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This is a compilation of over 50 books found in most library on the topic of Love, Romance and Relationship

This is a compilation of over 50 books found in most library on the topic of Love, Romance and Relationship



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Artofdating Presentation Transcript

  • 1.
  • 2. Foreword Let’s demystify dating. Granted, that’s easier said than done. We are talking about many different dating couples here, each with their different temperaments, personalities, likes and dislikes and different needs. Some of us are already semi-experts at dating - having several meaningful relationships in the past and no shortage of friends from either gender. Perhaps we have not met the right person, or it was not the right timing. Whatever it was, we are now back on the dating scene and could use some revision on the art of dating. Others have always been shy and do not know there is a proliferation of books on dating on the shelves, offering advice and much needed tools. This booklet is a guide to dating and relationship resources available in the library and the Internet. While it might not directly tell you what to do, where to go or what to wear on a date, it points you to where the information is. Chances are, you will not have time to read over 50 books on dating – thus we have sifted through over a hundred books, to bring you reviews of over 60 books and articles, from which you could decide which are the most interesting for you, for your own perusal. Do we really know what our dates expect of us? Common sense is sometimes not so common after all. I mean, imagine a gentleman who goes on a movie date and decides to entertain his date with a running commentary of the movie. Not cool at all. Or a lady who expects her date to wait for her for at least half an hour every time they have a date, because, her rationale is, she wants to look good for him. Grooming is important, but so is time management. Give yourself sufficient time for grooming and still be punctual. Rather than see dating & relationship books as lists of dos and don’ts, use them as mirrors to see your blind spots and improve on areas where you feel there is a need to. Friends are sometimes too kind to tell you what’s wrong with you, or are too involved to see them. But if you want to have a better chance with that sporty guy you met sailing or that nice gal who works in the building next to your office, the next dating book you pick up may just have the solution. Thus, SDU and the NLB have collaborated to bring to you this neat little booklet - The Art of Dating: What men and women should know. Joycelyn Tay Librarian, NLB Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination. -- Voltaire
  • 3. Contents What Women Want 4 What Men Want 14 What Experts Say 24 Acknowledgements 47 Services Available at NLB 48 What is Fiction Advisory? 48
  • 4. You can call me a unicellular freelance matchmaker if you like. My ex- boyfriends are all happily married and my current group of single friends are getting attached to each other like Velcro. Like the case right now: a good-looking, stud muffin male friend of mine who is a promising young bank executive likes my girl friend, a charming, demure and modest medical officer. Let’s call him Kel (short for Kelvonminique). As for the lady under discussion... let’s think of a romantic name here... how about “Betty”? No, let’s call her Fay, short for Fayavanilla. Anyway, we have a typical BGR challenge here, or, to be more positive, a “potential match”. Kel likes Fay, but Fay doesn’t know that and Fay is very, very, very shy. So Kel, despite claims that he has a “charm button” that he can “switch on” to attract swarms of swooning gals - with a name like Kelvonminique, one must naturally be full of swaggerly bravado, not to mention hot air - humbly sought my advice on what I think Fay wants in a man. Thus began our first discussion on what women want men to know about dating... 3
  • 5. Love cannot endure indifference. It needs to be wanted. It has been wisely saidto be we cannot really love Like a lamp, it needs that fed out of the oil of anybody at whom we never laugh. another’s heart, or its flame burns low. -- Agnes Repplier --Henry Ward Beecher. What What What Men Women Want Want The loving are the daring. --Bayard Taylor.
  • 6. First of all, I told Kel, women love men who can make them laugh. Women may not necessarily want to marry a full-time comedian, but having similarities in what tickle them and some wit in conversation is attractive. “So, what’s considered witty?” Kel asked. I referred him to the book below: Women’s Wicked Wit: from jane austen to roseanne barr Author: [compiled by] Michelle Lovric Publisher: Chicago, Chicago Review Press, 2001 Call No.: English 305.4 WOM If you have watched the movie, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Women’s Wicked Wits” would have charmed you more on the various satirical remarks that women have on men. The book is a compendium of anecdotal quotes by the likes of Jane Austen, Oprah Winfrey, Carrie Fisher and Dorothy Parker. The book is organized into different categories such as “Women on Women” and “Women on Men”. With quotes like, “a man in the house is worth two in the street”, the book is a delightful read. Risible, delectable and derisive are the words that describe the book and expect no mercy when women have tongues on their target. Compiled by Michelle Lovric, author of New York Times bestseller, “Love Letters: An Anthology of Passion”, one would learn the meaning of relationships with of course, a literal twist. What Women Want
  • 7. Next, communication, sincerity, and similar interests are essential too. But most of all, it is about LOVE. It helps if the gentleman gives time to take interest in what she likes to read and pays attention to her shoes (if she likes shoes = 95.4682% of the female population, according to a number I just made up on the spot). It’s also advisable to find out what are some things men say or do that women regard as unforgivable. Some women are intellectually stimulated and some are “high in fashion quotient”, resulting in different priorities as well. Same Words, Different Language: how men and women misunderstand each other at work and what to do about it Author: Barbara Annis Publisher: Piatkus, 2003 Call No.: 306.7 ANN Since the beginning of time, communication is essential in any relationship regardless of whether it is in a personal, social or professional setting. A lack of understanding in communication is potential for chaos. Communication, seen on its own, is already a relatively complex issue given that everyone is different, each possessing his or her own set of ideas and prejudices. Here, Annis focuses at the common problems in communication between men and women, their differences in views and interpretations - same words but of a different language, gender conflicts and some effective ways of resolving these differences. The author accentuates issues that are often left “unattended” via real life examples and insights from both sexes. This is a useful text as it examines how men and women relate with practical advice on how to create a win- win situation in communication and relationships.
