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  • Archer Webinar- Why MMS 5.2.13

    1. 1. Why MMS Is the Essential Next Step inEffective Customer Mobile MessagingMay 2, 2013
    2. 2. About Archer
    3. 3. Our Aim is TrueArcher has launched tens ofthousands of global initiativesfor companies, agencies, andpublic institutions needing toconnect with their desiredtarget audience.Archer provides guidanceevery step of the way tomake sure you delivercontextual, timely, targetedcontent that builds enduringtrust and loyalty.Reach Engagement GuidanceArcher’s breadth of mobilesolutions help youcommunicate with youraudience in a way thatencourages interaction andengagement.
    4. 4. Archer Capabilities
    5. 5. Reaching and engaging customers where they want tobe reached and engaged, addressing changing customerneeds, wants, behavior and media channel preferences.1 in 3 Mobile Users• Took a picture (37%)• Searched for a nearby store (32%)• Searched for coupons (31%)• Researched product/price (30%)• Text/called friend about a product (29%)• Looked up product/price info (28%)• Sent a friend a picture of product (27%)• Created a shopping list (27%)ComScore September 2011 US Custom Mobile Retail Advisor Survey1 in 4 Mobile Users• Found or redeemed coupon (26%)• Scan barcode to compare price (26%)• Read customer ratings/reviews (24%)• Compared price via web (24%)• Shared product recommendations (18%)• Checked store inventory (18%)• Made mobile web purchase (15%)*• Used mobile shopping app (15%)*ForSee US Survey January 20121 in 5 Mobile UsersThe Mobile Rich Media Imperative
    6. 6. The Impact of Sending Mobile Messages21%25%26%32%37%38%0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%Recommend the store to othersPurchase another product from that store(different for the product being promoted)Purchase the product promoted in the storeVisit the storeVisit the companys website to purchase theproduct promoted or a different productVisit the companys website for more infoPlacecast/Harris Interactive “The Alert Shopper” May 2012 mobile users who have signed up to receive text alerts from retailers/merchants
    7. 7. The Impact of Mobile MessagesSMS/MMS Open RatesClick Through Rates Conversion Rates1% 1% 7% 6% 14%19%58%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%55%60%65%Facebook Ad(DMA)Online Display(DMA)Email (DMA) SMS Study 1(Signal)SMS Study 2(DMA)SMS Study 3(Textboard)SMS ArcherTier OneBrand0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Email Open RateSMS/MMS Open RatesPhones Enabled SMS/MMS22%97%97%Source: Mobile Marketing Association; Frost & Sullivan; Epsilon2% 4% 8%15%47%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%Email(DMA)OnlineDisplay(DMA)SMS (DMA) ArcherMMS Case1ArcherMMS Case2
    8. 8. Immediacy.Solutions for RetailersWhy MMS Messaging?• vs. email: on average emailsare read within 48 hours—textmessages are read within 4minutes• vs. postal mail: days vs.minutes for SMS/MMS• vs. Radio & TV: weeks tomonths of production andscheduling vs. hours orminutes
    9. 9. Solutions for RetailersWhy MMS Messaging?Engagement. • vs. email—300% increase inopens for MMS, between 60%-70% ofemail messages are blocked bycorporate spam filters• Performance—brandedcampaigns have seen as highas 50% CTR and 40% lift inpurchase intent• ROI—1000%+ on a brandedcampaign• vs. Social media: immediatebut fleeting as messagingslides through Twitter streamsor across pages—mobilemessages stay on the phoneuntil erasedSource: CTR Rebook campaign, Mogreet archive; Lift GMC campaign, Mobile Marketer Nov 2010; ROI BMWcampaign 3G Dating Agency blog, DMA 2010 Response Rate Trend Report
    10. 10. Solutions for RetailersWhy MMS Messaging?High Response Rate. • Ability to respond directlyfrom a message—click tocall, click to web, direct POSredemption, direct productfulfillment, reply SMS/MMS• It takes 90 minutes for theaverage person to respond toan email. It takes 90 secondsfor the average person torespond to an MMS message.• Messages can be personalizedto interests, needs and profileof individual consumers orgroups(Source:
    11. 11. Solutions for RetailersWhy MMS Messaging?–-how-many-people-use-them-what-is-your-restaurant-missing-out-on-by-not-offering-one/ Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project April 26-May 22, 2011 Spring Tracking Survey people: app/web adsx only 57% of phones can actually use apps= 570 people leftX 87% of smart phone owners use apps= 496 people leftx only 0.8% of in-app ads are intentionally openedHey look, you reached 4 people…1000 people: MMSX 95% of phones can receive MMS= 950 peoplex 61% of phone users use MMS= 580 peoplex 98% of MMS messages are viewedWow, you reached 568 peoplewith rich media!Comscore MobiLens September 2011Reach!
