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Mobile apps in the game world
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Mobile apps in the game world


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  • 1. [ Mobile  Games  in  the  App  World Research Presentation: By Areen Salam ( Date: October 31,2013 Monday, December 2, 2013 ]
  • 2. [Mobile  Apps  -­‐   ]  Stats  Mobile  app  revenue  to  hit  $  US26  billion   worldwide  in  2013 Apps  set  to  be  downloaded  in  2013  are   expected  to  exceed  100  billion,  up  from   63  billion  last  year The  report  also  predicts  strong  growth  for  the   sector  going  forward,  with  total  downloads   predicted  to  268  billion  by  2017,  including   253  billion  free  apps  and  14  billion  paid   apps. Percentage  of  app  store  revenue  generated  by   in-­‐app  purchases  will  increase  48%  in  2017. Market Research Figures from Gartner. Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 3. Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 4. Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 5. [Mobile  Games  -­‐   Overview ]  First  game  on  the  mobile  phone  was  ‘TETRIS’   on  the  Hagenuk  MT-­‐  2000  device  in  1994 Nokia  launched  ‘SNAKE’  on  selected  models   in  1997 Apple  launches  App  Store  in  2008 vvv Google  play  launched  in  2008  (Formally   known  as  Android  Market) Mobile  games  ‘ON  THE  GO’ Mobile  games  now  played  by  ‘CASUAL‘       gamers Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 6. [Mobile  Games  -­‐   ] Monetizing  Mobile  Games    1-­‐  Advertising Mobile  advertising  only  really  works  for  large-­‐brand   publishers  and  games  that  go  viral,  such  as  Angry  Birds,   Candy  Crush  etc  because  you  need  a  lot  of  users  in  order  to   make  money.    A  company  called  Jampp  is  trying  to  innovate   in  this  space  and  get  more  people  to  view  ads  by  allowing   users  to  voluntarily  view  advertisements  in  return  for  in-­‐game   currency.  Users  choose  to  watch  ads  and  then  get  something   in  return. 2-­‐  ‘Virtual  Good‘  Purchases Candy  Crush,    with  their  “freemium”  model  does  not  charge   users  to  download  or  play  the  game  but  instead  encourages   players  to  purchase  “virtual  goods”,  such  as  tickets  for  next   levels,power  up  tools  etc. A  Chicago-­‐based  startup,  Tap.Me,  brings  the  two   monetization  strategies  together.  It  has  developed  a  platform   that  transforms  the  freemium  games  into  branding   opportunities  for  advertisers.  By  using  Tap.Me’s  solution,  a   brand  can  sponsor  or  augment  an  enhanced  experience.  For   example,  a  player  who  wants  to  improve  his  endurance  in   games  might  choose  a  branded  virtual  good. 3-­‐  Paid  Downloads Paid  download  are  only  a  one  time  occurrence    and  you  cant   rely  on  this  strategy Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 7. [ Mobile  Games  -­‐  Stats ] 64.1  billion  games  to  be  downloaded  onto  smart   phones  and  tablet  devices  by  2017.  This  figure  is  over   three  times  from  2012,  which  was  21  billion. Smartphones  continue  to  outpace  tablets,  with  more   than  $6  billion  projected  to  be  spent  on  in-­‐app   purchases  in  2016. Tablet  gamers  will  spend  over  $3  billion  on  in-­‐app   purchases  in  2016,  which  is  more  than  ten  times  of  an   amount  calculated  for  2012  tablet  game  revenue.  The  research  include  the  likelihood  of  social  and  casual   games  remaining  the  most  popular  genre,  and  that  in   2017,  a  majority  of  mobile  games  will  be  free-­‐to-­‐play,   with  only  7%  requiring  a  purchase.   Market Research Figures from Juniper Research Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 8. [Mobile  Games  -­‐   ] Stats As  per  reports,  gaming  is  one  of  the  top  5  most  essential  uses  of  a  smartphone.  From   the  chart  below,  gaming  grabs  8%  of  the  total  smartphone  users. Total smartphone time spent daily & Activity shared by devices Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 9. [Mobile  Games  -­‐   ] Global  Games  Market  2012-­‐2016­‐games-­‐ market-­‐report-­‐infographics/ Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 10. Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 11. [Mobile  Games  -­‐   ] Top  10  Highest  Grossing  iOS  Games Candy  Crush  Saga­‐sales-­‐data/ Note:  Please  note  daily  revenues  and    active  users  are  subject   to  change  on  daily  basis Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 12. [Mobile  Games  -­‐   ] Top  10  Highest  Grossing  Android  Games collection/topgrossing Note:  Please  note  daily  revenues  and    active  users  are   subject  to  change  on  daily  basis Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 13. [Mobile  Games  -­‐   ]  Cross  Platform  Games Web Cross  platform  convergence  is  an   emerging  trend  in  the  games   industry  that  complicates  the   classification  of  games  by  platform.   Developers  are  now  creating   multiple  versions  of  a  game  that   interact  with  one  another  across   platforms.   BENEFITS: More  engaged  players  and  higher  retention Players  can  use  a  cross-­‐platform  game  on  any   device,  mobile,  desktop  .  