Archer South Africa - benefits of mms overview 2012


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This can be used as an overview of how we do what we do..!

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Archer South Africa - benefits of mms overview 2012

  1. 1. BENEFITS OF MMS2012
  2. 2. WHY ARCHER MOBILEWhy Archer Mobile?> Global leader in MMS communication and marketing solutions> Strategic partnership – offering guidance and assistance> Technology leaders – Scalable and flexible> Industry experts – the best talent sourced from around the globe.> Mobile Channel development leaders – global brand relationships> Support – Our commitment to the partnership> Knowledge-sharing partnership> Creative expertise
  3. 3. WHY ARCHER MOBILEWhat we doAs a global developer, owner, and operator of proprietary advertising and technical platforms forhigh growth mobile and online marketing sectors, we provide customers, including leadingwireless carriers and consumer brands, with holistic solutions to attract, retain and monetizerelationships with consumers.We offer brand owners the ability to design, manage and execute mobile-based marketingcampaigns through MMS messaging with improved messaging throughput, better quality andreduced bandwidth usage on a per- message basis.In addition to propriety MMS messaging solutions we offer products and services such as .mobisites, mobile greeting cards, mobile statements, high volume internet and mobile ad-impressionserving, loyalty programs, online support, and search and database marketing.
  4. 4. BENEFITS OF MMS» Zero Carbon Footprint » Absolutely Secure•Reduce your carbon footprint by doing away with •Statement servers adhere to the strictest securitythe need to print countless pages of personal regulations as required by leading financialstatements. institutions. •Data is stored only for the duration of the» Instant Communication statement send.•Information is available immediately and is morecurrent. » Cost Effective•Statements are up-to-date and show a more •For less than R2 per client interaction across any ofcomplete financial view to the recipient. the delivery methods, you cannot find a more cost•Mobile Statements are delivered immediately. effective way of ensuring your clients receive their financial information.» Measurability•Complete measurability on all statement » Proof of Receiptcampaigns. •With our complete reporting solution, you have a•Track exactly who received the MMS. full record of exactly when client’s received their•Follow up and report on all call-to-action statements.activations.» Personalised•Statements are now more personal and featureclient’s details across all methods of delivery
  5. 5. MOBILE STATEMENTSThe Current SituationWith the current global trend being the focus on a more environmentally-friendly way ofcommunicating with your clients, Archer Mobile is proud to introduce a unique approach tosending your monthly statements.Instead of depending on multiple suppliers to achieve the delivery of statements in differentformats, Archer’s Digital Statement Solution incorporates all possible digital solutions to ensurethat you reach in any one of a number of cost-effective and “green” waysWith Archer, you can send your statements using »•E-Mail•SMS•MMS•Mobi Site
  6. 6. MMS STATEMENTSMMS StatementsAny amount of information can be included in the MMS, allowing theclient to see at a glance what his monthly spend, payments ortransaction history is.In addition to the MMS, Archer offers the ability to incorporate aMobi Site into the Statement process. Unlike online statements, theMobi Site can be accessed directly from the handset without theneed for a fixed Internet connection.In this way, should more information be available that is notincluded in the MMS, a link can be provided that will allow users toview additional information on the Mobi Site.
  7. 7. MMS STATEMENTSDatabase ScrubbingBefore the first Statement is sent, Archer Mobile will run a complete Data Cleansing Scrub on yoursubmitted data to ensure that we only communicate to MMS-enabled and active numbers.After the scrub, we will provide you with a full report on what numbers were:•MMS Enabled•SMS Enabled•Non-activeThis ensures that no money is wasted sending MMS Statements to numbers that are unable toreceive them. An alternative channel will then be chosen (either SMS, Mobi or Email) to send theclient their statement, ensuring that the entire base can be communicated to.
  8. 8. MMS STATEMENTSCampaign ReportingArcher will provide detailed reporting on all statement campaigns, during and after the send.These reports will include »•Number of messages sent•Delivery statuses of these messages•Whether the messages were retrieved, rejected or expired.Should other measurable campaign results be made available, these figures will be included inthe reports. An alternative message can then be sent to clients who failed to receive their MMSstatement.
