Useful Social Media & Web Tools For Business


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Useful Social Media & Web Tools For Business

  1. 1. Helpful Social Media & Web Tools for Business Tool Description Website Good for ManagingIntenseDebate A service to enhance and Comments encourage commenting on your existing blog by adding features such as: comment threading, capability to reply by e-mail, import & export comments.Tangler Enables users to embed portable, Comments global conversations across the web, similar to how YouTube videos are displayed in blogs and websites.Technorati A powerful search engine for Listening blogs, tracking more than 112 million blogsGoogle Alerts Provides e-mail updates on the Listening latest Google search results, based on your topic of choice, one to several times a day.Social Mention Social media search engines that Listening searche real-time, user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and moreRadian 6 Widget based monitoring system Listening for managing social media.Ice Rocket A convenient search engine for Listening blogs.AideRSS An intelligent filtering assistant that Monitoring & Filtering updates your RSS feeds based on your interests, not just the website.Google Reader An in-box for the web: subscribe to Monitoring & Filtering your favourite sites and it will continuously update your in-box with up-to-the-minute feeds from those favourites.Net Vibes Create a home page and add your Monitoring & Filtering favourite sites; it will update your home page with the newest stories every time you log in.
  2. 2. Bloglines Free online service for searching, Monitoring & Filtering subscribing to, creating and sharing news feeds, blogs and other rich web contentBooshaka Monitor how your brand is being Monitoring & Filtering talked about across the social graph, including FacebookBlogPulse Search for blog posts by keyword Monitoring & FilteringGoogle Blog Search Google’s index of blog posts; Monitoring & Filtering advanced search; excellent for searching between specific dates.Serph Track buzz in real time Monitoring & FilteringGoogle Trends Shows amount of searches and Monitoring & Filtering Google news storiesTrendpedia Generate cool charts showing the Monitoring & Filtering volume of discussion around multiple topics.eKstreme Blog data is obtained from Monitoring & Filtering Technorati and the social media bookmarks come from del.icio.usCompete Competitor site traffic reports. Monitoring & Filtering Estimates only of monthly visitor data; best used on high traffic sites.Alexa Comparative site traffic reports Monitoring & Filtering including estimated reach, rank, page views.BlogFlux Page Rank Indicates Google page rank for a Monitoring & Filtering web page so you an compare different websites.Wordtracker Displays average daily search Monitoring & FilteringKeywords volume of a given keyword or phrase.Facebook Lexicon Displays volume of wall postings Monitoring & Filtering for a specific term(s).Viral Video Chart Displays the top 20 most-viewed Monitoring & Filtering videos including view counts and charting.Adonomics Facebook analytics and developer Monitoring & Filtering application tracking and graphing.PageRank Checker Shows Google page rankings. Monitoring & FilteringSocial Media Monitor Tracks & compares how brands Monitoring & Filtering are performing on facebook & Twitter.Openbook Scan mentions of your brand in Monitoring & Filtering
  3. 3. Facebook status updates.Plancast Subscribe to an RSS feed that Monitoring & Filtering alerts you to any new event matching keywords you’ve selected. Keep track of competitors’ events, keep up-to- date on conferences you may want to attend or co-sponsor, meetings, activities.BackType Alerts Free service that sends e-mail Monitoring & Filtering updates when a chosen search term is mentioned in a comment eg: someone trashing your product in a blog comment. Also shows twitter influencers who are sharing related links.coComment Firefox plug-in helps you keep Monitoring & Filtering track of blog comment threads; saves you the trouble of checking back on blogs that don’t offer a comment notification feature.WatchThatPage Keeps tabs on any web page you Monitoring & Filtering indicate and you’ll receive an alert any time a change is made to that page.Reddit A news site allowing users to read, Crowd-sourced vote on, explore and submit news content stories for inclusion (including stuff about your own company!)Digg A news site that surfaces the best Crowd-sourced of the best of daily news, as voted content upon by members across the web.Klout Find, reach, and engage Management influencers on your brandShoutlet Manages social media marketing Management communications with one platform for building, engaging and measuring social media.Objective Marketer Social media marketing and Management analytics with integrated campaign management (Twitter, blogs, Facebook, YouTube), multi- channel execution, engagement reports and user management.
