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  1. 1. A2 Music Video By Lauren Sammout & Laura Di Paolo
  2. 2. We are L&L Productions…  We are very creative.  We’re good at sticking to deadlines.  Continuity is our best friend.  We want to entertain.
  3. 3. “He Loves You”  The track for our music video is “He Loves You” by The Pretty Reckless.
  4. 4.  The track is of the rock/pop genre.  It is upbeat and fast paced with catchy lyrics.  The key audience for the Music Video would be mainly teenagers from both genders.
  5. 5. So, we propose…  We take this song and turn it into a fast paced music video full of energy and various images.  The editing will be parallel to the beat, keeping the pace of the song.  The genre will be half performance and half narrative/location based.
  6. 6. In a more detailed explanation…  The lyrics in “He Loves You” tell a story of betrayal within a relationship from a female perspective. Therefore we plan to portray this in our music video.
  7. 7. Mise-en-scene  We plan to use quite traditional ‘rock’ costumes for the lead singer.  The band will be in dark clothing, mainly in black to allow the lead singer to ‘stand out’.  The primary colours will be red and black, which are traditional in rock.
  8. 8. Mise-en-scene  We want to make our video as conventional as possible.  We will include real instruments to heighten the impact of the music.  The background of the performance location will be simple and dark, allowing the performers to stand out.  The make-up will be quite natural, with the addition of heavy black eyeliner!
  9. 9. Mise-en-scene  The lighting will be a mix of light and dark, depending on the lyric.  We will also include flashing lights to enhance the realism of the performance.
  10. 10. Possible locations include…  The Drama Studio.  Bedroom.  Wandlebury Woods.
  11. 11. Casting  We have acquired a cast for each role within the video.  We have each instrumentalist and an actor.  Roles include:  Lead singer  Guitarist  Bassist  Drummer.
  12. 12. The technical bits…  We will include an inset frame within a photo album to show a past memory.  We will edit the lighting and saturation in various shots.  We will keep a constant flow with the fast- paced editing throughout the track.
  13. 13. Goodwin’s Analysis  Visuals to lyrics - such as “on your knees” she will get on her knees.  Visuals to music - the singers/ band will move to the beat.  Voyeurism - In a bedroom or mirror to show her reflecting on life.  Artist Close-ups - we shall use them.
  14. 14. Continued…  Genre - Narrative and performance.  Intertextuality - We will include some; although we have not made a final decision yet.
  15. 15. CD/DVD Cover…  We will be taking photos during the shoot.  Possible ideas include:  Artist close-up.  Artist and band.  ‘Artistic’ shots.  The CD, Advert and Music Video will link together through similar images taken from the shoot.
  16. 16. Key success factors…  We have successfully acquired a cast and crew.  Costume, hair and make-up styles have been planned.
  17. 17. What could (but won’t) go wrong…  The Drama Studio could be in use.  Members of our cast could become unavailable.
  18. 18. In conclusion…  We will make a fast paced music video.  It will include many technical elements.  The impact of the song will be reflected through the editing.  Overall, we will make an all-round entertaining video.