The Minimalist Guide to Google Plus for Hotels


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Discover the basics of Google+ for Hotels. Get your Hotel started today with some simple tips.

Learn how to get a Free Google+ Assessment for your Hotel

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The Minimalist Guide to Google Plus for Hotels

  1. 1. Google+ For Hotels Background The Minimalist Guide To For Hotels By Are Morch – Hotel Blogger 1 ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  2. 2. Google+ For Hotels Background 2 ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger Table Of Content Title Page Background 3 Introduction 4 Social Network Security 7 Google+ Profile 8 Google+ Business Page 9 Places For Business 11 Google+ Strategy 16 Hotel Collaboration Projects 17 Network & Collaborate With Me 18
  3. 3. Google+ For Hotels Background Google+ - The Background Google has for a long period tried to enter the Social Media Sphere. Google Buzz and Google Wave was among some of the attempts, that now is retired. In 2011 Google launched Google+. Today Google+ has over 500 Million users, of whom 235 Million users are active on a monthly basis. Google+ is designed to access the Google Umbrella through Social Layers. It provides you the opportunity to share and discover information through: • Search • Gmail • YouTube • Maps • Google Chrome • Google Play 3 ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  4. 4. Why Google+ For Hotels Google+ aims to make your Hotel business social, across the web. There are three main areas that allows collaboration on Google+ to stand out: 1. Get found across Google Google are focusing on aggregating content through the Google Umbrella. Relevant posts, videos and photos will attract new customers. And it will also enhance the experience for existing customers. One of the reasons Hotels should have a presence on Google+ is so they can be found when the customer is most interested. 2. Get face-to-face with customers One very valuable functionality with Google+ is Hangout. Here you can invite up to 10 customers for a special video presentation. You can also stream and record this session for playback. ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger 4 Google+ For Hotels Introduction
  5. 5. 5 3. Make social accountable In the end of the day what matter for most Hotels is the ROI (Return Of Investment). a. Identify Influencers Google+ provide a nifty tool that allow you to identify who’s sharing and resharing your posts most often. Google+ Ripples visualizes sharing interaction data for your posts over time. This makes it easy to follow key influencers and learn what content is most compelling to your audience. b. Social Reports Google Analytics offers Social Reports that show how Google+ influences your conversion funnel, the impact of personalized recommendations on your site, and what visitors from social networks are coming to your site to see. Google+ For Hotels Introduction ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  6. 6. c. Listen to your fans Discover what is engaging your most loyal fans on Google+ through Search. Also search keywords, names, or anything else, and use your search results to better understand what people are saying about your Hotel. Add additional value to your customers by rewarding your customers. Collaborate and Network on topics that matters to them, When concern arise you will able to provide proper response in a timely manner, 6 Google+ For Hotels Introduction ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  7. 7. 7 Google+ For Hotels Social Network Security Social Network Security Security, Privacy and Brand Integrity are common concerns related to Social Networking. Some helpful tips: a. Use common Sense b. Develop Social Network Guidelines in collaboration with Team members c. Make sure Social Network account stay with Hotel d. Initiate a Social Network password strategy e. Monitor the Social Network conversation related to your Hotel f. Activate the 2-step verification process ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  8. 8. 8 Google+ For Hotels Google+ Profile Create a Hotel Google+ Profile When Google introduced Google+ they introduced some requirements to for creating a business presence on their Social Network. 1. You are required to create Google Account 2. You are required to create a Google+ Profile When create your Google Account you will also be required to set up a Gmail. This Gmail will be your Hotels username when you create a Google+ Profile. Since you will be creating a Google Account this will let access all of the programs under the Google Umbrella. ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  9. 9. Create your Hotels Google+ Business Page Start showing your Hospitality with Google+. Create a Google+ Page for your Hotel Brand, and Images that represent your brand. Provide a detailed description about your Hotel in the About section. Stage your Google+ Business Page for Hospitality. This will make it easier for customers to find you through Google+. Include your Hotel website at the About Section. 9 Google+ For Hotels Google+ Business Page ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  10. 