    12. 12. Strategy: Drive Sales, Satisfaction & Cuts CostsSTRATEGIC OBJECTIVES1. Increase relevancy of marketing withsegmentation, increasing conversion and desiredcustomer behaviors2. Drive traffic to stores, online Web and mobile Web1. Reduce the cost of customer service while improvingcustomer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty2. Build a closer relationship with customers with highlyrelevant messages by capturing and responding to theirindividual needs3. Increase awareness and engagement ofproducts, services and the brand itself4. Create new and cost efficient channels for product sales5. Increase effectiveness of store merchandising withcompelling and useful mobile interactivity6. Increase the effectiveness of all other marketingchannels by integrating mobile interactivity andengagement
    13. 13. Tactics: What You Can Do With MMS• Rich media messaging for PUSH marketing to drive customerengagement, loyalty and store/web traffic• Build and integrate your CRM database for segmented mobilemessages driving store traffic and customer loyalty• Deliver product/service information that relates toprofile, preference and behavior data (online and off) to drivestore traffic with option of relevant offer/promo• Deliver incentive marketing programs increasing customer loyaltyand retention with POS redemption/tracking• Location relevant messaging (LBS) based on dynamic, real-timecarrier lookup• Deliver rich media content and promotional content drivingtraffic to mobile web content portals• Customer service engagement for customer statements, loyaltyprogram access, and shipping/billing alerts
    14. 14. MMS Mobile Engagement for Retail• New Arrivals• Event Promotion• Sweeps• Location Based Offers• Loyalty Offers• Triggered Offers• Segmented OffersDRIVE TRAFFIC• Merchandise Info• POS Offers• Mobile DB Opt-in• Alert Store Manager• Send to Friend• Wish Lists• Social Sharing• Local Store MarketingIN STORE• Mobile DB Opt In• Thank You Message• Receipt Delivery• Loyalty Statement• Follow Up OffersPURCHASE• Social Sharing• Order Issue Alerts• Delivery Status• Pick up In Store• Loyalty Statements• Credit Card Statement• Gift CardsON LINE
    16. 16. MMS Marketing Message Delivery44264CitycafeMMS Image• Unlimited characters• Media size limits according to carrier andhandset• Handset model detection and mediaoptimization a must• Deliver images, video, animations, slideshows and moreMMS Video
    17. 17. Integrated MarketingMMS Video &Rich MediaMMS Coupons& GraphicsLanding Page& SitesNative Apps44264CitycafeCity Café Thanx forjoining, look forweekly exclusiveoffers via SMS andMMS. Show thismessage for freecoffee with breakfastcroissant Code 34rrtMore at htt://cc.mobiSMSPUSH MMS ALERTS OR SINGLE INTERACTIONQR Codes &Microsoft TagMMS
    18. 18. MMS: Rich Media Messaging RocksCarlos by CarlosSantana Collection OfferGet 10% off any CarlosSantana designer shoesor accessories thisweekend only. Offerexpires 7/24/13. In-storepurchase only show code4433ffz or text CARLOS2for a barcoded couponvia MMS. See the shoeshere• 50% of people are moreengaged with a retailerafter watching a video• 45% of people are morelikely to return to aretailer if a video isintegrated• People are moreengaged with a retailbrand after watching avideo• People are willing tospend 2.79 minuteswatching a video thatsupports a brand valueSource: Invodo e-tailing,March 2013Macy’s Carlos SantanaCollection OfferGet 10% off any CarlosSantana designer shoesor accessories at Macy’sthis weekend only. Offerexpires 7/24/13. In-storepurchase only show code4433ffz or text CARLOS2for a barcoded couponvia MMS. See the shoeshere by CarlosSantana
    19. 19. MMS: Loyalty & PersonalizationMacro: MMS resulted in highercustomer spending than thosewho received email or SMSmarketing for the brand.Infacet: Sent to highest valuecustomers using CRM basedsegmented messaging.We have seen 5x performanceof MMS over SMS for manycampaigns.