  • 8. The Power of Soul: living the twelve virtues Author: Robert Sardello Publisher: Hampton Roads, 2002 Call No.: 179.9 SAR People are often caught up with the buzz of everyday living and the materialistic aspects of life. Sardello attempts to bring across his ideas of life by bringing forth his twelve aspects of virtues: devotion, balance, faithfulness, selflessness, compassion, courtesy, equanimity, patience, truth, courage, discernment, and love. Broadly speaking, these virtues touch on the spiritual realm of an individual. Their presence strengthens the bond in any relationship - they not only enrich the soul but delight the heart with a richness that cannot be attained with external means. They fill up the emptiness of one’s being and are a source of alternative happiness. Although wealth and status are much sought after in today’s society, the author raises concern of the less tangible but no less important qualities which attract women and what they might like to see in their partner. Learn Her Secrets Author: Nicole Beland Source: Men’s Health, Emmaus, Dec 2005, Vol.20, Iss. 10, pg 142-143, Proquest database A good read for men who want to understand women. Though short, this article features the secrets of women in a nutshell. Know what to say so she melts each time you utter something. Be an expert in giving her compliments. Exercise caution when you reveal your secrets. Explore what women are like in the early relationship phase and how to bring her to the next level. Discover how she’ll consider you a rare find. What Women Want
  • 9. Hip Lit for Hip Chicks Author: Rebecca Vnuk Source: CA623004.html Stop being clueless about what she’s reading! This article provides a witty introduction to the world of “chick lit”, a relatively new genre in the ever-expanding universe of fiction. There’s a listing of the various sub-genres, eg. Bride Lit, Workplace tell-all, and also links to other web resources. Your newfound knowledge will not only show her that you respect her reading choices, but also provide valuable insights to the workings of the modern female psyche. You Know He’s A Keeper... You Know He’s A Loser... Author: Linda Lee Small & Norine Dworkin Publisher: New York, Perigee, 2003 Call No.: 306.7 YOU Lee Small and Dworkin have compiled anecdotes from women about the men, guys, and boys they are dating and used to date. Categorized into Keepers and Losers, the ladies mention what they love about their men and what are some of the pet peeves and unbelievable things that their men had done or said to them. Ladies, if you have that special someone, read this book to cherish him more. For those who are still looking for that certain someone, read on just for laughs. Or read it as a guide to stay far, far away from the losers. You’ve been warned!
  • 10. Why Men Don’t Have A Clue And Women Always Need More Shoes: the ultimate guide to the opposite sex Author: Allan and Barbara Pease Publisher: New York, Broadway Books, 2004 Call No.: 305.3 PEA Consider this: “A woman needs to know but one man well to understand all men, whereas a man may know all women and not understand one of them” - sounds thought- provoking? Or are you still as clueless? Complemented with studies of social changes, sciences and psychology, research and survey findings, this book examines the unique characteristics innate in both sexes and dishes out pointers to most frequently asked questions and observations like the seven things men do that drive women insane, from habits of switching between TV channels to fussing about going shopping and engaging in detailed conversations. Find out how to decode women’s secret ways with words in what she says versus what she really means and wants. Here is a guide to understanding your partner’s perceptions and thinking, managing communication conflicts, getting along better and making the most of your relationships. The Boyfriend Test: how to evaluate his potential before you lose your heart Author: Wendy L. Walsh Publisher: New York, Three Rivers Press, 2001 Call No.: 646.77 WAL What do women look for in a man? Take your cue from this light-hearted and insightful read. Peppered with reflective questions and scorecards with rating results, this manual guides you to find the right man, provides dating advice and cautions the pitfalls as “A love affair is a delicate What Women Want balancing act between a person’s needs and wants...” Get engaged in each of the three sections in “Test yourself” on your personality, priorities and in “designing” your ideal candidate profile; “Test him” in assessing the various aspects of his behavior; and conclude with “A couple’s report card” to show the way to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Find out what you are looking for in your potential Mr. Right and judge for yourself if the interpretations ring true.
  • 11. Single Picky Girl: a collection of columns Author: Wong, Janice Publisher: Singapore, Horizon Books, 2005 Call No.: SING 306.7095957 WON Janice Wong, the cover girl of her own book, is the single 28-year-old author and is all proud of it. Through her collection of published columns in the local dailies, you get a peep into the dating mentality of today’s Singapore modern girls. For all you male readers out there, whether you end up more optimistic or pessimistic after reading her objective, sensible views about Singapore men and the local dating scene, I leave it to your better judgement. Her writing is fluid, simple and the context is contemporary and close to home. And if you are one who does not compromise for love, you have found yourself a companion in Janice. Girl Next Door: everything you ever wanted to know about women but didn’t dare ask Author: Nicole Beland Publisher: London, Rodale Ltd, 2003 Call No.: 306.7 BEL Beland, a recognized expert for men and a columnist in Men’s Health magazine, selects universal questions from her columns, including those private and specific but pertinent questions. A no-nonsense approach to all men’s questions about a woman, from a girl who doesn’t hold back when it comes to talking about sex and dating but who still wants the same loving, trusting relationship with a fellow - and eventually marriage and kids. For instance, she answers questions like “Why do women buy so many shoes?”, “What’s the single most effective thing I can do to increase my sex appeal?” and many more. Interspersed throughout the book are related statistics, survey results and discussion - an eye opener!
  • 12. . How to Meet Men as Smart as You Author: Sandee Brawarsky Publisher: New York, Simon & Schuster, c1994 Call No.: 646.77 BRA Single and having a problem meeting men with similar interests? Try this survival guide that suggests you can meet like-minded men at places such as churches, sporting events, theatres etc, where people gather for an obvious cause. Pick up tips on striking up intelligent conversations when you find the right man. Maximise your chances in finding men who match your interests, and are as smart and attractive to boot. You need never spend your weekends alone again! What Women Want From Men, Dating and Relationships Author: Toni Coleman Source: WomenWant.htm Written by president of Consum-mate Relationship Coaching, the 5-page article contains the summary of a group discussion with ladies in their 20s and 30s on what women want from men. For instance, on the attributes of men who are attractive, sense of humour and intelligence, critical components in friendship and compatibility, are top of the list. Some attributes, like being positive, mature and loving are more important to women in their 30s. Among the 20s, adjectives like clean cut, polished, very confident and with a certain style of dress - were used to describe Mr. Right, placing a greater emphasis on looks and a need for excitement. All wanted their man to be assertive, ambitious, able to earn a good living, and have good sexual (and overall) chemistry with the partner. All agreed that they would not choose a partner who was lacking in ambition and/or who was egotistical and (most What Women Want likely) unable to be the other half of a giving and supportive union. Log on for quick tips on “How to get the girl” and “The best pickup line”!
