172 Strange Times 24 Nov2050


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172 Strange Times 24 Nov2050

  1. 1. THE STRANGE TIMES WOHA (A) 183/06/2010 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24 2050 A SINGAPORE MEDIA SYNDICATE PUBLICATION ESTABLISHED 2010 0.5 GCU** LIFESTYLE SPECIAL The full The many faces WITH MASTERPLAN U-2-Can review of CPR2100 POSTER PULL-OUT LIFESTYLE PAGE 26 MAIN PAGE 03 PAGE 14 & 15 SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE IN 2009 FORMAT INSIDE 28 PAGE SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE Spore tops the Moonocle An Ode to Joy for Completion Day SINGAPORE tops this year’s 47th annual Islandwide celebrations in Singapore as completion sure package in 2035. Noticeably nervous CPR2100,” stated the clearly moved Euro- Moonocle survey with a Quality of Life yet composed, the Prime Minister declared: pean Prime Minister Carla Sorensen-Hull. Index (QLI) of 19.7, making it world- of the Coastal Protection Ring CPR2100 is official “We have a lot to be thankful for. The as- Amongst the congratulators, the Dalai wide the number one urban location to tonishing foresight and bold planning of Lama particularly applauded the Minister By Meredith Too Ring CPR2100 and Masterplan 2010, just our forefathers are at the base of our safe call home. The jury stated that it was no of Happiness and Well Being on the cho- 40 years after their initiation and 1 year and privileged lifestyle in Singapore, to- coincidence that the decision concurs with “Joy, beautiful spark of the gods, sen motto for the celebrations “An Ode to ahead of schedule. day. Over the past 40 years we have reno- Completion Day. “CPR2100 develop- Daughter of Elysium, Joy”. He emphasized that indeed, CPR2100 To honour the occasion, Singapore’s vated our coastline to be safe from rising ments house almost a fifth of Singapore’s We enter fire imbibed, Prime Minister unusually addressed the sea levels. We have used the opportunity to population and added 120 km2 of public Heavenly, thy sanctuary.” New g-national nation in Actual Space. It was a first dur- build new sea-side dwellings for 900,000 bug: the geneti- open space to the island. One cannot Appropriate words indeed as Singapore ing her period in office and only the fifth cally modified underestimate the CPR’s impact on the people. We created leisure-dykes, industrial G-Nat performs celebrates for the first time what is to be- appearance in Actual Space of any Singa- QLI.” Read more about how the Coastal agri-villages and residential power plants. in fireflyworks come a new national holiday: Completion porean head of State since the global reso- Protection Ring has changed our lifestyle We have reached food, water and energy and has clear Day. Completion Day demarcates the total lution to prioritize VR performances by markings of the and planning culture. security. We reached all this through far- implementation of the Coastal Protection politicians as part of the t-precaution mea- Singapore flag sighted planning and efficient implementa- SPECIAL PAGES 02 - 20 tion. In other countries the steady melting of the Arctic and Greenland ice sheets and had brought joy to millions, as Singapore’s Awan wins FEA the resulting sea level updates were hardly taken seriously at the time.” average Happiness Index rose this year to 9.0, hence superseding Nepal as happiest PHOTO: GILBERT CHER IN a tight race And indeed it was as early as 2009 that country in the world for the first time in Singaporean designers, planners and politicians in Sin- twenty years. aerobatic pilot gapore made proposals for the implementa- The mastermind and founding father Md. Awan tion of measures to prepare our island state of the original design taskforce, who triumphed for the imminent sea level update. goes today by the name Mr. “TAFKAS” over com- Following this somewhat extraordinary (The Architect Formerly Known As Slar- petitor Azure opening speech, the evening proceeded with tibartfast) was commended with a life- Tan in the the more entertaining part of the opening fes- time achievement award. However, the first Formula tivities. For a full three hours, the sky above notoriously grumpy genius replied in a Ecoair (FEA). the CBD was lit by spectacular fireflyworks, VR-message: “I’m only in my early 80s. The event has featuring a special formation in the shape My greatest lifetime achievements are been put into of the Singapore flag performed by a newly yet to come. Bugger off.” The plan to in- place to regulate the many illegal Airship launched