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We specialize in comprehensive quality tree services in Palo Alto Bay Area. As an experienced arborist, we offer residential and commercial tree services such as tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal and more.

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Tree Removal Palo Alto

  1. 1. Why Seek Help Of Tree Pruning Service In San Jose? Just like air, trees are also essential for life. The carbon dioxide that is released into air when fresh air is inhaled is converted by trees back into oxygen. Despite the importance of trees in daily life, there has been uncontrolled felling of trees going on all over the world for a long time. Huge reserves of forest which were initially thought to be indestructible are slowly getting depleted, as people are indiscriminately cutting down trees for wood and firewood. It takes only a few minutes to cut down a tree which has taken years and years to reach its full size. Reasons For Pruning Governments in different parts of the world have passed laws banning the indiscriminate felling of trees and have passed legislatures to control the cutting of trees. But the uncontrolled growth of trees can cause big problems also. For example, a tree growing in the vicinity of electrical lines passing overhead may raise a serious problem if it grows too tall and touches the bare cables. The electricity flowing through the tree to ground may cause the tree to catch fire and cause danger to people passing by. This problem is taken care of by Tree Pruning in San Jose services which are hired by the authorities to cut down the branches that may touch electric cables. Street Tree Pruning Roads with trees on both sides are very beautiful to look at but can cause a lot of hazards. The branches and leaves may prevent the street lights from falling on the road making it difficult for pedestrians. The foliage of the trees lining the road may completely shut out the sunlight. If the houses on either side of the street are too close to trees, then uncontrolled growth can affect the houses also. All these problems are handled by licensed arborists who provide Tree Pruning in San Jose services to keep the growth of trees under control. It not a job for everyone, as knowledge, expertise and skills are required to do the job. Pruning Job Requirements The person who is hired for Tree Pruning in San Jose job has to be a licensed person certified by the authorities to do the job. He has to have the necessary knowledge about the characteristics of different kinds of trees that grow in the country. The arborist has to know which part of the tree can be cut down without causing the tree to die. Skill in using modern equipment for doing the job is a must for the arborist. The person has to be skilled in climbing trees in cases where the lift truck or the height of the ladder is not sufficient enough for reaching the branches that need to be pruned or trimmed. Typical Pruning Methods All trees are covered by laws which are enforced by the local authorities. Before any tree can be cut or pruned by the Tree Pruning in San Jose services, it is mandatory that a permit is obtained from authorities for the job. After obtaining the permit, the arborist makes a survey of the tree to be trimmed or pruned.
  2. 2. What Does Tree Service In Palo Alto Offer? Just think of the condition of a roadside tree that finds itself in the midst of rough and tough asphalt. The ambience is lots different from those trees that are naturally bred. The roadside trees not only survive tough weather conditions but also have dry soil support. If the soil is not sufficiently aerated; then, the plant thriving under it, is bound to come under the stress. You know that these conditions are unavoidable. There is little that you can do to rid the soil of its compactness, and rid the surrounding of the concrete. But it is practically possible to employ and involve the Tree Service in Palo Alto, so that they can do inspection, on the regular basis. It Is A Need What is the purpose of the regular inspection? Is it possible to increase the life span of the roadside trees with regular inspections? The answer is going to be a positive one. That’s because the driving purpose of the Tree Service in Palo Alto is to ascertain the health and sustenance of such trees, and find out how successful they are in overcoming the tough weather conditions. How will the trees survive the increment conditions of the dry summer? You know that the season will have a fair share of havoc to wreck on the street trees. Deep watering becomes a necessity. With the advice thus provided, the community can take appropriate irrigation measures that fulfill the deep watering necessities. Management of Pest Pest and the insect related problems also merit your careful consideration. Here again, you can use the integrated pest treatment scheme of the Tree Service in Palo Alto. The pest control treatment plan of the tree care facility makes the minimal use of toxic elements. The purpose is not only to identify the nature and kind of pest intervention but also to come up with the correct eco-friendly options that are useful for eradicating the troublesome disease- causing pests. The modern gadgets help the agencies to do the job cleanly without any fuss. The job takes very little time to be completed as the arborists from the agencies uses the equipment at their disposal in the most efficient way. Management of Diseases Some of the tree species may be more susceptible to the diseases, than the others. Your focus is on coming up with a long-term plan of effective management. Hence, it is necessary to find out which all species are more disease prone, than the others. In any case, the city council in charge of the administration and upkeep of the roadside trees should know how to identify the disease-specific symptoms, and thus, adopt appropriate treatment measure. So, it pays to be in touch with the Tree Service in Palo Alto. The service includes and employs licensed plant pathologist, and you can get the pathologist to inspect the health and wellbeing of the trees that you have lined up, in the locality.
