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Email Marketing

  1. 1. Stats on #Spam Email-Marketing Kumar Arayan
  2. 2. The 1st e-mail Sending text messages electronically could be said to date back to the Morse code telegraph of the mid-1800s; and the 1939 New York Worlds Fair, where IBM sent a letter of congratulations from San Francisco to New York on an IBM radio-type, calling it a high-speed substitute for mail service in the world of tomorrow. - Wikipedia
  3. 3. Who is on #Socialmedia40% of social media accounts are spam. - Mark Risher, Imperium via BusinessWeek
  4. 4. Tweets on #twitter 3.5 billion tweets posted to Twitter every day are spam. -BitDefender via Daily Mail
  5. 5. Posts on #Socialmedia 8% of social media posts are spam. -Mark Risher, Imperium via BusinessWeek
  6. 6. Size of Junk #email / yearMore than 4 million tons (62billion pieces) of junk mail areproduced yearly.-
  7. 7. Spam #emails per day87 billion spam emails were sent out every day in Q3 of 2012. - Commtouch
  8. 8. #Spam Average Spam averaged 74% of all emails sent during Q3 of 2012. -Commtouch
  9. 9. Marketer Contribution in #this-is- spamMarketing emails are responsible for70% of this is spam complaints. - ReturnPath
  10. 10. How is Business doing Only 20% of businesses running mailcampaigns track metrics to gauge the performance of their mailers. - Pitney Bowes
  11. 11. So ?
  12. 12. So …you may try not be Spam by OnlyFor you A. Personalization in all goes out – is the communication relevant to Audience ? Do I have some more Info to add that makes the audience happier ? Does this make feel it was exclusively made for her Or do I really need send this ?
  13. 13. How many times man…Before you sing it again, think of how many time you cansing same song before they start running awaya) Feed-me-back: Try gather why they love you and why they don’t . What pulls them and what is throwing them outb) Make me your Macha: if they love you don’t hesitate asking to white list youc) TOI: Track-Optimize-Implement: keep experimenting with small sample of your emailing list, A/B testing . Follow that works ,keep working on rest
  14. 14. Follow your Brand image Reply back: Don’t take time in replying- customer always feel special when you reply Namaste _/_ : don’t ignore Greetings and Sign- off . keep it authentic and genuine Keep it personal: Public is wall and message is personal: message works better than a post on wall
  15. 15. Kumar