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Heinle Event, with the support of APrIR
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Heinle Event, with the support of APrIR


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Heinle Event: Content and language: Towards a perfect partnership What the Heinle and National Geographic partnership can bring to your classroom As twenty-first century learners increasingly use English to communicate with people from other cultures and backgrounds, there is a need for language learning materials which reflect this reality. Heinle, part of Cengage Learning, and National Geographic have partnered to create materials that teach learners about the world in which they live, its peoples, its customs, and its wonders. We introduce materials adapted from National Geographic resources, showing how they motivate and inform learners in their education, workplaces, and social lives. In a fun and relevant way, learners are encouraged to look at their own lives and see it mirrored in the lives of people across the globe. With access to the National Geographic archive of video, images, and content, Heinle creates visually stunning learning materials which: • Help learners to communicate in English in the real world, • Give them a platform to understand other people and cultures, and • Prepare them for the realities of the modern, globalized world of work and education. In this lively session, the presenter introduces the ideas behind this partnership, and the process through which they are turned into materials for learners of English. About Ian Martin Ian Martin is Heinle’s Director of Global Marketing. He is based in Boston, Massachusetts. For twenty years he has lived and worked extensively throughout Asia, Latin America, and Europe. He has been a teacher, teacher trainer, director of a language school, and a publisher, working with all ages and needs. His special interests include the teaching of reading, and vocabulary. Previous registration essential Great Raffle at the end of the event! Aricana Registration Buenos Aires 934 • Ameghino (0341) 447 1147 · 449 8906 Rosario, Argentina • SBS Rosario (0341) 426 1276 · Friday, Nov 12th · 5.00 to 7.00 pm • Heinle: Asociación de With the support of: Profesores de Inglés de Rosario