Fire Protection in Oil and Gas Facilities


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Only at the Fire Protection in Oil and Gas Facilities conference will you discover cost effective and practical solutions to ensure your facility is up to date with state and federal regulations.

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Fire Protection in Oil and Gas Facilities

  1. 1. Arena-International 1st Annual Fire Protection in Oil and Gas Facilities Minimizing fire risk by optimizing your facility design, functionality of your protection systems and emergency response Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 December 2009, Houston, Texas, uSA KEy InDuSTRy ExPERTS SPEAKInG InCLuDE: JOIn OuR CASE STuDy PRESEnTATIOnS AnD: Doyle Galloway, Steve Lehrer, • Outline the benefits of your safety EP Wells Operational Manager of Safety HSE Manager, and Environmental processes and discover strategies to SHELL InTERnATIOnAL ExPLORATIOn AnD Engineering, CB&I institute them throughout all levels of PRODuCTIOn your plant Paul Ceeney, Tonya Zepeda, Principle HSE & Risk • Ensure operational safety by tackling Corporate HSE Consultant, Coordinator, COnSOLIDATED RISK o shore well blow-outs through AuDuBOn EnGInEERInG contingency planning whilst complying David Coble, with OSHA regulations and API standards Robert Fischer, MS CSP, President, CSP, Process Safety COBLE, TAyLOR AnD JOnES Advisor, SAFETy ASSOCIATES • Optimize functionality of a new or TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS existing firewater system to maintain Dr. Alberto Gomez- Tom Lancaster, Rivas, firewater availability to a maximum level CFPS, Chief/Emergency PhDs, PE, EQ, Department in case of fire Response Coordinator, Chair, Professor and FLInT HILLS RESOuRCES Program Coordinator • Learn how to conduct emergency Structural Analysis Dr. Chitram and Design Program, response training courses e ectively to Lutchman, Engineering Technology Department, mitigate the risks with personnel and Team Leader Loss Management and unIVERSITy OF HOuSTOn equipment loss DOWnTOWn Emergency Response, SunCOR EnERGy James Shelton, Caroline Deetjen, Compliance Assistance Receive checklists detailing OSHA Specialist, Safety and Risk Engineer, BHP BILLITOn OSHA standards applicable to your facility Lucas Paugh, Accredited by: Silver sponsor: Health and Safety Engineer, AERA EnERGy TOP COMPAnIES REPRESEnTED: OSHA • SHELL International Exploration and Production • Audubon Engineering • Total Petrochemicals • BHP Billiton • Suncor Energy • Flint Hills Resources • CB&I Book now: Online: Tel: +44 (0)20 7753 4268 Email: Fax: +44 (0)20 7915 9773
  2. 2. Program Day One Tuesday 8 December 2009 08:30 Registration and coffee 11:40 Ensuring operational safety by tackling offshore well blow-outs through contingency planning whilst 09:00 Opening remarks from the Chair complying with OSHA regulations and API standards ● Specifying primary and secondary control considerations to uncovering changes to health and safety standards avoid blowouts for designing and operating petrochemical facilities ● Tailoring drilling fluid pressure monitoring activities to your offshore facility according to OSHA regulations and API 09:10 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards vs. Coast Guard: who has jurisdiction over safety and ● Implementing a blowout prevention program for various health for offshore drilling platforms? operational scenarios and preparing each scenario with a ● Giving an OSHA update: what's new? clear emergency response plan ● Outlining OSHA outreach initiatives for the land based ● Installing and testing blowout preventers (BOPs), E&P industry accumulators and choke manifold ● Clarifying who regulates safety and health on offshore ● Collecting relevant data to reduce emergency response time platforms Doyle Galloway, EP Wells Operational HSE Manager, ● Explaining when an injury should be recorded for OSHA SHELL InTERnATIOnAL ExPLORATIOn AnD PRODuCTIOn James Shelton, Compliance Assistance Specialist, OSHA 09:50 Developing and implementing OSHA required training, Applying and maintaining active and passive inspections and policies to ensure full compliance with fire protection systems effectively to optimize design, construction and operational standards efficiency ● Outlining the extent of OSHA guidelines: nearly 740 construction and general industry training and inspection 12:20 Recognizing a linear heat detection solution for requirements, plus those in the standards (incorporated by successful fire prevention and presenting an advanced reference) fiber optic-based Distributed Temperature Sensing ● Assessing the possibility that there may be as many as 50 (DTS) system OSHA required written polices and programs needed at your ● Introducing fiber optic-distributed sensing technology: find location and how to identify them out how it works and where it can be applied and integrated ● Developing a fire safety program for your petrochemical ● Comparing technologies by highlighting differences in facilities, based on national requirements installation, application and capabilities: point detection (via ● Clarifying actions to be