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  1. 1. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. THE INBETWEENERS Here, the E4 purple tape and the logo is used which is what gave us the idea to do ours. However, we changed the show‟s name to capitals to match our branding of the word FRESHERS and used a different E4 logo which looks like it has been drawn in to match the education aspect of our show.We used a university environment so we didn‟t need uniforms and a sports hall like this billboard.However, we took this into consideration as it lets the audience know the setting of the show without specifically telling them.
  3. 3. In both posters, the same purple tape is used to show the show‟s brand. However, it still follows E4 institution’s colour anddesign style guide. This is something I had to take into consideration when making my billboard posters. However, the actual skins brand logo isdifferent to the ones on the billboard but is still distinctive so the audience can recognise the name of the brand and the characters. Emotion is shows through the billboards asfacial expressions are taking in place here. E.g. Effy’s smile and Cook and Freddie looking confused show the way they both were fighting for her in series 3.
  4. 4. Our brand was aboutfirst year universitystudents and our targetaudience were Britishteens who were familiarwith British slang.The best thing to do wasget the definition of„freshers‟ to show offUrbandictionary.com –these were the first 2definitions shown whichsums up our characters.We used this as the namebecause it was selfexplanatory to theaudience who and whatthe characters in thesoap are and the settingof it without even havingto watch it likeEastenders’ name showsthe characters arepeople from the eastends of London.
  5. 5. We used the same style font called “American Typewriter” to keep the E4 style on our product. The name „FRESHERS‟ came from our storylines being young first year students in their student lives. It would also relate to our target audience know what the show is about as they would be familiar with the term “freshers”.The colours of purpleand white represent E4as they use this colourscheme within themajority of theprogrammes shown
  6. 6. On the actual research we found that the titles of the shows were in bold writing with only one upper case letter. To establish ourbrand, we had uppercase in the poster but in my trailer I used lower case. This didn’t make everything match yet I found that my ancillary product and trailer still looked effective and the brand was still recognisable. We also broke the conventions by using ascribbled in effect E4 logo which isn‟t used in our research posters. We did this to match the genre of our tv drama and match the story lines as if someone doodled it whilst bored in class.
  7. 7. Emotions are shown on characters faces like the Skins posters to represent character‟s storylines. It makes the audience clear that the genre would be TV DRAMA based on young people‟s stories. The purple E4 tape and white writing matches the conventions of the other Skins and The Inbetweeners posters to create the institution’s identity so the audience know which channel to watch it on.Background imagesrepresent the location/set ofthe trailer – universitystudents are referred to as„freshers‟ so we used theposters.
  8. 8. Our target audience would have access to the internet on a daily basis so we put a twitter hash tag on and the website to add to the media platforms for our show because we knew it would appeal to them if they wanted to find out more or tweet about the show on the trailer.We made the institution‟s brand consistentas it would make it clear to the audiencewhat channel the show would be on. E4 wasthe institution I chose because shows withyoung cast members such as “Fresh Meat”,“TOWIE” and “Misfits” would be shown onthere too. To make it clear to the audience, we put the name of the show, day and time it would be broadcasted on. Using short sentences makes the audience be able to read it quickly without getting bored and also memorise it.
  9. 9. A quick magazine slogan.What themagazine is asupplement for Masthead is distinctiveand the website. and behind the character‟s head. Issue no. & date.Making the brand clearand “special” showsthis mag is all abouttwilight. Big heading relates to pictureOther features in the (fangs) and genremagazine. Let‟s of “Twilight”audience know thecontent. Subheading plays on words talks about main Freebies character.
  10. 10. The issue no. And magazineThe masthead “Vision” date make the front covershows this is a TV look more professional andsupplement and come with is a convention of athe News of the World. To magazine front cover.make vision its ownbrand, we added a website The main character istoo. wearing bright colours and glasses so the audienceWe made the magazine a recognise JP the character“Freshers special” and all (also why the headline hasthe subheadings and his name in it) and portrayheadings are to do with our his homosexuality.show just like Fabulous‟twilight special. The subheading relates to the storylines of JP “coming out of the closet”Instead of adding a freebie, and the gay members ofwe added gossip about next the audience could relateweek‟s episode and a to that.„secret‟ which would makethe audience feel likethey‟re getting anexclusive.
  11. 11. We did not need a barcode as it was a supplement magazine. Extra images as one character would represent the whole show. The institution brand as this would relate to exsisting viewers and Features of other the brand name isprogrammes because it established to make itwas a SPECIAL all about clear the show‟s genre my trailer‟s show. is about young people in their first year of student life.