  • 13. Top 10 Traits Of a Great Boyfriend Author: Eric Heston Source: php What better way to figure out what women want for dating than to find out what makes a great boyfriend? Having reviewed the article and discussed it with a group of girlfriends, we concur with the findings! Play It Again, Sam (Movie review) Director: Herbert Ross Starring: Woody Allen and Diane Keaton Year: 1972 Fans of Arthouse films will enjoy this romantic comedy, written by Woody Allen in 1969, originally for Broadway. Woody Allen plays Allan Felix, a film critic whose wife decides to leave him because she has had enough of watching movies every time they are together - she’s an extrovert while he’s an introvert, and a neurotic one at that who needs doses of aspirins and visits his psychotherapist. Married couple Dick and Linda try to matchmake Allan with a ghostly Humphrey Bogart who comes in every now and then, teaching Allan a thing or two about women. Expect intelligent and witty dialogue from the movie. And perhaps the guys could get a few do-not-ever-try-this-on-a-date tips from Allan. Note: Also available in book Play It Again, Sam Woody Allen 812.54 ALL
  • 14. Love is an attempt to change a piece of a dream world into reality. -- Theodor Reik This is one of the miracles of love: It gives…a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted. -- C S Lewis What Women Want
  • 15. Love cannot endure indifference. It needs to be wanted. Like a lamp, it needs to be fed out of the oil of another’s heart, or its flame burns low. -- Henry Ward Beecher What Men Want The loving are the daring. -- Bayard Taylor 14
  • 16. We started with many group dates - at least three times a week - to ensure that Kel and Fay are spending most of their evenings together, leaving little room for competitors to make advances. Kel had a lot of encouragement from me. I confess to a secret agenda for the encouragements - they need to get together soon so that all their special “group date” friends can get on with their lives. After that, I’ll stick around to reinforce the need to get married and procreate soon so that I can koo-chee (colloquial English for “tickle”) their baby. After a few weeks, I was dispatched by Kel to find out if “feelings” are mutual. Lovely. Fay noticed they were spending a lot of time together lately and suspected he might be showing exceptional interest. Brilliant deduction! But she is very new to the dating scene and she wants him to be sure. (Important notice to men who want to know what the lady wants: She wants him to be sure.) Why Men Won’t Commit: how to get what you (both) want without playing games Author: George Weinberg, Ph.D. Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK Ltd, 2003 Call No.: Eng 306.7 WEI You may be attractive, capable, articulate and ready to love. Your instinct is saying that this man is great for you only to realize later on that he is not going to take another step forward. Sounds familiar? This book provides almost a diagnostic approach to the scenario painted above. Far from being a book that punches theories from page to page, this 213-paged book is interspersed with real life experiences and anecdotes that will make you look up and say “that sounds familiar to me”. What Men Want 15
  • 17. Fay didn’t ask me what men want. Maybe she already knew. Or maybe she knows that I don’t know. She embodies what men like Kel and a few million others want. By the way, she’s a mad fan of Jane Austen. Maybe singles like myself can get some help from Austen’s shrewd observation of human nature and killer wit. Pride and Prejudice Author: Austen, Jane Publisher: Penguin, London, 1996 Call No.: English AUS Many of Jane Austen’s books carry some practical advice on relationships, but Pride and Prejudice more so because we have here the Bennet family with five daughters. Consider chapter one, verse one of the book: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife.” The question is, what does this single man want from the woman he dates? From Jane, we know that it is universally true that men prefer women who are good-lookers, well-groomed, demure and well-bred. From Elizabeth, we learn that intelligence, practical wisdom and self-confidence are attractive to powerful men and from Lydia, we can conclude that shameless flirting and behaving in a disgraceful way can still get you the man, but usually the not-so-fresh eggs. Some marry for money, others for status, yet others for comfort. Nevertheless, the best reason to marry is still for love. This is true in the past and still stands true today. Fay’s new to the dating scene with absolutely no brothers at home. (I was from a co-ed and have five brothers - although I still don’t understand the Martians, I had a brief sojourn on the planet.) She is absolutely content being gorgeously single. So what one has to do is to convince her that 1+1 is not = “trouble”, but 1+1 = twice the FUN! 16
  • 18. What There is to Love about a Man Author: Snyder Rachel Publisher: Naperville, Ill.,Sourcebooks, 1999 Call No.: 305.31 SNY A wonderful sizzling book that scrutinizes a man from head to toe, inside-out literally. Reading it is the next best way to understand a man without being one. The intriguing, mysterious man is “dissected” into 195 parts under the operation table. Even the men stand to benefit from this simple, uncluttered collection of masculine celebration. Truly a book about re-discovery of the attributes of men. Men Like Women Who Like Themselves Author: Steven Carter & Julia Sokol Publisher: New York, Delacorte Press, 1996 Call No.: Eng 158.2 CAR Relationship experts, Carter and Sokol, dish the real and non-romantic truths of how women should be, and what men like in women. Readers will be surprised to know that a woman just needs to get to know herself well, in order to get men to like her. Smart women already know this and now it’s time to pass that wisdom and knowledge to other women so that they can take on the dating scene well prepared. Categorised into two stages, “Getting to Know You” and “Getting Closer”, this book provides numerous statements a smart woman knows and knows not to do at each stage. An anecdote accompanies each statement, thus reinforcing it. The smartest woman read this book. What Men Want 17
  • 19. A Modern Girl’s Guide To Dynamic Dating Author: Sarah Ivens Publisher: London, Piatkus, 2003 Call No.: Eng 306.73 IVE Get dating advice from the modern dating guru, Sarah Ivens. Every dating tip, disaster, success, you name it; Ivens has them all down in this dating bible. She talks about dating not in terms of romantic ideas or naïve idealism but with realistic mathematics. Her sincere take on dating and relationships makes this book a darn good read. What to do? How to do? Where to do? It seems that Ivens has seen dating through the eyes of men and now she’s telling the girls how to take on the men and the dating scene. An essential read for the modern girls out there! Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others: the fascinating research to land you the man of your dreams Author: John T. Molloy Publisher: New York, Warner Books, c2003 Call No.: 646.77 MOL The author, a sought-after speaker and image consultant, agreed to try to help his research staff figure out her relationship problem: why does a man, after dating a woman for two to three years, marry another woman within a year or two of breaking up with the first woman? Starting with interviews of couples coming out of marriage license bureaus, the research was expanded and resulted in this book of ‘statistical’ truths. Includes an excellent chapter on ‘Marrying After Forty’ which offers simple gems of wisdom for the older singles who wish to marry. Are all the good ones taken? Find out how to develop forty-plus relationships. A research-based book written in a clear and entertaining style. 18
