2 of the 69 Love Notes


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2 of the 69 Love Notes

  1. 1. The 69 Love Notes Secrets To A Loving And Lasting Relationship PREVIEW “2 Secrets Revealed” By Tay IIng Kloudiia www.Kloudiia.com Any unauthorised use, sharing, reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise is strictly prohibited. No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of the publisher. Copyright © 2007 Kloudiia Tay IIng. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Secret #59: What Her Hair Will Tell Him, If Only It Could Speak As I stepped out of the salon feeling refreshed with my new look, I wondered how my boyfriend would react when he saw me. I wonder if he will notice the changes, and I wonder if he will like the image. What if he doesn’t like it? What if he finds the colour too bright? What if… You know, the stakes can be pretty high when it comes to a woman’s hair. Because we know that hair is more than just hair. Guys, if you have totally neglected this, then read this carefully. A woman’s hair is much more complex than it looks. Hence the way you treat our hair says a lot about how you feel towards us. I am not kidding or exaggerating. If our hair could talk, they will tell you the 3 “S”… The three “S” of women’s hair The stroke Women derive a wonderfully good feeling when our partners stroke our hair. Of course, we are talking about gentle touches, the strokes that tell us he adores us and loves the way we feel against his skin. To dispel the great myth here and now – the stroke has got nothing to do with how long or short our hair is! It is the action itself that speaks volumes. For this, we like to keep our hair soft and silky to your touch. It also brings back nostalgic feelings. When our parents stroked our hair or lightly tapped our head, it meant we had done something right or they were showing their love for us. Hence, we’ve become anchored to this loving feeling since we were young. We are like little princesses hiding underneath our adult exteriors, waiting to jump out any minute to receive such loving adoration from the men we love. Things could get sexy when you run your fingers through our hair from the scalp all the way to the end. Repeat this action a few times with your gaze fixed upon us intently, and we want to hug and kiss you a big smattering kiss. The smell The 69 Love Notes Preview Copyright © 2007 Kloudiia Tay IIng. 2
  3. 3. We love to be touched, and we love to be sniffed too! Alright, we aren’t some neurotics gone mad. Neither are we turning our loved ones into wagging puppies sniffing us all over. What I mean is that whenever our partners hold us close with our heads to their chests or resting on their shoulders, their faces would be in very close proximity with our hair. Then, they do that thing – they smell our hair! Oh, we feel like flying. Yes guys, this is a secret you don’t know. When you smell us, we secretly grin from ear to ear. You can’t see it, that’s why we like it! Some adjustments are necessary if he is much taller than her though. The style This is the third “S” and the longest. Forget about revamping your wardrobe. If you want a quick fix, change your hairstyle. This is not about showing how much you love her by telling her to visit the salon. Now read closely. This is about knowing how to handle her after she goes to the salon. What are the four possible scenarios? 1. You notice the change and comment before she asks you. 2. You notice the change but don’t comment until she asks you. 3. You don’t notice the change before she asks you. 4. You don’t notice the change even after she asks you! Congrats if you are 1. Even if you don’t like our new hairstyle, we feel comforted that you did notice our change. And if you aren’t excited about our hair, chances are we aren’t too pleased with the transformation either. But if we really do like it and you remain nonchalant, it doesn’t hurt our ego that much, though we would have loved to get you as excited as we are. If you are a 2, what happens is you have set us wondering if you saw what we did, or not? Because if you do and you aren’t commenting it means you don’t like it. If you don’t, then it makes sense you have nothing to say. But this makes us upset. Why? 3 and 4, this is for you too. Whether or not you like the new hairstyle doesn’t bother us as much as whether you notice or not! And if you do, please spare us the agony of guessing by saying something (not necessarily compliment) before we pop the question. The 69 Love Notes Preview Copyright © 2007 Kloudiia Tay IIng. 3
