceutical Frontiers Who should attend are more regulations, technologies, faster product launches and shorter Directors, VP’s, Managers, and Leaders of product life cycles than ever before. World Pharmaceuticals frontiers is, and will continue to be, at the forefront of these changes, so visit us ● Packaging, at and stay up to date with all latest ● Labeling, developments. ● Regulatory Affairs ● Engineers ThE BusinEss REViEW websites are your number one ● Specialists for Packaging and Labeling stop for all the latest news, comment and industry information. Each Business Review website offers ● Serialization Manager content that is produced by a dedicated team of journalists and global ● Technology specialists industry experts. In addition to the free content made available on the sites an intelligence store will provide you with premium market analysis reports from the leading global suppliers of market research and industry Do you wish to exhibit your products and services analysis. at this exclusive event? Pharmaceutical Business Review is the world's leading pharma If you want to be part of this leading industry event, website, being used by over 100,000 visitors every month. For further information contact please contact Rizwan Qayum in our sponsorship team. Email: or call: MEDiCal ETRaCK is the new, interactive desktop tool designed for executives & +44 (0)20 7753 4259 analysts active in or supplying services to the medical equipment industry.
  6. 6. Booking Form 2nd Annual Pharma Packaging and Labelling USA, Tuesday May 18 & Wednesday May 19 2010, Philadelphia, USA Before Before Before After Four Easy Ways To Book: Yes, I would like to register for the event: 19 February 16 March 16 April 16 April ■ Register online at Representatives from biotech and pharma companies I would like the VIP attendees package to include ■ Email us at the two day conference + Catalent’s Site Visit + $1629 $1729 $1879 $2129 ■ Tel +44 (0)20 7753 4268 interactive CD-ROM ■ Fax +44 (0)20 7915 9773 I would like to attend the two day conference + $999 $1099 $1249 $1499 Catalent’s Site Visit I would like to attend the two day conference + $1629 $1729 $1879 $2129 interactive CD ROM (Saving $70) Venue Details I would like to attend the two day conference only $999 $1099 $1249 $1499 The two day conference will take place on Tuesday May 18 All attendees and Wednesday May 19 2010. The venue for both days will be located in Philadelphia, USA. For further information contact Fees for all other attendees $2295 $2395 $2545 $2795 our Operations department on +44 (0)207 753 4201 I cannot attend the conference but would like to $499 $499 $499 $699 are you registered? receive the documentation You will always receive an acknowledgement of your booking. If you do not receive anything, please call us on +44 (0) 20 7753 4268 to make sure we have received your booking. Discount code if applicable _________________________________ Total Discounts are at the discretion of VIBevents and are not cumulative Alll total fees are subject to a 2.5% service charge. Arena International Events Group, a trading division of SPG Media Ltd. Registered Office: John Carpenter House, John Carpenter Street, London, EC4Y 0AN, UK. Registered in England No. 01155599. VIBevents Conference Delegate terms and conditions • Following completion and return of the booking form, full payment the courts of England will have the non-exclusive jurisdiction to deal 1. Scope of Agreement: These are the conditions of the contract including Service Charge is required within five days from the invoice with any disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement. between you, the Client (“You” and “your”) and VIBevents (“VIBevents”, date or prior to the event if this is sooner. All registrants must provide a • VIBevents is subject to the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and is “we”, “us” and “our”) governing your use of our services, including credit card number as a guarantee at the time of booking. We reserve registered in the UK with the Information Commissioner to process the conference registration as set out in your booking form. This the right to charge your card in full your personal information. Our primary goal in collecting personal agreement constitutes the entire agreement between VIBevents if payment is not received in accordance with these payment terms. information from you is to give you an enjoyable customised and you. All prior agreements understandings and negotiations and We reserve the right to refuse admission if full payment is not received experience whilst allowing us to provide services and features representations (save for fraudulent misrepresentation) whether oral in accordance with these terms. that most likely meet your needs. We collect certain personal or in writing are cancelled in their entirety. The terms of any other 4 Cancellations: In the event of cancellation, 100% of the event fee information from you, which you give to us when using our Sites and/ electronic communications will not form part of this agreement. is payable and non-refundable. All cancellation requests must be or registering or subscribing for our products and services. We also 2 Our commitment to you: Should the Event be cancelled or the submitted to us in writing. If we agree to your cancellation then all collect certain personal data from other group companies to whom location be changed for reasons or circumstances beyond our control, cancellation fees are payable immediately after the acceptance of your you have given information through their websites. The information we reserve the right to reschedule the Event, including changing cancellation in writing by us. provided will be held on our database and may be shared with other the location, upon written notice to you. Should the event fail to be 5 General: You, your executive/s or your agents may not transfer or companies within the same Group. Occasionally your details may rescheduled for any reason your refund shall not exceed the total assign any of the rights or obligations of this Agreement (in whole or be made available to our external partners. If you do not want us to charge received by us from you. part) without our prior consent. 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