Practical Movement Design by Stephen Johnson @Huxley
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Practical Movement Design by Stephen Johnson @Huxley


  • 3,890 views 2012 presentation 'Practical Movement Design'. I have attempted to distill into one presentation a blend of macro systems theory, social science, and the essential tools, ... 2012 presentation 'Practical Movement Design'. I have attempted to distill into one presentation a blend of macro systems theory, social science, and the essential tools, checklists and processes to support the evolution of ideas into people-powered movements. This presentation is not intended as a guaranteed formula but instead as a catalyst for ideation and collaboration. The concepts contained herein were developed during my work as a movement architect and social business strategist on diverse impact projects, ranging product design for large global brands to my role as an advisor on energy, health and environmental projects in developing nations. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



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Practical Movement Design by Stephen Johnson @Huxley Practical Movement Design by Stephen Johnson @Huxley Presentation Transcript

  • Prac%cal  Movement   Design.  #swarmconf     2012     Stephen  Johnson   @Huxley    stephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley
  • Disclaimer:Contains tracesof nuts,passion& controversystephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley
  • Old Paradigm Create Awareness Behavior Changestephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley
  • New Paradigm Dynamic System Collaborative Action Behavior Changestephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley
  • The Challenge     The WALL ? Invisibility     Paralysis  (iner0a)     Nega0vity        stephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley
  • The Solution   THE DOOR   "   people  to  iden%fy  with  a   Help   universal  value  which  aligns  to   the  desired  behavior  change.         "     Then  re-­‐frame  this  new   consciousness  as  an     extension  of  their  own  values.  stephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley
  • Success  (at  a  really  high  level)       Empower  people  by  providing  relevant  pathways.  Be  mindful  that   people  engage  at  different  stages  of  the  journey  (factor  this  in  your  strategies).  stephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley
  • Some  cri0cal  elements  to  support  success    •  Must  be  more  than  about  crea%ng  awareness  (velocity  needs  to  be  maintained)    •  To  stay  engaged  on  the  journey  people  need  clear  milestones  &  measurable  end-­‐points  •  Must  be  more  prac%cal  and  ‘near-­‐term  tangible’  than  say,  “Let’s  change  the  world!”   -­‐  Use  social  media  to  visualise  par1cipa1on   -­‐  Enable  par1cipants  to  see  the  result  of  their  personal  contribu1on  (overall  impact)    •  Strategies  should  support  a  ‘collec%ve  individualist’  approach,  empowering  people  to:   -­‐  Own  your  message   -­‐  Par1cipate  as  part  of  a  wider  collec1ve  with  shared  values/goals   -­‐  Realise  the  value,  importance,  and  overall  significance  of  their  individual  contribu1on  stephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley
  • perpetual ‘beta’ mode More channels, more formats, "Embrace mess, " more executionsvariation & complexity Experiment test. fail. learn. ADAPT Built in " Real accountability feedback loops Dynamic More tests, more risksstephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley management
  • Some  guidelines  for  mobilising  big  overarching  ideas   create solutions Get beyond commercial messages. Solve something. Involve people. Enable them. Let them own the idea and participate. idea idea/brand immersion create useful contentQ: Is their a brand central to the idea? Content & tools which makeAre we allowing for experiences that participation easy, rewarding and fun.engage people, and ultimately, cause them to be enthusiastically involved think context Think of all of the places, the touch points, where people could engage with your movement. What are they seeking in those places? The way they use media and technology must influence your content / what you create. Twitter @Huxley
  • Perceptual  Adop0on  Cycles  >>  The  Nuts  and  Bolts   Thought starters… •  Adopt an inside-out approach to action (leader-trains-follower-becomes-leader cycle) •  Write a Manifesto – a one-page summary designed to create awareness and action – your manifesto should inspire every person who hears your message to ‘own and run with’ it, i.e. as if they created it themself •  Educate and empower people to perform an identical set of actions, in sequence, providing them tools and resources to share your idea in their own voice and way. It is essential that your message is first heard ‘via a trusted source’. This way it becomes contextually relevant to all who hear it. •  Support the principles of replication so that support for your idea shifts from a linear system to an ever-increasing (compound) dynamic system. Put simply, followers become leaders and so on, the goal being to perpetuate this cycle. Remove linear adoption mechanisms and create simple processes which enable people to ‘Tell > Learn > Act’. If you don’t, whilst full of passion and intent your idea will struggle to catalyse. Inspire Self-ownership. Support Decentralised Action Twitter @Huxley