  • 20. Looking for Mr. Right Author: Bradley Trevor Greive Publisher: Kansas City, Andrews McMeel, c2001 Call No.: 818.5402 GRE (Source: Have you been tearing your hair out looking for Mr Right, as the cover photograph suggests? Then pick up this book and enjoy its witty and superbly illustrated observations and advice. Does anyone know what men are really like? What is a woman to do today to find the man who will be right for her? Too busy or too tired to read? No worries - every one of the retro photographs that accompanies the text will provide endless entertainment by itself! What Could He Be Thinking? Author: Michael Gurian Publisher: London, Element, 2004 Call No.: 305.31 GUR We all know that men and women’s brains are wired differently. Ladies, get an edge up on understanding the romantic behaviour of men by learning how to interpret the signals men send out about their needs and expectations; the link between romance and sex; and how practising intimate separateness can achieve good results. Enjoy an A-star partnership with your man! What Men Want 19
  • 21. Closing the Deal : two married guys take you from single miss to wedded bliss Author: Richard Kirshenbaum & Daniel Rosenberg Publisher: New York, W. Morrow, 2005 Call No.: English 646.77 KIR Time is ticking away and you are chewing your fingernails off waiting for him to pop the question. “What if he doesn’t?” you ask yourself. Here’s where this book comes in handy. From the viewpoints of two men who had gone on bended knees and the feedback they received from average Joes (not to mention being “consultants” to female friends), they hope to allay females’ fears by showing them the inside of men’s minds. Kirshenbaum & Rosenberg emphasize the need for a female to understand what a man thinks about the relationship, marriage and commitment so that she can formulate a Marriage Marketing Plan. Yes! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The authors liken getting your man to pop the question to a marketing plan. Basically, you need to understand your target audience (a.k.a. your man), know the needs and wants, and market your strategic advantage (which are your assets) to your audience. Written in a witty manner, this book helps you to decide if he is THE ONE and guides you in developing the Marriage Marketing Plan so that you can close the deal (in other words, have an everlasting and fulfilling marriage). Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say: destroying myths, creating love Author: Warren Farrell. Publisher: New York, Jeremy Tarcher, 2000, c1999 Call No.: 306.7 FAR Are men the much misunderstood gender? Farrell thinks so and he wants the world to agree with him. This book addresses male-hating, myths and stereotypes regarding male power based on analysis of how men are being portrayed in the media. Author of three other bestsellers, Farrell is a man well-recognized for his evenhandedness when dealing with issues of both genders. He presents a 20
  • 22. new perspective of viewing the male/female roles and suggests that miscommunication ruins relationships. For instance, he offers a list of more than 50 kinds of “male housework” that usually go unappreciated to counter-balance the notion that responsibility for housework is a woman’s domain. So avoid seeing men in a misplaced perspective and start loving him from this minute. While I Am Not Afraid: secrets of a man’s heart Author: Peter Clothier Publisher: Santa Fe, InWord Press, c1998 Call No.: 305.32 CLO Clothier - a man in crisis - writes about his unexpressed emotions, delayed dreams and brutal self-examination, a rare glimpse into the heart of a man filled with love and hope, pain and finally, release. All these written to help other men face and share their deepest selves with each other and with women. It also talks about men who equate strength with steely inflexibility - the myth of masculine strength and imperviousness to feelings. Clothier welcomes woman readers to this book as he suspects that women are curious about men’s feelings, and many are trying to find their way into the hearts and souls of their men - be it their husbands, lovers, partners or sons. The Unfair Sex - the expose of the human male for women of all ages Author: Nina Farewell Publisher: Cambridge, Icon, 2004 Call No.: 306.70207 FAR What Men Want Originally written in the 1950s, this timeless guide to the battle of the sexes is still as applicable in the context of today’s dating circles. Not only does it expose the store of techniques, devices and ploys a man uses to obtain what he wants from unsuspecting ladies, it actually provides 21
  • 23. the countermeasures that women can take to triumph over the men! This bold and witty volume is essential reading for women who want to learn how to get all they want, without giving men the one thing that they want - her virtue. What Men Want: three professional single men reveal to women what it takes to make a man yours Author: Bradley Gerstman, Christopher Pizzo and Richard M. Seldes Publisher: New York, Cliff Street Books, 2000, c1998 Call No.: 305.389652 GER The authors - a lawyer, a doctor, and an accountant, keep referring to themselves as “professionals” ad nauseum throughout the book that you wonder whether they are more into self-glorification or trying to dish out some good advice on the dating and romance circuit. What comes off, from a cursory reading of the book, is that they are given to offering pithy lines such as wanting women who: are attentive to them, are smart but not brainy, are given to wearing sexy underwear, offer but don’t insist on sharing the cost of a date, and won’t have sex until the fifth date - sigh! Ladies out there, if you want to know the lower end of the full spectrum of the requisites male species look for in the fairer sex, then read on (if only to avoid such blokes!) Hear It for The Boys Author: Elise Soukup Source: Newsweek, New York, Feb 16, 2004, Vol. 143, Iss. 7, p. 10, Proquest database Like chick flicks and pink nail polish, Valentine’s Day is for girls. And yet men get dragged into it each year. On average, men spend $112 per gift on Valentine’s - 25% more than women. 22
  • 24. So do men dread it while women adore it? Do you know that men are in fact more ‘romantic’ than you might think - 54% of men thought it unforgivable to forget this day compared to 36% of women. Check out more interesting survey bits and bytes published in this article. Top 10 Traits Of A Great Girlfriend Author: Jonathan Carlson Source: 60/74b_dating_list.html Although the top ten traits are summarised here, check out the article on the website for full details. Find out the reasons the man gives for why these traits are important to him, and how they manifest in an ideal girlfriend. Written with sensitivity, yet with a slightly old-fashioned charm, the argument in this article is easy to agree with. Here goes the top ten: She makes you want to be a better man, loves you, gets along with friends and family, does not nag, lets you be a man, respects you, is beautiful, sexual, intelligent and independent. What Men Want 23
