Panso  BOM Custom View Solution
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  • 1. Panso
  • 2. Agenda• ‘BOM Custom View’ Solution Overview• Product
  • 3. MBOM EBOMEBOM for this product may only have one line itemthat lists the 6-32 screw with a quantity of 10EBOM defines WHAT goes into the productMBOM Defines HOW the product is madeMBOM contains all the parts and assembliesrequired to build a complete product.EBOM defines the product as designedMBOM drives the ERP, MRP andmanufacturing execution systemsThe engineering BOM will not provide anyinfo about how parts relate to each other.If a product has ten M6 screws, each screw islisted in the MBOM in the subassembly where itis usedThe major differences between the manufacturing bills of material (MBOM)and the engineering bills of material (EBOM) are in their Structure and DepthUsually defined in PLMUsually defined in Site Specific
  • 4. Aras Innovator provides great user friendly Structure Browser of an Item up to nthlevel.Aras Structure
  • 5. Can we DOMORE with Aras InnovatorAs manufacturing team can we justview the ‘Manufacture BOM’ ?Engineering Team will need to work onEngineering BOM. It greatly helps if we canview just the EBOM.Can we just custom view the BOM‘CBOM’ for effectivity ‘Date Range’ or‘Revision Range’ ?
  • 6. Can we view the ‘Custom BOM Views’on our Mobile Devices ?For Shipping Team, we just want to know whatneeds to be packed and shipped.www.panso.inCan we DOMORE with Aras InnovatorCan we view the ‘Custom BOMViews’ through Web Interface.
  • 7. With a quest to make the Aras users DOMORE, Panso hasdeveloped ‘BoM Custom View’ utility to solve these challenges -Panso’s BOM Custom
  • 8. BOM Custom Views Contd…
  • 9. www.panso.inBOM Custom Views Contd…
  • 10. Date EffectivityNot SatisfiedDate Effectivity &Revision SatisfiedRevision EffectivityNot Satisfiedwww.panso.inBOM Custom Views Contd…
  • 11. BOM Custom Views – Mobile Interface Contd…
  • 12. www.panso.inBOM Custom Views – Web Interface Contd…
  • 13. BOM Views - AdvantagesBOM Views Advantages:• Reduce complexity by eliminating the need for multiple BOMsystems• Ensure accuracy and completeness• Provide clarity with accurate information and BOM auditcapabilities• Tailored visibility to clear, current, and accurate BOM information• Reduce errors and rework by bridging the gap between designand
  • 14. PansoYour Preferred PLM