Users  can  receive   notifications  and  see  requests  and  feed   stories  from  their  friends  no  matter  which   device  they  use. Growth  for  your  game As  the  size  of  each  player's  reachable   network  increases  across  different  platforms,   they  can  invite  more  friends  into  the  game.   Bootstrapping  on  a  new  platform If  you  are  launching  your  game  to  a  new   platform  and  have  a  pre-­‐existing  player  base,   by  using  Facebook,  maximize  your  discovery   potential  by  bootstrapping  your  existing   audience. Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 14. [Mobile  Games  -­‐    Cross  Platform  Games Angry  Birds  is  a  very  popular  game  that  can   be  played  across  multiple  platforms.  It  was   created  by  Rovio  Entertainment  in  2009. Monday, December 2, 2013 ] MORE  THAN 2  Billion  downloads across  all    platforms 263 Million  Active  Users MORE  THAN
  • 15. [ Mobile  Games  -­‐   The  Future  of  Mobile  Gaming ] Mobile gaming is on the rise and in just five years, smart phones and tablet gaming has turned the mobile game industry to heights. The next step could emerge to be mobile augmented reality games in the future or simply your mobile could turn into a one platform device that could hook up with your TV.­‐mobile/whats-­‐future-­‐ mobile-­‐gaming-­‐talk-­‐mobile Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 16. [Mobile  Games  -­‐   Oculus  Rift   ] The  Oculus  Rift  is  a  next-­‐generation  virtual  reality  headset  designed   for  immersive  gaming.­‐0 Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 17. [ Mobile  Games  -­‐    GameKlip ] The  GameKlip  attaches  your  Android  phone  to  a  DualShock3  controller,  normally  used  for  the   PlayStation3.  This  allows  you  to  use  a  real  controller  to  play  your  games  on  your  smartphone.   It  opens  the  Android  platform  up  to  more  than  just  "casual"  gaming  with  touch  screen  controls,   and  really  gives  you  a  full  console  experience  at  a  fraction  of  the  cost. Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 18. [Mobile  Games  -­‐    Xperia  Play ] The  Sony  Ericsson  Xperia  PLAY  is  the  first  PlayStation  Certified   device  and  the  first  specialized  Android  gaming  phone  to  hit  the   market.  It  features  a  slide-­‐out  gamepad,  4"  LCD  screen  and  a   second  generation  1GHz  Snapdragon  chipset.   Monday, December 2, 2013
  • 19. [Mobile  Games  -­‐    Analytical  Research  Companies ] IHS  is  a  global  information  company  with  world-­‐class   Juniper  Research  was  founded  in  2001  by  the   Gartner,  Inc.  (NYSE:  IT)  is  the  world's  leading   Juniper  specializes  in  identifying  and  appraising  new  high   growth  market  sectors  within  the  mobile  ecosystem.   Market  sizing  and  forecasting  are  the  cornerstones  of  our   offering,  together  with  competitive  analysis,  strategic   assessment  and  business  modelling. experts  in  the  pivotal  areas  shaping  today’s  business   landscape:  energy,  economics,  geopolitical  risk,   sustainability  and  supply  chain  management.  We  employ   more  than  8,000  people  in  more  than  31  countries  around   the  world. information  technology  research  and  advisory  company.   We  deliver  the  technology-­‐related  insight  necessary  for  our   clients  to  make  the  right  decisions,  every  day.  From  CIOs   and  senior  IT  leaders  in  corporations  and  government   agencies,  to  business  leaders  in  high-­‐tech  and  telecom   enterprises  and  professional  services  firms,  to  technology   investors,  we  are  the  valuable  partner  to  clients  in  over   13,000  distinct  organizations.  Through  the  resources  of   Gartner  Research,  Gartner  Executive  Programs. Experian  Marketing  Services  is  a  global   provider  of  integrated  consumer  insights,  targeting,  data  quality   and  cross-­‐channel  marketing  programs.  We  help  organizations   intelligently  interact  with  today’s  dynamic,  empowered  and   hyper-­‐connected  consumers.  By  coordinating  seamless  and   intelligent  interactions  across  all  channels,  marketers  are  able  to   precisely  plan  and  execute  superior  brand  experiences  that   deepen  customer  loyalty,  strengthen  brand  advocacy  and   maximize  profits. Monday, December 2, 2013 Wireless  Industry  Consultant  Tony  Crabtree,  in  the  midst  of   the  telecoms  and  dot-­‐com  crash.   Newzoo  is  an  international  full  service  market  research  and   consulting  firm,  100%  focused  on  the  games  industry.  We  aim  to   provide  the  best  independent  market  data  across  all  game   segments  and  business  models  based  on  our  proprietary  market   research  projects  in  a  broad  range  of  countries.  Using  our   extensive  network  and  deep  involvement  in  the  industry,  we  aim   to  stay  ahead  of  the  curve  and  at  least  two  steps  ahead  of  our   competitors. Think  Gaming Before   ,  the  team  played  games  all  the   time  -­‐  on  boards,  consoles,  computers,  and  phones.  At  work,  we   built  decisioning  tools  for  real-­‐time  media  buying.  The  mobile   gaming  revolution  is  bringing  those  worlds  together.  We  took   proven  algorithms  from  ad  tech  and  adopted  them  to  mobile   gaming.  Our  platform  makes  freemium  games  dramatically  more   profitable.