  • 25. We can only learn to love by loving. -- Iris Murdoch What Experts Say Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. -- William Shakespeare Love is friendship set to music. -- E. Joseph Crossmann 24
  • 26. We should expect the experts to say different things, occasionally even contradicting each other. But after reading through these reviews, common themes emerge.. Firstly, there is the theme of self-awareness and self-love (but not to the extent of narcissism or self-centredness). Discard or manage your emotional baggage. When you are ready to date, break out of your social comfort zone but be wary of dating disasters – learn to avoid certain types of dates and situations. Next, if you are not one for traditional dating, try online dating. It opens you up to a whole new world out there of mostly….men! Pick up some “date lines” (as opposed to ‘pick-up’ lines) and start on the right foot by practising effective communication techniques. Remember, to get love, be love. When you are a couple, continue to keep the relationship alive. Work at it because a relationship is dynamic - filled with possibilities and potential. Add sizzle to your relationship, keep the flame burning! Sometimes break-ups happen. Remember that a break-up does not mean failure – it merely means that you have successfully found out, via the very useful process of dating, who is not suitable for you at this point of your life. Finally, when you are ready to get hitched, be ready. Work through the issues that will inevitably come up in your life together. The following reviews take you through what the experts say about the five aspects of dating: Step 1: Where to find dates (avenues and etiquettes) Step 2: How to flirt (what to say on dates) Step 3: How to fall in love and how to kiss (physical and metaphysical aspects) Step 4: How to stay in love OR stay positive after a break-up What Experts Say (go back to Step 1) Step 5: How to say goodbye to dating and hello to together forever… (commitment & marriage) 25
  • 27. What happened to Kel and Fay? They are still on the brink of discovering each other, you may say. Fay’s taken the initiative of calling Kel up once in a while, so that he doesn’t have to do all the work all the time. They haven’t started one-to-one dating yet, so like you and I, they’ll do well to keep this neat little booklet... Act One: The Setting or Where to Find a Date Let’s start with a book that has been picked by both a female AND and a male librarian… Dating Boot Camp: conquering the dating obstacle course Author: Lisa Altalida Publisher: Indianapolis, IN, Alpha, 2004 Call No.: 646.77 ALT Lisa breaks down the reasons why women are unsuccessful in the dating scene and explains how women should forget whatever they know and be transformed into empowered women who have control over their lives by following the rules of Dating Boot Camp. Are you insecure when it comes to dating because of past failures? Put behind your past failures and get rid of the emotional baggage. Dating boot camp is a helpful guide to build lasting relationships or for starting one. Of course, the dating scene isn’t exactly a real war zone but it doesn’t hurt for women to be fully equipped to handle a few nasty knocks and emerge unscathed or better still with more firepower to spare. So enrol yourself in this dating boot camp if you want to have the ultimate dating advantage. Only then can you declare to be an equal and speak the same lingo to your male counterparts who had undergone their basic military training. Presented in a delightfully easy to read way (remember “The Teenage 26
  • 28. Textbook?”), Dating Boot Camp is your “Lonely Planet Guide” to help you navigate out of those dating dilemmas and build new skills. If your relationships have always ended up nowhere, it’s time to examine if you have been doing yourself a disservice: self sabotage. And if you are serious that your relationship would lead to a marriage, check out each other’s commitment-o-meter at the onset. Always Talk to Strangers: 3 simple steps to finding the love of your life Author: David Wygant with Bryan Swerling Publisher: New York, Perigee, 2005 Call No.: 646.77 WYG Wygant & Swerling believe that by getting a good grounding through mental and physical self-awareness, you are ready to begin your search for someone to share your life with. This book guides you from the start to the end - from approaching someone you fancy, to starting a conversation and beyond. Some tips: always be charming and approachable; always talk to strangers; and know your dating dos and don’ts. The Rules for Online Dating : capturing the heart of mr right in cyberspace Author: Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider Publisher: New York, Pocket Books, c2002 Call No.: 646.77 FEI Say goodbye to traditional dating and meet men on the Internet. Get familiar with the rules of online dating – writing effective ads, answering emails, filtering the ‘good What Experts Say guys from the bad’, setting boundaries, setting first dates, evaluating quality of the online relationship etc. Become an expert in the use of electronic communication and be on your way to successful internet dating to develop a healthy relationship based on a solid foundation of mutual attraction, respect and trust. 27
  • 29. It’s Just Lunch! Guide to Dating in Singapore Author: Anisa Hassan & the dating experts at It’s Just Lunch Publisher: Wellington, Fla., 10 Fingers Press, c2005 Call No.: SING 646.77095957 ANI Compiled by the dating experts at It’s Just Lunch (a local dating service targeted at busy, working professionals), this slim guidebook demystifies the dating process, provides dating tips for both men and women, and also contains a current listing of various date-related venues in Singapore, e.g. Five Best Places to Boost Your Ego. The entire cycle of dating is covered, from methods and places to increase your dating possibilities, to flirting and the big day itself, and finally (hopefully!) consecutive dates and coupledom. So if you’re looking for a simple and straightforward boost to your dating prowess, check out this guide. Dating Disasters: 101 bad ideas Author: Warwick, Anna Publisher: Frenchs Forest, N.S.W., London, New Holland, 2004 Call No.: 306.73 WAR This is a hysterical compilation of true bad-date stories. What better way to come to terms with your own tragic dating experiences than laughing at those of fellow ‘daters’? Once you’re through with this book, you’re guaranteed to feel much better, realizing that you are not alone in the intriguing yet oft- frustrating world of dating… 28
  • 30. Dating Disasters and How to Avoid Them Author: Joy Browne Pub: Carlsbad, Calif., Hay House, c2005 Call No.: 646.77 BRO This book covers both dating disastrous guys and disasters that may occur during the date/dating process. Dr Browne, a radio psychologist, identifies the types of guys one shouldn’t even consider dating (like The Separated-but- Still-Married Guy, The Manic-Depressive or The Mama’s Boy) and how to spot them. Following that, Dr Brown moves on to describe potential date-killers, eg. Personal hygiene (lack of), Uncomfortable clothing etc. Finally, she ends with her “Disastrous Dating Commandments”, in which she defines several dangerous date attitudes that a woman could adopt, like to Believe in Soul Mates and Love at First Sight or to Assume That Sex Means Anything. Though seemingly written more for women, Dating Disasters is definitely applicable to men, as a manual for self- improvement! Love Busters Author: Rhea Seymour. Chatelaine (English edition), Toronto, Nov 2005, Vol.78, Iss. 11, pg 111, Proquest database Dating makeovers are what women need when they fail in their dating relationships. Learn from the common mistakes women make. Get advice on how to interact with men to save yourself from disappointments. The expert help here will guide you on how to open up to a relationship and reach a stage where you feel comfortable with your date. What Experts Say 29
