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  • For Detailed US IT Recruitment Training and Placement.Please Contact AAA Consultancy,SwarnaJayanthi Complex,Mithrivanam,Hyd.Mobile: 9704628028
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Us staffing bench sales us it recruiter

  1. 1. [Abstract]Streamline Your Staffing Process US StaffingThe USA Staffing web-based system is the most cost-effective means ofgetting the best-qualified candidates for public sector hiring in a single,integrated software solution. The complex staffing process of the publicsector is simplified with this user-friendly, web-enabled software thatcompletely automates the recruitment, assessment, referral, andnotification processes.USA Staffing automatically: Generates vacancy announcements Posts vacancy announcements on USAJOBS Accepts applications via Internet, phone, or fax Analyzes applicant competencies and qualifications Rates and ranks job applicants Covers all available hiring flexibilities Produces and updates certificates Notifies applicants Manages applicant records Meets all regulatory requirements and can be adapted for agency spRoles and Responsibilities for US bench sales:BenchStrength investigates the form and function of thebusiness to ensure Resources, Roles, and Responsibilities areproperly understood and efficiently meshed. This bringsacross-the-board collaboration and knowledge transfer thatmakes the business a ‘smart’ business, always learning andalways able to respond faster and more effectively than itscompetitors. This includes efficient and effective use of
  2. 2. [Abstract]Streamline Your Staffing Process US Staffingtechnology that meshes networks and databases to enhancecustomer service and achieve the customer satisfaction thatbrings them back time after time.Good experience in marketing the Bench Consultants, regularinteraction with the bench candidates, their by identifying theirneeds and position them to projects accordingly. Proven successfulsales record in the IT Staffing and Consulting Industry. Knowledge oftechnology related business development and staffing servicesshould be able to work with vendors and generate new vendors.Extensive IT Consulting Services experience in both staffaugmentation and project sales. Identify, assess, prioritize, qualifyand close new business opportunities.The major contributor to provide their technical recruiting expertiseto our Staffing division. Must have experience in consulting onsourcing strategies, customer relationship management, andsuccessful ability to recruit consulting resources and interacted withUS clients for their job requirements.• Person needs to follow full Recruitment life cycle. Starting fromsourcing CV, screening, negotiating rates, coordinating with clients,follow up till offer and joining of the candidate.• Needs to market consultants at bench.• Person need to source candidates through searches and jobpostings on the Internet, candidate referrals, in-house database andpersonal network.• Providing the highest quality customer service to both clients andcandidates
  3. 3. [Abstract]Streamline Your Staffing Process US Staffing• Must have excellent skills in alternate sourcing channels otherthan online job posting• Should have working knowledge on Dice, Monster and other USjob portals