  •    Important  Ques0ons  to  Ask   •  How do we incentivise Champions, Influencers, Ambassadors? •  How do we get offline participants into our social media contexts? (it’s important to visualise their action, too) •  How do we manage the scale of conversation with potentially thousands of Influencers on-boarding? •  How do we manage the logistics of social media given it has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people? Twitter @Huxley
  • Designing  the  Framework  Public  Good   Private   Contribu%on  (to  many)   (to  one)  Get  people   Show  how   But  we  can   Encourage   Ask  them  to   Have  them   What   Ask  how  to  agree  to     their   all  do  this…   them.  Help       choose   map  how   outcome  do   might  this  a  value  that   behavior  is   iden%fy     desired   they  might   they   help  people  is  hard  to   dissonant   Pathways:   with  what   ac%ons  from   par%cipate  /   envisage   you  know  or  disagree  with   already  doing   a  list   fulfill  ac%ons   care  about?   1.   2.   3.  Allow  them   Visualize  the   Take   Make  acons   Share  /to  see   problem  and   Ac%on   publishable,   Groundswell  themselves   make  it   searchable,      as  ‘this  kind   tangible  / visible   Make  prac%cal  of  person’   relatable     1  :  1   1  :  many   Awareness   Inspira%on   Empowerment   In%macy Twitter @Huxley
  • When  framework  is  in  place...  map  relevant  touch-­‐points  to  each  Public  Good   Private   Contribu%on  (to  many)   (to  one)  Get  people   Show  how   But  we  can   Encourage   Ask  them  to   Have  them   What   Ask  how  to  agree  to     their   all  do  this…   them.  Help       choose   map  how   outcome  do   might  this  a  value  that   behavior  is   iden%fy     desired   they  might   they   help  people  is  hard  to   dissonant   Pathways:   with  what   ac%ons  from   par%cipate  /   envisage   you  know  or  disagree  with   already  doing   a  list   fulfill  ac%ons   care  about?   1.   2.   3.   Take   Ac%on   Mass  Media   PR   Community  Outreach   Rela%onship   TV,  OOH,  Radio,  Digital   Community  Outreach   Digital  Community   management  &   Experien%al  Media   Digital  Community   Experien%al  Media   feedback  loop   Mul%-­‐Cultural   Mul%-­‐Cultural   Mul%-­‐Cultural   School  Programs   Retail   Awareness   Inspira%on   Empowerment   In%macy Twitter @Huxley
  • Macro  Influencer/Follower  Structures  &  Ac0ons   Marketing Communications Movement At the heart of most movements a series of ‘actions’ led by leaders, ambassadors and advocates exist. When carefully sequenced, these actions form the most basic element of an Influencer-Follower structure and have the potential to become the backbone of a movement. Efforts should not only focus on Influencers, Followers, and their actions. It is equally important to surround, support, and enhance participants at launch, then build velocity towards a movement with traditional and social media marketing communications. The two are interdependent. Twitter @Huxley
  • Top  5  Checklist   AUDIENCE ACHIEVABLE LAUNCH RESOURCING METRICS & / SEGMENT GOAL PLATFORM ENGAGEMENT MEASURMENET INSIGHTObjectives Insights Ideas Development Evaluation•  What is the •  What insights can •  What is the •  Which creative •  Real time tools to context/situation? we glean from simple, smart programs will monitor and world trends, powerful idea that engage and visualise•  What do we want market segments resonates with inspire audiences participation to influence or and audiences, to people and to tell the story (in change? •  At any given point better understand inspires them to their own words)? know how things•  What resources how advocacy get involved? are measuring up are required and occurs naturally in how should they these contexts? •  What is the Deployment •  Where does creative •  How can we be prioritised and (this is about opportunity still expression and launch activities coordinated? nurturing exist? narrative to best that support our conversations of•  Who/are there key communicate the goals, i.e. with a context and influencers in idea? high degree of relevance) each audience/ confidence and segment we are •  What ‘insider’ info excellence targeting? can be garnered from influencers? •  How do we mitigate inertia and cynicism? Twitter @Huxley
  • Once  you  know  these  things…   Write a Manifesto Your manifesto should contain an *HSN and any other compelling facts which inspire action and ongoing participation. *HSN - Holy Shit Number Twitter @Huxley