  • 31. Act Two: What to Say and How to Say It On a Date I like not only to be loved, but to be told that I am loved. -- George Elliot Love is too strong a word to say it too early, but it has too beautiful a meaning to say it too late. -- Kurt Cornish The Street Guide to Flirting Author: Andrew Bryant & Michelle Lia Lewis Publisher: Crows Nest, N.S.W., Allen & Unwin, 2003 Call No.: 306.7 BRY You must have noticed, at some time or another, a particular individual who seems to attract the attention of everyone around him or her. What’s even more annoying is that these attractive individuals may not necessarily be the best-looking specimens around! So what’s their secret? In this interactive and entertaining ‘instructional piece’, two experts reveal their secrets and tips garnered from a lifetime of flirting experiences to help you become a remarkable being skilled in the fine art of flirtation. Date Lines Author: Nina Atwood Publisher: New York, Henry Holt, 1998 Call No.: 646.77 ATW Meet your Mr. Right and keep the relationship going great with the right communication skills. In this book, Atwood focuses on the process of dating, selecting Mr. Right and getting into a healthy relationship through the right communication channels. Explore how you can transform encounters into lasting relationships with the way you relate to men. 30
  • 32. Come-ons, Comebacks, and Kiss-offs: date lines every woman needs to survive her search for the holy male Author: Jeanne Martinet Publisher: New York, St. Martin’s Griffin, 1997 Call No.: 646.77 MAR Are you looking for the right lines to say while on a date? Martinet has a comprehensive list of useful date lines to suit a variety of events. Pick up the techniques and be an expert in overcoming awkward silences. Recognize and handle rejections. When your relationship goes exclusive, learn what to say. Act Three: How to Fall in Love and How to Kiss OR do you really need help here? You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in a spirit of love. -- Henry Drummond Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. -- Mark Twain Falling in Love for All the Right Reasons: how to find your soul mate Author: Warren, Neil Clark What Experts Say Publisher: New York, Center Street, 2005 Call No.: 646.77 WAR A must-read for all singles. A crucial list of twenty-nine dimensions that predict relationship success are discussed in this book. Dr Warren has compiled a list of ‘must haves’ and ‘can’t stands’ to pick from. He emphasizes 31
  • 33. the importance of establishing a personalised list and finding that somebody who harmonizes with you in those areas. By doing so, you will not only find your soul mate but also save yourself from future conflicts. Making it work is not just about having matching traits but how you can work together and stay compatible. This will facilitate a long-lasting relationship with your partner. Love at First Sight: the stories and science behind instant attraction Author: Earl Naumann Publisher: Naperville, Ill., Casablanca Press, c2001 Call No.: 306.7 NAU Naumann surveyed nearly 1500 people for this primary research on the little-studied phenomenon of love at first sight. While the general consensus among experts is that ‘lust’ at first sight is more likely the culprit, this book did unearth some startling findings. The result is that the differences between men and women who believe in love at first sight and had experienced it are statistically significant. Without doubt, love at first sight is a far more common experience than many experts would have us believe. Fearless Loving Author: Rhonda Britten Publisher: London, Hodder Headline, 2003 Call No.: Eng 306.7 BRI Britten’s eight simple truths talk about how fear can prevent you from being in love and getting the love that you want. Anyone who is in love, out of love, or even not in love can relate to this book as Britten addresses the issue of fear that might prevent a couple from getting the love they yearn for out of the relationship. The concept that she introduces is simple, “to get love, be love”. Discover ways to make clearer decisions and necessary actions after reading each truth. They will definitely change the way you date, mate and relate. 32
  • 34. The Art Of Kissing Author: William Cane Publisher: New York, St. Martin’s Griffin, 2005 Call No.: English 394 CAN [CUS] Mama Mia! Tantalizing, sensual, delicious lip-locking techniques that will send your blood to boiling point. Sharing your first kiss? Spicing up your long-term relationship? Feeling adventurous? Let Cane take you through 28 different ways of kissing, with detailed step- by-step instructions on “How To” and kissing tips. With kissing names like “Lip-O-Suction”, Role-playing kiss, Electric kiss and Upside down kiss, who can resist the temptation to pick up this book...? However, kissing is much more than an act of passion. It is also an expression of love and affection. Romance your partner with heart-stopping tender kisses like the Eskimo kiss, Neck kiss and Triangle kiss. The Yoga of Love: 11 principles for bringing love into your relationship Author: Vikas Malkani Publisher: Singapore, Times Editions-Marshall Cavendish, c2005 Call No.: 306.7 MAL “We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence and its only end,” so writes the author. If there is no continuous deepening of knowledge of the self and of others in a relationship, then it ceases to be a fruitful relationship and merely becomes a comfortable sleep. All growth and transformation begins with the awareness that a relationship is not simply to make one comfortable but rather to make one grow. A good relationship is very much about the potential that What Experts Say exists within it in every moment. A thought-provoking read. 33
  • 35. The Secrets of Sexual Body Language Author: Martin Lloyd-Elliott Publisher: London, Hamlyn, 2005 Call No.: 153.69 LLO Not sure what sexy signals you’re sending out or subconsciously receiving from another person? Well, this exciting book will show you how to read these incoming signals from others and ascertain what outgoing signs you’re simultaneously emanating! Packed with practical tips and intriguing what-to-dos, The Secrets of Sexual Body Language will provide advice on how to improve communication, enhance your most desirable physical assets, and ultimately, understand the differences between men and women when it comes to sex. Mars and Venus on a Date: 5 steps to success in love and romance Author: Gray, John Publisher: London, Vermilion, 1997 Call No.: 646.77 GRA Here is a perfect dating guide for singles and the key to make dating an enjoyable experience. Explore the truth about different styles of dating that men and women take on and interpret your date better. Become skilled at responding in ways that will not be misunderstood. Get introduced to the five stages of dating and these new approaches to dating will smoothen your dating experiences. 34