  4. 4. Wildfire Interactive Platform for easy creation , Management implementation & management of branded interactive campaigns including: sweepstakes, contest and give-aways.Sprout Cloud-based visual authoring Management software used to build interactive Engage Ads & Engage Apps that deliver rich, interactive, and social content across the web and mobile devices.Spredfast Enterprise social media Management management system allowing an organization to manage, monitor, and measure its voices across multiple social media channels.socialTalk Allows brands to create (text, Management photos, videos), manage (customize workflow & approval process), publish, and measure their content strategy and posting schedule.Crowd Factory Suite of social media marketing Management tools include Social Campiagn which enables marketers to acquire new customers through simple social gestures and custom marketing campaigns while easily tracking ROI.Vitrue Works with clients and agencies Management through a Social Relationship Management (SEM) platform offering Facebook tabs & applications, a publishing feature for Facebook and Twitter and mobile solutions.Sprinklr Social media marketing platform & Management consulting services for consumer & B2B marketers as well as agencies. Provides social media audience research, acquisition, content promotion, & measurement tools.KickApps Self-service social media site Management authoring & social content management system supporting video, social networking, social graph & activity streams, apps &
  5. 5. analytics. Enables web publishers & marketers to develop branded communities, social applications & interactive widgets on their websites and across the social web.Postling Local business social media Management marketing platform to create content, stay organized and reach customers. Free for small biz or personal use.HootSuite Social media dashboard for Management managing social content & engagement on multiple networks with team workflow and statistics.WordPress A blog publishing system Blog platformsBlogger Google’s blog-publishing tool Blog platformsTechnorati Internet search engine for blogs Blog conversations with an index of more than 112 million blogsBoardReader Crawls forums, blog posts, images Blog conversations & microblogs and lets you know when a new conversation starts specifically to discuss your brand or organization.Comment Sniper Builds targeted traffic to your site Blog conversations / by giving you the opportunity to be management the first to comment on relevant blog posts about your brand or sector.Google blogs Google’s blog search engine Blog conversationsArkayne Combines search optimization with Blog platforms / Blog recommended content functionality conversations – automatically recommends other blog posts from within the Arkayne network that are similar to what you are writing about while other blogs in the network recommend posts you write which drives more traffic to your site. In-depth analytics & reporting included.BlogDash Database of bloggers organized by Blog management subject area; easy to navigate; target which bloggers you’d like to
  6. 6. pitch your product to.Twitter Communities of like-minded Micromedia individuals used to share updates, links, and thoughts in a 140 characters or less.Tumblr Share text, photos, quotes, links, Micromedia music, videos from your browser, phone, desktop, e-mail, etc.Utterz An online text-, video-, or voice- Micromedia based discussion serviceSeesmic A video microblogging web Micromedia application that gives video and webcam users easy recording and uploading capabilities.Facebook A social networking site; great Lifestreams/Social business networking and networks community potentialLinkedIn Business/professionals social Social network networking site.MySpace A social networking site. (Quickly Social Network being replaced by Facebook)Ning An online platform where users Social network create their own social networks and websiteIminta You and your friends can share Lifestreams what you’re into across the various social networks to which you belong.Monitter Twitter monitoring systemenabling Twitter specific users to follow their three favourite topics.Twilerts Twitter alerts via e-mail Twitter specificPostPost Twitter search tool enables you Twitter specific search for keywords and phrases being mentioned by the people who follow you on TwitterJott A voice-to-text transcription SMS/Voice service; call the toll-free number and record a 30 second message and have it e-mailed or texted
  7. 7. back to you.Kwiry Turns text messages into SMS/Voice reminders you can retrieve on-lineAnimoto Create professional quality videos Business for your business.Join Me An impromptu online meeting Business space for up to 250 people. No need to physically gather in one spot; just click-share to download and run the app and get everybody on the same page, instantly. No need for a plane, train, projector or sandwich platter. Instant on-line meetings.Posterous Whether youre blogging your Business great ideas with the world or sharing a new real estate listing with your clients, highly- customizable Posterous sites are a simple way to send your message where you need it.Vistaprint Offers small businesses everything or Business they need to market their business. We offer high-quality printed marketing materials, promotional products and marketing services.Campaigner Easily create and send effective or Business email marketing campaigns. www.campaigner.comFlowtown Ann interface to explore the Business socialstreams of your most influential customers or prospects; discover who your customers really are and what they’re doing and saying on social URL cruncher. Also includes Business dashboard metrics enabling measurement of number of clicks, countries clicked from, conversations around the URL, etc.Tiny URL URL cruncher. BusinessCurate.Us Install the Curate.Us button to the Business bookmarks bar of your favourite browser and click the link any time
  8. 8. you see something on a web page you want to share via Twitte, facebook, etc. – a whole page or a single quote or photo. You can even add digital sticky notes to remind yourself why you thought it was noteworthy. You can’t clip pages that require log-ins.Wibiya Configure your custom Wibiya to Business include links that allow site visitors to translate the page, share the page on Twitter & Facebook, link to your YouTube gallery, show a random blog post and more. Perfect for blogs, e-commerce sites, small businesses & more. Free.Hello Bar Useful for highlighting a particular Business item on your site on a particular day or time of day. Easy to install toolbar at the top of your site page; free; provides statistics.PollDaddy Survey software; Create stunning Polls surveys, polls, and quizzes in minutes. Collect responses via your website, e-mail, iPad, Facebook, and Twitter. Generate and share easy- to-read reports.Survey Monkey Survey software; conduct, manage Polls and analyze survey resultsGoogle Analytics AnalysisYouTube Video-sharing site where can Video users can upload, view and share video clips.Vimeo A video-centric social network site Video which supports embedding, sharing, and video storageWonderhowto Browse, search, or network your Video way into the expanding universe of free video tutorials
  9. 9. Docstoc Upload and share documents; all Documents docs can easily be searched, previewed, and downloaded for free.Slideshare Share presentations, documents, Documents and professional videos.Google docs A free web-based word processor Documents and spreadsheet that enables you to share and collaborate online.Qik Allows users to stream live video Livecasting to the web from a cellphoneBlogTV Service that lets users create live Livecasting video shows and chat with their audienceKyte A universal digital media platform Livecasting that enables brands and communities to easily produce live and on-demand digital content, distribute it to multiple online and mobile destinations simultaneously, engage with an audience through multimedia communications, and monetize their brand assets.Ustream Free, live interactive web Livecasting broadcasting.Mogulus A service that enables users to mix Livecasting videos in real time to create their own live broadcast. Blend webcam, video clips from YouTube, and your own original content into your own unique TV program. When you’re not broadcasting live you can turn it on autopilot.Flickr An image and video hosting site. Photos Widely used as by bloggers as a photo repository; share your organization’s/business’s photos for easy access by journalists.StumbleUpon Allows users to discover and rate Social bookmarking
  10. 10. web pages, photos and videos. A personalized recommendation engine that uses peer and social networking A social bookmarking service for Social bookmarking storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks. Alba Public Relations PO Box 90047 Huntingdon, Quebec (Canada) J0S 1H0 (450) 370-8357