taken, using pictures and discussion, smoke aspiration systems and cameras) vs. fiber-optic linear on how to implement and manage a program that would comply heat detection with OSHA standards ● Understanding fire protection optimization in special David Coble, MS CSP, President, COBLE, TAyLOR AnD JOnES hazardous facilities using DTS technology SAFETy ASSOCIATES ● Assessing fire monitoring in disastrous scenarios and providing vital information for exstinguishing a fire Making process safety automated to optimize fire Dr. Henrik Hoff, Director Sales, AP SEnSInG prevention and manage risk effectively 1:00 Lunch 10:30 Highlighting process safety management as one of the 2:00 Optimizing functionality of a new or existing firewater prominent areas of forecast: explore the weak points in system to maintain firewater availability to a maximum your safety process and optimize them throughout all level in case of fire levels of your plant ● Assessing the correct location of the firewater main to ensure ● Describe the basic requirements for process safety systems maximum firewater flows established in API (American Petroleum Institute) and OSHA ● Analyzing the existing firewater system simulating available standards firewater flows within the refinery to determine piping ● Manage your safety processes and cost optimization to avoid upgrades and pumps additions unplanned shutdowns ● Determining friction loss characteristics of firewater piping to ● Assess innovative approaches to management of change prevent pressure loss throughout operational processes and including all staff ● Testing fire pumps for performance verification to ensure involved availability in case of fire ● Combining different process safety systems and ensuring ● Complying with API 610 and NFPA 20 standards to benefit smooth performance from good practice throughout the process ● Forecasting high risk hazard areas and applying fire prevention Tom Lancaster, Chief Fire Protection Manager activities accurately Superintendent, FLInT HILLS RESOuRCES Robert Fischer, CSP, Process Safety Advisor, TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS 11:10 Morning refreshments Organised by: Arena-International provides high-quality commercially focused conferences, based on our own research and our close links with leading practitioners and business advisors. Arena-International is a trading name of SPG Media Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of SPG Media Group Plc. © Arena-International 2008
  3. 3. Program Day Two 2:40 Debating the properties of natural gas and LPG jet 08:30 Registration and coffee fires to predict the impact on your operations process and prepare the timing of your response 9:00 Opening remarks from the Chair ● Understanding the various causes for an accidental release of pressurized gas or liquid and resulting fire hazard at Minimizing the effects of a fire incident by natural gas and LPG facilities ensuring emergency response is implemented ● Determine BLEVE (Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor successfully and various fire hazard situations are Explosion) and its effects if not captured early ● Executing fire prevention and monitoring activities taken into account ● Clarifying impact of flame extents, the effect of buoyancy 09:10 Clarifying risk management and safety case and wind approaches that can be applied to various regions ● Assessing the heat transfer from large jet fires to engulfed worldwide and identifying BHP Billiton best practices objects, resulting heat fluxes and internal radiation, flame in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) impingement ● Examining the evolution of oil and gas regulations in the ● Implementing an emergency response plan to reduce US GOM natural gas and LPG jet fire hazard consequences activating ● Discussing the benefits of using a risk based approach relevant shut-off valves ● Comparing approaches in the UK, Australia and the US GOM Lucas Paugh, Health and Safety Engineer, AERA EnERGy ● Highlighting the discussion of the safety case evolution and approach 3:20 Afternoon refreshments ● Presenting the current BHP Billiton safety case approach in the US GOM and outlining comparisons with the Safety and 3:50 Exploring LnG fire protection techniques that will Environmental Management System (SEMS) approach being comply with upcoming regulations for offshore introduced by the Minerals Management Service (MMS) facilities in order to be appropriately equipped in the ● Demonstrating the risk based methodology as utilized by BHP Billiton as the preferred methodology for the future management of risks for operations in the US GOM ● Understanding fire protection of different tank types Caroline Deetjen, Safety and Risk Engineer, BHP BILLITOn and instrumentation, spill control-impoundment and containment ● Debating emergency shutdown and fire-fighting systems 09:50 Highlighting the fire protection program by the such as dry chemical systems and fire suppression agents university of Houston-Downtown: fire safety and ● Also touching on: wind effects in petrochemical plants ● Establishing prevention and mitigation strategies to ● Reviewing separation