  • 36. Act Four: How to Stay In Love OR be In Between Partners In Style Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction. -- Antoine de Saint-Exupery Find the person who will love you because of your differences and not in spite of them and you have found a lover for life. -- Leo Buscaglia Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. -- St. Augustine The Play Solution: how to put the fun and excitement back into your relationship Author: Jeanette C Lauer Publisher: Chicago, Contemporary Books, c2003 Call No.: 305.3 LAU We have heard the adage “If it hurts, it ain’t love.” But if one has to keep working at a relationship to the point that it becomes nothing but work, it loses its essence. To get back into the love mode and build a lasting and fulfilling relationship demands a measure of play. This book offers many creative, engaging ideas and exercises to add sizzle to one’s relationship. Simply put, it costs very little effort to stimulate play in a relationship when opportunities for play abound. Keep this in mind: the couple that plays together, stays together longer. What Experts Say 35
  • 37. Truly Mars & Venus: the illustrated essential men are from mars, women are from venus Author: Gray, John Publisher: New York, N.Y., HarperCollins Publishers, c2003 Call No.: 306.7 GRA If you have read the first edition of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, this book would delight you further. As the title suggests, this book details the inherent differences between men and women and guides the reader in conscientiously working through these to make a relationship successful. Written in common parlance, it is filled with comics, tableaus, and literally, colour pages that would entice you to finish the book in a sitting. Lovers’ Wit Author: [compiled by] Des MacHale Publisher: London, Prion, 2005 Call No.: 306.7 LOV Tired of the usual ramblings of love and soupy stories? This book would definitely engage you with original quotes and classic one-liners from a rich variety of humorists, writers, actors, politicians and musicians. It allows one to reflect on the meaning of love through its amusing witticisms. The book includes a handy and comprehensive index page of authors for readers to scour for their favourite personalities and opinions. 36
  • 38. Why Men Can Only Do One Thing at a Time…and Women Never Stop Talking Author: Allan & Barbara Pease Publisher: Buderim, Qld.. Pease International, 2003 Call No.: English 305.3 PEA From the internationally renowned relationship experts Allan and Barbara Pease, comes a book that touches on matters about men that boggle females’ minds and vice versa. The authors hope to create couples’ awareness of the differences between men and women and the causes to get on to a smoother journey in love. Love’s Energy: how to stay in love Author: John Hamwee Publisher: London, Frances Lincoln, 2001 Call No.: 306.7 HAM What exactly is the “chemistry” evident in couples who are in love? How is this interaction created and sustained? According to Love’s Energy, each person has an interconnected system of energy streams that flows through the body, and this energy is the force behind how a person creates, enlivens or destroys relationships. Therefore, this energy can be effectively harnessed to deepen the love between couples, as well as cope with existing conflicts or future separations. What Experts Say 37
  • 39. 50 Ways to Find True Love Author: Chuck Spezzano Publisher: London, Hodder and Stoughton, 2001 Call No.: 306.7 SPE What is true love? Finding true love and learning the lessons required to nurture and foster this love can bring fulfillment, leading to successful relationships and a successful life. Through the exercises at the end of each chapter learn to recognise and understand your own motivations to discover what you really want from a partner. Learn also about love, intimacy, forgiveness and letting go in order to sustain and develop a lasting relationship. Readers will find this book simple and inspiring to read and it has definite appeal to those beyond the” starry–eyed” phase. I Love You but Why are We so Different Author: Tim Lahaye Publisher: Singapore, Campus Crusade Asia, c2002 Call No.: 248.844 LAH A firm believer that opposites attract, Lahaye reveals that in all his years in counseling, he has never seen two people of the same temperament get married. He lets on that people who think they are married to a mate of the same temperament, either do not understand the temperaments, have made an improper diagnosis or have forgotten that all of us have at least two temperaments. Read this book to understand the 4 temperaments and learn what it takes to build a strong marriage of love and understanding that will last a lifetime. 38
  • 40. The Between Boyfriends Book Author: Cindy Chupack Publisher: London, Orion Media, 2003 Call No.: 306.73 CHU This is one appealing book written by award-winning writer for Sex and the City, Cindy Chupack, who at the time of writing, was in her mid-thirties, a successful, independent yet available lady who has a healthy mix of single and married friends. While the honesty with which she admits she wants to get married and have children one day, and recounts her dating disasters, is touching, one does not get the sense that she’s willing to settle for anything less than love. Or that she is desperate. The book itself is scintillatingly clothed in a red velvety cover, resulting in “touchability” - you would want to caress it lovingly. And the title “The Between Boyfriends Book” is embossed discreetly in golden, so that men will know you’re available when you read it in public, as suggested by the back cover. Most importantly, the title is empowering. Having no boyfriend (or girlfriend for the matter) is a fact. But it’s up to you to believe whether you are “Ms. Lonely” or the equally true but more exuberant “I’m between boyfriends”. “It doesn’t last forever. It only seems like forever.” – Cindy Chupack The Girl’s Guide to Surviving a Break-up Author: Delphine Hirsh Publisher: Australia, Griffin Press, 2003 Call No.: 306.7 HIR When is a break-up, a break-up? Hirsh starts with a quiz for the reader to check if they had just experienced a break-up. For those who answered yes to all the questions, What Experts Say Hirsh brings them on a step-by-step journey to getting over him (the loser!) and gaining your self-worth (it’s his loss!). The book is segmented into stages and tells readers how to deal with each stage. This is the book to read to 1) really find out how to cope with a break-up or 2) cheer oneself up. A hilarious and honest look at break-ups and how women should deal with it. 39