GM breed, the g-nat. 1.2 mil- augurate a larger-than-life-size statue of races across the region. It proved to be an lion of the little genetically modified bugs, the architect in VR is currently being re- immediate success with 500,000 spectators were released for this spectacle. considered by the committee. observing the run in real space and Concurrently, in a celebratory VR din- The opening festivities will continue for 4.7 million tuning in VR. ner, leaders of all continents expressed their a full week, with concerts, VR-games and a SPORTS PAGE 25 felicitations: “Not many works of infra- multitude of decentralized activities along structure have influenced societies to this the four quadrants of the CPR. Prepare to Future-plotting (XI) The week-long festivities under the motto “Ode to Joy” were opened by fireflyworks in actual space. The choreography included special formations such as our flag (in picture) and CPR logo. extent. I see a direct lineage from the Great Wall of China, to the Roman Aqueducts, to be bedazzled. For a full festival overview swipe P. WILL we all be turned into gray goo by a Changes were not considered a good thing nanoreplicator running amok? Are we the vainest people ever? Has the human condi- tion changed over the past half century? How was it possible for the surveillance network to be put into place so quickly? Will overpopulation be a big problem if The mastermind of CPR2100, Mr. TAFKAS (The Architect dykes in Western Europe… What a wasted data from complete coleslaw. There was a chance! When you started your work on lot of confusion, fear and the usual politi- all the people who are currently in cryonic Formerly Known As Slartibartfast), lives a very secluded life. the Singapore Coastline Development, cal exploitation of that angst. suspension are suddenly reanimated? For the first time in 20 years he gives a VR interview and tells wasn’t the impending acceleration of sea ST: I am not sure I’m following. Why fear? In part eleven of our future-plotting series, Nick Bostrom’s BBC Virtual the Strange Times about the burdens of being a visionary level update already common knowledge? Surely people were thrilled by the forecasts? TAFKAS: Common knowledge? Sith, TAFKAS (grumbles): I can tell you Reality interview with 3 polymaths inves- By Sienna Lee with every user playing on the beach, ev- no! Remember, we started to work on the were born after 2020. No. Societies in tigates where we are heading in the next ery new bench installed, even every tree general were not that update embrac- 50 years. ST: Mr. TAFKAS – we are celebrating just growing a bit more. So, I’m not quite Did he or did he ing. “Changes” – it’s such a dated word FUTURE PAGE 14 the completion of the Coastal Protection sure what the fuss is about. But, yes, I am not? Until today now – were not necessarily considered Ring today. You were one of the first plan- still thrilled to see it and we are proud fans speculate a good thing but rather something that ners, working on the project. Congratula- whether TAFKAS of the project, if that’s what you mean. has undergone most people in the early years of this cen- tions! You must be thrilled to see it today. ST: Yes, I suppose that’s what I was get- cosmetic surgery tury tried to avoid, or if they really had to, TAFKAS: Thank you. The honest truth is, ting at. Now, how do you explain your or is using VR they would “face” it, but they’d never em- when you have seen a project developing unparalleled success? Without wanting filters to alter his brace the daily update, as we do it today. in VR for many years, the actual transition appearance to diminish your achievement… It seems My favourite buzz word from the early into built environment in actual space is strange, that out of all island and coastal years of this century was “climate change”. quite gradual. On one hand, I have already nations, only Singapore succeeded in im- project in 2009. Relatively speaking, these One of the American vice presidents even CALL 6777-8777-977 TO SUBSCRIBE seen the CPR “completed” about 20 years plementing structures that fully exploit the were the early days of internet. There was dedicated his entire career to this (...) OR GO TO www.strangetimes.world ago. On the other hand, the project is never potential of renewal of the sea level up- an abundance of information, but no so- “completed”, because it keeps updating, date. I mean, look at the hastily assembled phisticated tools, to filter useful and correct CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 >>
  2. 2. THE STRANGE TIMES THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24 2050 PAGE 2 THE STRANGE TIMES THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24 2050 PAGE 3 strange special strange special Masterplan 2010 The many faces of CPR2100 Singapore is celebrating the CPR2100 The imaginative integration of the seawall developments today. But the original 2010 has lead to a multitude of man-made masterplan had even more in store landscapes. We asked for your favourites. By Riza Mohadina By Serena Lim ASK anyone on the street today what the equally important. The expansion of the IT reads like a planet builder’s wish- paddyfields to impressive tidal lagoons. celebrations are about, and they’ll tell central nature reserve and renaturalisation list: 36 different beaches, 8 tidal bays, a For the two weeks running up to Com- you “the Seawall”, “the Coastal Protec- of some aging in-land housing conglomer- cliff line, lush rolling paddy fields… and pletion Day, the Strange Times has con- tion Ring”, “the Great Wall of Singapore”, ates, which are essential for our ecological yet these are only some of the descriptions ducted a poll amongst Singaporeans about “the Life Buoy”- or whatever other terms footprint as well as for our food industries that readers have sent us of their favourite of endearment coined for CPR2100 and its were drafted in Masterplan 2010 (read CPR lots. 4 quadrants – Sun City, Bay of Tides, East more on page 20). The National Aqueduct Unlike any other infrastructure, the Coast Parkland and Jurong Plantations – System, that connects the reservoirs within dykes surrounding Singapore were in- over the last decades. But the masterplan CPR2100 to the expanded nature reserve tegrated in such varied and imaginative that first introduced the protective ring to and reservoir and Singapore’s elevated light ways, that it is often hard to recognize the Singapore is also at the base of many other rail system, the S-Loop, are both outlined man-made structure and tell it from natu- vital infrastructure systems, without which in the plan (refer to page 9). Even today’s ral environments. The different appear- our daily lives would be a far more strenu- air ship base and yacht harbour that lie stra- ances of the wall range from white sandy ous enterprise to say the least. tegically within the agri-industrial zone of beaches to steep cliffs, a sculptural wind SCREENSHOT: KONNIE KAO, NUS Granted, life without seawall would be Jurong Plantations were already anchored flute wall to tropical fruit valleys or forests, unthinkable. After all, without the protec- in the scheme. The highspeed train station wild amusement parks to seemingly serene Voted to be the favourite VR-backdrop download: tion ring most of our coast - all of Jurong was originally allocated in the old CBD in Bay of Tides’ “Lazy afternoon” Island, the old airport, the CBD - would the 2010 masterplan and was later moved have fallen victim to the floods by now. to the bridgehead of the causeway, when On top of that, almost 1/5th of our popu- the Trade and Congress Centre in the North lation, 900,000 people would be without of the island was developed in conjunction housing, as they live in CPR developments. with the update works to the causeway in Singapore would be without sufficient res- 2036 to adjust it to the regressing shoreline ervoir space to cater for our water needs, on the Malaysian side of the bridge. since the cavities within the CPR provide Amongst urban planners worldwide, Sin- Singapore’s main water storage capac- gapore’s Masterplan 2010 has reached cult ity. The island’s largest continuous public status as the first “4D Plan” (after Einstein’s PHOTO: GILBERT CHER For a larger version of the masterplan, please refer to our centrefold poster on pages 14/15. space, 120 km2 of parks and beaches with definition of time as the fourth dimension). A dyke clad with tropical jungle – The fruit valley between the seawalls at Jurong Plantations’ Lot 29 was voted one of the best hiking destinations. amenities of all kinds and colours would Mr. Ho, Head of the Urban Integration Au- cess oriented communal effort and an up- As a whole, the masterplan in its different print to the size of the island. Today, as one Left: an early retro-mail-card with CPR motives. It is impossible to the unknowing to recognize the concrete structure of the CPR beneath these scenes. not be here without CPR2100 to shape thority explains: “The Eventual Submer- date embracing society. Every step along components achieved the unthinkable and of the first nations, we have achieved water, our image and lifestyle today. sion Design Concept ESDC changed our the construction and the eventual submer- is proof of the planners’ benevolent mega- energy and food security on the very limit- their favourite CPR venues, housing de- seems like when it comes to the CPR devel- In a time were superlatives rule the world But that is not to say that the other el- planning culture forever. It transformed a sion of CPR2100 is an enjoyable one. We lomania: The declared goal of the planners ed spatial resources of our country. velopments, nature get-aways, their fa- opments, there’s really something for ev- of Actual Space and VR programmes, we ements of the masterplan 2010 weren’t goal-driven and static economy to a pro- live in harmony with the daily update.” was to shrink Singapore’s ecological foot- vourite memorabilia, photographs or VR- eryone. We therefore crown a very unusual are proud to say that the CPR is not only WOHA downloads of the CPR. winner in our poll: the CPR’s “best of the about quantities and numbers. It is first To our big surprise, the outcome is … best, ever” is… diversity. and foremost about us, as a nation of di- ambiguous. There are hardly any clear win- Certainly, there have been taller walls, verse cultures and lifestyles. ners. In most categories there are at least 20 longer dykes and faster constructions in the Happy Completion Day, Singapore! different nominees that are within a very history of mankind. But hardly any piece close range of the highest ratings, some- of manmade infrastructure has as many To see the full list of votes and CPR2100 BY ARTISTS COLLECTIVE TRACY TAN, SNG POH LIANG AND OWEN LAM, NUS times up to 7 lots with identical scores. It different faces as Singapore’s CPR2100. ranks, please swipe V+R. COASTAL PROTECTION RING 2100 Strange Times: TECHNICAL GUIDELINES (VERSION 4 2040) WOHA: Richard Has- “Look at me: I design coastlines. TAFKAS interview sell, Wong Mun Summ, << CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 PART I PART III Schirin Taraz-Breinholt, Daniel Fung, Khajorn I got an award for Norway.” (...) “climate change” – not to exploit its potential of renewal, but to prevent acceleration of the process through the pol- lution into consideration. Back in the 2010s 1.0 GENERAL 3.0 COASTAL PROTECTION RING TERMS AND ELEMENTS Standard Ring – Vertical Box Jaroonwanit, Amod Tikhe it! I wonder what happened to him. He China was still polluting our planet as if we 1.1 The Urban Integration Authority (“the Authority”), acting as agent 3.1 The CPR2100 comprises the following elements: This Reinforced Concrete structure is a hollow rectangular element. National University Slartibartfast, a figure in the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, is a must be in his early 100s now. had a second one in store… for, and on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Singa- It is designed to be tightly integrated into architectural elements and designer of planets. The character’s soft spot for coastlines inspired the Anyway, back to your question. No, gen- ST: Back to the “Don’t Panic!” cam- has a minimal footprint. of Singapore (NUS) pore (‘the Government”) launched the Coastal Protection Ring Primary Ring Students: Richie Chan taskforce in charge of Singapore’s Coastal Protection Ring to name their erally nobody was thrilled by the forecast. paign. I understand that there is some liter- 2100 (“CPR2100”) masterplan in 2010. The first protective barrier. A continuous 15m high, waterproof barrier Li Qi, Chen Zhong Xian, Some people tried to ridicule it, others ig- ary inspiration for it? encircling the island to withstand sea level rise to 14m. Breach Incident Plan leader after him. Here are some extracts from Douglas Adam’s cult novel. 1.2 The objective of the masterplan is to provide “worst case” sea Generally, except those areas exempted by the Civil Defence, the Pri- Each parcel along the CPR must have in place a breach incident Chen Zi Chao, Gilbert nored it, again others got very upset. Some TAFKAS: Not for the campaign as such. level protection for the next century. Rather than building a mary Ring shall be constructed as a reservoir. This ensures a) water- plan, prepared by a certified risk assessor, which demonstrates how Cher, Konnie Kao Shu FAR out in the uncharted backwaters of the “Slept?” said Arthur incredulously. “Yes, members of the original planning team caved It’s the codename that stems from a novel costly and unsightly public works structure along Singapore’s