8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011 - Evaluation Presentation


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8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011 - Evaluation Presentation

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8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011 - Evaluation Presentation

  1. 1. 8th Media and TelecomsConvergence Conference 2011 Amman on June 6&7, 2011 Conferencedelegates’ evaluation results
  2. 2. Table of ContentsConference Background…...................................................... slide 4Sponsors, Exhibitors, Speakers & Delegates’Comments……………………………………………………………………. slide 5Media Presence……………………………………………………………… slide 11Delegates’ Demographics….................................................... slide 14Results from the Conference Evaluation…………………………… slide 21Media Coverage ……………………………………………………………. slide 39Photos from the Conference................................................... slide 51 2
  3. 3. Arab Advisors 8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011 Main Sponsor Sponsored by 3
  4. 4. Arab Advisors 8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011• 600 delegates at the conference.• A total of 80 journalists and support staff covered the event.• Delegates represented 150 major companies and organizations.• Addressed by 51 visionary executives and industry leaders.• 8 regional and international companies sponsored the conference.• 25 companies at the exhibition area, alongside the conference. 4
  5. 5. Sponsors’ Comments on the 8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011• “I would like to express our pleasure being part of Arab Advisors this year and thank your team for making the conference very successful” Ms. Reem Ramahi, Events and Sponsorships Manager, Zain• “I’m always interested in attending such a valuable and nice conference” Mr. Najeh Qawareq, Strategic Planning Expert, ARABSAT• “Behind every great event is a team of dedicated and talented people, and Arab Advisors are such a team. Umniah has been participating in the annual Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference for years, and every year Arab Advisors unfailingly manage to deliver an exceptional industry event that has grown to become one of the region’s most highly anticipated professional affairs. Today, the Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference is considered an effective platform for the Arab World’s top telecom and media professionals to tackle the latest sector developments and opportunities in the region. I would like to congratulate the Arab Advisors team on pulling off yet another successful conference this year, and look forward to attending their future events” Mr. Ihab Hinnawi, CEO, Umniah 5
  6. 6. Sponsors’ Comments on the 8th Media andTelecoms Convergence Conference 2011 (Cont.)• “Excellent work on the event. Also, thanks for being brave enough to host the debate! I fully enjoyed it and I think that the format gave a real edge to the discussion. All good for the audience” Mr. Jeremy Foster, Head of marketing, Government and Industry Relations, Ericsson Middle East• “The panel format worked very well. I think the high level of participants was one of the key reasons. It really created height and relevance to the discussion. On the right level and focused on industry issues and how we, together can drive this forward. This was the case for both panels” Mr. Jonas Heimer, Vice President and Head of Communications RMEA. Ericsson AB• “Thank you again for inviting us at the conference. It was a really good and interesting conference” Mr. Stefano Gioia, SDP Principal Solution Specialist EMEA, Oracle Communications EMEA 6
