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Newsletter november 2010

  1. 1. Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario November 2010 ___________________________________________________________Dear Member,We are pleased to forward the November issue of our monthly newsletter. Important note:You should already have received an email from indicatingyou have been subscribed to the group Asociación de Profesores de Inglés deRosario contact us if you havent got it. Once you subscribe, you will continue toreceive information in your mailbox, but you will also be able to check for an archive of our updates.If you are not receiving our Newsletters in digital form, please write asap.Coming activitiesNovember 12th:APrIR will be supporting the Heinle event: Content and language: Towards a perfectpartnership to be held at ARICANA, Buenos Aires 984 from 5 to 7 pm. The event is free ofcharge but previous registration is essential. More information at .December 7th:APrIRs End-of-the-Year Dinner Party!! Mark your calendars now! You don’t need to be a member to celebrate with us! Good food, entertainment and presents in great company! Buy your ticket in advance from your colleagues at the APrIR Committee, or send us an email at Where: Sarmiento 1999 – Pago del Abasto Time: 9.30 pm.Cost: Members: $70; Non-members: $90.Choir recital by Coro de Fisherton at 10 pm. Please be on time!Recent activitiesOn October 16th we shared the lecture by Prof. Mariel Amez "Chalk and Screen:exploring online resources to enhance classroom work". This presentation was
  2. 2. organised together with Profesorado en Inglés IES "Olga Cossettini" and was free ofcharge for APrIR members.The materials shared are available from short video of the event can be found at teachers November is the month for graduation ceremonies, and APrIR will be present to welcome new graduates and grant awards for outstanding academic achievement.Nov. 5th: IES "Olga Cossettini"Nov. 19th: ISP N2 16 "Bernardo Houssay"In addition to the traditional medal, we will be waiving the 2011 membership fee to theappointed graduates.We also hope all new colleagues will soon be applying for membership.2011 FAAPI Conference We are pleased to announce that the 2011 FAAPI Conference will be hosted by Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Tucumán. Start sharpening your pencils! We will let you know as soon as the Call for Papers is released!News from our membersAPrIR member Viviana Valenti is presenting papers at two international conferences: “Detección de trastornos lingüísticos en hablantes de español a partir del aprendizajedel inglés como segunda lengua”. I Congreso Internacional de Neuroeducación(Comisión Nacional Asesora para la Integración de Personas Discapacitadas). Mar del Plata,5 de noviembre. “The effect of consciousness raising on the development of reading comprehensionand translation”. IV Jornadas Internacionales: La Enseñanza de Inglés en lasCarreras de Ingeniería. (Univ. Nac. de Mar del Plata - Univ. Tecnológica Nac. Reg. Mardel Plata). 12 y 13 de noviembre. to her!Note: If you are an APrIR member and you are giving a presentation, please keep usposted by filling in this form:
  3. 3. will be delighted to share the information in our Newsletter.Reminders1- SIGs and Workshops are in progress.If you want to join, please contact the coordinator. You can find more information in ourFacebook page. CALL, coordinated by Mary Di Mónaco ( Fee: $ 5.= for MembersThe following are free of charge for APrIR members Reading for Pleasure, coordinated by Nora Séculi ( Teaching Tips, coordinated by Graciela Castelli ( Viewing and Reviewing Films, coordinated by Nora Séculi ( APrIR Online JournalThe Call for papers is in progress. Check the guidelines at Payment of annual feeIf you haven’t cancelled your full annual fee yet, remember a variety of options areavailable to do so:a) On-line transfer or bank deposit: Banco Nación Suc. 3020- Rosario CBU Nº01104442/40044427146462. Cuenta Corriente Especial Nº de cuenta: 444271464/6Asociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario CUIT: 30-6805210-9.b) Cuenta Digital: Claim your payment slip at and then cancel it viaRapipago, Pagofácil, etcc) Postal order or cheque payable to LEDA NOEMÍ SIBURUd) Ask for the fee to be collected at your place. This option will continue to be in useunless you opt for one of the previous means.Special fee for new members
  4. 4. Aren’t you a member of APrIR yet? If you would like to join us at this point in the year, youcan enjoy a reduced fee. Do get in touch. Ask us for the enrollment Useful information:Our office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 7 pm. Corrientes 1323 (P.B.)Rosario.Our telephone number is: (0341) 153-983562 Outside office hours, please leave amessage.You may also contact us via email: (about general matters) (for administrative matters)Remember to follow us online Facebook page: , Twitter: These institutions are now APrIR members Are you a Director of Studies? Contact us to find out how your institution can also become a member of APrIR. Write to APrIR is your association. Take pride in belonging.