tightness and b) adequate strength and c) Singapore’s water security. any breach would be contained. Lian, Owen Lam, Thi- unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm through the economic recession you see,” in to public pressure and withdrew from the from the late 1970’s. When the taskforce precious coastline, it is proposed to integrate the protective The reservoirs must be provided with balancing valves to enable water project. It was not until the “Don’t Panic!” started the project, it was a huge political works with private sector developments along the coastline, management by the Water Board. Overflows shall be provided at NGL, Breach Maintenance Fund erry Lye Yee Pei, Neo Di of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow said the old man, apparently unconcerned sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly nine- about whether Arthur understood a word he Campaign was launched that people would issue, classified information, double agents, protecting and improving Singapore’s quality of life. The and connected to the National Aquaduct system. All parties must contribute to the Breach Maintenance Fund, a Fund Sheng, Sng Poh Liang, which can be drawn down on for temporary and permanent repairs in actually calm down and listen to proposals body guards, the whole shebang. So, we CPR2100 will be completed by 2050, ensuring Singapore’s The Primary Ring shall be constructed as separate chambers to Tracy Tan Wen Xian, ty-two million miles is an utterly insignificant was talking about or not. “Er, economic re- security for the next 100 years and beyond. facilitate future repair and reconstruction. They shall be designed to the event of a breach. rather than just run around pointing fingers. needed codenames to protect our families. Zakiah Bte Supahat little blue green planet whose ape-descended cession?” “Well you see, five million years ago withstand bomb blast to Civil Defence’s requirements. ST: We’ll get back to the campaign in Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Breach Command Centre Tutor: Tsuto Sakamoto life forms are so amazingly primitive that they the Galactic economy collapsed, and seeing a minute. But first, tell me, given all these the Galaxy” was brought to our attention, 1.3 As sea levels have currently risen 5m, in line with modeling completed in 2015, the design of the CPR is proposed to follow For detailed structural and mechanical requirements, refer to the The command centre for implementing the Breach Incident Plan. This Studio Coordinator: still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea. that custom-made planets are something of a political complications and the limitations a remarkable book, with the words DON’T the International Climate Change Committee (ICCC) timescale handbook CPR2100 rev 134. may be combined with the Fire Command Centre. Hans Tan This planet has – or rather had – a problem, luxury commodity you see ...” He paused and of the technical capabilities of the time, PANIC inscribed in large friendly letters on of 7m by 2050, 10m by 2075, peaking at 14m by 2100. After Digital Rendering by which was this: most of the people living on looked at Arthur. “You know we built planets how did you manage to make the right its cover. It’s a science fiction comedy about this, due to the natural depletion of greenhouse gases through Obilia, Art Direction by it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. do you?” he asked solemnly. “Well yes,” said ICCC compliance by the United Nations economies and eco Secondary Ring TABLE 1 – ALLOWABLE USES BELOW NGL (+15M AOSL) projections anyway? the end of planet earth, which seemed some- Terence Bong Many solutions were suggested for this prob- Arthur, “I’d sort of gathered ...” “Fascinating TAFKAS: We didn’t. We made some right how appropriate in those doomsday-days. system carbon sequesterization, sea levels are projected to The failsafe protective barrier. Design shall follow that of the fall back to 2010 levels by 2200. Thus, the masterplan design Primary Ring. Disallowed Uses Concept Art by Kai Lim lem, but most of these were largely concerned trade,” said the old man, and a wistful look assumptions, others were wrong. We’re ar- There was operation “Don’t Panic!”, opera- needs to factor in highly variable sea levels, albeit slowly chang- Residential Units of Imaginary Friends with the movements of small green pieces of came into his eyes, “doing the coastlines was chitects and planners, not geo scientists or tion “Deep Thought”, the “Beeblebrox” in- ing over the period of 180 years. Places of Work Studios paper, which is odd because on the whole it always my favourite. Used to have endless fun fortunetellers. But we understood that we cident, and so on. But I believe “Don’t Pan- Inter-Ring Zone Electrical Substations Graphics and Layout: wasn’t the small green pieces of paper that doing the little bits in fjords...” have to find a planning approach that allows ic!” is the only one that is still in use today. 