  7. 7. Some Speakers’ Comments on the 8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011• “Thank you very much for a great conference from the speakers , to the attendees to the overall experience and i appreciate your efforts in making it happen. your team was also very helpful in aiding me to deliver my talk to thanks for that too”. Mr. Antoine Abdul-Massih, JWT• “It was great to see you and I would like to complement you on the organization of the conference as well as the professional moderation”. Dr. Bassam Hanoun, CEO, Wataniya Palestine• “I found the conference very useful and well organized” Mr. Tim Peters, Principal, A.T. Kearney Middle East• “Thank you for the invitation to your conference. I was very impressed with what you were able to put together. Congratulations” . Mr. Majied Qasim, Managing Director, D1G 7
  8. 8. Some Speakers’ Comments on the 8th Media andTelecoms Convergence Conference 2011 (Cont.)• “Thank you for another quality event; this event is becoming a favorite of many of us in this part of the world and I personally look forward to it every year!” Mr. Alex Shalaby, Chairman, Mobinil• “The only true forum in the Middle East to meet and listen to telco and media executives, the feedback and interaction provided nPario with a new perspective on the market potential and business challenges”. Mr. Basel Tutunji, nPario• “Thank you for a great Conference” Mr. Rufus Weston, Senior Manager – Digital Insights, BBC Global News• “You had a great conference and topics and, your format for the debate was excellent, which kept it very interesting”. Mr. Tom Wilson, SAMENA 8
  9. 9. Some Delegates’ Comments on the 8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011 (Cont.)• “This year conference could be rated as an (A) from my perspective” Mr. Mouammar Al Hadidi, Marketing Manager, Royal Scientific Society• “Great to see a real shift in content from conventional telco/media topics to the more current “New Age” landscape” Mr. Faisal Hakki, Investment Associate, Accelerator Technology Holdings• “Good progress this year, more matured speakers and concentrate on issues concerning relations between infrastructure and content” Mr. Afram Jamil, Advisor, Ministry of ICT• “It was my pleasure to participate in the 8th Annual Arab Advisors Group’s conference and I enjoyed the opportunity to meet and discuss with high potential delegates and speakers, as well hear many insightful perspectives on the Media & Telecoms convergence in the Arab World. I would like to thank all the Arab Advisors’ Team for their professionalism and for the great organization of the event. We will be looking forward to seeing you next year in Amman”. Mr. Athanas JAMO, Market Analyst, FRANCE 24 9
  10. 10. Some Delegates’ Comments on the 8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011• “Thank you for the great event, it was really successful conference” Mr. Shady Salameh, E-Commerce Manager, Nas Aviation• “Excellent speakers, good networking event to connect & C-level in Arab World” Mr. Parag Sule, Regulations Director – Middle East, Tech Mahindra 10
  11. 11. Media Presence 11
  12. 12. TV and Radio Stations Present at the Conference• BBC• Al Jazeera TV• Al Hurra TV• Al Manar TV• Abu Dhabi TV• Al Quds TV• Saudi News TV• Saudi Economics TV• KSA2 TV• Al Arabiya TV• Palestine TV• Bloomberg• ANB TV• Bahrain TV 12
  13. 13. News Agencies and Papers Present at the Conference• Al Rai • Al Quds• Ad-Dustor • Al Qabas• Al Ghad • Al Rayah Petra News Agency• Al Arab Al Yawm • Reuters• Al Anbat • Morocco News Agency• Al Deyar • JO & Venture• Assabeel • Al Yawm• Jordan Times • Al Quds Al Arabi• Al Hayat• Asharq Al Awsat 13
  14. 14. Delegates’ Demographics 14
  15. 15. Delegates by Region Africa Asia Europe & 2% 1% USA 4%GCC15% Levant 78% 15
  16. 16. Senior Executives by Region Africa Asia Europe & 3% 1% USA 3% GCC 20% Levant 73%Notes: Senior Executives include Directors , VPs and Top Level Management,top Level Management includes the following titles: Chairman, CEO, General Manager, AssistantGeneral Manager, CCO, COO, Deputy CEO, CFO, Partner, CIO, President, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Secretary General, CWO, CSO, CHRO, CTO, Founder and Commissioner. 16
  17. 17. Delegates by Gender Female Female 23% 25% Male 75%Male77% 17
  18. 18. Delegates’ Line of Business Telecom & Other Media 42% operators 44% Vendors 14%“Other” includes governmental entities, regulators, consultancies,banks, embassies, portals, investment companies and content providers,etc. 18
  19. 19. Level of Delegates Managers Other 24% 24% Senior staff 10% Directors & VPs 22% Top level* 20%* Top Level Management includes the following titles:“Chairman, CEO, General Manager, Assistant General Manager, CCO, COO, Deputy CEO, CFO,Partner, CIO, President, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Secretary General, CWO, CSO,CHRO, CTO, Founder and Commissioner.” 19
  20. 20. Office locations of delegates from outside Jordan35.0%30.0% 29.0%25.0% 22.1%20.0%15.0% 13.1%10.0% 6.9% 4.8% 5.0% 3.4% 2.8% 2.1% 2.1% 1.4% 2.1% 2.1% 2.1% 1.4%1.4% 0.7% 0.7% 0.7% 0.7% 0.7% 0.0% 20
  21. 21. Results from the Conference Evaluation 21
  22. 22. Overall Level of Speakers and Presentations Excellent 22% Very good Poor 44% 1% Fair 5% Good 28% 22
  23. 23. Overall Level of Delegates Excellent 21% Very good 43%Poor 1% Fair 3% Good 32% 23
  24. 24. Conference Networking and Business Development Value Very good Excellent 35% 19% Poor 2% Fair 6% Good 38% 24
  25. 25. Overall Conference Organization Excellent 39% Poor 0% Fair 3% Very good 36% Good 22% 25
  26. 26. Overall Value of Attending the Conference Very good Excellent 46% 15% Poor 1% Fair 7% Good 31% 26
  27. 27. Conference Fees Very good 23%Excellent 15% Poor 4% Good 26% Fair 32% 27
  28. 28. Overall Venue Facilities Excellent 27%Poor 0% Very good 40%Fair7% Good 26% 28
  29. 29. Food Quality Excellent 29%Poor 5% Very good 40% Fair 4% Good 22% 29
  30. 30. Lunch AreaExcellent Very good 20% 32%Poor 6% Fair 10% Good 32% 30
  31. 31. Conference Auditorium Setup Excellent 22% Very good 38% Poor 0% Fair 9% Good 31% 31
  32. 32. Exhibition Hall Setup Very goodExcellent 27% 18% Poor 5% Fair 14% Good 36% 32
  33. 33. Interactive Audience Response System (Voting System) Excellent Very good 23% 28% Poor 14% Good Fair 21% 14% 33
  34. 34. Online Conference Messaging and Networking system• Arab Advisors Group developed the “Online Conference Messaging and Networking system” to facilitate networking between Arab Advisors Groups 8th Media and Telecoms Convergence Conference 2011 registered delegates.• Online Conference Messaging and Networking system maintains privacy of contacts until the respondents allow access to their contacts.• Delegates started communicating through this system three weeks prior to the conference.• The system remains active for the period of three months after the conference. 34
  35. 35. Use of Messaging System Yes 18% No 82% 35
  36. 36. Overall Value of Messaging System Excellent 21% Very good 42% Poor 5% Fair 5% Good 27% 36
  37. 37. Will Attend Next YearNot sure 26%No2% Yes 72% 37
  38. 38. If Attending Next Year, Will Consider Sponsoring/Exhibiting No 25% Yes 75% 38
  39. 39. Media Coverage 39
  40. 40. Media Coverage Summary Post- event 12%• Event was covered by more than 90 Pre- event articles and news stories in the print 36% media, in addition to numerous features online.• 36% of the print coverage appeared pre-event, 52% appeared during the During event event, and 12% appeared post event. 52%• Countries in which the event had English coverage include: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, 36% Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Qatar, UAE, USA, KSA and other countries. Arabic 64% 40
  41. 41. Some of the Regional and Local Coverage• Teletimes International Magazine, English, May Magazine• Petra News, Arabic, May 31st 2011• Dowjones, English, May 31st 2011• Agence MaghrebArabe Presse, Arabic, June 1st 2011• Saudi Press Agency, Arabic, June 1st 2011• Kuna News, Arabic, June 1st 2011• Al Ghad Newspaper, Arabic, Business, Page 29 June 1st 2011• Al Rai Newspaper, Arabic, Economics, Page 26, June 1st 2011• Addustour Newspaper, Arabic, Economics, Page 23, June 1st 2011• Al Anbat Newspaper, Arabic, Economics, Page 7, June 1st 2011• Al Deyar Newspaper, Arabic, Locals, Page 3, June 1st 2011• Assabeel Newspaper, Arabic, Business, Page 15, June 1st 2011• Jordan Times, Newspaper, English, Business Club, Page 11, June 1st 2011• Petra News, Arabic, June 6th 2011• Saudi Press Agency, Arabic, June 6th 2011• IRNA News Agency, Arabic, June 6th 2011• The Star, English, Jordan, Page 5, June 6th 2011 41
  42. 42. Some of the Regional and Local Coverage (Cont.)• Al Ghad Newspaper, Arabic, Telecoms, Pages 1 & 2, June 7th 2011• Al Rai Newspaper, Arabic, Economics, Pages 25 & 26, June 7th 2011• Addustour Newspaper, Arabic, Economics, Pages 25, June 7th 2011• Al Anbat Newspaper, Arabic, Economics, Page 9, June 7th 2011• Al Arab Al Yawm, Arabic, Economics, Page 23, June 7th 2011• Al Deyar Newspaper, Arabic, Locals, Page 4, June 7th 2011• Assabeel Newspaper, Arabic, Business, Page 14, June 7th 2011• Jordan Times Newspaper, English, Jordan, Page 3, June 7th 2011• Al Quds Newspaper, Arabic, Arabic and International, Page 21, June 7th 2011• Agence MaghrebArabe Presse, Arabic, June 7th 2011• Kuna News, Arabic, June 8th 2011• Al Ghad Newspaper. Arabic, Business, June 8th 2011• Teletimes International Magazine, English, June Edition 42
  43. 43. Some of the Online Coverage• MediaInEgypt.com, English, 10th March2011 http://mediainegypt.blogspot.com/2011/03/8th-media-and-telecoms- convergence.html• E-taalim.com, English, 22nd April2011 http://www.e-taalim.com/events/jordan-8th-annual-media- telecommunications-convergence-conference.html• Trade Arabia, English, 31st May 2011 http://www.tradearabia.com/news/IT_199650.html• AMEINFO, Arabic, 31st May 2011 http://www.ameinfo.com/ar-202153.html• Arabian Business, Arabic, 31st May 2011 http://www.arabianbusiness.com/arabic/ar-pressreleases/detail/43880• AMEINFO, English, 31st May 2011 http://www.ameinfo.com/266745.html• DubaiPR.Com, English, 31st May 2011 http://www.dubaipr.com/news/001473 43
  44. 44. Some of the Online Coverage (cont.)• UAEpr.Com, English, 31st May 2011 http://www.uaepr.com/news/001028• Arabian Business, English, 31st May 2011 http://www.arabianbusiness.com/press-release/?pressReleaseId=43879• MENAFN, English, 31st May 2011 http://www.menafn.com/arabic/qn_print.asp?StoryID=1093417732&subl=tr ue• Teletechwire.com, English, 31st May 2011 http://teletechwire.com/20110531/4099.php• Addiwan News, Arabic, 31st May 2011 http://www.addiwannews.com/print.asp?ThisID=21454• Al Madena News, Arabic, 31st May 2011 http://www.almadenahnews.com/newss/print.php?c=127&id=88575• MENAFN, Arabic, 31st May 2011 http://www.menafn.com/arabic/qn_print.asp?StoryID=1093417732&subl=tr ue 44
  45. 45. Some of the Online Coverage (cont.)• Zawya, English, 1st June 2011 http://www.zawya.com/printstory.cfm?storyid=ZAWYA20110531115727&l=115700110 531• Yahoo Maktoob, Arabic, 5th June 2011 http://arabic.business.maktoob.com/NewsDetails-20070423288228• Al Ittihad.ae, Arabic, 5th June 2011 http://www.alittihad.ae/details.php?id=53655&y=2011• Indiatimes.com, English, 5th June 2011 http://oneclick.indiatimes.com/article/0crF0gZfmD73h?q=Morocco• Treehuggers.com, English, 5th June 2011 http://topics.treehugger.com/article/0aMj29u88T8OG• Trade Arabia, English, 6th June 2011 http://www.tradearabia.com/news/IT_199953.html• CRI Online, Arabic, 6th June 2011 http://arabic.cri.cn/741/2011/06/08/82s140073.htm• r.com/news/001482 45
  46. 46. Some of the Online Coverage (cont.)• Air Aviation News, Arabic, 6th June 2011 http://www.airaviationnews.com/ar/?p=3992• Arabian Business, Arabic, 6th June 2011 http://www.arabianbusiness.com/arabic/ar- pressreleases/detail/43904?tmpl=index_rtl• Al Riyadh.Com. Arabic, 6th June 2011 http://www.alriyadh.com/2011/05/25/article635637.html• DubaiPR.Com, English, 6th June 2011 http://www.dubaip• UAEpr.com, English, 6th June 2011 http://www.uaepr.com/news/001031• Jordan Zad, Arabic, 6th June 2011 http://jordanzad.com/index.php?page=article&id=46186• Addiwan News, Arabic, 6th June 2011 http://www.addiwannews.com/print.asp?ThisID=21832 46
  47. 47. Some of the Online Coverage (cont.)• AMEINFO, English, 6th June 2011 http://www.ameinfo.com/267274.html• Al Anbat.com, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.alanbat.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=31 132%3A2011-06-06-22-21-23&catid=45%3A2010-02-24-20-16- 30&Itemid=1• Assabeel, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.assabeel.net/-‫ﻣﻨﻮﻋﺎﺕ/ﺗﻜﻨﻮ/86524-ﺍﻷﺭﺩﻥ-ﺳﺎﻫﻢ-ﺑﺈﺛﺮﺍء-ﺍﻹﻧﺘﺮﻧﺖ-ﺑﻤﺎ-ﻳﺰﻳﺪ-ﻋﻠﻰ-57-ﻓﻲ-ﺍﻟﻤﺌﺔ‬ ‫.ﻣﻦ-ﻣﺤﺘﻮﺍﻫﺎ-ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺑﻲ‬html• Jordan Times, English, 7th June 2011 http://www.jordantimes.com/?news=38245• IctIraq.org, English, 6th June 2011 http://www.ictiraq.org/events/?public=6dbaccfcf15143bddc36a16e8d4358d1• Arab Crunch, English, 6th June 2011 http://arabcrunch.com/2011/06/arab-spring-and-bcc-visitors.html 47
  48. 48. Some of the Online Coverage (cont.)• Al Rai.com, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.alrai.com/pages.php?news_id=406775• Addustour.com, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.addustour.com/ViewTopic.aspx?ac=Economy201106E conomy_issue1333_day07_id332171.htm• Ammon News, English, 7th June 2011 http://en.ammonnews.net/print.aspx?Articleno=12239• Alghad.com, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.alghad.com/index.php/article/478702.html• Al Arab Al Yawm.net, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.alarabalyawm.net/pages.php?news_id=305829• Assabeel, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.assabeel.net/-75-‫ﻣﻨﻮﻋﺎﺕ/ﺗﻜﻨﻮ/86524-ﺍﻷﺭﺩﻥ-ﺳﺎﻫﻢ-ﺑﺈﺛﺮﺍء-ﺍﻹﻧﺘﺮﻧﺖ-ﺑﻤﺎ-ﻳﺰﻳﺪ-ﻋﻠﻰ‬ ‫.ﻓﻲ-ﺍﻟﻤﺌﺔ-ﻣﻦ-ﻣﺤﺘﻮﺍﻫﺎ-ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺑﻲ‬html 48
  49. 49. Some of the Online Coverage (cont.)• Jordan Times, English, 7th June 2011 http://www.jordantimes.com• Petra News, English, 7th June 2011 http://www.ain.jo/node/192806• AMEINFO, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.ameinfo.com/ar-202733.html• Ain, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.ain.jo/node/192806• Zawya, English, 7th June 2011 http://www.zawya.com/printstory.cfm?storyid=ZAWYA201106070534 32&l=053400110606• Jazarah.net, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://jazarah.net/ar• Amman Post, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.ammanpost.net/article.aspx?ArticleNo=9181• Wahat Al Arab, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.wahatalarab.com/asp/showArticle.aspx?Art_ID=169421& Upvisitedcount=true 49
  50. 50. Some of the Online Coverage (cont.)• Hitech 4 All.com, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://www.hitech4all.com/software/news/11/june/7/2424• Scoopat.net, Arabic, 7th June 2011 http://scoopat.net/%• Mubasher.Com, Arabic, 8th June 2011 http://www.mubasher.info/portal/ASE/getDetailsStory.html?storyId= 1887213&goToHomePageParam=true&siteLanguage=ar• Gerasa News, Arabic, 8th June 2011 http://gerasanews.com/web• Business.Jo, Arabic, 8th June 2011 http://business.jo/%• Islamic Tourism Media, English, 8th June 2011 http://www.islamictourism.com/country_E.php?country=3&nid=4510• Mobilk.net, Arabic, 8th June 2011 http://www.mobilk.net/mobile-news-5-5824.html• Jeeran.Com, Arabic, Arabic, 8th June 2011 http://amman.jeeran.com/h/3094 50
  51. 51. Photos from the Conference 51
  52. 52. Photos from the Conference (cont.) 52
  53. 53. Photos from the Conference (cont.) 53
  54. 54. Photos from the Conference (cont.) 54
  55. 55. Photos from the Conference (cont.) 55
  56. 56. Photos from the Conference (cont.) 56
  57. 57. Arab Advisors Group Convergence Summit 2012After eight successful years of Arab Advisors Group’s AnnualMedia and Telecoms Convergence Conference; we are pleasedto announce the annual event under its new name “The Convergence Summit 2012”For Sponsorship opportunities or any questions please contactArab Advisors Group: www.arabadvisors.com Tel: 962.6.5828849 Fax: 962.6.5828809 arabadvisors@arabadvisors.com 57