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Newsletter February 2011
Newsletter February 2011
Newsletter February 2011
Newsletter February 2011
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Newsletter February 2011


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. A sociación de Profesores de Inglés de Rosario February 2011 ___________________________________________________________ 1976 – 2011 35th AnniversaryDear Membe r,We hope you have had plenty of rest during your holidays, be cause we are preparing ayear brimful of activities for you!Forthcoming activities February 23rd, 6 to 8.30 Teaching Business English: a refresher for insiders; an overview for newcomers. Profs. Julie ta de Zavalía, Ale jandra Garré , Mariela Rodrígue z, Ma. Del Carmen fe rnánde z Be itía Fee: AprIR membe rs and stude nts: $20.=; Non-membe rs: $50.= Venue: UC EL, Av. Pellegrini 1332 Enrolment: Fill in this form and pay on the spot February 24th, 9.30 pm Chatting Meal Advance d stude nts and teache rs can ge t toge the r to have a friendly chat ove r dinne r (pizza, pop-soda and ice-cream) with Profs. Julie ta de Zavalía and María del Carmen Fe rnández Be itía. This time the ve nue is Café de la Música, Santa Fe y More no, at 9.30. Cost: $60.= Please book a seat in advance – before Feb. 21st. February 25th: APrIR will be supporting the Heinle event: Content and language: Towards a perfect partnership to be held at ARICANA, Buenos Aires 984 from 5 to 7 pm. The e vent is free of charge but pre vious re gistration is esse ntial. More information at http://www!/event.p hp?eid=189424401088797
  • 2. March 12th, 10 am: APIBA – APrIR Webinar for Teacher A ssociations: “Marketing and Fundraising for TA s” with the support of FAAPI and the British Council In April 2010 APIBA President Analía Kandel attended the 44th IATEFL Conference on a Britis h Council grant and represented FAAPI on Associates ’ Day. In this session s he will first s hare with Members of FAAPI Teac hers ’ Associations the highlights of the Conference and of that meeting, in particular a s ummary of sessions on Marketing and Fundra ising f or TA s. She will then enc ourage all participants to thinkcollaboratively of possible s olutions to problems our local TAs face in relation to these and otherrelevant issues in our own professional c ontext.This ev ent is free of cha rge f or Members of Tea cher Associa ti ons wi th thei r dues up to da te.It is aimed at c urrent members of E xecutive Committees and other Association M embers who may beinteres ted in joining the Committee in the future. A list of readings to be covered bef ore thesession will be made available on e nrol ment.Enrolment: A PrIR members please fill in this form dates to mark on your calendar:March 5th, 9.30 amProfessional development 2.0: Shaping our Learning PathsSpeaker: Carla RaguseoMore de tails coming soon!A pril 7th, 9 amA samblea General OrdinariaOrden del día  Memoria y balance  Cuota anual  Actividades 2011A ugustAPrIR SeminarMore de tails coming soon!
  • 3. 2011 FAAPI Conference As we had already announced, the 2011 FAAPI Confe rence will be hoste d by A sociación de Profesores de Inglés de Tucumán. The theme of the Confe rence is COMMUNICATIVE LANGUAGE TEACHING AND LEAR NING R EVISITED. W hat more than three de cades of expe rience have taught us.The Call for Papers is in progre ss: che ck the guide lines at and Workshops:Remembe r they are free of charge for APrIR membe rs A lready confirmed for 2011: Reading for Pleasure, coordinated by Nora Sé culi (norase .ar) New day of the week: Teaching Tips, coordinated by Graciela Caste lli. Se cond Wednesday of the month at 10 am . Please confirm at gracaste . Starting in March. Le t’s discuss the issues we all fee l a passion for. CA LL, coordinated by Mary Di Mónaco ( Monthly mee tings to expe riment with the ne w te chnologies and think of ways to use them to enhance our teaching practice. Last Saturday of the month at 9.30. Venue to be confirmed.Would you like to coordinate a workshop or a SIG? Contact us asap.Your opinion and interests:He lp us plan ahead by tak ing this poll! It wont take up more than a couple of m inute s: from our membersIf you are an APrIR member and you are giving a presentation, please keep us postedby filling in this form :https ://s om/viewform? formkey=dHMxMTgxVnhYdjFpR2luM2hiTEFwUFE6MQWe will be de lighted to share the information in our Newsletter.
  • 4. Useful information:Our office hours: Tue sdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 7 pm . Corrie ntes 1323 (P.B.)Rosario.Our telephone number is: (0341) 153-983562 Outside office hours, please leave amessage .You may also contact us via email: .ar (about ge ne ral matte rs) (for adm inistrative matte rs)Remembe r to follow us online Facebook page:http://www.face s/APrIR /127774673899632?ref=ts , Twitter: http://twitte /aprir .com .ar/group/aprir These institutions are no w A PrIR members A re you a Director of Studies? Contact us to find out how your institution can a lso become a member of APrIR. W rite to APrIR is your association. Take pride in be longing.