    20. 20. Driving Store Traffic via MMSRich media incentive marketing driving store trafficand credit card sign up.• MMS to promote seasonal Red Carpet Event Sale• Sweepstakes giveaway to drive customerparticipationIt’s hot, it’s red, it must be theEdgars Red Carpet Event!Open and account with Edgarstoday and join in on the Red CarpetEvent which includes an exclusive12 hour shopping experience.Get in store today! Don’t forget tobring your ID and qualify for up to$100 in discount vouchers.It’s a date on the 5thof August 9am to 9pmCampaign Metrics:5:1 performance over previous SMSor email campaignMMS: Driving Traffic and Credit Sign Up45
    21. 21. IntroMe + mobileBank= PotentialmobileBank :Check outour latest video to findout how mobileBank canhelp you experience lifein its fullest! For moreinfo, visithttp://m.mobilebank.comCustomer Onboard and EducationMMS Intro VideoVideo Playback
    22. 22. Airline Loyalty GO ClubRewards Enrollment FormCustomer Acquisition & Database CRM• Opt-in available via online Web form, mobilesite or app capturing customer profile data• User selectable alert message contentpreferences• Preference and profile data can be capturedfor CRM databasebuild, analysis, segmentation, and use inother marketing channels.• Outside CRM data or transaction history canbe integrated for segmentation andrelevance• Messages can then be contextuallypersonalized for each consumer byname, location, productrelevance, behavior, transaction history andany other event/dataMobile Site Opt-inWeb Opt-in
    23. 23. Driving Upsell via MMSMMS used to drive product and services upgrades.MMS: Personalized Upsell• 5 different messages sent• Very high volume per message sent• Personalized audio and video content for eachcustomers’ account status first name, handsetthey currently own, closest store to get a newphone etc.• Significant increase in contract upgrades overSMS—MMS is now channel of choice• Within 1 hour of MMS sent, tracked contractupgrades from retail stores• Messages segmented and personalized byconsumer profile—low value, highvalue, subscription plan etc.• Custom video content created for MMS• Repurposed :30 TV animated spots• Ongoing messaging to highest priorityupgrade candidates (feature phone users)
    24. 24. MMS: Product Awareness/Upgrade Promotion
    25. 25. MMS: Personalized Upgrade Video PromotionLeverage CRM data to personalize MMStext or even actual rich media itself(video and audio) by segments or even foreach customer
    26. 26. Knows customer by name Knows product purchase history Knows customer status/transactionsProduct cross/up sell Personalized product info/awareness Personalized loyalty awarenessPersonalized loyalty/reward offer Personalized by location driving store trafficMMS: Personalized Upgrade Video Promotion
    27. 27. Location Based Messaging• Geo-fencing using real-time lookupwith radial parameters based on alist of user designated locations• One-time message campaigns withreal-time location lookup• Location aware SMSsubscriptions/alerts using one-timelocation lookup of the user at opt-in capturing a fixed “home”location, with the option ofadditional lookups for user locationverification• SMS subscriptions/alerts with real-time lookup of each subscriber’slocation before everysubscription/alert broadcastCarlos by CarlosSantana Collection OfferGet 10% off any CarlosSantana designer shoesor accessories thisweekend only. Offerexpires 7/24/13. In-storepurchase only show code4433ffz or text CARLOS2for a barcoded couponvia MMS. Closest store toyou now is 433 Powell Market.
    28. 28. “SMS 2.0” MMS Mobile Statements• Saves mailing & paper costs• Engage customer with rich content• Relevant—delivered to their phones• High and quick open rates• Multipurpose—business ops + marketing• Save time—no paper statementprocessing delay• Flexible—deliver statements whendesired• Opportunity to integrate product andservices marketing
    29. 29. SECUREproven to meet stringentsecurity and legalrequirementsAnd they WORK89%confirmed receipt ofmobile statement forVodacomHIGH, MEASURABLEDELIVERY RATES2,500,000statements deliveredevery month for AfricanBankMMS MOBILE STATEMENTSdecrease in statementdelivery costs formunicipalities75%PROVEN EFFECTIVE INDECREASING COSTS25%increase in averagemonthly collections forlarge retailer
    30. 30. Detailed MMS Mobile Statements
    31. 31. Integrate Business Ops with Marketing
    32. 32. Carrier rich media (MMS) delivery of statements> Savings of 50% compared to previous costs> 77% Customer Preference> Decreased Payment Cycles> Bad Debt ReducedIncrease Operational Efficiency with MMSVodacom MMS Statements
    33. 33. Why MMS Is the Essential Next Step inEffective Customer Mobile MessagingMay 2, 2013