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  • Bullet 4: Must be able to answer the question “Why should I care?” Mobile is not enough. Just because you put a mobile call to action on your Facebook page doesn’t mean you’re going to get a million opt-ins.Bullet 6: Should never wait for a response in mobile, e.g. opt-in should deliver something instantly and REALLY GOOD.
  • Bullet 2: Use CRM, segmentation, personalization, or you miss out on right offer to right person at right time
  • For most companies AR and apps are dessert , not a main courseNeed to be written for separate platformsApps need to be installedNeed to be updated constantly, their novelty wears off fastUpdates need to support different app versions you’ve built for different phones
  • Bullet 3: More often than not you’ll want to integrate with your internal business applications and systems or 3rd party systems (reporting, analytics, CRM etc.). Don’t paint yourself in a hole with underpowered solutions providers. Pick a provider who is the right fit for your existing and future needs, your provider should be able to grow with you.
  • Bullet 1
  • We have seen redemption rates as high as 13% and with response rates 4X SMS
  • Archer webinar landmines & goldmines 4.3.13 ppt slideshare

    1. 1. Archer Webinar“Landmines and Goldmines in MobileMarketing”April 3, 2013
    2. 2. Welcome!Presenting today’s webinar:Michael AhearnVP Customer Development &Marketing
    3. 3. • This is a listen-only webinar• Enter any questions/feedback you have in the Questions window
    4. 4. Mobile Marketing: Goldmine with Landmines EUREKA! Whoa! Wha’ happened?
    5. 5. Landmine 1: Putting Tactics Before StrategyDon’t determine “what” before insight of “why and to whom”• Why: Strategize for specific marketing objectives and specifically how they will be measured• Who Part 1: Establish target customer groups and demographics• Who Part 2: Research mobile handset capabilities and use penetration of target customers• OK…now What: Pick appropriate mobile tactics/channels to reach objectives & target customers—and how they’ll be integrated in your other marketing channels
    6. 6. Landmine 2: Living in the GhettoThere’s no such thing as mobile marketing. There’s only mobile enabled marketing.• Mobile in a silo fails, almost all the time.• Don’t “ghettoize” mobile—it requires a line item in your budgets• Mobile marketing success is directly proportional to how well it’s integrated into your other marketing channels• Broken or non-compelling call to action— the value prop is not because it’s mobile• Avoid the “single legged stool” within mobile itself—integrate all mobile channels• Mobile is dynamic and real time, so instant gratification is a must, and no “launch and forget” mobile orphans
    7. 7. Landmine 3: Compliance (or else…)• Patents—what do they mean to you (Helferich anyone?)• Opt-in regulations and messaging flow best practices—different for different channels• Common pothole: underestimating campaign certification complexity and time to launch• Tier one providers (like us) provide all the expertise and services to help Brand X: First message—Get a coupon for 5% off code 432xxe3wdfdfsww.
    8. 8. Landmine 4: Rude and Impersonal Messaging• Over messaging—get frequency right per campaign/service and per customer• Vanilla offers, messaging, content duplicated from other channels, or stale content. Mobile is fresh. MetroMobile:• Mobile is not email—it’s much more See the Hot Brazilian Roller Bikini Boxers “intimate” here!• One size fits all is less attractive and sometimes just dead wrong—personalize! Brand X: Get a coupon for 5% off code 432xxe3wdfdfsww.
    9. 9. Landmine 5: The Ad Hoc Rut and “Mobile Databases”• Ad hoc, hit and run mobile campaigns are not “nutritious” mobile marketing NYC• They’re mostly good as first interaction, campaign/opt- in awareness “candy”• Don’t work towards a “mobile database”—your goal is a mobile enabled database• Customer profile/prefs should not be siloed, work toward a master customer persona utilized by all marketing channels Hit and Run Single Interaction Database Capture for Ongoing Interacti
    10. 10. Landmine 6: The Big Fail—Bad Mobile Web• What happens when someone Googles your business on a phone? Where do they land?• Non-optimized mobile web experience• Don’t “short arm” your mobile site as “good enough” for mobile• Watch out! Links to “mobile content” that aren’t mobile assets or mobile viewable
    11. 11. Landmine 7: It’s More Than Just Marketing• You mean I can do business operational messaging too?• Why not incorporate mobile with customer service?• How about mobile billing reminders or statements to cut operations costs?• Don’t think of mobile as only a promotional channel—marketing and business operations work together in the mobile world for a total customer experience• Don’t miss the upsell/cross sell opportunities within business ops messaging
    12. 12. Landmine 8: Techno-fetishism and Mobile Marketing Bling• Is augmented reality or a flashy app really your first play in mobile? How do you know?• How about building a mobile messaging foundation first, then an effective mobile site?• One thing you should fetishize is MOBILE ANALYTICS • AR use penetration is still in single digits amongst all users • Only 2% of top 250 apps are newcomers • Only 0.25% of revenue of top 250 apps goes to newcomers • 2011 25% of apps are used once and abandoned • 80-90% of apps are eventually deleted from phones NFC payments have 7% use penetration in US in 2012, up from 3% in 2011 Techcrunch March 17, 2013; Business Insider/Statista Jan. 2013
    13. 13. Landmine 9: Mobile Marketing = Text Messaging (Not!)• Millennials won’t stand for boring subscription messaging. Fact.• Mobile push messaging can be much more than 160 characters (actually really only 100)…explore other rich media options like app push, MMS and mobile web• You mean can I do unlimited copy for my mobile messages with MMS?• A picture is worth a thousand words…dynamic media is worth millions of words NYC Girl
    14. 14. Landmine 10: Picking the Wrong Mobile Spouse• Provider choice is critical, don’t be penny wise, pound foolish—mobile divorce is expensive• The importance of expertise, experience and breadth of services should never be underestimated• Plan your needs roadmap…can you grow for scale, speed and territorial reach?• Need to think and speak APIs…more often than not you’ll use them• Your provider needs to speak multi- channel within mobile, and outside, into all traditional marketing, digital and business op channels
    15. 15. Mobile Marketing: Making Goldmines EUREKA!
