5ht grade workshop( reading,_writing)[1][1]


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5ht grade workshop( reading,_writing)[1][1]

  1. 1. GIMNASIO LOS CAOBOS READING, WRITING, AND GRAMMAR WORKSHOP FOURTH TERM FIFTH GRADE 2010-2011 JIM’S FAVORITE STORE It was a warm, spring, Saturday morning, but that wasn’t the only reason Jim wokeup in a good mood. He was going to the nursery with his father. Jim lovedgardening, and Mr. Ito’s nursery was Jim’s favorite store. Jim could see from the parking lot that the flowers and shrubs at the nursery werealready in full bloom. There were yellow daffodils, and there were tulips in a range ofcolors from white to a purple that was so dark they were almost black. Jim loved thebright green of the new leaves on the trees. It had been a long, cold winter, and theflowers cheered him up. Jim’s father rubbed his hands together. “Let’s go do some shopping,” he said. Jimpushed the shopping cart while his father piled things into it. They bought a bag ofpotting soil. Jim loved the way it smelled. They walked down rows of plants andseedlings, and piled pots into their cart. They bought petunias and geraniums for thehanging baskets they made every year. They bought ferns and flowers for their deck.They also bought fertilizer. Jim’s father held up a birdhouse. “Should we get this?” he asked Jim.Jim shook his head. “Let’s make our own,” he said. They bought vegetable seeds for their garden. They got radish, carrot, zucchini,and red beet seeds. They bought trays of young tomato plants and lettuce. “Areyou sure we should get lettuce?” Jim asked his father. “Remember how the slugsate it all last year?” His father sighed and nodded. “I’m going to spread sawdust this year. I heard thatkeeps the slugs away.” After Jim and his father filled their cart, they parked it in theshade and strolled around the nursery looking at all the shrubs and trees. “I thinkwe should plant an apple tree this year,” said Jim. “I agree,” said his father. “There is no room in the car this time, but maybe we cancome back next week and pick one out.” They paid for everything, drove home, andspent the rest of the day working in the yard. Jim was tired when he went to bed,but he was happy, and the yard looked great. He couldn’t wait to eat thevegetables.
  2. 2. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ABOUT JIM’S FAVORITE STORE ON THE LINEDPAPER1. What is a synonym for nursery, as used in this story?a. day care centerb. garden centerc. hospitald. dairy2. Who is Mr. Ito?a. Jimb. Jim’s fatherc. the nursery ownerd. Jim’s gardener3. According to the story, what do Jim and his father do annually?a. make hanging basketsb. make a bird housec. plant lettuced. plant an apple tree4. What happened to their lettuce last year?a. Mr. Ito ate it.b. Jim and his father ate it.c. Slugs ate it.d. Snails ate it.5. What is the setting of this story?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. Use complete sentences to answer the questions below.1. Why do you think Jim and his father bought fertilizer?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. Describe how Jim and his father might have looked when they lookedat shrubs and trees. Did they hurry?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. What might Jim’s dream job be? Why?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4. What is your favorite store? Why?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. Write a list with all the verbs used in the passage. Classify them into regularand irregular verbs. Write next to each one of them the base form, and thenwrite a sentence using the past tense and a time expression.Notice: Every student in Grade 5 should hand in the answers of thisworkshop on a lined sheet of paper once you come back to school. This isgoing to be graded. You are going to get a grade in Reading, Writing, andGrammar. I am not going to accept any excuse for not handing in yourassignment. “This is only a warming-up to start the Fourth Term”. Mr. Orta