  3. 3. Why Tree Trimming Service In Palo Alto Drives Home The Pruning Benefits? It is fine that your locality has a verdant green look to present. Then, you also should be particular about the needs and objectives of tree care. Pruning the trees, on an occasional basis is of paramount significance. The Tree Trimming in Palo Alto is there guide you with important tips and clues so that you understand the importance of trimming. Secondly, you should also know when to undertake the pruning operation. A trained arborist will be the best to keep you informed with the facts and figures. You may have neglected the pruning needs for quite some time. What is likely to happen, in that case? All on a sudden, you may find yourself injured by the disrupted branch. It may fall on you, or any other passerby. Evasion of Accidents It is always better to avoid such unfortunate mishaps. It is here, that the Tree Trimming in Palo Alto service comes to your assistance. You needn’t wait for the disaster to take place. Instead, it is wiser and better to have the trees inspected, on a frequent basis. The bottom- line is to maintain trees that are nice and healthy to look at and safe for the people around. If you don’t know that pruning optimizes the processes of growth and development; then, it is the time to take stock of things. You can reorient the configuration of the tree, and enhance the overall integrity, with the use and implementation of the pruning methods. With a proper structural integrity, you can minimize the risks of damages. The Season Relevance There are occasions when you need to undertake an emergency pruning operation. But otherwise, the Tree Trimming in Palo Alto makes it a point to undertake the process during the seasons that are dormant. Late fall is the most appropriate season for trimming. Most pruning and trimming operations are conducted during the winter, when the tree becomes most susceptible to damage. In any case, the process should not stress out the remaining parts of the tree. The arborist knows how to undertake the trimming job, with a sheer focus on precision. Trimming the branches of the tree is a better, faster and cheaper solution than removing the tree entirely from the proximity of your house. Removing a tree involves a lot of time and money which can be avoided by trimming the branches and allowing the tree to stand as it is. The Safety Issues Should you undertake the trimming process, by yourself? The question is no less relevant than understanding the trimming benefits. You think that you have the general awareness, and hence, it is easy to undertake the trimming and pruning process, all by yourself. Precision is necessary, and if you don’t apply the pertinent methods, you may well end up stressing out the tree. Causing damage to yourself cannot be ruled out, either. So, the best option is to seek professional assistance from the Tree Trimming in Palo Alto.
  4. 4. Maintain Healthy Trees With Tree Trimming Service In San Jose Overgrown trees can pose a large number of problems. Branches from trees growing just beside the house can put a pressure on the walls of a house when they come into contact with them. Branches and leaves can shut out sunlight from entering the rooms in the house. Windows can be inoperative and panes can get damaged when the branches of the tree growing next to the house starts to press against them. When these situations occur the only way is to trim the branches of the trees so that normal conditions are restored. It can be achieved without cutting down the tree that is affecting the house. Getting Professional Help The problems that you are facing with the tree beside your house can be solved by asking the Tree Trimming in San Jose to look over the problem. They can suggest which branches of the tree have to be trimmed. Since the beauty of your property depends a lot on trees and plants in your front garden, the last thing the agencies will suggest is cutting down of the tree. Advantages of Professional Help You can get a free quote from them so that you are clear whether the job is within your budget or not and whether you can hire them to go ahead with the job. The biggest advantage of asking for help from Tree Trimming in San Jose is that you do not have to bother with any equipment or skill that you require if you want to do the job yourself. These agencies have all equipment and manpower that they require to make a fast and clean job of it. They use their expertise to find out which portion of the tree needs to be trimmed so that the problems do not persist anymore. Choosing The Agency Checking the credentials of the agency is the first thing that you should do when you hire any Tree Trimming in San Jose agency. Find out whether they have any licensed arborist in their employment. Trees are covered by legal laws that have been promulgated by local authorities, and every time you need to do any job on a tree you have to take out permits for the job. The agency you select should be able to procure the permits easily for your job. Look for the best deal that is offered by the different agencies and find out the services that are included in the price. Finding Out More Find out whether any extra is available like taking away the debris without charging extra and stuff like that. You can ask the Tree Trimming in San Jose to provide references of customers who have got their trees trimmed by them.