of facilities in petrochemical plants reduce the risk of a fire and consequences of a fire based on combustion models without considering wind incident effect ● LNG hazards ● Assessing the situation in the presence of wind: distortion of Jaffee Suardin, HSE Engineer, SHELL InTERnATIOnAL the fire plume affecting the fire dynamics ExPLORATIOn AnD PRODuCTIOn ● Using the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) to analyze the situation and provide better criteria for separation of plant 4:30 Safeguarding and monitoring the applications of an facilities Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system to ensure its ● Running several simulations of propagation of fire between facilities under varying wind conditions properly installed and functioning for a fire incident Dr. Alberto Gomez-Rivas, PhDs, PE, EQ, Department Chair, ● What is included in an ESD system: outlining API Professor and Program Coordinator Structural Analysis requirements and Design Program, Engineering Technology Department, ● Understanding ESD system as a protection layer for the unIVERSITy OF HOuSTOn DOWnTOWn process safety management of your oil and gas facilities ● Integrating an ESD systems into your fire and gas system ● Coordinating the ESD system design with other safety 10:30 Morning refreshments studies including hazard ID, process hazards analysis, quantitative risk analysis and safety 11:00 Implementing effective emergency response: ● Conducting a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analysis conducting emergency response trainings for ● Locating ESD valves managing major events situations effectively to ● Protecting ESD systems to survive offshore fire and gas mitigate risk in terms of personnel and equipment explosion events loss and complying with national regulations ● Performance requirements of ESD systems as a safety ● Communicating the prevailing fire protection philosophy/ critical element culture Steve Lehrer, Manager of Safety and Environmental ● Defining emergency response groups and activities for Engineering, CB&I emergency situations ● Understanding the right level, extent and frequency for training courses 5:10 Closing remarks from the Chair and close of Day One ● Establishing response strategies and tactics based on various emergency scenarios Register online now at:
  4. 4. Wednesday 9 December 2009 ● Conducting drills: how to simulate an emergency situation 2:50 Highlighting inherent safety application in offshore effectively oil and gas facilities: innovative approaches in terms ● Outlining the most crucial decisions to be made in the event of segregation, separation and arrangement of of an emergency equipmen ● Lessons learnt from previous major events and how to ● Segregating high risk units, e.g. process and storage, from adapt these to your emergency response approach low risk areas to provide maximum protection where needed Dr. Chitram Lutchman, Team Leader Loss Management and and optimize loss prevention Emergency Response, SunCOR EnERGy ● Explaining economic benefits related to segregation approaches 11:40 Panel discussion: Planning and implementing an ● Maximizing possibilities of remotely locating every single emergency response plan and operating emergency high hazard risk process response facilities accurately ● Considering process facility layout and separation of ● Predicting emergency response scenarios assessing harm processes to plant staff, equipment and the environment ● Outlining physical separation by distance by having a fire ● Ensuring protection of equipment at the emergency control and blast barrier contiguous between the decks centre and safely controlling the situation from there until ● Examining fire suppression effectiveness of passive fire point of evacuation protection facilities and need for active fire protection ● Assessing the emergency situation accurately and realizing Tonya Zepeda, Corporate HSE Coordinator, AuDuBOn a fatal attempt situation as early as possible EnGInEERInG ● Preparing for safe evacuation ● Communicating with public and media 3:30 Closing remarks from the Chair, champagne prize draw ● Assessing emergency response costs including fire and and end of conference rescue services Panellists: Dr. Chitram Lutchman, Team Leader Loss Management and Emergency Response, SunCOR EnERGy 12:20 Lunch understanding design and construction challenges and establishing solutions to overcome these issues successfully 1:30 Combining active and passive fire protection systems correctly to optimize their co-functioning and coverage ● Identifying fire protection requirements according to equipment, plant structure and operations processes: differentiating between the challenges and problems posed by differing facilities ● Predicting various fire hazard scenarios by specifying fire type, duration and exposure in order to choose active and passive fire protection systems that have the most significant benefit to personnel and process plant ● Balancing the combination of both systems while complying with national and internal standards ● Ensuring correct installation to ensure performance even in case of jet fire or explosion: describing