1.4 The Coastal Protection Ring is completely funded by private The zone between the rings is a zone that will be flooded in the event Communications Equipment Fire Safety Equipment Black Design were unhappy. for constant updates. The declared goal ST: And of course your code name “Slar- sector developments, using the mechanism of coastal land sales of a breach. This safety zone shall be used for public amenity, agricul- with infrastructure conditions enabling the government to com- ture, leisure, and open space. Any other Vital Infrastructure Element Print: Dominie Press And so the problem remained; lots of the Chapter 30 was to develop structures that work with tibartfast”, the designer of planets with a plete the protection without a severe drain on the public purse. Advertisments: Yong people were mean, and most of them were “Look at me: I design coastlines. I got an changing sea levels, not with a fixed one. soft spot for fjords and coastlines in general. The Inter-Ring Zone shall be accessed only by ramp from NGL. No Allowable Uses* Jieyu (skidscooter), miserable, even the ones with digital watches. award for Norway.” He rummaged around in ST: But surely you had some scientific TAFKAS: No, that is not in use anymore 1.5 The Coastal Protection Ring is to be a major addition to Singa- openings in the Secondary Ring are permitted under any circum- Water Tanks Terence Woon (glide), (…) a pile of debris and pulled out a large perspex forecasts at the base of your planning? either. Since the courtcase in 2037, I am no pore’s public amenity, notwithstanding the primary function stances, except those required, constructed and maintained by Civil Sewerage Treatment Plants TAFKAS: Well, as I said, there were sev- longer using that pseudonym. outofstock (Airwash), block with his name on it and a model of Nor- of National Security. Upon completion, Singapore will have Defence. (provided inlets and outlets are above NGL) eral conflicting forecasts and there was no ST: My apologies, Mr. TAFKAS, I added 120km2 of public open space to the island. Any other fully tanked structure with no Lee Tze Ming (alpharad), Chapter 22 way moulded into it. “Where’s the sense in penetrations below NGL Donn Koh & Ong Zhen “You choose a cold night to visit our dead that?” he said. “None that I’ve been able to international main server review to check know that you are no friend of the whole 1.6 The Coastal Protection Ring is part of the National Food, Energy Inter-Ring Drainage System Bicycle and other Vehicle Parking Qi (Healfast), Donn Koh, planet,” he said. “Who ... who are you?” stam- make out. I’ve been doing fjords all my life. For the content and scientific thoroughness of superstar hype and speculations about your and Water Security Plan (2012). Many of the elements within this The Inter-Ring Zone shall be provided with a carbon-neutral drain- Temporary, Non-Essential Outdoor Activities such as sports, Herlinda & Tracy Subi- mered Arthur. The man looked away. Again a a fleeting moment they become fashionable the research. But the most reliable sources person. Can I ask you anyway: Did you plan have been integrated into the CPR. age system using wind-power, solar power or approved alternative to markets, functions, gatherings, performances kind of sadness seemed to cross his face. “My and I get a major award.” He turned it over at the time, such as the USGC gave us fig- undergo cosmetic surgery to look like the Agriculture and Aquaculture sak (Renew), Low Lin continuously keep ground water levels to those of 2010 levels. These ures that we could work with. They recog- Slartibartfast character in the original BBC PART II systems are to be designed for 100 year storm precipitation and are to Gardening Kiat (finiture). name is not important,” he said. He seemed in his hands with a shrug and tossed it aside nised that the most susceptible global land series or are you using VR filters? 