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TED Talk Slideshow Coats_Archie

  2. 2. Shimon SchockenIn this slideshow I will bespeaking about ShimonSchocken and his Ted Talk ona Self – Organizing ComputerCourse .
  3. 3. Shimon Schocken a former Dean at InterdisciplinaryCenter (IDC) Herzliya, did a Ted Talk on a course hecreated to help people organize themselves better.
  4. 4. How did the Speaker capture theattention of his audience?To grab his audiences attention, He started off by explaininghis family history. I think that he used that information not onlyto show his background but as a way to introduce himself tothe people in the audience that may not have known who hewas.
  5. 5. How did the speaker maintain the engagement of theaudience throughout the speech?In my opinion I don’t think he did a great job in trying to keep the audience engaged withhis speech. Sir Ken Robinson kept the audience laughing in both of his video. He alwayskept the audience responding to the topics he spoke about. Shimon Schocken on theother hand, didn’t really engage with audience. He didn’t get a response from them untilhe was done demonstrating his course.
  6. 6. Shimon SchockenDemonstrates hisSelf – OrganizingCourse
  7. 7. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest I would rateShimon Schocken’s speech a 3. The reason I would give ita 3 is because even though he had a great speech, to me itseemed like it was mostly meant to capture a businessminded audience. It wasn’t really meant for an crowd ofavereage people. In my opinion I would try to make thespeech more entertaining to keep my audiences attentionand maybe even draw a bigger crowd.
  8. 8. In Shimon Schocken’s speech he did indeed use a couple ofGarr Reynolnds’ tips. He had high quality images in his slides,his speech wasn’t long, and drawn out, and his transitionswere spot on.
  9. 9. After watching Both Sir Ken Robinson and ShimonSchocken, I learned that there are different styles ofdoing speeches. You can make them serious andstraight to the point, or you can make them humorousand keep your audience engaged in what your saying.
  10. 10. L E TIn both videos I’ve watched from Sir Ken Robinson, S In the Video by Shimon Schocken, Hehe started off with a joke to get the audiences started off his speech with a story of hisattention. family background.Both of his speeches were on his views oneducation and how its destroying creativity. C In his speech he demonstrated what he had came up with to help you better O organize yourself. M P A R e Sir Ken Robinson Shimon Schocken
  11. 11. What advice would you give toyour classmates?The advice I would give to my classmate about doing aspeech, is to keep it interesting. When you are doingyour speech try to keep your audience enthusiasticabout what you are talking about. Keep it short and tothe point, and let you speech get off course.
  12. 12. You Can Watch The Shimon Schocken speechathttp://www.ted.com/talks/shimon_schocken_the_self_organizing_computer_course.html
  13. 13. I found All The Images for this SlideShow on google Images. Thank You forviewing….
  14. 14. Talk Slideshow By: Archie Coats II
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