contemporary best practice ● Understanding operational requirements of both systems to optimize prevention and control of fires Paul Ceeney, Principle HSE & Risk Consultant, COnSOLIDATED RISK 2:10 Ensuring protection of process equipment against accidental fire load: a design based approach to increase safety and reduce cost ● Using simulation to ensure fire integrity as an integral part of process systems design ● Outlining some new trends in the forthcoming issue of API 521 ● Understanding fire scenario and its key parameters influence on the design results ● Identifying weak points in present common design practice and outlining an alternative approach ● Presenting experiences from the use of advanced simulation tools in development and modification of projects Dr. Geir Berge, COB and Founder, PETRELL and Dr. Geir Langli, Managing Director, PETRELL
  5. 5. About the conference Health and Safety at Work (HSW) is a monthly subscription Arena International’ Fire Protection in Oil and Gas magazine, providing authoritative features and timely news Facilities being held on 8th and 9th December in coverage designed to make health and safety professionals Houston, Texas, aims to establish solutions to key jobs easier. From controlling hazards, through complying with issues such as: new legislation, to managing down absence rates, Health and Safety at Work covers the issues that matter in a lively readable ● Understanding national regulatory requirements style. and implementing these as well as your internal standards into your facilities. Worldoils is a company that combines the ● Exploring effective approaches to fireproofing in power of marketing as well as the in-house oil and gas plants and maximizing fire resistance expertise for the Oil, Gas, Offshore and the of your materials and plant structure Maritime industries. Worldoils’ web portal has become a truly central platform for ● Optimizing functionality of a new or existing visitors who need information regarding oil and gas products firewater system to maintain firewater availability and services, research, training, conferences, news and events to a maximum level in case of fire. as well as a popular advertising base for providers of Oil, Gas, ● Conducting emergency response trainings for Marine and Offshore services. Worldoils has also launched the managing fire hazard situations effectively jobs system and a marketplace. In the recent months, Worldoils to mitigate risk in terms of personnel and has strengthened its position as afast developing central place equipment loss. for buying and selling of land rigs, offshore rigs, barge rigs and other oilfield and subsea equipment. Through case study driven presentations from leading oil and gas as well as engineering companies and a series is the of interactive roundtable discussions, this event will leading website covering the needs provide best practice solutions to help you comply with of over 118,000 offshore oil and gas existing and upcoming challenges in the market. professionals every month. Featuring a mixture of articles including the latest news, views, industry project updates and trends, provides senior engineers, Silver Sponsor: managers and other leading technology decision makers with all that is required to stay on top of this fast-paced industry. HAP Sensing is your global solution provider in the special hazard fire detection market. AP Sensing inherits more than 20 years of OTDR (Optical Time GlobalData’s Energy eTrack is Energy eTrack the new, interactive desktop tool Domain Reflectometry) expertise from Agilent Technologies designed for executives & analysts active in or supplying (former Hewlett Packard). AP Sensing’s unique “Linear Heat services to the oil & gas industry. Energy eTrack subscribers Series” – a fiber optic linear heat detection system - perfectly receive access to eight unique oil & gas asset databases, suits today’s safety demands and safes money whenever it news & deals, company profiles, opinions and research comes to large –sized applications in hazardous environments reports fully integrated with innovative desktop tools for easy like road & rail tunnels, conveyor belts, cable trays, production search, browse, and data access. For more information on facilities etc. GlobalData’s Energy eTrack visit: Exhibitor: ABS Energy Research (ABS) is an independent market research company Media Partners: founded in 1990 specializing in the Electricity, Gas, Water, Renewable, Hydrogen and Nuclear markets. We publish is the reports, databases and directories and conduct specialized essential one-stop-shop for thousands of consultancy services. industry professionals every day. The site comprises of the following key elements: ● Industry projects products and services ● Events ● Company A-Z listing ● Employment opportunities ● Latest industry news Technical supervisors chemists, senior officials, consultants and procurement directors rely on hydrocarbons-technology. com as their primary source of industry intelligence. Energy Business Review (EBR) is the fastest Energy growing website within the energy industry. 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