  • Design  pathways  for  par0cipa0on  >>  then  focus  everybodys  ac%ons   Awareness   Inspira0on   Empowerment   In0macy     Fuel  dialogue  among  individuals,  educa%on,  business,  policy   Educate   makers  and  media.     Each  idea  we  communicate  can  (and  should)  exponen%ally   convince,  help  and  remind  us  all  to  take  ac%on  –  no  majer   Tell   how  small.     Everything  we  do  should  support  these  three  objec%ves.  Put   simply,  we  will  Educate,  Tell,  and  Act.   Act Twitter @Huxley
  • High  Level  Movement  Mechanics   Message / Manifesto Advocates / Ambassadors / Influencers Video / Social Content Events / Awards Personal Outreach Twitter @Huxley
  • High  Level  Movement  Mechanics   Leaders Tell & Teach Manifesto Join Movement – Create Team – Complete Actions – Outreach to FollowersAmbassadors Direct Digital PR Door-to-Door Influencers First Followers •  Join, create, share, participate •  Support Leader and Influencer ‘Actions’ •  Register completion of Actions (visualise progress) •  Communicate with followers/community, visualise progress of Followers •  Access tools to help support / mobilise movement, provide feedback to movement coordinators •  Learn more about the movement Twitter @Huxley
  • High  Level  Movement  Mechanics   Leaders & Influencers (people who evangelise) CREATE A TEAM followers followers followers followers followers Role of Leaders •  Discovery, identify w/Influencers, personal info (sign-up to movement) •  Explore Actions, register completion of Actions (visualise progress) •  Communicate with followers/community, visualise progress of followers •  Access tools to help support / mobilise movement Twitter @Huxley
  • Movement  Phasing  (0meline  &  example  steps)   Staggered Launch •  Official announcement (define?) Phased Rollout •  Influencers outreach to followers •  Big reveal (how/where?) •  PR plan, social media strategy •  Recruit next group of evangelists •  Optimise social CRM / ecosystems •  Commence Influencer outreach •  Optimise social media ecosystem •  PR & media to create velocity •  Deploy Contact Management & CRM tools •  Door-to-door ramps-up (if relevant) 1 month Sep-Dec 2-3 months prior 2 months Social Discovery Bridge Activities/Actions •  Setup social media monitoring •  Amplify Leader/Follower engagement •  Map ecosystem (motivators, trends, risk, •  Leverage events / community activities opportunities) •  PR/Social (pre-seed networks in preparation for rollout) •  Shortlist influencers / partners •  Optimise social media measurement dashboard (sCRM) Twitter @Huxley
  • Influencers  carry  the  message  |  We  turn  up  the  volume  Recruit Leaders and Influencers and provide them with the tools they need to spread your message.Amplify & extend their communications to even larger audiences of Followers through personal andsocial media (it’s about exposing a wider base to the collective action which is taking place). Influencers influencers + & Advocates movement Co-creation distribute/amplify message movement goals of content and message (manifesto) Social media, digital, PR and grassroots outreach As awareness builds it’s very important to continually inject meaning and context into your movements brand/identity (the ‘why’), whilst at the same time extend an invitation for people to join, endorse, donate, etc. Over time, this creates the foundation for you to speak credibly to a larger audience, i.e. once the movement is established. Twitter @Huxley
  • Considera0ons  for  working  with  Influencers   Each Influencer group is Special / Unique Each Influencer group requires a Customised PR approach All groups require clear benchmarks milestones: •  Determine their comfort level with traditional media •  Determine their comfort level with social media (evaluate their current social channels) •  Determine their interests as media references •  Determine existing speaking opportunities/community events on their calendars Twitter @Huxley
  • Considera0ons  for  working  with  Leaders  &  Influencers   Should be… Asked for their input and feedback on •  Promotional / movement messages •  Media channels most appropriate for their communities Trained to seamlessly present, advocate and share your manifesto •  To media •  To their constituents, communities, employees, etc. •  To their niche audiences •  To their peers and colleagues Engage in social media channels •  Like Movement Facebook page •  Follow movement @profile on Twitter using #hashtags and lists to curate conversations •  Create content which can be syndicated and shared •  Tweet or post updates about their actions and activities (personal and teams) Twitter @Huxley
  • Design  pathways  to  ac0on   Educate   •  Host and a ‘movement press conference’ and (uStream) •  Provide downloads (to educate & empower) •  Gallery for user-generated content (UGC) visualising action •  Video of ‘everyday heroes’ actions (posted by participants) •  Youtube channel - TV spots, press conference, UGC •  Information and resources on how to take action •  RSS news feeds for people who want to syndicate/subscribe •  Email/SMS journey reminders (prompt action along the way) •  Exclusive behind the scenes video/images •  Badges (physical and virtual) •  Real time news and alerts Twitter @Huxley
