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  • 1. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫لماذا؟‬ Transliteration Limadha? Translation Why? Example Arabic ‫لماذا تذهب إلى المدرسة؟‬ Transliteration Limadha tadh-habu ila al- madrasa? Translation Why do you go to School?
  • 2. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫ماذا؟‬ Transliteration Madha? Translation What? Example Arabic ‫ماذا تكتب؟‬ Transliteration Madha taktubu? Translation What are you writing?
  • 3. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫ما؟‬ Transliteration Ma? Translation What? Example Arabic ‫ما اسمك؟‬ Transliteration Ma Ismuk(a)? Translation What is your name?
  • 4. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫أين؟‬ Transliteration Ayna? Translation Where? Example Arabic ‫أين كنت؟‬ Transliteration Ayna Kunt(a)? Translation Where have you been?
  • 5. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫متى؟‬ Transliteration Mata? Translation When? Example Arabic ‫متى ستسافر؟‬ Transliteration Mata satusafir? Translation When will you travel?
  • 6. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫أي؟‬ Transliteration Ayy? Translation Which? Example Arabic ‫أي كتاب تريد؟‬ Transliteration Ayy Kitab turid? Translation Which book do you want?
  • 7. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫لمن؟‬ Transliteration Liman? Translation Whose? Example Arabic ‫لمن هذه السيارة؟‬ Transliteration Liman hadhihi as-sayyara? Translation Whose car is this?
  • 8. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫كيف؟‬ Transliteration Kayfa? Translation How? Example Arabic ‫كيف أذهب إلى المطار؟‬ Transliteration Kayfa ‘adh-habu ‘ila al-maTaar? Translation How can I go to the airport?
  • 9. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫من أين؟‬ Transliteration Min ‘Ayna? Translation From Where? Example Arabic ‫من أين أحضرت هذا الكتاب؟‬ Transliteration Min ‘ayna ‘aHDart(a) hadha al-kitab? Translation Where did you bring this book from?
  • 10. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫مما؟‬ Transliteration Mimma? Translation From What? Example Arabic ‫مما يتكون الماء؟‬ Transliteration Mimma yatakawwan al-ma? Translation From what does water consist?
  • 11. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫من؟‬ Transliteration Man? Translation Who? Example Arabic ‫من بنى الهرام؟‬ Transliteration Man bana al-ahram? Translation Who built the pyramids?
  • 12. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫كم؟‬ Transliteration Kam? Translation How many? Example Arabic ‫كم كتاب ً اشتريت؟‬ ‫ا‬ Transliteration Kam kitaban Ishtarayt? Translation How many books have you bought?
  • 13. Arabeya Association ( Arabic ‫كم ارتفاع؟‬ Transliteration Kam irtifaa3? Translation How high? Example Arabic ‫كم يبلغ ارتفاع الهرم؟‬ Transliteration Kam yablugh irtifaa3 al-haram? Translation How high is the Pyramid?