"It’s My Money! It’s My Appointment!" How to Combat Helicopter Parents


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This was presented at the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) South Central Region 7 Conference - New Orleans, LA. May 6, 2009; at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Advising Conference - San Antonio, TX. December 4, 2009; Texas State University - San Marcos Professional Development Workshop February 9 & 10, 2010; and at the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) National Conference - Orlando, FL. October 3, 2010.

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  • "It’s My Money! It’s My Appointment!" How to Combat Helicopter Parents

    1. 1. “IT’S MY MONEY! IT’S MY APPOINTMENT!” How to Combat Helicopter Parents
    2. 2. Presenters Matthew Haynes Temple Clark Ashley Ransom
    3. 3. Texas State Information Four-Year State Institution !quot;##$%%quot;&#'()*+%$),'-,.'/0%1 Total Enrollment 29,105 !quot;##$%%quot;&#'()*+$%),' Undergraduate Enrollment !quot;##$%%quot;&#'()*+$%),' 24,810 -.%/!quot;##$%%quot;&#'()*+$%),' Millennial Student Enrollment 20,511
    4. 4. Debriefing (Workshop Overview) What is a Helicopter Parent? Strategy Tactics Who are our Students? Double agents Arsenal! - Materials to Questions and Prepare Advisors Suggestions Strategy Pre-Emptive Border Personal Territory After the dust settles
    5. 5. What is a Helicopter Parent? “The number one thing to realize with the Millennials is that as a whole they reflect much more parental perfectionism than any generation in living memory. Colleges and universities should know How do you define a Helicopter that they are not just getting a kid, but they are also getting a parent.” Parent? William Strauss Author, Millennials Rising The definition from the pros.... Helicopter Parents=Potential!
    6. 6. Millennial Generation Born in or after 1982 Emphasis on final product rather than methods of achieving said product High-achieving Conventional Intelligent Sheltered Optimistic Self-Assured Lack preparedness typically resulting from over-attentive guardians Team-oriented Experiencing high levels of stress and Racially diverse anxiety Extremely close with parents On cutting edge of technology proficiency
    7. 7. Arsenal! - Materials to Prepare Advisors What advisors need to know and have? Patience Listen FERPA Knowing what is offered at your University for Parents Parents Handbook Parents Association New Student Orientation
    8. 8. Pre-Emptive Strike
    9. 9. Pre-Emptive Strike
    10. 10. Border
    11. 11. Border
    12. 12. Personal Territory
    13. 13. Personal Territory
    14. 14. After the Dust Settles
    15. 15. After the Dust Settles
    16. 16. Strategic Tactics Understanding that we will never be rid of “TRUE” Helicopter Parents We should want ALL parents to be Helicopter Parents to an extent Make Helicopter Parents into DOUBLE AGENTS! Parental Support was a significant predictor of college grade point average Keep students AND parents informed on changes to programs and other changes to the College/ University Clarify expectations up front, provide structure, provide realistic advising, suggest mentoring options (if available)
    17. 17. Conclusion WE should embrace Helicopter parents because they help : Increase institutional support Positive influences in students lives Assists in keeping students accountable Helps to ensure a Greater Student Success Rate
    18. 18. Questions and Suggestions