  • Design  pathways  to  ac0on   Tell •  Send a signal to government, business, media and friends - Gallery of User-Generated Video, Audio, Images •  T-shirt design contest (example) •  Leverage existing networks (established social graphs, i.e. Fb, Tumblr) •  Widgets and badges designed to visualise progressive change •  Desktop gadgets to visualise result of individual/collective action) •  Podcasts •  Video incl. TV spots, press conference, original content, interviews •  Cause-related Wiki (definitive guide to all things about your cause) •  RSS fed Wallpapers/Screensavers, Chris Jordan ‘Art as Innovation’ Twitter @Huxley
  • Focus  people’s  effort   Act   •  Host information and resources about how to take action - Wikis / partner sites •  Promote local events then socialise (create macro online view) •  Decentralise problem-solving by distilling participation into tangible, bite-size actions people can support to achieve goals •  Identify/partner with kindred spirits (collaborate to achieve goals) •  ‘Park’ your ego (remember, it’s not all about you) •  Seed motivators, ideas and tips for people who watch, but who are located on the fringes and not engaged •  Sign up for ‘action alerts’ •  Design a ‘Get Involved’ Action Kit •  Host local events/flash mobs (excellent viral catalyst) •  Stream video or audio of global thought leaders / events •  Provide ‘Track Your Impact’ blog/widget/badge •  Create ‘portable’ content which people can share Twitter @Huxley
  • Build  trust  and  velocity  The  following  process  includes  steps  to  support  message  ac%va%on  and  distribu%on.      Use  free  tools  like  Social  Men%on  and  Addictoma%c  to  map  social  media  groundswell,  op%mising  messaging  in  real  %me  for  increased  meaning  and  relevance.   Garner   Build  Trusted     Con%nuously   Create  Velocity   Involvement   Referrals   Discover  stephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley
  • Create  Involvement  Garner  Involvement  Build  Trusted  Referrals  Create  Velocity  Con%nuously  Discover   §  By making influencers aware of the problem we create opportunities for everyone to make a difference. In turn, we create a far more powerful and personal context for message distribution. Quite often this leads to ongoing advocacy and endorsement. §  Messages scale and disseminate more rapidly through social networks of connected peers than what ‘broadcast’ media might be able to achieve. Leverage this context much as possible. * If an influencer broadcasts to their network on your behalf it does not guarantee their community will advocate and support you. It is essential to provide a meaningful context for participation at every stage of the journey. Spend time exploring how to create relevance. Remember to be human. And ask people what they think… Twitter @Huxley
  • Garner  Involvement   Build Trusted ReferralsBuild  Trusted  Referrals  Create  Velocity  Con%nuously  Discover   §  It is much easier to connect people to a problem or challenge through trusted influence and the referral of friends and peers. §  Leverage trusted influence as a proven and effective measure for building advocacy. Enable people to be ‘more involved’ if they want to and for communities to ‘decide how best to contribute’ §  Create shared ownership and give people a sense of responsibility that there participation, no matter how small, makes a difference §  Position your cause with a passion story – one which invokes a desire to get involved (as opposed to that of a big, impersonal charity people can’t identify with) * Support is actioned via many channels but galvanises under a common message and moral principles Twitter @Huxley
  • Garner  Involvement   Velocity & GroundswellBuild  Trusted  Referrals  Create  Velocity  Con%nuously  Discover   §  By  harnessing  involvement  via  social  networks  we  have  an  opportunity  to  connect   people  emo%onally  to  our  objec%ve.  Ul%mately  this  is  about  crea%ng  op%ons  for   involvement   §  It  is  important  for  messages  to  be  endorsed  at  a  personal  level  via  friends  and   peers.  This  way  involvement  is  legi%mized  and  transparent  (as  opposed  to  being   coerced  or  purchased).  This  is  a  very  important  dis1nc1on  to  make.     §  People  who  par%cipate  will  become  champions  of  our  message  and  direct     conduits  into  their  own  social  networks Twitter @Huxley
  • Garner  Involvement   Continuously DiscoverBuild  Trusted  Referrals  Create  Velocity  Con0nuously  Discover   §  Implement  social  media  monitoring  tools  to  determine  how  (and  based  on  what   condi%ons)  conversa%ons  about  your  idea  disseminate,  observing  sen%ment,   affinity,  and  influence   §  Listening  enables  message  op%misa%on  and  tac%cs  at  every  stage  of  the  journey   §  Keep  ‘connected’  individuals  up-­‐to-­‐date  with  relevant  informa%on  and  tools,   empowering  and  monitoring  message  distribu%on Twitter @Huxley
  • Say hi! @Huxleystephen@altitud3.comTwitter @Huxley Image source: