IT ops of the future: AI and analytics-based automation


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Gartner Symposium Barcelona
Presentation by Hans-Christian Boos (CEO)

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IT ops of the future: AI and analytics-based automation

  1. 1. Gartner Symposium Barcelona 12. November 2013 IT operations of the future AI and analytics based automation arago AG – the Automation Experts Hans-Christian Boos @boosc
  2. 2. you should have more time
  3. 3. quality convert your time to innovation $$$ savings you choose how to use the time you gained
  4. 4. In IT we spend 80% of our time on operations operations improvement focus on creating time out of operations
  5. 5. success story on operating a major banking application number of FTE experts needed 112 status at project start 78 business case for first automation project minimum expected time gain 45 maximum expected result 22 time gain achieved 8 no automation 30% automation 50% automation 80% automation arago 93% automation converting time to money
  6. 6. success story on automating the portal of the world market leader in lighting solutions 70 % availability Apr 2006 start of project 95 % availability Aug 2006 1 month after end of migration 99,998 % availability 99,999 % availability Dec 2006 Mar 2013 10th generation of application 900Mio€ transactions p.a. converting time to quality
  7. 7. success story on moving from a governance to a brokerage culture in IT provider management Cost Fun Cost Quality Changeabilit y choose 2, forget 1 Quality Changeabilit y have all converting time to innovation
  8. 8. bid-offer gap in IT: providers don’t offer what business wants to
  9. 9. we treat IT like industrial production: standardize, taylorize, consolidate
  10. 10. Complexity Volume but economies of scale cannot even cover 30% of all tasks
  11. 11. accepting complexity as a fact of IT is key
  12. 12. no more man against machine
  13. 13. people and machine each have unique strengths
  14. 14. Complexity Volume combining expert knowledge and AI conquers tasks not accessible to economies of scale
  15. 15. EC2 install repository on SLES EC2 install repository Retry Install React on error „repository not found“ Install SW on Linux Install SW if needed Extract EC2 instance FQDN Read EC2 instance Information Check is engine installed React on „No provider of“ msg. Install SW on SLES Start some test with EC2 instance Run Simple AutoPilot CLI Test Start tests if precond. are OK Set EC2 AMI ID CentOS Set EC2 AMI ID SLES Shutdown unused EC2 inst. Check AutoPilot CLI Set Type/Price for Spot Inst. Request Create EC2 Spot instance Check EC2 Spot Request Status Parse EC2 Spot Request Output the AI combines knowledge to solve a specific problem. All permutations are
  16. 16. automation no longer needs to inhibit change in IT
  17. 17. knowledge can be acquired by anyone.
  18. 18. AI and knowledge based automation because people’s time is too valuable!
  19. 19. the future has already arrived… Is enterprise IT ready to embrace it? Or do we wait for others to make us obsolete while we stick to “what we have always done”?
  20. 20. Application Nodes Resolved Issues: 46.138 Automation Rate: 69,78% Resource Nodes Resolved Issues: 254.298 Automation Rate: 97,67% Software Nodes Resolved Issues: 988.495 Automation Rate: 87,90% Machine Nodes Resolved Issues: 663.975 Automation Rate: 83,85% knowledge and AI based automation works throughout the IT stack
  21. 21. Automation Rate on Software 100% 95% 90% 85% 80% 75% 70% 65% 60% 55% 50% Automated Manual Automation Automation rates on the software level exemplify the breadth of automation
  22. 22. to resolve 1.952.906 tickets automatically the old way, you would need to write 74.899 different run-books, we needed 436 knowledge items.
  23. 23. Thank you for your time which we hope was well invested, because dismissing good ideas can harm your future