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ArchLevel Lacrosse 2013 Global Tours Presentation

  1. 1. 2013 GlobalTOURS Our Stateside Staff ...So That Our European Staff Can Plan Your Tour FromWorks WITH You HERE... HERE. USA EUROPE Local Logistics. Global Experience.
  2. 2. 2013 TOUR OPTIONS Team/Program Multi-Team Exclusive Registration This or If you don’t think you would get We work directly with your team or program to design an exclusive trip That enough players from just YOUR team or program...we can work with local for YOUR players. This provides the teams in your area to create a convenience of flexible tour dates, unified tour that takes payers fromtravel arrangements, and much more. all participating teams.
  3. 3. 2013 TOUR COSTS Cost Per Player Sibling Discount Deposits$5,000/player $4,5000/player $1,5000/player Our Tours Are 100% All-Inclusive (You won’t spend an extra Penny on Tour Unless You Want To)∙ All Flights ∙ Accommodation ∙ Custom Tour Uniforms∙ All Meals ∙ All Sight Seeing ∙ Custom Tour Jacket∙ All Train Tickets ∙ Tournament Fees ∙ Custom Gear Bag∙ Team Bus ∙ Game Fees ∙ Custom Tour PinniesWe visit all locations, test all providers, and even eat at all ∙ Custom Tour Warm-Upsof the restaurants before you ever leave the USA. Nothing is left to chance with us to ensure a 100%authentic experience for you players. Don’t settle for a generic tour or schedule...expect more...get more.
  4. 4. Euro lax OVERVIEWMember CountriesThere are 26 member countries within the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) including Ireland,Wales, Scotland, and current European Champions for both men’s AND women’s; England.“Hot Spots”Just like in the US...there are “hot spots” of lacrosse within Europe where the game is more concentratedand developed. The UK (England, Wales, and Scotland) is the most condensed with England serving as the“Long Island” of European lax. Other well established countries include The Netherlands, Germany, andBelgium.Summer LacrosseWith new events starting up constantly...the summer lax scene in Europe is growing massively eachyear. With exotic events like the Turkey Open, Lax and Music festivals that combine that festival vibe andlacrosse, and well established MEGA events like the Berlin Open...there is ALWYAYS something going on.
  5. 5. 2013 TOUR logisticsTour Roster SizesRosters for Multi-Team Registration tours will be capped at 20 players per tour. This ensures that everyplayer gets maximum playing time along with maximizing the sight seeing and travel experience. 20 play-ers is the recommended cap for Team/Program Exclusive tours as well, however, larger groups can bearranged.Travel ArrangementsAll flights, ground transportation, ticketing, and reservations will be taken care of by Archevel Lacrosseleading up to your team or player’s departure. Everything from meeting points to travel maps will be pro-vided. A parent packet will also be provided for all parents of players which will include every detail ofour trip. From day to day itineraries to airline tickets and meeting times...parents and program leaderswill be informed and knowledgeable of every detail of our journey.
  6. 6. 2013 TOUR logisticsTour SchedulesStarting Line to Finish LineAll tours will depart from your nearest international US airport. Most European tours will fly into London,England and more than likely will depart from there coming back; depending on tour destinations.Possible DestinationsWe’ve identified a wide range of cities and countries throughout the UK and Europe that offer that perfectcombination of sight seeing interests and established lacrosse communities. We strongly recommendchoosing destinations within our identified list, however, if there are specific destinations that you areinterested in that we do not have listed...feel free to let us know and we will get started on making itwork! Please see the next slide for our full list of identified destinations.
  7. 7. 2013 TOUR logistics Travel Destinations∙ Manchester, England ∙ Amsterdam, Netherlands ∙ Oslo, Norway∙ London, England ∙ Dusseldorf, Germany ∙ Stockholm, Sweden∙ Paris, France ∙ Cologne, Germany ∙ Helsinki, Finland∙ Lille, France ∙ Mainz, Germany ∙ Prague, CZ∙ Ghent, Belgium ∙ Stuttgart, Germany ∙ Vienna, Austria∙ Brussel, Belgium ∙ Berlin, Germany ∙ Budapest, Hungary∙ The Hague, Netherlands ∙ Copenhagen, Denmark ∙ Rome, ItalyFlights to and from Europe from the US will depend on chosen destinations. We will work with you to createthe best combination of destinations possible.
