HTML5 Challenges and Best Practices


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  • _getText(_cell(0, _near(_div("1")))) //returns 1st cell text which displays the row index of the first row_getText(_cell(1, _near(_div("1")))) //returns 2nd cell text which displays the company Name of the first row
  • This is a discrete step because app devs don ’ t at this step have to access to the production environment.
  • HTML5 Challenges and Best Practices

    1. 1. Appvance WebinarApril 10, 2013www.appvance.comHas Your App Testing Kept Up With Technology?Has HTML5 made your app testing framework redundant? Are youdoing more workarounds than work? Are current tools able to keep up? Learn the best ways to automate testing andperformance validation of HTML5 apps during this free hour-long webinar.Topics include:History and evolution of HTML5 and where HTML 5 is headed (including mobile)Challenges with testautomation for HTML5-based applicationsDriving load testing using real HTML5 browsers (or “How I went headlessin the Cloud with RUM”)The presenter is Ian Fleming, Appvance’s “Professor Test,” who works with enterprise customers to develop andimplement HTML5 testing programs. Ian has more than 20 years’ experience in QA testing and leadership at SAPand Wells
    2. 2. Has Your App Testing Kept Up With Technology? April 10, 2013 Frank Cohen,, (408) 364-5508 Ian Fleming,, (408) 930-0814
    3. 3. Logistics for the Live Webinar • Please input questions in the GoToWebinar console under “Questions”. We will do our best to answer during the presentation. • Replay video and slides will be sent out within a couple of days – watch your email! • Please fill out the survey after the event – we want to hear how we did and what content you need to see.
    4. 4. Appvance Enterprise or …”Why are we the ones talking to you today?” • Industry experts: over 10 years understanding functional, load and performance testing. • You are not alone: excellent service and support. • Test 100% of the End User experience
    5. 5. Why HTML5? • “Nearly 75% of all North American users run HTML5-compatible browsers” – Forrester • AJAX, RIA, Web 2.0, Web Thick Client • User friendly, responsive, dynamic, “Moving wallpaper” • Enabling Smart Phone and Tablet Apps • Ext JS, ZKOSS, JQuery, SpringSource, MooTools, YUI
    6. 6. Challenges for HTML5 automated Functional testing • Object identification • Dynamic ids • Multiple grids (arrays) for standard objects • Constantly changing layouts, twitter feeds etc. • Timing of events • Asynchronous events, triggered and callbacks
    7. 7. Challenges • HTTP requests frequent and partial • •
    8. 8. Best practices – Object identification • Avoid xPath and CSS Selectors • / html/body/div/div[3]/div[2]/div/div/div/div/div/div/div[2]/div/div/div[2]/div/div[3]/table/tbody/tr/t d[4]/div • Locate the item as a real person would • _cell(0, _near(_cell("American Express Company")), _under(_cell("Change")))
    9. 9. Best practices – Timing and event recognition • Use the same event triggers and responses the browser Uses • Proxy and Code Injection - uxAvatar
    10. 10. What About Load and Performance Testing? • Best practices based on Appvance Enterprise: • Repurpose functional testing scripts • Multiple instances of browsers launched • Run from the Cloud (internal or external)
    11. 11. Performance Testing The Client • Real User Monitoring - RUM • Real User Experience - RUE • Impact of latency, lost packets on the time sensitive Client (Mobile or Web) App • Test during development, set a benchmark for end user performance
    12. 12. Predictive Monitoring • Stay ahead of the app going viral • It’s the software, not the CPU, NET, Memory
    13. 13. Testing Is Part of the DevOps Environment Now • Agile, Continuous Integration, Cloud, Services
    14. 14. Summary • HTML5 (Ajax) is an enabling technology, strong future • HTML5 brings with it challenges and opportunities for testing • Testing any App (including HTML5) requires QA expertise, rather than solely expert coding skills • Simulating events and actions thru the real Browser guarantees the appropriate timing for functional and performance testing • Object identification needs to be reliable and maintainable by QA and business domain personnel
    15. 15. Are You Ready? • Take your current test tool • Point it at your Ajax app (if you don’t have one use ours) • If it does not drive the real end-user experience, call us at (855) 254-1164 or email us and we will show you how