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America Compared 3


 Assignment 3 V Imperialism Arash Saysan
  2. 2. V Imperialism 1
 •  End of the 19th century. United States became the world power. •  Between 1889 and 1904, the united States divided Samoa with Germans, Annexed Hawaii, wrested the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico from Spain, and separated the Panama Canal Zone from Colombia. Which is a demonstration of the United States penetration and dominance in all the world. •  Americans are uncomfortable with calling their nation imperialist. •  Is there any di erence, or what is the di erent between American Imperialism and the other once. •  Using many of the similar point of view by Americans to have reason for their occupation of the foreign lands. •  New and unique characteristic of the Americans Governing on the foreign lands. •  Which motives and rationales did American imperialist share with their European contemporaries? •  How did American imperialism compare in practice to British, French, and Russian colonizing? •  Robin W. Winks found that, despite Americans’ professions to the contrary, their justi cation for imperialism featured essentially the same ethnocentric and moralistic arguments put forth by European rulers. •  What made American imperialism di erent, says Winks, was its commitment to republican institutions, which gave a distinctive avor to American overseas rule. •  Unwilling to keep the colonies for a long time by Americans another dissimilarity between American Imperialism and the others. •  But while they ruled, says Winks, the American were, paradoxically, far more intent on imposing their language, customs, and institutions upon the native than were the British, who governed through an alliance between the imperial bureaucracy and tiny native elite.
  3. 3. V Imperialism 2
 •  Disraeli made Queen Victoria the Empress of India, while Roosevelt took Panama and built a canal there, they are imperialist but imperialism fort them has di erent meaning . •  All Imperialists used power for expansion, consolidation, and conquest. •  All Imperialist they have their own de nition of imperialism. •  Cesar Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Suleiman the rst at the walls of Malta, the Abraham Lincoln who crushed the drive for Southern independence, Dingaan and Shakar of the Zulu nation, even – according to English historian Christopher Hill – Oliver Cromwell all were imperialist. •  American people were blend of many of the peoples of the world. •  Most Americans hoped to make colonial societies as a American model to qualify for self-government or for admission into the Union itself. •  Two major periods of American expansions internal and external expansions. •  Two main type of expansion with the hard force or war with other countries and the second one with the agreement and purchasing the other lands.
  4. 4. V Imperialism Essay
 By end of the 19the century United States became the world number one power. By end of the 19th century United States had many territories and external lands. American imperialism has similarity and also signi cant di erences with other older imperialism systems. e idea of expansion the country and territories had the same meaning and argument for the Americans as the other imperialists. Imperialists are always seeking for the more political, social and economic power in the world and these aspects are making the imperialists similar. We can look the world imperialism systems from many di erent aspects and this makes imperialists di erent. United States because of its unique situation, economy, how this nation shaped , having many immigrants and many other reason is not really close to other imperial countries. Americans were governing the foreign lands with the new rules and the “commitment to republican institutions” and also Unwilling to keep the colonies for a long time by Americans gave the American imperialism special Character which happened to the world colonial history as the rst time. Another unique thing about the United states imperialism is that American people were blend of many of the peoples of the world and they were trying to make the colonial “American model to qualify for self-government or for admission into the Union itself.”