PLANNING: Freshers

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  • 2.  Convey narrative quickly Text has to be catchy, play on words and short because people won’t look at them for a long period of time, stereotypes build expectations Lighting, editing and mise en scene can also tell story Billboard posters should have channel, TV, show name, hash tag, website Text helps tell the story line Hollyoaks: Example poster More glamorous than usual soaps (Glamour over realism) Characters are younger and more attractive for a change Shows a before/after picture Gossip Girl: Example poster Messy haired young girl with male shows she quite promiscuous Makes younger teens want to watch it and rebel against their parents from the text “popularity has its price” shows its set in school and is important in American schools to be popular “Every parent’s nightmare” – shows narrative of a girl and is obviously going against her parents Lighting is focused on the girls facial impression Ugly Betty: Example poster Before and after picture shows the change in the character from the person in the show Jumper in the left image shows that she is Spanish from her Spanish jumper/poncho Glasses and braces shows it’s the same girl Goes from dressing badly with manic smile to well dressed with a normal smile suggesting she may be happy and successful and socially acceptable now Name of the programme, when it’s on, and institution names at the button. Skins series 1 trailer: Stereotype over exaggerated about drunken teenagers at a house party Words “SKINS” can relate to sex and drugs from the rizzler paper Feather boa and sunglasses with bright colours shows they’re all having fun Lighting looks like a flash from a camera as if someone has just taken the picture or messy youth Playing on the fear of teenagers Skins series 2 poster: Darker lighting shows change of the mood and narrative What happened after the party Name of show, date time and institution Intersexual references to the audience Slouch shows she’s distressed
  • 3. DRUG STORY – StoryBoard 1:This story includes myself playingthe role of Monica and Samplaying the role of Grimmers.Grimmers is Mon’s boyfriend andis being persuaded into takingdrugs against her own will, this isaffecting their relationship as Monbecomes weak and is displayedthrough out the shot types as shebacks away from her boyfriend.
  • 4. SEXUALITY – StoryBoard 2:The gay story line includes Sophieplaying the roll of Soph and Joshplaying the role of JP.This story line is about JPstruggling to come out with hissexuality of being gay. There is aslight shock and struggle ofSophies understanding to thiswhich clearly affects JP.
  • 5. RUN AWAY STORY –Story Board 3:This storyboard includes Harriettplaying the role of Hal and Shadiaplaying the roll of Shad.Our third story line was theconflict between two sisters whichresolved in one running away andleaving home, leaving her sister athome alone, confused andshocked.
  • 6. Above is a photograph of the writtenshots that we chose to take on thecamera when filming the trailer forour soap opera FRESHERS. Myself andmy group carefully planned whatshots we would use in the threeseparate story lines that we chose tofurther to use for the final trailer.
  • 7. JOSH (JP)•Make up (bright colours)•Glasses•Tight clothes•Geeky glassesWe decided to put Josh in these clothes to stereotype him so the audience automatically pick up on his sexuality.SAM (Grimmers)•Cap to shadow face•Dark clothes•Hoody•Make up under eyes to darkenSam wears dark clothes to connote danger and it creates dark atmosphere when the shot is on him because of thedark colours.HARRIET (Hal)•Big over sized coat•Holdall bag (stuffed with pillow)•ScarfThe scruffy look creates a homeless look to Harriett’s character and giving her a big holdall makes it clear to theaudience that she’s running away.MONICA (Mon)•Jeans•Casual white t-shirt/top•HoodyThe use of the colour white within Monica’s outfit connotes innocence when Sam pressures her into taking the drugs.SOPHIE (Soph)•Everyday casualWe kept Sophie wearing casual everyday clothes so the audience are directly drawn to Josh.SHADIA (Shad)•Jogging bottoms•Scruffy t-shirtThis creates the realism in the shot of Shadia also showing the audience she lives there.
  • 8. Holdall – MonicaMobile Phones – Shadia & HarriettMake up – SophieSweeteners – Sam