    16. 16. Goldmine 1: Like the Economy, It’s Messaging Stupid…• Is augmented reality or NFC really going to be your first steps in mobile? Is an F1 race car the first car you buy?• It’s the basics that really work, seamlessly and reliably• Basic blocking and tackling with SMS yields great results• The money and ROI are not in bleeding edge (but they’re great for getting your name in Ad Age)• Best channel for reach, used more than voice calls• Most ubiquitous and familiar channel to users worldwide• Perfect low cost gateway to mobile web• It’s a good idea to offer mobile only offers/content…focuses customer on mobile and avoids cross channel burnout
    17. 17. Goldmine 2: Evolve with CRM• Keyword + short code is good for ad hoc, but segmentation and personalization is mature mobile• Leveraging segmentation and personalization is like turning the amplifier to 11• Fully integrated, foundationally strong mobile initiated list/CRM generation is possible, and can be leveraged for use by your other marketing channels• Got Loyalty? Mobile enable your existing loyalty and retention programs, with cross channel preference management
    18. 18. Goldmine 3: Go Beyond CRM with Contextual Messaging• Data is good, but data + context is even better• More than who they are, it’s what they do and acting on that data• Business Paradigm Context: ex. mobile response to abandoned cart or sign up• Event Context: ex. messaging when receipt is handed at POS• External Data Context: ex. using to provide the rule of who gets what message/offer• Behavior Context: ex. rather than asking customers to self-define their profile/pref (opt-in forms), use existing CRM behavioral data for segmentation and personalization
    19. 19. Goldmine 4: Rich Media Mobile Messaging ROCKS • 50% of people are more Carlos by Carlos engaged with a retailer Santana after watching a videoCarlos by Carlos Macy’s Carlos SantanaSantana Collection Offer Collection Offer • 45% of people are more likely to return to a retailer if a video is integrated • People are more engagedGet 10% off any Carlos Get 10% off any CarlosSantana designer shoes Santana designer shoes with a retail brand afteror accessories this or accessories at Macy’s watching a videoweekend only. Offer this weekend only. Offerexpires 7/24/13. In-store expires 7/24/13. In-storepurchase only show code purchase only show code • People are willing to spend4433ffz or text CARLOS2 4433ffz or text CARLOS2for a barcoded coupon for a barcoded coupon 2.79 minutes watching avia MMS. See the shoes via MMS. See the shoes video that supports a brandhere here value Source: Invodo e-tailing, March 2013
    20. 20. Goldmine 5: Relevant Engagement Along the Touch Points• Mobile has meaning and opportunities at multiple touch points along the customer journey• Creating unique experiences and customer satisfaction services along this journey pull the customer close• This creates high degrees of Operations awareness, loyalty, brand affinity, engagement and ultimately traffic/revenue eCommerce Purchase In Store Awareness
    21. 21. Goldmine 5: The Name of the Game is Integration The mobile channel’s power is in full, holistic integration with all consumer touch points and user experience flows. In-store Web 2-WaySocial Direct Mail
    22. 22. Goldmine 6: Capturing/Using Data Unique to MobileMobile can capture unique customer data simply because it’s a mobile interaction• Technographics on your customer’s mobile device• Mobile behaviors• In-store behavior data unique to mobile• “Home” location without asking, no consumer action required• Dynamic location— the famous “geo fence” Store Alert: Annual Clearance Sale today between 2 and 5 PM at Fashion Island Location! Reply STOP to cancel, reply HELP for help. Msg&Data RatesMayApply.
    23. 23. Goldmine 8 (cont.): MMS Personalized Audio/VideoKnows customer by name Knows product purchase history Knows customer status/transactionsProduct cross/up sell Personalized product info/awareness Personalized loyalty awareness Personalized loyalty/reward offer Personalized by location driving store traffic
    24. 24. Goldmine 9: Mobile Marketing is a Conversation• Mobile offers 2-way communication with the customer—it’s not purely broadcast• Make it easy for them to tell you what they need and want• Use this data for improved personalized interactions• Leverage it across other marketing channels• Engage customer in consumer generated brand experiences• Mobile is a great channel for basic surveys• Go viral. Foster peer-to-peer content/info/offer sharing and turn your customers into brand marketers
    25. 25. Goldmine 10: Mobile and Social are the Same ConversationBecause the social conversation is likely happening on a mobile device.• Facebook and Twitter use is becoming more and more a mobile behavior• Social integrates with mobile well—post to social icons or functionality a must• “Social” can be as simple as Share With a Friend functionality• BTW social environments are prime real estate for mobile opt-in call to action (if relevant to the experience)
    26. 26. Questions?