The Buzz Around Deal Desk


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Slides from webinar on 05/09 on 'The Buzz Around Deal Desk' with Apttus CEO Kirk Krappe, and Ruyben Seth, Director of Legal Operations at Symantec.

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The Buzz Around Deal Desk

  1. 1. APTTUSThe Buzz around Deal DeskHow to Increase Deal Profitability andClose Deals FasterKirk KrappeCEOApttusRuyben SethDirector, Legal OperationsSymantec
  2. 2. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialCurrent Sales Process & StructureCustomersSales, Partners,Product TeamsLegal, Finance,Order OpsExceptionApprovers
  3. 3. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialLet’s Make a DealDoor #1 Door #2• $30M Deal• Net 120-Day Payment• 90 Day Free Support• 30% Discount• 5 Year Deal• Multiple Products• $4M deal• Net 30-Day Payment• No Free Support• 10% Discount• 2 Year Deal• Single ProductOR
  4. 4. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialCoordination of Groups andProcesses Is Critical…ContractNegotiationFinanceLicensing DiscountsOrderManagementSupply ChainCompliance Services
  5. 5. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialBut Sales Is Challenged• Salesperson does limitednumber of large deals• Large deals need a lot of handholding• Legal unable to train new salesrep with each deal
  6. 6. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialCustomersSales, Partners,Product TeamsLegal, Finance,Order OpsExceptionApproversDeal Desk Is Center of ExcellenceDeal Desk
  7. 7. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential6 Ways Deal Desk StreamlinesCoordinationDeal Desk1. Early visibility of “good” deal or how tomake a better deal2. Automatic data flows from opportunity tocontracting3. Visibility of same information to differentstakeholders4. Discount and other exception approvals inone place5. All requirements enforced or knownupfront and consistent6. Self-serve if standard T’s & C’s; low $$high volume agreements
  8. 8. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential#1: Insight to Make “Good” DealsKEY INPUTS• Pricing guidance• Buying programs• Overall sales history• Discounts• Customer historyOptimalDeal
  9. 9. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential#2: Automated Flow fromOpportunity to Contract• Leverage systems thatsales is already using• Create contracts fromitems in• Use standard opportunityinformation• Select key terms to drivecontract languageContractOpportunity
  10. 10. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential#3: Single View for All StakeholdersOpportunitiesDealsAccounts
  11. 11. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential#4: Centralized Discounts andApprovals• Consistent and streamlined dealapprovals• Improve visibility into who needs todo what• Conditionally base approvals basedon discount levels, product line,region, etc.• Reduce rogue discounting throughenforced approvals
  12. 12. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential#5: Requirements Up Front• Revenue recognition, orderbooking, etc.• Standard and consistent• Defined in templates andsystems
  13. 13. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential#6: Self-Service When AppropriateOpportunityDeal DeskSalesLow $High VolumeStandard TemplatesComplex, Large Deals
  14. 14. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential6 Ways Deal Desk StreamlinesCoordination and Helps Big DealsDeal Desk1. Insight to make good deals2. Automated flow from opportunity to contract3. Single view for all stakeholders4. Centralized discounts and approvals5. Requirements up front6. Self-service when appropriate
  15. 15. APTTUSThank youRuyben SethDirector, Legal Operations
  16. 16. APTTUSAutomating the Deal DeskKirk KrappeCEO
  17. 17. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialManual ProcessesHome grown systemsOutside SalesforceManaging Deals TodayERPOpportunity
  18. 18. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialERPThe Need for the Deal DeskOpportunityDealDeskDeal Manager
  19. 19. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialOpportunityOpportunity ContractQuote RevenueStreamline Deal Management withIntegrated Quote-to-Cash ProcessERPDealDeskDeal Manager
  20. 20. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialApttus Quote-to-Cash withDeal ManagerEverything in Your Salesforce InstanceSingle Platform, Admin, UIScalable, Secure, ReliableOpportunityOpportunity ContractQuote RevenueDeal ManagerAPTTUS
  21. 21. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialOpportunityOpportunity ContractQuote RevenueDelivered on Most AdvancedTechnology PlatformProven, Real-TimeScalabilityProvenReliabilityReal-Time QueryOptimizerReal-TimeTransparent SystemStatusISO 27001Certified SecurityGranular Security &SharingProven , Real-TimeIntegrationReal-TimeUpgrades3 Global DataCenters andDisaster RecoveryReal-Time MobileDeploymentDeal Manager
  22. 22. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialOpportunityOpportunity ContractQuote RevenueComprehensive FunctionalityDeal ManagerCONTRACTMANAGEMENTREVENUEMANAGEMENT• Contract Wizard• Contract Compliance• Contract Discovery• Deal Maximizer• Renewals Management• Rebate ManagementX-Author  Portal  eSignature  Analytics  MobileCONFIGURE-PRICE-QUOTE• Asset-Based Ordering• Quick Quotes• Guided Selling
  23. 23. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialOpportunityOpportunity ContractQuote RevenueManage Deals Inside Microsoft OfficeDeal ManagerObserve Existing Guidelines and RulesQuotes in Excel Contracts in Word Embedded Chatter
  24. 24. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential
  25. 25. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialMultiple Industries Rely on ApttusTechnology Health & Life ScienceConsumer Goods250+ CustomersTelecom and Media Financial & InsuranceElectronics
  26. 26. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialAbout Apttus300+ Customers450,000+ Users93% Renewal RateProfitable100% Revenue Growth200 Employees8 Years$200M Platform Spend5 Patents PendingCustomerCentricFinanciallySolidInnovative
  27. 27. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialTake the Next
  28. 28. APTTUSQ&AKirk KrappeCEOApttusRuyben SethDirector, Legal OperationsSymantec