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Grid Computing by Mireille Raad
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Grid Computing by Mireille Raad



ArabNet Digital Summit 2012, March 27 - 31. Developer Days, March 27, Developer Lighting Talk - Grid Computing - by Mireille Raad

ArabNet Digital Summit 2012, March 27 - 31. Developer Days, March 27, Developer Lighting Talk - Grid Computing - by Mireille Raad



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Grid Computing by Mireille Raad Grid Computing by Mireille Raad Presentation Transcript

  • Grid computing Mireille Raad
  • Computational Grids enable Dynamic sharing – exchange – discovery – selection - aggregationof geographically/Internet-wide distributed heterogeneous resources• Supercomputers• Compute clusters single unified resource for solving• Storage systems large-scale compute and data intensive• Data sources computing applications• Visualization devices• Scientific Instruments• People
  • LHC Volunteer Grid LHC : our “scientific instrument”UK physicists have successfully takenpart in a challenge to test aninternational scientific computing Gridunder working conditions. During theweek-long challenge, the LHCComputing Grid sustained transferrates of a gigabyte per second. - aworld first for apermanent, international Grid using View slide
  • Global Grids and Software ToolkitsGlobal Grids• SETI@home Project• GPUGRID.net (Perform full-atom molecular simulations of proteins on Nvidia GPUs for biomedical research)• NFCR Centre for Computational Drug Discovery : Screensaver Lifesaver• Worldwide LHC Computing Grid• World community grid• GridPP a collaboration of particle physicists and computer scientists from the UK and CERN.• World-Wide Grid networkMiddlewareUnicore – Globus – Gridbus – LegionGrid-enabled languages and utilitiesHPC++ or MPI View slide
  • Personal Experience with Grids And My “realistic” Future plans (geeky partners needed)Experience:Volunteering with World Community GridGrid Storage using TAHOE-LAFS7 PCs LabPlansStep1 : Work in somehow controlled environment like companies to aggregate un-usedstorage on typical laptops/desktops – may not need full grid architecture.Step2: Ability to combine CPU power of many computers for corporate or personal use
  • Why it is Exciting• Dream about computing again• Abundant computing powers gone un-used while needed at large scale• IPv6• Analogy to electricity grid – in the same way we need power – we may just need grid and use it as instantly as we do with basic resources• Infrastructure for more grainy interconnections on economy level : bitcoin – un-controlled• Opt-in, free, secure