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Sci exp deck


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. SCI-EXP World StarsForReal ((S.E.W)
  • 2. Lisa Chifamba s executive Chiyedza Chitando co-ordinator Rejoice Chirambiwa organiser Our team Amanda Nyawuyanga programmer Brenda Karenga programmer
  • 3. Conclusion Problem There is failure of exams due to lack of enough practice in experiments. choking smell fear in doing experiments limited resources Overcrowding vs few lab facilities 1 4
  • 4. sci-exp is the solution. ➢Practise at home and wherever you are ➢ Discuss with your friends and get hints and tips anytime,anywhere Our solutions students doing experiments on their phones 1
  • 5. Advantages of SCI-EXP ➢ ➢a chat platform , ➢quiz page ➢a discussion page. Provides continuous practice of experiments. It is user-friendly meaning one can view the experiments according to his/her level. Provide detailed and reliable information on the experiments.
  • 6. Our target market ➢High school students ➢High school teachers ➢All secondary schools
  • 7. Product overview sci-exp is the product This is an app that show scientific experiments in video and summary form.The app shows Physics, Biology,Chemistry a
  • 8. How we will make money We are going to place our app on Morbe store where our users shall download it Sci-Exp World shall make money through downloads of $0.50 per download
  • 9. Direct Indirect Our competitors These are some of the apps that many have similarities of our app These are some of the apps that have few similarities of our app SCIENCE 3601 2 7 8
  • 10. Our business model 1.75 Billion Smart phone users 285 260 STUDENTS set for ordinary level examinations in Zimbabwe alone in 2013 and more than half of high school students own smart phones out of which all of them takes at least one science subject or more. We are targeting many users of our product because students from other countries shall make use of it too. 1 2 3 Technology & SCIEXP does it
  • 11. $10 000 30%30% 15%12% Programmer Administration Computers Marketing 13% Risk management Investing
  • 12. slide Number Image Number SITE slide3 1 2 3 4 Slide 4 1 slide7 1 slide8 1 slide9 1 2 3 4 6 htts:// 7 Image Credits
  • 13. Real Stars @realstars inReal Stars Our contact details