  4. 4. We don’t like to initiate the question “Darling, do you notice anything different about me today?” This means our men aren’t paying much attention to us! Ok, here’s the message for men. Women like you to pay special attention to us (“us” = our hair). Because we just cannot understand how can you possibly miss something that is so close to our face! Why is this important? Because you are one of the reasons why we change our hairstyles ever so often! So that you will never get bored looking at us. We like to surprise you so that you can fall in love with us all over again. Okay, I know you didn’t ask that of us. We just like to, because we love you silly guys. We want to look good for you! For that, it means a lot to us when our efforts (which is the five hours sitting in the salon) are being recognised. Summing up the three “S’ is this. Women enjoy an intimate relationship with our hair, and we like the most important person in our lives to also share this relationship. Click here to get the other 67 love secrets for a loving and lasting relationship now! The 69 Love Notes Preview Copyright © 2007 Kloudiia Tay IIng. 4
  5. 5. Secret #61: Show Your Sparkling Gems Each time Patrick enters the room he will first look for Wendy. When he finds her he will walk over and give her a hug before moving on to do his stuff. It seems like Wendy is his energiser. What others don’t know is that every time Patrick appears, Wendy’s eyes light up. She shows her excitement and happiness at seeing Patrick, and this alone is enough to keep Patrick going for the rest of his day. It isn’t surprising to know that she is one of his strong support pillars in whatever he does because of her visible affection for him. Have you ever wondered what makes a baby so adorable? What is it about the way your puppy receives you when you come home that makes you rush to play with it? Besides jumping up and down and wagging its tail no end, your pet will show its enthusiasm when it sees you coming home. It gets excited. Your babies squeal in delight when you enter the room. They get excited too. What have you done to make them feel so high? Nothing! Your presence alone is responsible for their excitement. Light up his life Let me ask you a question: How would you feel if I get excited each time I see you? Wouldn’t you feel like you are the most special person on earth? And guess what? You will want to show your partner that he is very important to you as well! I know how that feels, because my boyfriend does that to me. Sometimes when I call him or he calls me, he will answer the phone in such an exuberant tone that someone who isn’t aware of what is going on will surely raise his eyebrows. Needless to mention, I reciprocate. By keeping this positive energy flowing to and fro, we are actually building it up and making each other feel good. You can show excitement to anyone even when he is not physically around. Jumping up and down to show your excitement is a very good way; however you can only do that behind closed doors. Another more subtle way of showing excitement is this secret: Show the sparkle in your eyes. The 69 Love Notes Preview Copyright © 2007 Kloudiia Tay IIng. 5
  6. 6. Another secret: You don’t need a special reason or occasion to get excited. No surprise birthday parties, no grand gala events needed. Just a sparkle in your eyes each time you see him. When your partner enters the room, you light up. You are conveying this strong yet subtle message that it feels great to see your partner, and you can’t wait to give him a hug and a big kiss! Immediately, he will have this urge to spend more time with you. When you get excited over things he tells you, you are making him enthusiastic too. These vibes spiral up and lift your spirits, making you seem so irresistible in your darling’s eyes. The party pooper You recognise this person. He’s always the one sulking and sitting in a corner away from the rest of the group. He doesn’t express any interest in any topic that people are talking about, and he always carries this blank expression on his face even when you have good news to share. He is nonchalant about most things. How do you enjoy the company of such a person? Well, it may be bearable if he is just an acquaintance, or at most a casual friend. Imagine this person being your significant other. Now, how would you enjoy that? I wouldn’t! This is such an unbearable thought right? So never turn yourself into such a person. Don’t ever give your partner such misery. Click here to get the other 67 love secrets for a loving and lasting relationship now! The 69 Love Notes Preview Copyright © 2007 Kloudiia Tay IIng. 6
  7. 7. Did you enjoy these 2 love secrets? Can’t wait to apply them and see the results? But, that’s not all! There are 67 MORE waiting to be unwrapped by You! Go here now to get them: The 69 Love Notes – Secrets To A Loving And Lasting Relationship Thank You! The 69 Love Notes Preview Copyright © 2007 Kloudiia Tay IIng. 7