  8. 8. 2013 TOUR logistics Tour Scheduling Structure Pre-Planned Routes Pick n’ Choose Destinations ThisWe have several pre-planned routes You can also choose your own mix ofthat we have developed for an even destinations. We will work with you oreasier tour organizing experience. to plan a route that makes the most sense logistically.London-The Hague-Amsterdam Prague-Vienna-Budapest That London-Cologne-Berlin Oslo-Stockholm
  9. 9. 2013 TOURTour Lengths logisticsStandard tour lengths range from 7-14 days including departure days on both sides of the pond;depending on number of destinations. A good rule of thumb to use is roughly 2+ days per destination withapprox. 1 day of travel between each; plus 1 day of “travel” at the start and end of the trip for flights to andfrom the USA. Longer tours can easily be arranged if desired up to 1 month for summer.Isolated DestinationsSome of our destinations are more isolated in relationship to others due to surrounding areas grow-ing at a slower pace for lacrosse. Because of this, we have identified a few locations that would bebest when scheduled as their own tour as opposed to trying to link them with multiple destinationsdue to travel distances and time. Anything is possible with your schedule...this is merely a recom-mendation from us...the guys that know the areas...very well...and have done this for a while. : ) Sight-seeing is a HUGE plus in these destinations and day trips are easily added in these countries. ∙ Madrid, Spain ∙ Copenhagen, Denmark ∙ Rome, Italy
  10. 10. 2013 TOURWhat Documents Do Players Need to Travel to the UK and Europe? FAQsPlayers will be able to travel for the entire length of their tour, to all locations, on a normal touristpassport. If a tourist Visa is required when entering a country (policies change at times with somecountries at point of entry), we will handle the cost for all players on site with no requirement ofadditional payment from players.How Will Insurance Be Handled While Players Are Abroad?It will be the player’s responsibility to obtain both travel and medical insurance for this trip (medicalinsurance is mandatory for all traveling players). You will be required to fill out a full medical back-ground form along with a release statement prior to leaving the U.S. In the case of serious injury orhealth problems, all countries that we visit have a National Health Care system that the player can/will be seen by even as a non-resident. All coaches and tour leaders hold current CPR and First Aidcertifications with many holding medical First Responder certifications.
  11. 11. 2013 TOURWho Will Be Accompanying the Players and Tours? FAQsArchLevel StaffOur coaches and staff are among the top in their fields. Our staff and project directors come from a widerange of business, military, teaching, and sport backgrounds. Leadership, Character, and Collective andPersonal Responsibility are our driving principles for all of our staff members. All staff are subject to bothgeneral and criminal backgrounds checks in both the US and UK/EU.Your Team or Program’s CoachesIf you wish for a coach, parent, or program leader from your team or program to accompany the player’son their tour...FANTASTIC! We have several ways of making this happen for you depending on the number ofindividuals your program wishes to send. We cover all costs excluding their flights to and from the US foryour first program representative. That’s everything from meals to accommodation to travel once overthere (trains, buses, etc.). Additional program representatives will be required to cover their own costswhich we can easily budget and roll into your overall player’s fees if desired.
  12. 12. 2013 TOUR COSTSIs There a Payment Plan To Help Spread Out the Cost?Absolutely! We offer a 3 tier payment process to make things as easy and as manageable as possible forparents and programs. Phase I Phase II Phase III Player Deposit Open Payments Balance Paid in Full (Non-Refundable) Your player/program balance Your player/program balancePlayer deposits are required can be paid down throughout MUST be paid in full at least 1to secure your tour. Payment the lead up to your tour. A month out from tour depar- deadlines vary depending on minimum of $200 is required ture. Failure to do so will re- program timelines for per payment, but there are NO sult in possible reschedulingplanning and scheduling. Ex: 4 mandatory balance deadlines of tour or even cancellation months for planning will dif- along the way. To ensure ease due to planning and up front fer from 4 weeks. of payment and budgeting. costs.
  13. 13. 2013 TOUR ContactThe Next StepsIf you have any general questions or inquiries about our lacrosse tours please feel free to contact usingany of the contact information provided below. If your program is interested in scheduling you own tour,and would like to arrange a personal meeting or presentation for your board or program leadership,please contact our US representative who resides in the D/FW area; Vince Grimes—, or, 972-802-2362. Email Websites Phone 972-802-2362