10. Create a Google+ Page 1. Pick Category You will have 5 different categories to pick from. a. Local Business or Place Local Google+ pages are unique from other categories of pages because they have features that allow customers to easily connect with that business’s physical location. For example, local pages include a map of the business’s location and feature its address, phone number, and hours of operation. b. Product or Brand Here, you would enter your page name and website, and choose an applicable category, or you can simply choose Brand, Other, Product or Service. c. Company, Institution or Organization This category includes pages for companies, institutions, organizations and non-profits or similar entities. d. Arts, Entertainment or Sports Good fit for arts, entertainment and sports. e. Other If you don’t find a category that fits, then use this category temporary. 10 Google+ For Hotels Google+ Business Page ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  11. 11. 11 Google+ For Hotels Places For Business Places for Business Google has now also integrated Local into their Social Network. Places for Business allows you to integrate Google Local with Google+ Business Pages. Google Local provides the options for users to provide reviews on the Hotel Experience. Google lets customers use the Zagat review system when they review your Hotel. Combining Reviews with engagement is a very powerful way for Hotels to add new values to the Customer Experience. ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  12. 12. 12 Google+ For Hotels Google+ Strategy Google+ Strategy You should now have your Hotel established through the Google+ Channels. It is time to add some strategies that make your Hotel stand out on Google+. 1. Grow your Following When have your Hotel properly set up on Google+ it is time to tell your fans and customers. a. Share your Hotels Business Page b. Link to Hotel Business Page c. Add Google+ Page on Hotel blog/website d. Promote your Google+ Hotel Page offline e. Follow other Google+ Hotel / Brand pages f. Turn on Google+ Social Extension ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  13. 13. 13 Google+ For Hotels Google+ Strategy 2. Engage your following Commenting, sharing and posting on other’s Google+ Profile or Business Page will encourage your network to add your Hotel to their Circles. a) Post often b) Target your posts c) Use Images and Videos d) Participate on Hangouts e) Respond f) Ask g) Share unique content 3. Generate new leads Google+ Business Pages can be a magnet for lead generation with the proper strategies in place. a) Set posts to Public b) Encourage your fans and follower to +1 ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  14. 14. 14 Google+ For Hotels Google+ Strategy c) Thank your brand advocates d) Add Google+ Badge to your Hotel blog/website e) Add +1 Button to your Hotel blog/website 4. The Google+ Hangout Effect One of the most powerful tools with Google+ is Hangouts on Air. This is the new arena where you can provide information about upcoming specials, or launch a new product / service. 5. Be a thought leader Follow specialists in the Hospitality Industry. Engage and share your opinions on their profiles. Participate in Google+ Communities. ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  15. 15. 15 Google+ For Hotels Google+ Strategy 6. Connect with Team Members Employees can be very powerful advocates for your Hotel when you collaborate with them through Google+. Be responsible with the content Team Members share. Here it is important to have proper Social Network Guidelines and Strategies in place. 7. Training Google+ is a Social Network that is evolving and changing. It is important to stay on top of what is going on, and train your Team Members. Set up a specific Training Channel for your Hotels Google+ activity where you share tips, and organize special Hangout on Air seminars. ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  16. 16. 16 Google+ For Hotels Google+ Strategy 8. Reputation Management Your Hotel has to be responsible for measuring and monitoring content related to your Hotel on Google+. Two easy ways to measure Google+ posts is to View Ripples and use Google Analytics. Here you will find data that gives you valuable insight about the life cycles of content related to your Hotel. Proven Model for Collaboration Success 1. Establish your Hotels LinkedIn Presence 2. Attract Followers 3. Engage Followers 4. Amplify Through your Network 5. Analyze and Refine ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  17. 17. 17 Google+ For Hotels Hotel Collaboration Projects Contact Me Learn more through my Hotel Collaboration Projects how LinkedIn can turn prospects into customers. *NOTE* Contact me to learn more about How you can get a Free Google+ Assessment for your Hotel. Contact: Hotel Collaboration Projects Gmail: Email: Chat Google+: Hangout Skype: are.morch ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  18. 18. 18 Google+ For Hotels Network & Collaborate With Me Network & Collaborate With Me Blog: Are Morch - Hotel Blogger LinkedIn: Are Morch LinkedIn Company Page: Are Morch - Hotel Blogger Google+: Are Morch Google+ Page: Are Morch - Hotel Blogger Twitter: @AreMorch YouTube: Are Morch - Hotel Blogger FourSquare: Are Morch Facebook: Are Morch Facebook Page: Hotel Blogger Facebook Page: Hotel Marketing & Social Media Strategist Cheers.. Are Morch Are Morch - Hotel Blogger ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger