2012 Arca


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We think that these ideas could be very benefic for the world, and if somebody is interest they can be materialized.


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2012 Arca

  1. 1. An ark for YouSelf-preserving boats for survive 2012
  2. 2. Advice:This is a patented investigation as intellectual property with author andconnected rights. The legal registration numbers are 000123 (certificationnumber) and CUE-2010-000088 (processing number)And in accordance with international contracts the rights of every singleexposed concept, idea and design are reserved to the owners.Any development based in or related with these ideas, or ideas andconcepts dispensed o related with them only can be developed inaccordance and with a written and signed contract with the owners: 2C arquitectos Teléfono 811756 882826 Celular 099829894 098832258 087285495 Mail: arq_raul_esteban_cordero@yahoo.com paul_cordero69@hotmail.com fercordero11@hotmail.com Dirección Av. Remigio Crespo entre Guayas y el Oro Cuenca Ecuador WEB. www.arquitectura2c.info www.architecture2c.com
  3. 3. The world will be interested in this idea because of its environmental protection or ecological educationGoing into a bunker would be like burying yourself: It is a bad choice.Actually there is only one place that survived this biggest catastrophe known in the history of earth the Deluge.The only space was Noah’s Ark
  4. 4. Agricultural cultivation, Hydroponic, with a cover in the form of a cupola that can be opened partly Water purification like solar distillationProtection by arubber forcollisions andother impacts Calm zone for fishing
  5. 5. Space for conductionor e v e n t u a ll ymanagement Water purification like s o l a r distillation Roof to do sport and to relaxAgricultural cultivation like this
  6. 6. The floors and roofs can be eq u I p p e d with photovoltaiccells, which capture light andturn it into electric energy,which will be accumulated inb a t t e r I e s.This energy will serve to movethe boat and for many othern e e d s.
  7. 7. Zone for the garden plots The form of a rubber, permits or farms, with a calm zone a partially with to fish for removable example cover The boat n e e d sZones for protectionbedrooms bonds madeand general of flexIble andl iving. ef f e c t I v e material
  8. 8. Zona tranquilavestíbul para pescao en aguas agitadas Zone for games and work The zone can be subdivided
  9. 9. A system to collect rain water The sail can be changed into a horizontal position to collect rain
  10. 10. Zone jetskies y boats Calm zone for fishing
  11. 11. The investigation as well as the d e s I g n need to reach ahigher level and be e x p e r I m e n t e d , but in Latin-America it is hardthat this brilliant idea will come t r u e. Companies, or many other business men, are capable ofcultivating and putting a product like this in the market. Our a r c h I t e c t u r e company 2C wants the recognition ofauthor rights and publicity, and also a selling of the idea, or an e c on o m I c transaction, as well as being advisers in the p r o j e c t.If you are interested in this project please c o m m u n I c a t e with usright now. 2012 will come soon.
  12. 12. Building The Ark• This would predominantly be an educative experience• A special touristic experience of your life• An experimental project• Experimenting how self-preserving a floating space like an arc could be, until reaching the object
  13. 13. After the fabrication, ready to sell• It can be taken on a hill like N o a h did, in a lagoon or even in your own trailer• It can be build for 2 or even up to 5 f a m I l i e s• Because of p r o t e c t I o n, education or just for fun there will be lots or buyers and orders for these a r k s
  14. 14. arq_raul_esteban_cordero@yahoo.com Telefone (07) 882826 Mobile 099829894 CUENCA ECUADOR Av. Juan Iñiguez 4-163Av. Remigio Crespo entre Guayas y Oro
  15. 15. 2C architects raúl cordero candidate of a doctor in technical sciencespaúl cordero Master of architecture design and Master of NLP  COLLABORATORS:  Arc. María Fernanda Cordero  Ing. Fabián Cordero