  9. 9. MMS STATEMENTSCampaign ManagementArcher will assist you with the scheduling of statement campaigns in such a way that when thecall centre is involved, smaller volumes are sent per hour over consecutive days to prevent thecall centre from being flooded with calls. We will also ensure that statements are sent during“user-friendly” times to manage any irritation factor.
  10. 10. MMS STATEMENTSOther Services Included• Load balancing of deliveries based on capacity.• Provision of infrastructure to deliver Statements to the MMSC.• Managing return MMS and content delivery.• 24/7 support team.• Multiple Slide Supported • MMS messages can be “paged” into multiple slides.• Image Optimization and Compression Tool • Images are transcoded for optimum mobile phone use.• Data Size Counter• Recipient Phonebooks Management• MMS Delivery Management System• Traffic regulation• Online message status monitoring • Reports are generated in real time, so status is accurate to the second.
  11. 11. MMS SAMPLE CAMPAIGNMMS Collections
  12. 12. MOBI SITEWhat is a Mobi SiteThe .mobi domain is the first – and only – top level domain dedicated to users who access theInternet through their mobile phones. With four mobile phones purchased for every one personalcomputer, there’s a world of people whose main access point to the Internet is a mobile phone.And every one of those users can trust that a web site is compatible with their mobile phone ifthat sites address ends in .mobi.Why Use .MobiIn an increasingly mobile society, businesses, organizations and individuals need to reach andinteract with their customers via the mobile web. A .mobi address allows them to bypass theconstraints of geography, operators and handsets to effectively reach their audience.In short, .mobi will revolutionize Paperless Statements!
  13. 13. MOBI SITEWhat Makes Our Mobi’s UniqueBased on our extensive experience in .mobi design, we will ensure that your .mobi site iscorrectly configured for all mainstream mobile devices. These devices are grouped into thefollowing categories, each with their respective restrictions / capabilities:• Series 40: Mobile devices with small colour screens.• Series 60: Later handset models. Larger colour displays. Normally with 3G broadband connectivity.• Android: Latest Android handsets are also supported by our current platform, including selected Android-based Tablets• Windows Mobile: Configured for use on larger Windows Mobile displays and Internet Explorer Mobile browsers.• iPhone: iPhone browsers are supported with some limitations on form interaction and content uploading, due to Apple restrictions• BlackBerry: Configured for use on larger blackberry displays / blackberry specific browsers.
  14. 14. MOBI SITEIn Conjunction with the MMS SolutionThe Mobi site component of DSS will operate in the following way »•A monthly call-to-action SMS is sent out to the targeted data base informing that their newstatement information is now available on the Mobi site•A WAP link is included in the SMS that can be clicked on and will then direct clients to the Mobisite.•After following the security prompts i.e. password or name if required once the Mobi site hasbeen opened, the most recent statement data will be displayed. Historical data may also bedisplayed if necessary.•Customers who receive any method of notification will be supplied a direct link to theirstatement view without having to navigate the entire landing page of the MobiSite. This level ofaccess can also be customised based on the individual security and accessibility needs that youmay have.
  15. 15. MMS STATEMENTSSample Mobi Site
  16. 16. SMS STATEMENTSSMS In DetailThe SMS component of the DSS will rely on a Mobile Portalbeing established and available for detailed statements. Sincethe characters of an SMS are limited to 160, this aspect willmainly be utilised as a payment reminder tool.
  17. 17. STATEMENT USAGE STATISTICSMMS MarketingBanking SectorTerm Loans - Maturing, Inactive and Dormant AccountsResults proved that MMS had a 6% increase over SMS MMS StatementsBanking SectorSend an average of 2.5 million MMS Statements per monthHave increased collections by between R8 million – R12 million per monthCollection MMS at Pre-Legal has significantly lifted responsiveness RetailerRecent results received reveal that there was a significant increase in sales by insertingmarketing material slides into the MMS and confirmed a cost saving of 16 million in 2011 
  18. 18. STATEMENT USAGE STATISTICSMMS CollectionsBanking SectorReceptiveness to the MMS channel has been significant. Results proved that MMS had a 20%increase in collectionsCredit Card Suspension Campaign proved successful uptake rate of 26.7% within 48 hours ofmessage being executed.
  19. 19. MOBILE STATEMENTSIn ConclusionThe benefits of implementing The Digital Statement Solution speaks for itself. There is simply noother solution that offer the same cost-effective, instant and measurable approach as DSS. Speakto us today as to how we can implement the next step forward in customer communication.