Building corpus from www for arabic
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  • 1. Building corpus fromwww for ArabicArabic NLP group at Imam University 2013Al-Fridi.A , Bhattab.R , Al-Rakaf.N
  • 2. Outline• Introduction• Data collection• Data processing• Architecture• Problems• Tools Methodology• Conclusion
  • 3. Introduction• Building a corpus requires major time and effort.• Texts may not be easily available for building acorpus.• Web data that a new strand of research developed• The web is immense, free and available.• The Web as a source of language data, because thatits so big source rather than other sources.• The idea of building corpora starting at 1897 byGerman linguist Kading.
  • 4. Data collection• There is many ways to collecting the data from thewebsites.• used a locally developed spider program to get thedata from each site.• used the Arabic Optical Character Recognition (OCR)program Automatic Reader.
  • 5. Data processingThe processing of the data to obtain the corpusconsisted of the following steps:• Language classification.• Linguistic filtering.• Processing.• Corpus indexing.
  • 6. Architecture
  • 7. Problems• Textual layout.• Spelling mistakes.• Duplicates.
  • 8. Tools Methodology
  • 9. Crawler System
  • 10. Cosmas Query
  • 11. Boot CaT• This is the first propose a full procedure for theautomated extraction of specialized corpora andtechnical terms by web-mining.• Let’s us try to build corpus
  • 12. Sketch EngineIntroduction• The Sketch Engine is a corpus processing systemdeveloped in 2002.• The basic elements of the Sketch Engine areconcordances, word sketches, grammaticalrelations, and a distributional thesaurus.• The Sketch Engine service makes a number oflarge web corpora available for onlineanalysis which can be done by usinga web-based corpus query.
  • 13. Sketch EngineImplementation and Design• The Sketch Engine has a different query system.• A Word Sketch includes: subject, object,prepositional object, and modifier.
  • 14. Conclusion• Building corpus from www for Arabic.• Ways to collecting data from web.• Problem we faced and the tools thatsupport us to build the corpus.
  • 15. AcknowledgmentsThis work has been supervised byDr.Amal Al-Saif,we Thank her forhelping and supporting us.