The magic of thinking big


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How the magic of thinking big works and enables an individual achieve that big in lige.

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The magic of thinking big

  1. 1. The Magic of thinking BIG A reference from the original book With purpose of easy and quick recap.
  2. 2. There is magic is in thinking BIG. But it is so easy to forget.. So here is a quick recap.
  3. 3. Think BIG: When little people try to drive you down A. You win when you refuse to fight petty people. Fighting little people reduces you to their size. Stay BIG B. Expect to be sniped at. It’s proof you’re growing. C. Remind yourself that snipers are psychologically sick. Be BIG. Feel sorry for them. Think BIG enough to be immune to attacks of petty people.
  4. 4. Think BIG: When that “I-Haven’t-Got- What-It-Takes” feeling creeps up on you A. Look important. It helps you think important. How you look on the outside has lot to do with how you feel on the inside. B. Concentrate on your assets. Build a sell-yourself- on-yourself commercial and use it. Learn to super-charge yourself. Know your positive self C. Put other people in your proper perspective. The other person is just another human being, so why be afraid of him Think BIG enough to see how good you really are!
  5. 5. Think BIG: When an argument or quarrel seems inevitable. Successfully resist the temptation to argue and quarrel by: A. Asking yourself, “Honestly now, is this thing really important enough to argue about?” B. Reminding yourself, you never gain anything from an argument but you always lose something.
  6. 6. Think BIG: When you feel defeated. Its not possible to achieve large success without hardships and setbacks. A. Regard the setback as a lesson. Learn from it. Research it. Use it to propel you forward. Salvage something from every setback. B. Blend persistence with experimentation. Back off and start afresh with a new approach.
  7. 7. Think BIG: When romance starts to slip Do this when things not going right in LOVE department. A. Concentrate on the biggest qualities in the person you want to love you. Put little things where they belong- in second place. B. Do something special for your mate- and do it often. Think BIG enough to find the secret to marital joys.
  8. 8. Think BIG: When you feel progress on your job is slowing down. A. Increasing the quality and quantity of your output can change everything. B. You can always do better, so believe in this and follow the same Think BIG enough to see that if you put service first, money takes care of itself.
  9. 9. A wise man will be Master of his mind A fool will be its slave. Thank you Kumar Arayan