How to Drastically Improve the Quoting Process inside Salesforce


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Slides from 'How to Drastically Improve the Quoting Process inside Salesforce' webinar with Apttus and Saba on 03/12/13

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  • We begin with a quote.Once the customer asks for a quote, a sales person typically has to provide the product or service, its options and the pricing in the quote. This can entail a simple selection of the offering from a product catalogue or price book, or a highly complex product and pricing configuration of a bundle of products and services.Apttus enables product selection, configuration, pricing and approvals, again all natively inside
  • And finally, ensuring that after all the sales efforts, the right outcomes are actually realized by your organization.Comply examples are things such as managing simple dates or tasks, to complex milestones or renewals through complete integration into your financial system to ensure that transactions, payments, etc are accurate and in compliance with the actual agreements in place.Because all the relevant data is inside salesforce, reporting, dashboards, and other management tools are available across the entire process continuum.
  • Quote to Contract is continuous flow. Typically 70-80% of business is repeat. Business needs to think of this flow as a loop and not a straight flow because customers can enter anywhere in the process and it’s important that we create new opportunities from old business. Apttus does this with a consistent UI with Salesforce, but can also work natively on an iPad.
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  • How to Drastically Improve the Quoting Process inside Salesforce

    1. 1. APTTUSHow to DrasticallyImprove the QuotingProcess insideSalesforce
    2. 2. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialToday’s speakersTom BantonPrincipal Solution ArchitectAnkur AhlowaliaSr. Director Global Deal Desk#CPQ2013
    3. 3. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialHousekeeping• Ask questions via chat box• Listen via VOIP or dial-in• Presentation and slides will be emailed to all attendees• Interactive sessions – polls throughout event• Hashtag: #CPQ2013#CPQ2013
    4. 4. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialYou’re Invited to the Series• 6 Webinars – all for Sales Leaders and Operations• Focus around better Salesforce utilization includingquoting, Chatter, contract management, and more• Speakers include representatives fromSymantec, Salesforce, Motorola, and moreDetails will be sent to ALL attendees#CPQ2013
    5. 5. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialEmbracing the Cloud#CPQ2013
    6. 6. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential2012 - Chatter X-Authorfor MS Office2006 - First Salesforce Contract Lifecycle Mgt solution2007 - Helped commercialize Force.com2009 - Configure, Price, Quote2007 - Appy Award – Best ApplicationiPadOSMS Office2011 - iPad OS for CPQCPQ2008 - Proposal & Quoting MngtProposals& QuotingContractManagement2013 – Deal MaximizerDeep domain expertise300+ CustomersOver 60 Fortune 500350,000+ Users93% customer retention rateUsed by salesforce.comAbout Apttus#CPQ2013
    7. 7. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialWhere to Quote - Salesforce or ERP?#CPQ2013
    8. 8. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialManual ProcessesHome grown systemsOutside SalesforceQuote-to-Cash Today …ERPOpportunity
    9. 9. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialYou need seamless Quote-to-Cashinside the Salesforce CloudQuote Propose Contract ComplyERPOpportunity#CPQ2013Apttus not only met out current quoting needs but will alsomeet our anticipated future needs as our business expands.”“ Larry CaseyDirectorGlobal Applications
    10. 10. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialCreate a Quotefrom anOpportunityQuick QuotesGuided SellingCompare QuotesStandard orAdvancedApprovalsProposalCreation &DeliveryCreate andManageContractsQuote &ContractAcceptanceDashboards &ReportingManage InstalledBase &RenewalsQuote-to-Cash Flow#CPQ2013Viewable on iPad
    11. 11. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialDocumentManagementGuided Sellingand RulesManage PricingQuote-to-Cash AdministrationProductCatalog/Hierarchy• Createproducts, services and bundles• Addimages, attributes andproperties• Create Pricelists• Charge Types• Price Types• Methods• Constraint Based• Inclusion• Exclusion• Recommend• Warn• Create Templatesusing MicrosoftWord and ApttusX-Author#CPQ2013 All data within Salesforce Configured with Salesforce Admin tools Simple to complex Workflows and Notifications‘Clicks, Not Code’
    12. 12. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialResults of Quote-to-Cash• Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) Reduction– Sales cycle velocity, AE empowerment, accurate quotes, Chattercollaboration• Contract risk reduction– Pre-approved templates, commitment visibility for SOXcompliance.• Increase Average Selling Price– Guided Selling, Cross-Selling, Up-Selling– Deal Optimization, Discount Management.• Optimize RevRec (Revenue Recognition)– Greater control through approval rules.#CPQ2013
    13. 13. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialQuote-to-Cash Success Metrics• Pipeline by Product, Channel, Type, etc.• Win (Pipeline Conversion) Rate %• Average Quote-to-Contract Cycle Days by Deal Type #• Average Selling Price $• Weighted Discount and Margin $• Non-standard contract terms %• On-time Renewal Rate %#CPQ2013
    14. 14. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialSaba Previous Quoting ProcessSALESEvaluate NeedsSubmit Final OrderForm request forApprovalsQualifyOpportunitySubmit InitialProposal/ BudgetaryQuote (Manual)Ongoing finalNegotiations(ProductMix/Discounts)SubmitOrderForm(Manual)FIN/LEGAL/OPSSALES OPS LApprovals: Discounts/Non-Standard TermsAd-Hoc“Approval Shopping”(Manual, Email, Phone)Last Min.Approvals(OutsideBM)• Lack of clear quoting best practices and approval processes• Deals with Revenue Recognition issues• Chaos/confusion during Quoting and Ordering process• Negative Sales Productivity• NO deal analytics or metrics/reporting capabilitiesQUALIFIED DISCOVERY SELECTEDPROPOSAL/RFP/DEMOIN LEGALBigMachinesBigMachinesSalesforce™
    15. 15. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialProcess Improvement MethodologyBaseline analysis ofcurrent state•AS-IS Process•Interviews•BusinessChallenges/PainPoints•Understand SabaProducts and config’s•TO-BE Process•Use Case Demopresentation set-upand configuration•ApprovalWorkflows•ROI Analysis•1:1 use Case Demowith keystakeholders•Additionalanalysis, ifrequired, to confirmsolution meetsbusiness needsKey Tasks•Voice of the field(VOF)•Opportunity forImprovement•AS-IS ProcessMaps•StakeholderAnalysis•TO-BE Process•Approval workflows•Use CaseDemo/Presentations•ROI Analysis•Finalized TO-BEProcess•Finalize ApprovalsWorkFlows•Pricing CommitteeApprovals•ExecutivePresentationsDeliverablesBaselineCurrentIdentifyActionsPlanTransitionImplementationReadiness•BusinessRequirementDocument(BRD)•Analyze QuotingSolutions•BudgetaryEstimate•Project Plan andTimeline•Saba SpecificDemo
    16. 16. APTTUSAPTTUS Confidential“SabQuoting Process – Present StateEvaluateNeeds(Solution Selling)FinalQuoteQualifyOpportunitySubmit BudgetaryQuote/ProposalFinalNegotiations(Revise Quote)SubmitOrderFormLeverageDeals StructuringBest Practices/Prior SuccessesDeal DeskIntelligent Approval Routing forDiscounts, (Non-)Standard TermsDashboards/ ReportingCapabilitiesDeal AnalyticsQUALIFIED DISCOVERY SELECTEDPROPOSAL/RFP/DEMOIN LEGAL
    17. 17. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialLessons Learned• Secure Executive Sponsorship PRIOR to starting aproject. Engage executive sponsor on a regular basisvia regular checkpoints.• Identify other change agents and build a coalition todrive change.• Sales teams need clear and precise instructions onQuoting and Approval processes. Ensure rigoroustraining and documentation is available.• Be Patient!#CPQ2013
    18. 18. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialThat’s Me!#CPQ2013
    19. 19. APTTUSAPTTUS ConfidentialQ&ATom BantonPrincipal Solution ArchitectAnkur AhlowaliaSr. Director Global Deal Desk#CPQ2013