  • 41. Can Love Last? the fate of romance over time Author: Stephen A. Mitchell Publisher: New York, W.W. Norton, c2002 Call No.: 306.7 MIT For those inclined towards a more philosophical treatment of romance, this will be right up your alley. With more than thirty years of clinical experience under his belt, coupled with his immense knowledge of popular culture, Mitchell attempts to challenge the conventional belief that ‘Love is fragile and volatile’ by advising us to be more aware of our subconscious self-destructive methods. This Is How Love Works: 9 essential secrets you need to know Author: Steven Carter Publisher: New York, M. Evans and Co., c2001 Call No.: 306.7 CAR Awareness is key, and this book is all about that. The tools needed to develop a strong, healthy, happy and buoyant relationship can be found in this remarkable piece of work. Contrary to what you might anticipate about the ‘9 Essential Secrets’, they are in fact simple, yet effective ways towards creating a lasting and loving partnership. Read it and you will realize that you’re already putting some of these tools to work in your daily life…the only thing is, you might not fully comprehend WHY you are doing it. Find your answers here. 40
  • 42. The DNA of Relationships Author: Gary Smalley ... [et al.] Publisher: Wheaton, Ill., Tyndale House Publishers, c2004 Call No.: 248.4 DNA Utilizing scientific methods in understanding the elusive concept of love, Smalley identifies what hinders couples from dealing with conflicts effectively – a repetitive pattern of unproductive communication. As a result of this ‘bad habit’ in communication styles, couples are continuously disappointed and discontented with each other. To improve such a self-defeating process, the solution is to consciously communicate with more love and commitment to understanding each other truly. Opening to Love 365 Days a Year Author: Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski Publisher: Deerfield Beach, Fla, Health Communications, Inc., c2000 Call No.: 306.7 SHE Take a quiet moment each day to deliberate over one inspirational passage in this book, which brings you affirmation, encouragement and insightful discovery about yourself. Learn to love yourself to love others. What Experts Say 41
  • 43. Another Chance for Love: finding a partner later in life Author: Sol Gordon, Ph.D., and Elaine Fantle Shimberg Publisher: Avon, Massechusetts, Adams Media, c2004 Call No.: 646.77 GOR This captivating down-to-earth book shows the way to finding love over forty. Building a lasting relationship begins with knowing yourself and enjoying each other’s company as friends. Dr Gordon, a relationship expert, and Ms Shimberg, a writer with ten grandchildren, explain why it is important to put friendship first, and learn to know when it is special. The authors offer advice on evaluating a promising relationship and making choices in handling these issues, understanding the masculine mystique, and more. The 100 Simple Secrets of Great Relationships Author: Niven, David (Ph.D) Publisher: [New York], HarperSanFrancisco, c2003 Call No.: 302 NIV Written by a psychologist and social scientist, this book is based on research conclusions of scientists studying relationships, dating habits and marriages of people. Highlights of the more interesting themes are: “The past is not the future”, “It’s the little things that matter most” and “You are never too old to find love.” The author concludes each theme with the results of the study. Readers will find the reference to other works on relationship at the end of the book, useful for looking up further resources. 42
  • 44. Act Five: Finale of Dating Days OR Preparing to Be Hitched A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. -- Mignon McLaughlin Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. -- Robert Browning 1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married Author: Monica Mendez Leahy Publisher: New York, McGraw-Hill, c2004 Call No.: 646.77 LEA What are the ingredients of a successful marriage? Are you ‘good’ for each other? According to relationship consultant Leahy, there are specific thought processes or behaviours that may signal a ‘red flag’ before you get married. Using various exercises, find out what you and your partner feel about subjects such as money management, in-laws, children, etc. Understand, communicate and discuss your answers with each other as you plan your life together. Tackling 1001 questions may seem daunting, so zoom in on the relevant topics and learn more about yourself and your partner. Worth a read for young couples. What Experts Say 43
  • 45. I Love You Unconditionally…on ONE condition – Everyday Choices for an Extraordinary Marriage Author: Joey O’Connor Publisher: Grand Rapids, MI, Fleming H. Revell, 2004 Call No.: 248.844 OCO Marriage is supposed to be an institution of loyalty, fidelity, and most of all – unconditional love. Unfortunately, more often than not, unrealistic expectations and stringent conditions placed upon spouses cause the relationship to deteriorate into a battle of sarcasm, criticism and condemnation. Through hilarious anecdotes and valuable insights, O’Connor shows us the mundane and messy, yet concomitantly marvelous gems of married life. Good SpouseKeeping Author: Dave Meurer Publisher: Colorado Springs, Colo. Life Journey, c2004 Call No.: 248.8440207 MEU If you’re looking for a uproarious his-and-hers guide to what marriage and daily couplehood is about, this is it…all 196 pages of it! Brimming with humour without lacking in depth, Meurer – a popular speaker at marriage seminars in the United States – uses the different chapters in his book as a conduit to explore serious and thought- provoking questions aimed at improving AND promoting communication between married couples. Be it for yourself or for someone else, this book will certainly bring you tears of joy while you explore what it means to be married. and we must not forget the movies…. 44
  • 46. Singles Director: Cameron Crowe Starring: Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott, and Matt Dillon Year: 1992 The characters in the movie are not far from the ever- popular sitcom, Friends. As the title suggests, Singles is about several singles living within the same block in Seattle, a time when Grunge was in. What makes up single life? The movie explores that, and treads on familiar boy-meets-girl, they-exchange-numbers, and what-comes-next hilarious situations. As the characters go in search for answers to their questions on love, they finally reconcile their emotional dilemmas with reality. A must-watch for all as Singles is a dating guide in the form of a movie which teaches the singles on the topic called love, and is a trip down memory lane for the married ones. To top it off, the movie is accompanied with a stellar listing of grunge music soundtrack although Nirvana was missed out. Top 10: Dating Tips from the Movies Author: Fred Mulligan Source: 100/112 _dating_list.html This webpage contains a tongue-in-cheek list of 10 movies that we can extract dating tips from, including hits like Alfie, Eyes Wide Shut, Indecent Proposal, Fatal Attraction, What Experts Say Swingers and The Star Wars Trilogy. 45
  • 47. For instance from Pulp Fiction: “What it teaches us: Even the most unattainable woman will pay attention to a man that can dance. That doesn’t mean that you have to be Fred Astaire, but when you take a woman out, be willing to get on the dance floor. And never give your boss’ wife a foot massage, or drugs.” Last but not least, If your search for dating information proves insatiable, you can log on to: Dating Directory Lists a whole gamut of websites that will lead you to a thrilling world of dating and relationship tips and advice. Go for it! Please note that all the books & movies mentioned are available in the libraries. Please check online at for their location and availability. Proquest database is also accessible from the libraries. 46
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