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Arams Professional Website
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Arams Professional Website


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Published in: Design, Technology
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  • 1. Aram’s Professional Website
    IT331 Project by Aram Zucker-Scharff
  • 2. Purpose
    To create a professional home for my online identity.
    To showcase the skills learned in this class.
    To encourage user interactivity.
  • 3. Site components
    Home page: index.html
    Résumé: resume.html
    Journalism: journalism.html
    Photos: photos.html
    Web-project showcase: webwork.html
    Writing showcase: writing.html
    About: about.html
    Contact Us: contact.html
  • 4. Home Page
    Describes myself
    Links to projects
    Provides links to my web presence elsewhere.
    Uses Javascript to request and store users’ names.
  • 5. Home Page Changes
    Improvements for Project 4:
    Spry accordion for active projects
    The Spry accordion (created using Spry effects) will be used to allow user to see descriptions of the active sites when they mouse over them.
    RSS Link
    An RSS link will be provided here which will allow users to subscribe to page changes.
  • 6. Résumé Page
    Provides links to various formats of my résumé.
    Links to others’ coverage of my work online.
    Uses javascript to change document type images on mouseover.
  • 7. Journalism
    Provides links to various projects.
    Provides links to various places where clips of my work is stored.
    Allows the user to make sidebar text on that page larger
    Mouseover provides a reveal of the Mason Votes logo using Javascript.
  • 8. Journalism Changes
    Each of the active Journalism projects (3) will be given a tooltip with a preview for the site.
  • 9. Photos
    This page showcases through links and thumbnails my photography work.
    It uses CSS and javascript to showcase the photos on the page using lightbox.
  • 10. Photos Changes
    An XMLHttpRequest will be used to allow people to select groups of photos to display.
  • 11. Webwork
    Lists my web-based projects.
    Showcases my digital work using thumbnails and links in a table.
    Provides a link to my web presence, using javascript to provide a rotating graphic.
    Allows users to randomly jump to an active site.
  • 12. Webwork changes
    The images will be given Spry image effects.
    Images will be highlighted on mouseover.
  • 13. Writing
    The writing page showcases links to my work in a table.
    It provides a link to an interactive display of how I write in collaboration with designers.
    The image of a spaceship changes on load.
  • 14. Writing Changes
    The creative writing projects table will be replaced with one generated using a SpryXML data set.
  • 15. About
    This page displays information about the site and this project.
    Copyright information.
    Links to scripts and CSS.
    The ability to change the CSS over the entire site.
    Shows last modified date.
  • 16. Contact Us
    Provides a form to contact me.
    Provides personal contact information for people to contact me directly.