2.0 MASTERPLAN CONCEPTS be fail-proof. Interview page 28 by to have something on his mind. Conversation carelessly, but not so carelessly that it didn’t ice mass at the time was located in the West TAFKAS: Well, you can ask. But the 2.1 No Vital Infrastructure elements may be placed below the Peak * No responsibility is taken for the risk involved in placing elements below Nick Bostrom. was clearly something he felt he didn’t have land on something soft. “In this replacement Water Level (“PWL”) of AOSL +14m. NGL. All landowners are to ensure that any element below NGL is consid- Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, and that whole superstar hype would be a hell of a to rush at. Arthur felt awkward. “I ... er ... you Earth we’re building they’ve given me Africa Inter-Ring Chamber System ered sacrificial in the event of a breach incident. This newspaper was the melting of these sheets would result in lot less interesting if I gave you the answer startled me ...” he said, lamely. (...) “You see, to do and of course I’m doing it with all fjords an update of +8 and +6.5 m respectively in to that, wouldn’t it? 2.2 Singapore is now planned around Dual Ground Datum Levels The Inter-Ring Zone shall be divided into chambers by retaining ele- published for the (“DGDL”) of 0 AOSL and +15 AOSL (Above Old Sea Level). The ments of the same design as the Primary and Secondary Rings. No we weren’t really expecting to find anybody again because I happen to like them, and I’m relation to the 2009 levels. The West Ant- ST: Mr. TAFKAS, it’s been fascinating. ICSID World Design terms Old Ground Level (“OGL”) and New Ground Level (“NGL”) Chamber shall be broader than 2km, and retaining elements shall about in fact. I sort of gathered that you were old fashioned enough to think that they give arctic ice sheet was particularly vulnerable, Thank you so much for your time. Congress 2009. For are to be used. NGL is a “virtual ground level” above which generally be placed at development site boundaries. all dead or something ...” “Dead?” said the old a lovely baroque feel to a continent. And they because it was grounded below sea level. usable spaces can be placed, and below which water- more information man. “Good gracious no, we have but slept.” tell me it’s not equatorial enough. Equatorial!” Where they went wrong was in the time- All opinions expressed are personal proof services can run. Any new construction must avoid any please contact: essential or habitable spaces below NGL, to avoid catastrophic National Aqueduct System pr@wohadesigns.com line, probably because they didn’t take the opinions of the author and interviewee. damage or loss of life in the event of a breach of the CPR. The National Aqueduct System manages water at NGL, bringing water from the CPR to the central catchment area for treatment. The National 2.3 The CPR2100 must be fail safe, and be designed to accommo- date attacks on national security. Singapore is conceived of as a ship, divided into compartments, which can be shut down area Aqueduct System elements are described in detail under the National Aqueduct System Masterplan 2015. TIMELINE by area in the event of a breach. All infrastructure is to be de- signed to work in a decentralized, networked system, which can Standardized Ring Design still function after loss of 60% of the network. To facilitate standardization, while not restricting creativity in the implementation of the CPR, 2 standard ring designs have been 2.4 All developments that form part of the CPR must incorporate approved, in consultation with the professional bodies and industry the Eventual Submersion Design Concept (ESDC) phasing at the groups. following water levels 0, +3.5m, +7.0m, +10.5m and +14.0m, to demonstrate how the design will function at all stages of These are: immersion and reimmersion. Standard Ring – Slope 2.5 Existing developments below NGL will be allowed to remain. This Reinforced Concrete structure is a hollow triangular element with great natural stability. The 1:1 slope minimizes fill. 2010 2012 2013 2015 2021 2030 2045 2050 However, any redevelopment proposal for properties below NGL Master Plan 2010 National Food, The first Ground UIA presents National Completion of Last residents of Ang Break-Even Day: Official Completion must follow the new guidelines. Allowable uses for the space below NGL are listed in Table 1. presented to UIA Energy and Water Breaking Ceremony Aqueduct System S-Loop Phase 2 Mo Kio (today Bukit Singapore’s eco- date of CPR2100 Security Plan for CPR2100: Master Plan and Timah HDB Pharms) logical footprint fits introduced East Coast Energy Security Act move to CPR2100 into the size of Parkland Lot 18 developments the island